قراءات افريقية http://qiraatafrican.com/ South African ruling party in crisis talks over Zuma scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-ruling-party-in-crisis-talks-over-zuma-scandal JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) party held crisis talks on Monday to discuss the fallout from a court ruling last week that President Jacob Zuma flouted the Constitution, triggering calls for him to resign. Bridging the Gap Between Urbanisation and Economic Growth http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bridging-the-gap-between-urbanisation-and-economic-growth Addis Ababa — Rapid urbanisation across Africa presents an opportunity for increased industrialisation and development on the continent, but governments will need plans and integrated strategies if they want urbanisation to lead to growth, said Takyiwaa Manuh, director of the ECA's Social Development Policy Division on Sunday. ECA Chief Tells AU Summit to Align and Measure African Development Goals http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eca-chief-tells-au-summit-to-align-and-measure-african-development-goals "ECA is working to ensure that the issue of the African Development Goals (ADGs) does not fall off our collective radar but we must remember that existing programmes and frameworks are not yet being tracked and measured through a unified system of goals, targets and indicators," said Mr. Carlos Lopes, the Executive Secretary of the ECA during the 25th Summit of the AU taking place in South Africa. Kenya's William Ruto due to hear war crimes case ruling http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-william-ruto-due-to-hear-war-crimes-case-ruling Kenyan Vice-President William Ruto is due to find out whether a crimes against humanity case against him will be thrown out by judges at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Congo-Brazzaville: Attacks blamed on Ninja militia groupng http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-brazzaville-attacks-blamed-on-ninja-militia-groupng The Congolese government has blamed attacks on government buildings in the capital, Brazzaville, on the Ninja militia group. First soldiers on trial in Central Africa sex abuse scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/first-soldiers-on-trial-in-central-africa-sex-abuse-scandal Kinshasa - The first soldiers to face justice in a huge sex abuse scandal that has rocked the UN and France went on trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday. Leader of breakaway Boko Haram faction arrested http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/leader-of-breakaway-boko-haram-faction-arrested Abuja - Nigerian security agents have arrested the leader of breakaway Boko Haram faction Ansaru, the Ministry of Defence said. Chad arrests a fifth key activist ahead of polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-arrests-a-fifth-key-activist-ahead-of-polls N'Djamena - Police in Chad arrested a fifth leading activist on Monday on the eve of a banned anti-government rally planned days before polls in which President Idrissy Deby Itno is seeking to extend his 26-year rule. Angolan refugees: 'The one possession I'll take home' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angolan-refugees-the-one-possession-i-ll-take-home Francisco journeyed to Angola in 1977 after being born in exile, only to be forced out in 1992 when war broke out again. A shoemaker, he lost his shop and all his educational documents when he fled. What he did manage to pack was a small pair of pliers and a cobbler's hammer. "With these," he says, "I will never starve." A new deal or a new global partnership for conflict-affected states? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-new-deal-or-a-new-global-partnership-for-conflict-affected-states Created within a year of each other, the World Bank and the United Nations were born out of a shared response to the Second World War. The war created a constituency willing to invest resources and ideals in a system of multilateral cooperation. In the words of one of their architects, these institutions were to create a “New Deal for a new world.” Yellow fever vaccine shortage as outbreak in Angola spreads http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/yellow-fever-vaccine-shortage-as-outbreak-in-angola-spreads More than 1,100 people have been diagnosed with yellow fever in Angola since December, according to the World Health Organization, and at least 178 have died. It's the worst outbreak of yellow fever in the country in three decades, and the supply of vaccines is running low. Biography of Nelson Mandela http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/biography-of-nelson-mandela Rolihlahla Mandela was born into the Madiba clan in the village of Mvezo , Transkei, on 18 July 1918. His mother was Nonqaphi Nosekeni and his father was Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla Mandela, principal counsellor to the Acting King of the Thembu people, Jongintaba Dalindyebo. In 1930, when he was 12 years old, his father died and the young Rolihlahla became a ward of Jongintaba at the Great Place in Mqhekezweni 1 . Why are 600 million Africans still without power? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-are-600-million-africans-still-without-power Across 36 African countries, just 2 in 5 people have access to a reliable supply of energy throughout the day, according to a new study by research network Afrobarometer. Cameroon outcry over razorblade operation to save unborn twins http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-outcry-over-razorblade-operation-to-save-unborn-twins The impromptu surgery was done in the open air by a family member with razorblades outside the maternity ward of Douala's Laquintini Hospital, because medical staff refused to help. Benin's landmark elections: An experiment in political transitions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/benin-s-landmark-elections-an-experiment-in-political-transitions In a year when many countries on the continent are changing their constitutions to allow for incumbent presidents to run yet again, Benin, under President Yayi Boni, is respecting the term limits set down in its constitution. Thanks in part to pressure from the population, this development is allowing for political and democratic change. Indeed, the second round of elections took place on Sunday, between Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou and cotton magnate Patrice Talon who won 27.1 percent and 23.5 percent of the first round votes, respectively. In the second round Patrice Talon is believed to have won with a provisional margin of about 65 percent. Official certification from the Supreme Court is still pending, but Lionel Zinsou has publicly conceded. Kenyans spent Sh117.6bn on imported cars last year http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyans-spent-sh117-6bn-on-imported-cars-last-year Kenyans splashed Sh117.6 billion on imported cars last year, highlighting the appetite for luxury goods by the growing middle class. This marked a 15.6 per cent growth in the value of vehicle imports into the country compared to Sh101.7 in 2014 and Sh83.4 billion a year earlier. With its first mobile library, Uganda starts to build a reading culture http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/with-its-first-mobile-library-uganda-starts-to-build-a-reading-culture Clutching a pink plastic folder holding copies of books like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and Busy Bear, John Katalaga climbs onto his motorbike taxi, ready for another mission. His destination is 30 minutes away, where an excited seven-year-old waits for her weekly delivery of three books. For youth protesters in DRC, a battle to avoid the 'third-term curse' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/for-youth-protesters-in-drc-a-battle-to-avoid-the-third-term-curse When Grace Kabera heard her friends had been sentenced to six months in prison, she sank to the grass and extended her arms toward the sky. Land, politics and tsetse flies: changing disease landscapes in Zimbabwe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/land-politics-and-tsetse-flies-changing-disease-landscapes-in-zimbabwe What do land, politics and flies have to do with each other? If you live in the Zambezi valley quite a lot, as I will explain in a short series of blogs over the next few weeks. Ghana shares in pain of Ellispark Stadium disaster http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-shares-in-pain-of-ellispark-stadium-disaster Mr. Herbert Mensah, former Chairman of Kumasi Asante Kotoko and current President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, sent a message of condolences to all the family members of the victims of the 11 April 2001 Ellispark Stadium Disaster from his home in Buckinghamshire. Why road construction is pushing lions out of Nairobi National Park http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-road-construction-is-pushing-lions-out-of-nairobi-national-park NAIROBI, KENYA — A leading Kenyan wildlife expert has said the noise from road construction is scaring lions out of Nairobi National Park and could lead to the death of people or the lions. The Murder of the Fulani: Yugoslavia Unfolding, By Femi Fani-Kayode http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-murder-of-the-fulani-yugoslavia-unfolding-by-femi-fani-kayode Is it not clear to those in power that when a people are convinced that their government is no longer impartial in any conflict and that the security agencies of that government have been directed to go out of their way to actively and openly support those that constantly and regularly slaughter their people it will eventually lead to open war? As ICC dismisses Kenya case, victims of 2008 violence feel left behind http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/as-icc-dismisses-kenya-case-victims-of-2008-violence-feel-left-behind It didn't take long after the International Criminal Court dismissed charges against Kenya's deputy president for thousands of supporters to pour into the streets to cheer the final blow to a case that Kenya's president called "a nightmare for my nation." What's in a name? For this Namibian town, it’s all about (colonial) history http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/what-s-in-a-name-for-this-namibian-town-it-s-all-about-colonial-history 400 miles southwest of the Namibian capital, Windhoek, a narrow ribbon of highway cuts across a ghostly stretch of empty desert and then without warning, spits its travelers out into early twentieth century Bavaria – or something that looks remarkably like it – a candy-colored town replete with restaurants specializing in schnitzel and lanes of postcard-perfect art nouveau mansions. Will Kenya make the running for the Olympics? Anti-doping ban looms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/will-kenya-make-the-running-for-the-olympics-anti-doping-ban-looms His solemn mood wasn’t just because he needed more documents for his visa application to compete in next month's Geneva Half Marathon. A bigger worry was whether he would be excluded from the race. Why are efforts to counter al-Shabab falling so flat? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-are-efforts-to-counter-al-shabab-falling-so-flat April 2 marked one year since the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab attacked the Garissa University in Kenya and killed 148 people, galvanizing Kenya to intensify its counterterrorism efforts. Yet al-Shabab’s operational capacities and intimidation power have grown in the past year. Many of Kenya’s counterterrorism policies have been counterproductive, and counterinsurgency efforts by the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) have at best stagnated. State building in Somalia is only creeping, with service-delivery by the federal government and newly formed states mostly lacking. Politics continues to be clan-based, rapacious, and discriminatory, with the forthcoming 2016 elections in Somalia thus far merely intensifying political infighting. Commodities, industry, and the African Growth Miracle http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/commodities-industry-and-the-african-growth-miracle The 2016 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank occur during uncertain times for the “African Growth Miracle.” After more than two decades of sustained economic expansion, growth in sub-Saharan Africa slowed to 3.4 percent in 2015, the weakest performance since 2009. The growth slow-down reflects lower commodity prices, declining growth in major trading partners, and tightening borrowing conditions. According to the World Bank, many of these factors—including low commodity prices and weak global trade—are expected to persist, pointing to a weak recovery for the region. GDP growth is expected to pick up to 4.2 percent in 2016 and to 4.7 percent in 2017-18. With population growth still about 2.7 percent per year, progress against poverty and growth of the emerging African middle class will slow. Financing African infrastructure: Can the world deliver? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/financing-african-infrastructure-can-the-world-deliver The high profile of infrastructure and access to related services in the communiques of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at their annual meetings in late 2014 underscores the importance of this issue for development worldwide. Nowhere is lack of infrastructure more crucial and potentially transformational than in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2009, the World Bank and major donors and multilateral institutions investigated this challenge of addressing the region’s glaring infrastructure gap. That comprehensive regional analysis aimed to establish “a baseline against which future improvements in infrastructure services can be measured” and guide priority investments and policy reforms. The analysis estimated that the region needed $93 billion per year to fill the infrastructure gap. Chad holds presidential election as Deby vies to extend rule http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-holds-presidential-election-as-deby-vies-to-extend-rule Boko Haram has staged a series of attacks in Chad in the past year as part of a campaign to expand its Islamist insurgency from bases in northeastern Nigeria into neighboring countries. The Nigerian Prospect: Democratic Resilience amid Global Turmoil http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-nigerian-prospect-democratic-resilience-amid-global-turmoil In a time of global turmoil, democratic resilience has assumed enhanced importance. Africans have suffered disproportionately from terrorist attacks and millions have sought refuge away from their homes. Although many of their countries have experienced sustained economic growth, the benefits have been very unequally shared. Nigeria is at the forefront of these discordant processes. National elections were successfully conducted in 2015 despite the persistence of the Boko Haram insurgency. Years of high petroleum revenues have fueled political corruption while core infrastructures remain deficient. Despite the global authoritarian upsurge, however, Africa’s largest country has reaffirmed its democratic commitments. It is against this turbulent background that I delivered a public lecture – “State, Governance, and Democratic Development” – at a conference to launch the Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy.[1] How Ethiopia Can Overcome the Worst Drought in 50 Years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-ethiopia-can-overcome-the-worst-drought-in-50-years Fortunately, this is no rerun of the 1983-85 famine that gave us theLive Aid benefit concert for the country, which elevated famine to the international stage and screen and helped secure humanitarian aid. Far more than the music industry has invested in Ethiopia since then, including the U.S. government, helping Ethiopia make impressive strides in fighting poverty, fostering economic growth and improving infrastructure. Unfortunately, Ethiopia’s current crisis threatens to obscure news of its impressive growth. Two French soldiers die in Mali after vehicle hits mine http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-french-soldiers-die-in-mali-after-vehicle-hits-mine Two French soldiers have died in Mali after their heavy armored vehicle hit a land mine, taking the number of people killed in the incident to three, French President Francois Hollande's office said on Wednesday. Zimbabwe's Mugabe says empowerment law confusing investors http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-says-empowerment-law-confusing-investors Zimbabwe's black empowerment policy that aims to transfer majority shares from foreign-owned firms to locals is confusing potential investors and makes it hard to compete for foreign investment, President Robert Mugabe said on Tuesday. Hausa Tribe: Tribal People of Africa. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hausa-tribe-tribal-people-of-africa History: Origin myths among the Hausa claim that their founder, Bayajidda, came from the east in an effort to escape his father. He eventually came to Gaya, where he employed some blacksmiths to fashion a knife for him. With his knife he proceeded to Daura, where he freed the people from the oppressive nature of a sacred snake, who guarded their well and prevented them from getting water six days out of the week. The queen of Daura gave herself in marriage to Bayajidda to show her appreciation. The two gave birth to seven healthy sons, each of whom ruled the seven city states that make up Hausaland. Amnesty urges probe over allegation Nigerian army secretly buried Shi'ites http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amnesty-urges-probe-over-allegation-nigerian-army-secretly-buried-shi-ites The official on Monday told an inquiry into the December clashes in the northern state of Kaduna that the corpses were taken from an army depot and buried in mass graves. AU in a Nutshell http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/au-in-a-nutshell The advent of the African Union (AU) can be described as an event of great magnitude in the institutional evolution of the continent. On 9.9.1999, the Heads of State and Government of the Organisation of African Unity issued a Declaration (the Sirte Declaration) calling for the establishment of an African Union, with a view, inter alia, to accelerating the process of integration in the continent to enable it play its rightful role in the global economy while addressing multifaceted social, economic and political problems compounded as they are by certain negative aspects of globalisation. South African Culture http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-culture South Africa is often called the ‘Rainbow Nation’, a term which was coined by the former Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, and neatly describes the country’s multicultural diversity. Why Boko Haram's use of girls as suicide attackers has jumped http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-boko-haram-s-use-of-girls-as-suicide-attackers-has-jumped As Boko Haram sharply boosts its use of girls as suicide bombers, it may be revealing a growing vulnerability to military pressure, experts say. The Reemergence of Power Transition Crisis in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-reemergence-of-power-transition-crisis-in-africa Peaceful power transition is considered as a guarantee for laying down the foundations of good governance, and also as an embodiment of a set of contents that make it a meaningful practice. Most notably of which are the respect for the political rights of others, the materialization of people's will, and how to enable them to practice a real participation in policy making through the choice of their representatives, who take the lead on their behalf. It also confirms the legitimacy of the governing body and the strength of the rule of law and maintaining the constitutional and legal principles governing the process of power transition and legitimacy, in accordance with the required commitment with its regulations and controls. Mutual Embassies Between Mali and the Marinid State http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mutual-embassies-between-mali-and-the-marinid-state This research deals with the study of mutual embassies between Marinid dynasty kings and the kings of Mali, as both ruled in the same era and had a distinguished relationship that had the greatest impact on the prosperity of the various aspects of mutual activity between the two regions, in particular the scientific, economic and social ones. Sudan palace-museum recalls restive Darfur's royal past http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-palace-museum-recalls-restive-darfur-s-royal-past Tucked between palm trees and verdant lawns in the centre of Darfur's El Fasher, the palace of the restive Sudanese region's last sultan has become a rare focus of pride, 100 years after his death. Nigeria to Pay States' Bondholders Despite March Debt Deferral http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-pay-states-bondholders-despite-march-debt-deferral Nigeria’s federal government said it will help pay the states’ creditors, including bondholders, despite the finance ministry’s announcement last week to defer their debt obligations for the month of March. Nigeria Army Kills Five Suspected Boko Haram Militants in Ambush http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-army-kills-five-suspected-boko-haram-militants-in-ambush Nigeria’s army said it killed five suspected Boko Haram insurgents in an ambush in the northeastern Sambisa forest on Sunday. Haile Selassie Biography http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/haile-selassie-biography Haile Selassie (23 July 1892 – 27 August 1975), born Tafari Makonnen, was Ethiopia’s regent from 1916 to 1930 and Emperor of Ethiopia from 1930 to 1974. Haile Selassie was emperor of Ethiopia between 1930 and 1974. Kofi Annan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kofi-annan Born into a family of traditional chiefs of the Fante tribe in Ghana, Kofi Annan rose to become Secretary General of the United Nations, winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001. Amnesty urges Nigeria to 'come clean' over Shiite killings http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amnesty-urges-nigeria-to-come-clean-over-shiite-killings Satellite images and witness accounts offer damning new evidence that Nigeria's military killed hundreds of minority Shiite Muslims late last year, Amnesty International said in a report Friday. Somalia: Security Council ‘gravely concerned’ over fragile security situation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-security-council-gravely-concerned-over-fragile-security-situation Expressing ‘grave concern’ at the fragility of the security situation in Somalia, the United Nations Security Council has called for progress on the constitutional review process in the country, and for the completion of the Federal State formation process to be accelerated. Kenya president signs law making doping criminal offense http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-president-signs-law-making-doping-criminal-offense Kenya's president signed a law Friday that criminalizes doping and threatens drug cheats with prison sentences. South Sudan's Machar sworn in as VP, president calls for reconciliation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-machar-sworn-in-as-vp-president-calls-for-reconciliation South Sudanese rebel leader Riek Machar was sworn in as first vice president on Tuesday, hours after he returned to the capital of Juba for the first time since conflict erupted more than two years ago. Growth forecasts for Africa largely cut http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/growth-forecasts-for-africa-largely-cut This week, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) released their revised GDP figures for the world economy. While the IMFdowngraded the global GDP growth forecast from 3.4 percent to 3.2 percent the World Bank predicts a gloomier macroeconomic climate anddowngrades this year’s global growth forecast to 2.5 percent from 2.9 percent. On Monday, as they opened this year’s Spring Meetings, World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde stated that the potential exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union—the so-called “Brexit”—represents one of the key risks to the global economy. Other risks to the global economy include the refugee crises, increased protectionism, tax avoidance and climate change among others. Developing Sustainable Accessible Energy Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/developing-sustainable-accessible-energy-infrastructure-in-sub-saharan-africa There is growing commitment among African countries and institutions to pursue inclusive green development. The African Union and UN Economic Commission for Africa are increasingly calling for green solutions for Africa’s energy deficit with ambitions to learn from history and experiences of other regions to leapfrog traditional, carbon-intensive methods of growth. African Development Week has just concluded in Addis and saw the launch of the latest Economic Report on Africa- Greening Africa's Industrialisation. The report argues that the economic and environmental benefits stemming from greening Africa's industrialisation make the environmental approach the only viable option for the continent's continued development. Hearing communities in health crises: lessons from Ebola http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hearing-communities-in-health-crises-lessons-from-ebola The recent West African Ebola epidemic has drawn global attention to the challenges of generating an effective health crisis response. Polygeia’s researchers have been working with the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to consider the role of communities in the recent Ebola epidemic and to examine the lessons for community engagement in health crises and health systems strengthening. The Organization of African Unity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-organization-of-african-unity On May 25 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the 32 African states that had achieved independence at that time agreed to establish the Organization of African Unity (OAU). A further 21 members joined gradually, reaching a total of 53 by the time of the AU’s creation in 2002. On 9 July 2011, South Sudan became the 54th African Union (AU) member. Abidjan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/abidjan Abidjan (ăbĬjän´), city (1995 pop. 2,793,000), former capital of Côte d'Ivoire, a port on the Ébrié Lagoon (an arm of the Gulf of Guinea). Abidjan is Côte d'Ivoire's administrative center, commercial capital, and largest city. Its modern port is centered on Little Bassam Island, which is linked with the rest of the city by two bridges; the Vridi Canal passing through the lagoon bar provides What is Nigeria's Boko Haram? 5 things to know http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/what-is-nigeria-s-boko-haram-5-things-to-know For Africa, Corruption Indexes Must Look at the External Players http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/for-africa-corruption-indexes-must-look-at-the-external-players The current tendency of influential perception-based measures and indicators--i.e. Corruption Perceptions Index, World Governance Indicators, Ibrahim Index of African Governance andAfrobarometer, etc--in measuring corruption in Africa "is to focus on individuals' perception of the extent of corruption," explains Carlos Lopes, executive secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in his preface to the new Economic Commission for Africa Report dedicated to Corruption. The focus to "name and shame African countries" overlooks the continent's rapid integration into global markets" and with it increased susceptibility "to global trends, including corrupt practices by multinational corporations and other vested external interests." Corruption in Africa needs to be addressed "in its totality," argues Mr Lopes. "African countries and partners," Mr. Lopes cautions, "should move away from pure perception-based measures of corruption and focus on alternative approaches that are fact-based and built on more objective quantitative criteria and include the international dimensions of corruption." More about ECA in this BRIEFING. Freedom Day 2016: South Africa still fraught and divided http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/freedom-day-2016-south-africa-still-fraught-and-divided This year also marks the 20th anniversary of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and of the adoption of the final Constitution. Yet today South Africa seems to be a country fractured and unable to reconcile. Death toll from building collapse in Kenya rises to 16 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-from-building-collapse-in-kenya-rises-to-16 The death toll from a collapsed six-storey building in Nairobi has risen to 16 from 12, the Kenya Red Cross said on Sunday, but officials declined to be drawn on how many more people might be still under the rubble. France to increase troop numbers in Ivory Coast after beach attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-to-increase-troop-numbers-in-ivory-coast-after-beach-attack France will nearly double the number of troops it has in Ivory Coast, the defense minister said on Saturday on a visit during which he laid flowers at the site of an attack on tourists that killed 19 people. Five killed in gun attack in opposition district of Burundi capital http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-killed-in-gun-attack-in-opposition-district-of-burundi-capital Tit-for-tat attacks between Nkurunziza's security forces and his opponents have escalated since April 2015 when he announced a disputed bid for a third term. He won re-election in July. South African court orders review of decision to drop Zuma charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-court-orders-review-of-decision-to-drop-zuma-charges South Africa's High Court ruled on Friday that a decision seven years ago to drop 783 corruption charges against President Jacob Zuma was irrational and should be reviewed, another setback for the scandal-ridden leader who faces calls for his resignation. South Sudan names unity cabinet in step toward peace http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-names-unity-cabinet-in-step-toward-peace South Sudan's President Salva Kiir named a new cabinet including former rebels and members of the opposition on Thursday, a step forward in a drawn-out peace process aimed at ending more than two years of conflict. Equatorial Guinea's President Obiang wins re-election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/equatorial-guinea-s-president-obiang-wins-re-election Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema has won re-election, securing 93.7 percent of votes cast in an April 24 poll to extend his 37-year rule over the Central African oil producer, a government statement said on Thursday. test new http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/test-new Can aid reform end Ethiopia's repeated hunger emergencies? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/can-aid-reform-end-ethiopia-s-repeated-hunger-emergencies Over the years, Ethiopian mother-of-three Hana Mekonnen has received all sorts of aid designed to free her from the bitter trap of poverty and hunger: goats, cash transfers, resettlement and, of course, sacks of grain. Congo opposition leader says to run for president in November http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-opposition-leader-says-to-run-for-president-in-november Moise Katumbi, the multi-millionaire former governor and prominent opposition leader, attends a funeral mass in honor of legendary Congolese singer Papa Wemba, born Jules Shungu Wembadio Pene Kikumba, in Lubumbashi, the capital of Katanga province of the Democratic Republic... Rebels in eastern Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rebels-in-eastern-congo Suspected rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo attacked a village overnight, killing 16 civilians and wounding seven others, a U.N. spokesman said on Wednesday. Protesters burn schools in South Africa's Limpopo province http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protesters-burn-schools-in-south-africa-s-limpopo-province Protesters, angered by a change in municipal boundaries which they fear will leave them worse off for social services, torched 13 schools in South Africa's northern Limpopo province, police said as tensions rose ahead of local polls in August. Africa, TPP, and TTIP: Integration or isolation? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-tpp-and-ttip-integration-or-isolation With the demise of the Doha Development Round at the World Trade Organization Ministerial in Nairobi this past December, the multilateral approach to global trade negotiations has largely ended. Given that the number of regional trade agreements has increased from 70 in 1990 to more than 270 today, it appears that it is every region for itself when it comes to global trade. Africa going nuclear? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-going-nuclear On a continent that has too often been cavalier about the future wellbeing of its people, it’s encouraging – at least from the development perspective – that South Africa is not alone in planning to build nuclear reactors. Congo police fire tear gas at supporters of opposition leader http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-police-fire-tear-gas-at-supporters-of-opposition-leader Police in Democratic Republic of Congo fired tear gas on Wednesday at thousands of supporters of Moise Katumbi, a leading opposition candidate for president who is being questioned over government allegations of hiring mercenaries. Children dying among detained 'Boko Haram suspects' in Nigeria: Amnesty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/children-dying-among-detained-boko-haram-suspects-in-nigeria-amnesty Babies and children are among more than 100 people to have died in detention this year in a military barracks in northeast Nigeria where suspected Boko Haram members are being held, often without any evidence, Amnesty International said on Wednesday. Cameron says leaders of 'fantastically corrupt' countries to attend UK anti-graft summit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameron-says-leaders-of-fantastically-corrupt-countries-to-attend-uk-anti-graft-summit Cameron will host an international anti-corruption summit on Thursday aimed at stepping up global action to combat corruption in all walks of life. As Kabila eyes another term, the AU must speak up http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/as-kabila-eyes-another-term-the-au-must-speak-up Nineteen years ago today, on 17 May 1997, Laurent Désiré Kabila overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko, the president of what was then Zaire. Although he was supported by a regional coalition that had the tacit backing of key Western countries, the ousting of Mobutu was haphazard at best, Kabila himself a relative unknown with no experience of government. Oil near six-month high as outages support http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/oil-near-six-month-high-as-outages-support Oil traded at around $49 a barrel on Tuesday within sight of a six-month high, supported by supply outages in Nigeria, Canada and other producers that are eroding a persistent glut. Rio Tinto submits feasibility study for Simandou project in Guinea http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rio-tinto-submits-feasibility-study-for-simandou-project-in-guinea Anglo-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto (RIO.L) said on Monday it had submitted feasibility studies to the Guinea government for its massive Simandou iron ore project, considered the world's biggest untapped iron ore deposit. Kenyan police fire tear gas at stone-throwing protesters over election body http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-fire-tear-gas-at-stone-throwing-protesters-over-election-body Kenyan police fired tear gas and water cannon on Monday at stone-throwing crowds protesting in central Nairobi against an election oversight body they say is biased and should be scrapped, Reuters witnesses reported. Burundi says Rwanda expels 1,300 Burundians as relations fray http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-says-rwanda-expels-1-300-burundians-as-relations-fray Rwanda has expelled more than 1,300 Burundians in the past week after they refused to move to refugee camps, senior Burundi officials said on Monday, amid signs a political crisis is testing relations between the neighboring countries. Sweden sentences man to life imprisonment for genocide in Rwanda http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sweden-sentences-man-to-life-imprisonment-for-genocide-in-rwanda A Swedish court sentenced on Monday a 61-year-old man to life in prison for genocide in Rwanda in 1994, the second such case brought by the Nordic country over crimes during the conflict. Nigerian army says arrests suspected 'Avengers' militants in Delta http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-says-arrests-suspected-avengers-militants-in-delta The Nigerian army said on Monday it had arrested members of a militant group which has claimed responsibility for a wave of attacks on pipelines in the restive Delta region. Nigeria labor union to go ahead with general strike http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-labor-union-to-go-ahead-with-general-strike A Nigerian labor union representing millions of workers said on Tuesday that it would stage an indefinite general strike to protest government plans to increase petrol prices by up to 67 percent, despite a court ruling against the action. U.S. condemns Kenyan police's 'excessive' force against protest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-condemns-kenyan-police-s-excessive-force-against-protest The United States condemned on Tuesday the "excessive use of force" by Kenya's security services during a demonstration by opponents of the electoral oversight body, the embassy said. Let’s be honest. We ignore Congo’s atrocities because it’s in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/let-s-be-honest-we-ignore-congo-s-atrocities-because-it-s-in-africa For more than 100 years DRC has endured horror upon horror with barely any outcry. It wouldn’t be allowed to continue elsewhere Oil steadies; Canadian, Nigerian supply issues offset strong dollar http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/oil-steadies-canadian-nigerian-supply-issues-offset-strong-dollar Oil prices settled largely unchanged on Thursday as worries about Canadian and Nigerian supply outages offset the impact of a stronger dollar, which has rallied on growing expectations the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates next month. One dead as Kenyans clash with police in protest over election panel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/one-dead-as-kenyans-clash-with-police-in-protest-over-election-panel Kenyan police fired tear gas and water cannon on Monday to disperse hundreds of people protesting at alleged bias in the country's electoral commission, and at least one person died in the disturbances. South African court gives green light to domestic trade in rhino horn http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-court-gives-green-light-to-domestic-trade-in-rhino-horn South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal has dismissed a government bid to uphold a seven-year ban on the domestic trade in rhino horn, an industry group said on Monday. Eritreans Yearn for Freedom http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritreans-yearn-for-freedom Eritrea marks 25 years of independence from Ethiopia this month. It is now one of the most underdeveloped countries in the world and is run by a repressive government. The Conversation Africa's politics and society editor, Thabo Leshilo, asked Valerie Frank* to shed light on the secretive country as it marks this milestone. Mozambique: Prominent Political Analyst Shot and Maimed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-prominent-political-analyst-shot-and-maimed Maputo — Unidentified assailants on Monday morning shot and seriously injured a prominent Mozambican academic and political commentator, Jose Jaime Macuane. Nigeria: Jonathan Goes Into Exile, Militants Move to Shutdown Oil Output http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-jonathan-goes-into-exile-militants-move-to-shutdown-oil-output Abuja, Lagos and Yenagoa — There are strong indications that former President Goodluck Jonathan may have gone into temporary self exile in Cote d'Ivoire, following reports that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) may arrest him on his arrival in Nigeria from his overseas tour on allegations of corruption and misappropriation of billions of dollars in the five years during which he was Head of State, THISDAY has learnt. Scholar: Ethiopia Global Model for Religious Co-Existence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/scholar-ethiopia-global-model-for-religious-co-existence The longstanding mutual existence and tolerance among religions in Ethiopia puts the country as a model in the world, according to Professor Ephraim Isaac from Harvard University. Ivory Coast arrests man suspected of link to Grand Bassam hotel attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-arrests-man-suspected-of-link-to-grand-bassam-hotel-attack Ivory Coast authorities arrested a man on Thursday suspected of transporting weapons for an attack that killed 19 people at the beach resort of Grand Bassam in March, according to national television. Nigeria minister wants Delta grievances addressed as Chevron attacked http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-minister-wants-delta-grievances-addressed-as-chevron-attacked Nigeria's government needs to address grievances in the oil-producing Niger Delta, its oil minister said on Thursday, hours after a Chevron source said a militant attack had forced it to shut its onshore operations in the restive region. U.N. panel rejects press freedom watchdog accreditation request http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-panel-rejects-press-freedom-watchdog-accreditation-request The Committee to Protect Journalists, a press freedom watchdog group, was denied consultative status at the United Nations on Thursday, with South Africa, Russia and China among the countries that opposed it. Gay sex causes earthquakes and 'disgusts' Allah, says Muslim cleric in Ghana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gay-sex-causes-earthquakes-and-disgusts-allah-says-muslim-cleric-in-ghana A Muslim cleric in Ghana has said sex between gay couples "disgusts Allah" and is responsible for earthquakes. Some Old, Some New in Nigeria’s 'Change' Budget http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/some-old-some-new-in-nigeria-s-change-budget After months of wrangling between the president and lawmakers, Nigeria finally has a federal budget. The spending plan has long been viewed as an avenue for theft of public funds in Nigeria. Five U.N. soldiers killed in central Mali attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-u-n-soldiers-killed-in-central-mali-attack Five United Nations peacekeepers were killed and one other seriously injured in an ambush in central Mali on Sunday, the United Nations said. Nigeria's Buhari says government to talk to Niger Delta leaders http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-says-government-to-talk-to-niger-delta-leaders The Nigerian government will talk to leaders in the Delta region to address their grievances while cracking down on militants who have staged a wave of attacks oil pipelines there, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Sunday. Clash in Guinea over opening of new mosque injures 59 people http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/clash-in-guinea-over-opening-of-new-mosque-injures-59-people At least 59 people were injured in Guinea when youths frustrated they were being kept out of the opening of a new mosque in the town of Timbo clashed with police, a hospital director and witnesses said on Saturday. Ivory Coast's Ouattara acts to draft new constitution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-s-ouattara-acts-to-draft-new-constitution Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara has taken a step toward drawing up a new constitution and scrapping a nationality clause which helped drag his West African nation into a decade-long crisis and bedeviled his own initial bids for the presidency. Ex-dictator of Chad gets life imprisonment for crimes against humanity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-dictator-of-chad-gets-life-imprisonment-for-crimes-against-humanity In what has been called “Africa’s trial of the century”, the former dictator of Chad has been found guilty in connection with a reign of terror involving rape, torture and mass murder. Liberia’s Main Opposition Calls for Expansion of Corruption Probe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-s-main-opposition-calls-for-expansion-of-corruption-probe Liberia’s main opposition party, Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), is calling on all officials implicated in the ongoing alleged corruption scandal to recuse themselves from their current positions while the prosecutorial process takes place. Ethiopia's Anti-terrorism Law: Security or Silencing Dissent? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-anti-terrorism-law-security-or-silencing-dissent A prominent Ethiopian political opposition member sits in prison on charges of terrorism. He faces a long sentence and possibly the death penalty if convicted. Somaliland School Is Launching Pad to Sending Students Abroad http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somaliland-school-is-launching-pad-to-sending-students-abroad A school on the outskirts of Hargeisa has become a draw for high-achievers from around Somaliland as well as a launching pad, sending these students on to some of the most prestigious schools around the world. United African Organization http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/united-african-organization United African Organization is a dynamic coalition of African community-based organizations that promotes social and economic justice, civic participation, and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees in Illinois. U.N. chief recommends adding 2,500 peacekeepers to Mali mission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-chief-recommends-adding-2-500-peacekeepers-to-mali-mission United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked the Security Council to add just over 2,500 peacekeepers to the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Mali, which has been hit by a series of deadly attacks, according to a new U.N. report. Nigerian militant group says it blew up two Chevron wells http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-militant-group-says-it-blew-up-two-chevron-wells A Nigerian militant group said on Wednesday that it had blown up two Chevron oil wells in the second such attack in a week on the company's facilities in Nigeria's oil-producing Delta region. Boko Haram may not be Nigeria's biggest threat http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-may-not-be-nigeria-s-biggest-threat Even as Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari claims to have ‘technically defeated Boko Haram,’ he’s facing another armed rebellion, from a completely different part of the country – and it may be even more serious. Militants say kill 43 in attack on Ethiopian base in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militants-say-kill-43-in-attack-on-ethiopian-base-in-somalia Somalia's al Shabaab militant group said it rammed a suicide car bomb into an African Union military base, stormed inside and killed 43 Ethiopian soldiers on Thursday. The AU force said it had repulsed an "attempted attack". U.S. sees no major Islamic State links to Boko Haram, despite claims http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-sees-no-major-islamic-state-links-to-boko-haram-despite-claims After Boko Haram killed more than two dozen soldiers in Niger last week, it claimed the attack in the name of Islamic State-West Africa Province -- a title meant to tell the world it is an arm of the Syria-based extremist group. Call by South Sudan leaders to nix international tribunal met with dismay http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/call-by-south-sudan-leaders-to-nix-international-tribunal-met-with-dismay NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A call by South Sudan leaders to nix plans for an international tribunal seeking justice for victims of war-time atrocities was met with dismay by experts and advocates on Wednesday. EU considering ‘partnership’ with Eritrea despite atrocities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-considering-partnership-with-eritrea-despite-atrocities The European Commission is considering making Eritrea a partner for “managing migration” amid calls for its leaders to be tried for crimes against humanity. South African capital tense after overnight riots in ruling party dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-capital-tense-after-overnight-riots-in-ruling-party-dispute South Africa's capital was tense on Wednesday after residents torched buses and looted shops overnight, police said, in clashes sparked by the ruling party's choice of a mayoral candidate for local polls. U.N. reaction to Malakal violence in South Sudan marred by confusion http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-reaction-to-malakal-violence-in-south-sudan-marred-by-confusion Confusion over command and control and rules of engagement marred a response by United Nations peacekeepers to deadly violence in a U.N. compound in South Sudan sheltering nearly 50,000 civilians, the world body said on Tuesday. Congo prosecutor seeks five-year prison sentence for opposition leader http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-prosecutor-seeks-five-year-prison-sentence-for-opposition-leader A public prosecutor in Democratic Republic of Congo has asked a court to sentence a leading opposition presidential candidate to five years in prison after he was accused of selling a house that did not belong to him, his lawyer said on Tuesday. Boko Haram fracturing over Islamic State ties, U.S. general warns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-fracturing-over-islamic-state-ties-u-s-general-warns Nigerian militants Boko Haram have fractured internally, with a big group splitting away from shadowy leader Abubakar Shekau over his failure to adhere to guidance from the Iraq- and Syria-based Islamic State, a senior U.S. general said on Tuesday. Congolese gets 18 years for Central African Republic war crimes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-gets-18-years-for-central-african-republic-war-crimes Congolese politician Jean-Pierre Bemba was sentenced to 18 years in prison by the International Criminal Court on Tuesday for heading a 2002-03 campaign of rape and murder in neighboring Central African Republic. Gunmen kidnap seven, including Australians, in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kidnap-seven-including-australians-in-nigeria Gunmen in southern Nigeria have killed a local driver and kidnapped as many as seven people, at least three of whom are Australian citizens and one an Australian resident, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Thursday. U.N. to send peacekeepers home over reaction to South Sudan violence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-to-send-peacekeepers-home-over-reaction-to-south-sudan-violence United Nations peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said on Wednesday troops would be sent home from a U.N. mission in South Sudan due to their response to deadly violence at a compound. Zambia shuts down newspaper in tax dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-shuts-down-newspaper-in-tax-dispute Zambia's tax authorities have shut down a newspaper critical of the government, accusing it of failing to pay taxes, its managing editor said on Wednesday. Niger Delta Avengers may agree ceasefire says community leader http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-delta-avengers-may-agree-ceasefire-says-community-leader A Nigerian militant group known as the Niger Delta Avengers which has been attacking oil facilities might agree to a ceasefire on Thursday to allow the government time to meet its demands, a community leader involved in peace efforts said. Two killed in Madagascar concert blast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-killed-in-madagascar-concert-blast Two people were killed and dozens injured by an explosion during an Independence Day concert in Madagascar's capital late on Sunday, police said. Gunmen release expatriate contractors kidnapped in Niger Delta: police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-release-expatriate-contractors-kidnapped-in-niger-delta-police Seven contractors, including three Australians and a South African, have been released four days after they were kidnapped by gunmen in southern Nigeria, officials said. Somali Islamist militants attack hotel in Mogadishu http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-islamist-militants-attack-hotel-in-mogadishu Somalia's al Shabaab Islamist group launched a suicide bomb attack on a hotel in the center of Mogadishu on Saturday before fighters stormed inside, police and the militant group said. African migrants force their way into Spain's Melilla enclave http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-migrants-force-their-way-into-spain-s-melilla-enclave About 30 people forced their way into Spain's North African enclave of Melilla on Sunday, a local government official said, one of few successful attempts to storm the border so far this year following increased patrols and security. Nigerian army says it freed over 5,000 people held by Boko Haram http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-says-it-freed-over-5-000-people-held-by-boko-haram Nigeria's army on Sunday said it had freed more than 5,000 people held by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram Niger Delta Avengers say five attacks launched since Friday in Nigeria's southern Delta http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-delta-avengers-say-five-attacks-launched-since-friday-in-nigeria-s-southern-delta The Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group which has carried out a series of attacks on Nigerian oil facilities in the last few months, on Sunday said it had mounted five attacks in the southern energy hub since Friday. Aides to ousted Ivorian leader return home after five-year exile http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/aides-to-ousted-ivorian-leader-return-home-after-five-year-exile Four senior aides to former Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo have returned home from exile in Ghana more than five years after his ouster in a war over a disputed election, a step the leader of his party said would aid reconciliation. Zimbabweans in border town protest against import ban, burn warehouse http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabweans-in-border-town-protest-against-import-ban-burn-warehouse Zimbabweans protesting against restrictions on imports of basic goods from South Africa forced the closure on Friday of the border post between the two countries and set fire to a warehouse, a police spokesperson said. Sierra Leone diplomat is kidnapped in Nigeria -sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-diplomat-is-kidnapped-in-nigeria-sources Sierra Leone's deputy high commissioner in Nigeria has been kidnapped in the northern state of Kaduna, a security source and an embassy official said on Friday. Seven trends shaping the future of peace and security in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/seven-trends-shaping-the-future-of-peace-and-security-in-africa Surveying the current state of the peace and security landscape in Africa is a complex task. The drivers of conflict and violence include young populations, high unemployment, lack of equal opportunities, urbanisation, poverty, inequality, too many guns, and bad governance and corruption. Burundian regional parliament member, former minister, shot dead http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundian-regional-parliament-member-former-minister-shot-dead A Burundian member of the East African Legislative Assembly was shot dead on Wednesday in what Rwanda's foreign minister called an assassination in a country in violent political turmoil. South Sudan's vice president leaves Juba, not seeking war: spokesman http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-vice-president-leaves-juba-not-seeking-war-spokesman South Sudan's vice president has withdrawn with his troops to outside of Juba but is not planning for war, his spokesman said on Wednesday, as a ceasefire that ended heavy fighting with the president's forces entered its third day. Zimbabwe anti-riot police, water cannonsa rrive at pastor's court appearance http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-anti-riot-police-water-cannonsa-rrive-at-pastor-s-court-appearance Dozens of Zimbabwean anti-riot police surrounded the court where preacher Evan Mawarire was due face charges on Wednesday relating to his calls for "stay at home" protests against President Robert Mugabe. Russia says willing to consider U.N. arms embargo on South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-says-willing-to-consider-u-n-arms-embargo-on-south-sudan U.N. Security Council veto power Russia said on Tuesday it was willing to consider imposing an arms embargo on South Sudan and that sending more troops could help stabilize the world's newest nation after days of heavy fighting in the capital Juba. Cameroon is abusing rights in its fight against Boko Haram: Amnesty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-is-abusing-rights-in-its-fight-against-boko-haram-amnesty Authorities in Cameroon have arbitrarily arrested more than 1,000 people as part of their fight against Islamist militant group Boko Haram and dozens have died of disease or been tortured to death, Amnesty International said on Thursday. Suspected Islamist recruiter kills four at Kenyan police station: officer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/suspected-islamist-recruiter-kills-four-at-kenyan-police-station-officer A suspected recruiter for Somalia's al Shabaab militant group being held in a west Kenyan police station shot dead at least four officers there on Thursday after snatching a weapon from a guard, an officer said.The incident took place at Kapenguria police station in a region near the Ugandan border. Failure to pass land law could plunge Liberia back into conflict: activists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/failure-to-pass-land-law-could-plunge-liberia-back-into-conflict-activists Liberia's failure to pass a long-awaited law recognizing the rights of rural communities to their ancestral lands could plunge the West African nation back into civil war, a coalition of civil society groups said on Thursday. Mali World Heritage site in danger: UNESCO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-world-heritage-site-in-danger-unesco A World Heritage site in central Mali that features elaborate pre-Islamic mud houses is in danger of deteriorating because it cannot be protected adequately in the face of insecurity, UNESCO said on Wednesday. Zimbabwe threatens "traitorous" war veterans after Mugabe attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-threatens-traitorous-war-veterans-after-mugabe-attack Zimbabwe's government denounced leading independence war veterans as traitors on Saturday for an unprecedented attack on ageing President Robert Mugabe and vowed to identify its unnamed authors and put them on trial. The perfect storm: Mozambique's compounding crises http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-perfect-storm-mozambique-s-compounding-crises A perfect storm is brewing in Mozambique as rocky economic and political fortunes stoke the embers of a decades-old conflict. MSF sounds alarm on northeast Nigeria, calls for food pipeline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/msf-sounds-alarm-on-northeast-nigeria-calls-for-food-pipeline Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) said on Wednesday that Nigerian children are dying at high rates from malnutrition and disease in a growing humanitarian emergency in the northeast. Former lawmaker was one of AU base suicide bombers in Somalia: al Shabaab http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/former-lawmaker-was-one-of-au-base-suicide-bombers-in-somalia-al-shabaab A former Islamist lawmaker turned al Shabaab militant was one of the drivers in Tuesday's double car bomb attack on the African Union's main peacekeeping base in Somalia, al Shabaab said. Mali arrests leader of Islamist group linked to deadly attack on troops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-arrests-leader-of-islamist-group-linked-to-deadly-attack-on-troops Malian forces arrested a regional leader of Islamist group Ansar Dine in central Mali on Tuesday, after it claimed an attack in the region that killed 17 soldiers, the army spokesman said. U.N. warns South Sudan president over replacement of rival http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-warns-south-sudan-president-over-replacement-of-rival The United Nations warned South Sudan's President Salva Kiir on Tuesday that any political appointments must be consistent with a peace deal that ended nearly two years of civil war after Kiir replaced his vice president and rival Riek Machar. Regional armies struggle in last push against Boko Haram http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/regional-armies-struggle-in-last-push-against-boko-haram "You'll all be able to go home soon. Boko Haram is nearly finished," Niger's Interior Minister Mohamed Bazoum told a crowd of refugees seated quietly on dusty, sun-baked flats. Nigeria resumes cash pay-offs to former militants in oil hub: oil official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-resumes-cash-pay-offs-to-former-militants-in-oil-hub-oil-official Nigeria's government has resumed cash payments for former militants in the restive Niger Delta, an official said on Monday, in a bid to end a wave a wave of militant attacks on oil and gas facilities. South Sudan's opposition says nine killed in renewed fighting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-opposition-says-nine-killed-in-renewed-fighting At least nine people were killed in South Sudan over the weekend in renewed clashes between troops loyal to President Salva Kiir and those of his longtime rival Riek Machar, a spokesman for Machar said on Monday. Nigerian inquiry says army killed 348 Shi'ites in northern city http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-inquiry-says-army-killed-348-shi-ites-in-northern-city Nigeria's army killed 349 people from the minority Shi'ite Muslim sect last December in a series of clashes for which troops involved should be prosecuted, a judicial inquiry has concluded in a report. Angolan rebels claim more casualties in oil-rich Cabinda http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angolan-rebels-claim-more-casualties-in-oil-rich-cabinda Two rebels and 17 Angolan soldiers were killed in two incidents in the oil-producing province of Cabinda at the weekend, the separatist Front for the Liberation of the Enclave of Cabinda (FLEC) said on Monday. Tens of thousands of Congolese rally to demand Kabila step down http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tens-of-thousands-of-congolese-rally-to-demand-kabila-step-down Tens of thousands of Congolese demonstrators chanting anti-government slogans and waving opposition flags rallied in the capital on Sunday to demand President Joseph Kabila step down when his mandate ends in December. Overcoming the Legacy of White Supremacy in South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/overcoming-the-legacy-of-white-supremacy-in-south-africa South Africans will vote for municipal and district officials on August 3, and, as in other democratic countries, these elections will also serve as a referendum on the central government. In South Africa’s case, voters will be assessing the record of the scandal-plagued African National Congress (ANC) administration of President Jacob Zuma and the party's success (or failure) in addressing the social and economic consequences of three hundred years of white supremacy. South Africa's ANC faces worst election losses since apartheid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-faces-worst-election-losses-since-apartheid South Africa's ANC was on track for its worst electoral performance since the end of apartheid on Friday as voters vented anger about high unemployment and corruption in municipal elections that herald a sea change in politics and society. U.S. proposes U.N. approve 4,000-strong force for South Sudan's Juba http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-proposes-u-n-approve-4-000-strong-force-for-south-sudan-s-juba The United States proposed on Sunday that the United Nations Security Council authorize a 4,000-strong force to ensure peace in South Sudan's capital Juba and threaten to impose an arms embargo if the transitional government does not cooperate. Zambian court orders ministers to step down ahead of election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambian-court-orders-ministers-to-step-down-ahead-of-election Zambia's Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that all cabinet and provincial ministers should vacate their posts ahead of Aug. 11 elections as remaining in office would breach the law. At least 90 protesters killed in Ethiopia: residents, opposition http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-90-protesters-killed-in-ethiopia-residents-opposition South Africa's Maimane sees 'non-racial' era after vote wins http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-maimane-sees-non-racial-era-after-vote-wins South Africa's main opposition leader proclaimed the dawn of an era of 'non-racial' politics envisioned by the late Nelson Mandela on Monday, saying a bid by the African National Congress to highlight divisions at last week's local elections had backfired. Gabon leader and top rival both claim presidential victory, allege fraud http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-leader-and-top-rival-both-claim-presidential-victory-allege-fraud Supporters of Gabon's President Ali Bongo and his chief rival both said on Sunday they were set to win a presidential election that poses the most serious challenge yet to the Bongo family's half-century rule in the tiny, oil-rich nation. South African finance minister to be charged with graft: newspaper http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-finance-minister-to-be-charged-with-graft-newspaper The AFP news agency quoted an NPA spokesperson as saying "there is no decision whatsoever to prosecute anyone", but that police had given prosecutors a docket on Friday. Neither Gordhan nor the prosecuting service could be reached by Reuters. Nigeria would let Boko Haram pick NGO intermediary in talks to free Chibok girls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-would-let-boko-haram-pick-ngo-intermediary-in-talks-to-free-chibok-girls Nigeria would let Boko Haram choose a non-profit organization as an intermediary in any talks on the release of about 200 schoolgirls kidnapped from the northeastern village of Chibok in 2014, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Sunday. Boko Haram landmine kills four Chadian soldiers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-landmine-kills-four-chadian-soldiers N'DJAMENA A landmine planted by Islamist group Boko Haram killed four Chadian soldiers on patrol near Chad's border with Niger on Saturday, two security sources said. Japan pledges $30 billion for Africa over next three years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/japan-pledges-30-billion-for-africa-over-next-three-years Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told African leaders on Saturday that his country will commit $30 billion in public and private support for infrastructure development, education and healthcare expansion in the continent. Nigerian army commander: only weeks left for Boko Haram http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-commander-only-weeks-left-for-boko-haram Nigeria's army expects to seize Boko Haram's last few strongholds in the northeast over the next few weeks, the commander in charge of crushing the jihadist group's seven-year insurgency said on Wednesday. U.N. Security Council diplomats expected in South Sudan this week: official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-security-council-diplomats-expected-in-south-sudan-this-week-official U.N. Security Council diplomats are expected to visit South Sudan this week, a foreign affairs ministry spokesman said on Wednesday without giving any details on the purpose of the trip. Gabon opposition leader says two killed, many wounded after disputed vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-opposition-leader-says-two-killed-many-wounded-after-disputed-vote Gabon opposition leader Jean Ping said on Thursday two people were killed and many wounded when the presidential guard and police attacked his party's headquarters overnight after an election narrowly won by President Ali Bongo. Zuma challenges ruling that graft charges be reinstated http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zuma-challenges-ruling-that-graft-charges-be-reinstated South African President Jacob Zuma is to appeal against a court ruling that corruption charges against him be reinstated, the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) said on Wednesday. WHO to hold emergency committee meeting on yellow fever outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-to-hold-emergency-committee-meeting-on-yellow-fever-outbreak The World Health Organisation (WHO) will meet before the end of the month to decide if the outbreak of yellow fever in Central Africa constitutes an international health emergency. Nigerian mob burns down house of Muslim who tried to save Christian accused of blasphemy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-mob-burns-down-house-of-muslim-who-tried-to-save-christian-accused-of-blasphemy A mob has killed eight people by burning down the house of a Muslim man who intervened in the attempted lynching of a Christian student accused of blasphemy. Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau 'fatally wounded in army air strike' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-leader-abubakar-shekau-fatally-wounded-in-army-air-strike As John Kerry arrives in Nigeria for security talks, the country's military says it has killed a number of the militant group‘s commanders in a strike during Friday prayers Gabon opposition chief urges general strike after disputed election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-opposition-chief-urges-general-strike-after-disputed-election Gabon's opposition leader appealed on Monday for a general strike to protest what he said was a fraudulent re-election of President Ali Bongo, but few heeded his call as economic activity picked back up in the capital Libreville. Zambia's Lungu to be sworn in; opposition misses deadline for election challenge http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-s-lungu-to-be-sworn-in-opposition-misses-deadline-for-election-challenge Zambia will press on with swearing in its president, Edgar Lungu, for another five-year-term next week, after the opposition missed a deadline to challenge his re-election, a senior official said on Monday. Unrest in Ethiopia delays aid to malnourished children - U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unrest-in-ethiopia-delays-aid-to-malnourished-children-u-n Political violence in Ethiopia has delayed the distribution of aid to four million people hit by drought and floods, including malnourished children, the United Nations said on Monday. South Sudan agrees to more U.N. troops in bid to avoid arms embargo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-agrees-to-more-u-n-troops-in-bid-to-avoid-arms-embargo The government of South Sudan agreed on Sunday to accept 4,000 extra peacekeepers in a bid to avoid an arms embargo threatened by the United Nations Security Council, but said the details of the deployment were still being discussed. Ghana opposition woos voters with billon-dollar spending promise http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-opposition-woos-voters-with-billon-dollar-spending-promise The leader of Ghana's main opposition party, Nana Akufo-Addo, climbed from his car, picked up a microphone and made a bold election promise to give every constituency the equivalent of $1 million a year if his party wins power. France expresses concern for safety of nationals in Gabon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-expresses-concern-for-safety-of-nationals-in-gabon France expressed concern on Monday about the safety of several of its nationals following violence in its former colony Gabon triggered by a disputed presidential election. Robert Mugabe calls Zimbabwe judges ‘reckless’ for permitting protests against him: ‘I hope they learnt their lesson’ http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/robert-mugabe-calls-zimbabwe-judges-reckless-for-permitting-protests-against-him-i-hope-they-learnt-their-lesson Zimbabwean president hails introduction of laws to clamp down on ‘negative’ social media use South Africa’s murder rate climbs 4.9 per cent to 51 people killed every day http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-murder-rate-climbs-4-9-per-cent-to-51-people-killed-every-day South Africa's murder rate increased by 4.9 per cent in the last year, to more than 50 people killed every day. Mogadishu bombing: At least 10 killed in suicide blast near presidential palace and SYL Hotel in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mogadishu-bombing-at-least-10-killed-in-suicide-blast-near-presidential-palace-and-syl-hotel-in-somalia Al-Shabaab militant group claims responsibility for latest terror attack to hit capital Mugabe: There will be no 'Arab Spring' in Zimbabwe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mugabe-there-will-be-no-arab-spring-in-zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has warned protesters there will be no "Arab Spring" in Zimbabwe after anti-government demonstrations descended it to some of the worst violence seen in the southern African nation for two decades. Machar should not return to previous position in South Sudan: U.S. official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/machar-should-not-return-to-previous-position-in-south-sudan-u-s-official The United States does not believe South Sudan's former Deputy President Riek Machar should return to his former position in its government, given continuing instability in the country, Washington's special envoy for South Sudan said on Wednesday. Gabon's Bongo shrugs off calls for vote recount http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-s-bongo-shrugs-off-calls-for-vote-recount Gabon's President Ali Bongo shrugged off growing international pressure on Wednesday to recount last week's disputed election, saying it was a matter for the constitutional court to decide. Hundreds of South Sudan fighters transferred for medical care by U.N. Congo mission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hundreds-of-south-sudan-fighters-transferred-for-medical-care-by-u-n-congo-mission Hundreds of fighters loyal to South Sudanese opposition leader Riek Machar have been transferred within neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo for medical treatment by the U.N. peacekeeping mission there, according to an internal Congolese army report. Zimbabwe court strikes down police ban on protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-court-strikes-down-police-ban-on-protests Zimbabwe's High Court struck down on Wednesday a two-week ban on public protests issued by the police, a ruling hailed as a brave stand by the courts in the face of threats to the judiciary from President Robert Mugabe. South African university library torched, 32 students arrested http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-university-library-torched-32-students-arrested Thirty-two students were arrested after arsonists torched a law library at South Africa's University of KwaZulu-Natal, police said on Wednesday, following days of protests by students over grievances including the cost of tuition. Ethiopian government accused of killing political prisoners fled burning jail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-government-accused-of-killing-political-prisoners-fled-burning-jail Rights groups have raised serious concerns over the fate of political prisoners held at a facility on the outskirts of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa after 23 inmates died in a huge fire at the high-security complex. ICC to rule on damage of Timbuktu shrines by Islamist rebel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/icc-to-rule-on-damage-of-timbuktu-shrines-by-islamist-rebel International war crimes judges are to rule on Tuesday in the case of a former Islamist rebel who pleaded guilty to wrecking holy shrines during Mali's 2012 conflict and apologized for the damage he caused in Timbuktu. Somalia's delayed parliamentary poll to start Oct. 23, presidential Nov. 30 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-delayed-parliamentary-poll-to-start-oct-23-presidential-nov-30 Somalia will hold its postponed parliamentary elections between Oct 23 and Nov 10, the chairman of the electoral commission said, after the vote was delayed for a second time due to disputes over the selection process. Death toll from militia violence in central Congo jumps to 49 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-from-militia-violence-in-central-congo-jumps-to-49 The death toll from militia clashes with security forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo last week was at least 49, more than three times the number earlier reported, the governor of the province hit by the violence was quoted on Monday as saying. Aid workers pulled out of volatile South Sudan region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/aid-workers-pulled-out-of-volatile-south-sudan-region LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Nearly 40 aid workers have been evacuated from a northern area of South Sudan due to deteriorating security, the U.N. food agency said on Monday. African migrants forced to work for Western-run mine http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-migrants-forced-to-work-for-western-run-mine Bemnet Negash never got to say a proper goodbye to his family. In February 2006, government officials arrived at his school in the highlands of Eritrea and put him and his classmates on a bus to a military training camp. He was 20 years old, and still at school because a childhood illness had interrupted his education. South African watchdog to quiz Zuma in Gupta inquiry, newspaper reports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-watchdog-to-quiz-zuma-in-gupta-inquiry-newspaper-reports South Africa's public protector will question President Jacob Zuma this week over allegations he was influenced by the wealthy Gupta family in making government appointments, according to the newspaper Business Day. Protests force week-long shutdown at South Africa's Wits University http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protests-force-week-long-shutdown-at-south-africa-s-wits-university Police fired stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas at hundreds of protesters marching and dancing through the Johannesburg campus on Tuesday, demanding free education. DR Congo to publish land deals in bid to gain public trust http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-to-publish-land-deals-in-bid-to-gain-public-trust The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) plans to make all of its large-scale agricultural contracts public, in an effort to increase transparency over land deals and improve management of natural resources, officials and researchers said on Wednesday. Guinea Bissau's ex-navy chief sentenced in prison in U.S. drug case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-s-ex-navy-chief-sentenced-in-prison-in-u-s-drug-case A former navy chief of Guinea-Bissau who was arrested three years ago in a U.S. drug sting off the West African coast was sentenced on Tuesday to four years in prison, most of which he has already served, for conspiring to facilitate the shipment of cocaine to the United States. Congo's Kabila: election day delayed to allow more preparation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-kabila-election-day-delayed-to-allow-more-preparation Democratic Republic of Congo authorities have delayed elections to make sure the country is better prepared for them, President Joseph Kabila said on Tuesday, answering accusations that the government is dragging its feet to help him to cling onto power. Nigerian lawmakers to probe use of funds for people fleeing Boko Haram http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-lawmakers-to-probe-use-of-funds-for-people-fleeing-boko-haram The use of Nigerian government funds earmarked for assisting displaced people who are living in desperate conditions in the former stronghold of Boko Haram, is to be investigated because of suspicions of corruption, lawmakers said on Tuesday. Ghana opposition leader attacks government economic record ahead of election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-opposition-leader-attacks-government-economic-record-ahead-of-election Ghana's main opposition leader Nana Akufo-Addo launched a blistering attack on the government's economic record on Sunday as he released his party's manifesto at a mass rally ahead of an election on Dec. 7. Nigeria's Buhari meets Niger Delta leaders, militants in Abuja-official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-meets-niger-delta-leaders-militants-in-abuja-official Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday met leaders from the Niger Delta and representatives of militant groups which have been attacking oil facilities in the restive region, a witness and official said. Mandela Foundation rebukes Zuma, joins calls for leadership change http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mandela-foundation-rebukes-zuma-joins-calls-for-leadership-change The foundation set up to guard the legacy of the late Nelson Mandela on Tuesday blamed South Africa's President Jacob Zuma for the "wheels coming off" Africa's most industrialized nation and urged a change in political leadership. Belgium, Congo activists urge probe into Congo corruption claims http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/belgium-congo-activists-urge-probe-into-congo-corruption-claims Belgium's foreign minister and democracy activists in Democratic Republic of Congo called on Congolese authorities to investigate allegations that high-ranking officials stole millions of dollars in public funds. France, withdrawing forces, says will not abandon Central African Republic http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-withdrawing-forces-says-will-not-abandon-central-african-republic French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Monday that France would be ready to intervene in Central African Republic if necessary, despite ending its peacekeeping mission in its former colony. Ceasefire between Somalia's Puntland and Galmudug collapses, 20 killed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ceasefire-between-somalia-s-puntland-and-galmudug-collapses-20-killed A week-old ceasefire between the forces of two semi-autonomous regions of Somalia broke down on Sunday as fighting over a disputed border area erupted again, killing at least 20 people, army officials on both sides said. Militant attack behind French soldier's death in Mali: minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militant-attack-behind-french-soldier-s-death-in-mali-minister A French soldier killed in Mali died after an attack by militants on Friday, Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Sunday. The perpetual transition in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-perpetual-transition-in-somalia Somalia’s legislative elections missed a key deadline last week, risking a third delay and raising more serious questions about whether the deeply troubled country will ever make it out of its open-ended transition phase to become a real democracy. Four of the six federal states completed the election of members of the new upper house of the Somali Federal Parliament. But voting for the more important lower house – The People’s House – which was supposed to start on 23 October and run through to 10 November, had not begun. Child marriage and Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/child-marriage-and-central-african-republic-refugees-in-cameroon GADO-BADZERE, Cameroon (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Alone, hungry and traumatized having watched her parents die in war-torn Central African Republic, 14-year-old Koulsoumi believed the worst was behind her when she was taken in by a family in Cameroon after fleeing across the border last year. Gunmen free 21 prisoners in raid on southern Mali town http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-free-21-prisoners-in-raid-on-southern-mali-town Gunmen attacked a bank and a prison in the southern Mali town of Banamba in the early hours of Monday, freeing 21 prisoners and looting cash, a security ministry spokesman said. South Africa's opposition parties urge Zuma to report corruption to police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-opposition-parties-urge-zuma-to-report-corruption-to-police Since coming to power in 2009, Zuma has survived a string of corruption scandals almost unscathed, but this month the country's anti-graft watchdog called for a judicial inquiry into allegations of influence-peddling in the ANC government. Congo authorities block opposition demonstration http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-authorities-block-opposition-demonstration Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo blocked an opposition demonstration in the capital on Saturday aimed at putting pressure on President Joseph Kabila to step down next month at the end of his mandate, witnesses said. Mali ethnic militia group says it will lay down its arms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-ethnic-militia-group-says-it-will-lay-down-its-arms A militia in central Mali that represents ethnic Peuhls said on Saturday it would lay down its arms in a boost for government attempts to bring peace to the country. Somalia's PM says secures ceasefire between two warring regions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-pm-says-secures-ceasefire-between-two-warring-regions Somalia's prime minister said on Saturday he had secured a ceasefire between two warring regions in the Horn of Africa nation, two weeks after a peace deal collapsed leading to fighting that killed at least 29 people. The Galmudug and Puntland semi-autonomous regions have a history of clashes and the latest round of fighting between their forces two weeks ago erupted after a dispute over buildings planned in Galkayo, a city that is divided between the two sides. "Prime Minister (Omar) Sharmarke traveled to Galkayo and over (the) last week worked to negotiate an immediate ceasefire and an initiation of preliminary talks for a lasting peace agreement," a statement from his office said. The statement said Sharmarke met Galmudug President Abdikarim Hussein Guled and Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali and witnessed a troop pull-back from the area where they clashed, and will have a four-kilometre buffer zone. "What happened over the last month and weeks in Galkayo is very unfortunate. It is the responsibility of all here and absent to make sure we do not see a repeat,” Sharmarke said. Somalia has been hit by conflict since the downfall of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in early 1990s, and Islamist militant group al Shabaab has been one of the main causes of unrest in the last two decades. Gridlocked Guinea Bissau names fifth PM in a year http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gridlocked-guinea-bissau-names-fifth-pm-in-a-year Guinea Bissau named its fifth prime minister in a year on Friday as the coup-ridden West African country struggled to end months of political gridlock. A presidential decree named Umaro Mokhtar Sissoco Embalo - a brigadier general as well as a presidential adviser and minister in previous administrations. President Jose Mario Vaz had to dissolve the previous government on Monday after the last prime minister, Baciro Dja, failed to win the full support of his ruling PAIGC party, an organization hit by regular infighting. Political rivals agreed in September to a plan to ease a crisis that has prevented parliament from agreeing budgets and blocked international aid. The six-point plan, put together with the help of regional mediators, included a preliminary agreement to form a consensus government. The former Portuguese colony has seen nine coups or attempted coups since 1980 and become a major transit point for cocaine trafficked from South America to Europe. Does the Islamic State threaten al-Shabaab’s hegemony in Somalia? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/does-the-islamic-state-threaten-al-shabaab-s-hegemony-in-somalia Despite local resistance, the Islamic State is making slow but determined inroads that threaten the region. In late October, a faction of Somali militants aligned to the Islamic State and led by long-time cleric Abdulkadir Mumin, walked into the town of Qandala along Somalia’s northern coast in the Bari region of Puntland, meeting little resistance. Whether or not they subsequently retreated to the town’s outskirts is unclear, but a naval attack by Puntland’s forces on 10 November confirmed the militants’ continued occupation of the area. The development is worrying for a number of reasons. It’s the first attempt by militants aligned to the Islamic State to hold territory in Somalia, a key criteria for pledged groups like Mumin’s to gain official acceptance as a full wilayat (province) in the Islamic State’s global caliphate. Second, Qandala’s strategic location is underscored by its proximity to Yemen, and specifically the port city of Al Mukalla, long rumoured to be a source of weapon imports. The annual UN Monitoring Group report on Somalia recently highlighted the role of illicit weapon flows from Yemen to Somalia, while the former head of Puntland’s intelligence remarked in June that Mumin’s troops had already begun receiving supplies via the Al Mukalla route. Al-Shabaab has responded violently to the Islamic State’s challenge in Somalia Finally, the occupation of Qandala may demonstrate the ability of Islamic State-aligned militants to leverage Somalia’s notoriously difficult clan system to their advantage. Mumin hails from the Ali Salebaan sub-clan of the Darod/Marjeteen, whose members inhabit the Bari region, and he may utilise these loyalties for support and protection in the wake of security operations by regional authorities. Mumin pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in October 2015 with just a few dozen militants, breaking off from an al-Shabaab cell based in Puntland. This was the first major pledge, but a small, diverse pool of al-Shabaab militants throughout Somalia have since followed his lead, making Mumin’s group the most active, but not the sole representation of the Islamic State in Somalia. Al-Shabaab has responded violently to this challenge, detaining some members who express loyalty to the Islamic State and clashing with others. Shortly after Mumin’s pledge, al-Shabaab official Abu Abdalla threatened to ‘cut the throat’ of anyone defecting. And, according to the UN Monitoring Group, a disastrous seaborne invasion of Puntland by al-Shabaab, involving up to 400 militants this past March, was aimed at eliminating Mumin’s faction. At the same time, the Islamic State has made multiple overtures to bring al-Shabaab into its fold. In March 2015, Islamic State emissary Hamil al-Bushra called for al-Shabaab leader Abu Ubaidah to pledge loyalty to the organisation. Videos from Islamic State wilayats issued appeals to al-Shabaab urging the same, such as a coordinated campaign involving militants from various locations in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and West Africa (Boko Haram) in early October 2015. Ethnic Somalis lured by the appeal of jihad are flocking to Islamic State territories One likely source of friction between the Islamic State and al-Shabaab revolves around foreign fighters. Al-Shabaab has a chequered history when it comes to the treatment of foreign fighters in its ranks; in December 2015, two captured Somali-Americans admitted the difficulties some non-Somali born members have faced. More importantly, however, there may be a sense of competition as ethnic Somalis lured by the appeal of jihad have started flocking to Islamic State territories, rather than Somalia itself. A report from the Soufan Group in 2015 estimated 70 Somalis from the diaspora could be present in Syria and Iraq. Encountering significant resistance, the Islamic State appeared to shift gears away from a leadership focus, and instead has attempted to incite division within al-Shabaab. Propaganda has been directed at rank-and-file al-Shabaab militants, with messages highlighting al-Shabaab’s poor treatment of its members. Islamic State media outlets also published a series of tributes to prominent defectors, such as Muhammad Makkawi Ibrahim and Hussein Abdi Gedi, who were killed by al-Shabaab assassins. From April this year, the Islamic State also began claiming violent attacks in Somalia, demonstrating the emergence of aligned cells. The map below depicts the location of 10 claimed attacks, with half of the messages occurring in the past month – another indication of an escalation in presence. The majority of incidents occurred in and around Mogadishu, but scattered attacks in other places denote a reach beyond the capital city. Somali security forces also killed Islamic State fighters in Janale in May, while others in Baidoa were sentenced to 10 years in prison in September. It is unclear if these cells maintain links and function as a cohesive unit, or even receive any assistance from the Islamic State. More likely, they represent a collection of disparate but ideologically aligned al-Shabaab defectors, operating in distinct geographic zones. The Islamic State has concurrently been working to broaden its appeal in East Africa, gaining the allegiance of Jabha East Africa, and another previously unknown group from the Tanga area of Tanzania. These movements have not however demonstrated a presence beyond online statements, calling into question their legitimacy and/or capacity. The Islamic State clearly has a strategic eye on Somalia and perhaps the region The Islamic State also claimed two recent attacks in Kenya, amidst a spate of arrests of suspected members. Nonetheless, in neither of the two cases did the assailants demonstrate a longstanding history with the organisation, nor appear to receive direct support or direction. The extent of Islamic State presence has thus far been limited in the region, but like in Somalia, appears to be aimed at enduring and gradually expanding. The Islamic State clearly has a strategic eye on Somalia and perhaps the region, as an important location to advance its global caliphate project. Despite facing stiff resistance from al-Shabaab, supporters of the Islamic State have made some inroads, as Mumin’s recent escapades in Qandala show. Nonetheless, the Islamic State has yet to officially recognise the actors operating in Somalia as a new wilayat, and their activity thus far pales in comparison to the continued violence of al-Shabaab. The sustained resistance by al-Shabaab also ensures the Islamic State has an uphill battle to gain greater acceptance in a region where al Qaida has had a historic presence. But the seizure of Qandala and the emergence of violent operations elsewhere show that factions aligned to the Islamic State are determined to slowly march up that hill, and may evolve into an expanded threat to Somalia and the region. Omar S Mahmood, Researcher, Peace Security Research Programme, ISS Landslide kills 13 as diggers invade Freeport mine in Congo: governor http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/landslide-kills-13-as-diggers-invade-freeport-mine-in-congo-governor A landslide killed at least 13 people last week in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo after thousands of artisanal miners began invading a copper mine controlled by Freeport-McMoRan Inc, the provincial governor said on Monday. Rwandan genocide suspects extradited from Netherlands face court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwandan-genocide-suspects-extradited-from-netherlands-face-court Two Rwandans extradited from the Netherlands to their home country pleaded not guilty during a preliminary court hearing in Kigali on Monday to crimes committed during the 1994 genocide. Japanese troops land in South Sudan, fears of first foreign fighting since WW2 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/japanese-troops-land-in-south-sudan-fears-of-first-foreign-fighting-since-ww2 A contingent of Japanese troops landed in South Sudan on Monday, an official said - a mission that critics say could see them embroiled in their country's first overseas fighting since World War Two. Ugandan lawmakers petition ICC for investigation into "genocide" by army, police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-lawmakers-petition-icc-for-investigation-into-genocide-by-army-police A group of Ugandan lawmakers have sent a petition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to ask for an investigation into possible atrocities by security forces when they clashed with a tribal militia late last year. Nigeria resumes payments to former Niger Delta militants: official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-resumes-payments-to-former-niger-delta-militants-official Nigeria has resumed payments of cash stipends to former militants agreed under a 2009 amnesty in the country's Niger Delta oil hub, an official said on Thursday. Two Moroccan UN peacekeepers killed in Central African Republic http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-moroccan-un-peacekeepers-killed-in-central-african-republic Two Moroccan U.N. peacekeepers in Central African Republic were killed and two others wounded by unknown attackers in the southeast of the country, the U.N. mission there said on Wednesday. Boko Haram attacks Nigerian army base, five soldiers killed: military source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-attacks-nigerian-army-base-five-soldiers-killed-military-source Five Nigerian soldiers and more than 15 Boko Haram fighters were killed when the jihadists attacked an army base in the remote northeast where the group has been fighting for an Islamic state, a military source said on Sunday. Streets of Ivory Coast cities calm after soldier mutiny http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/streets-of-ivory-coast-cities-calm-after-soldier-mutiny The streets of Ivory Coast's second-largest city Bouake were calm and the military presence was gone, residents said on Sunday, after a two-day soldiers' mutiny took over the city before spreading across the country. South Africa's Zuma calls for end to ANC infighting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-calls-for-end-to-anc-infighting South Africa's ruling African National Congress needs to end infighting and focus on winning back public support, President Jacob Zuma said on Sunday as he tries to unite an increasingly divided party. Ghana's new President Akufo-Addo says will cut taxes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-s-new-president-akufo-addo-says-will-cut-taxes Akufo-Addo, 72, defeated incumbent John Dramani Mahama in peaceful elections a month ago, a rare peaceful transfer of power in a region plagued by political crises. West Africa leaders to continue Gambia mediation: Liberia president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-africa-leaders-to-continue-gambia-mediation-liberia-president West African leaders are still pursuing mediation to ensure a peaceful transfer of power in Gambia where President Yahya Jammeh refused to accept defeat in an election last month, Liberia's President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Saturday. Historical and Current Role of Muslim Women in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/historical-and-current-role-of-muslim-women-in-nigeria The role of Muslim women is stated and outlined in Islam. Their primary role is the upbringing of their kids and being a dutiful wife. The responsibility of Muslim women does not end up in the home like many believed. Although neither the Qur'an nor the sunnah really support the kind of relegation of today's women but Islam permitted the women to perform hajj, vote, engage in politics, be employed as a worker and to run her own business. Lack of justice over war crimes fuels violence in Central African Republic: Amnesty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lack-of-justice-over-war-crimes-fuels-violence-in-central-african-republic-amnesty DAKAR (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Perpetrators of war crimes including murder and rape in Central African Republic are going unpunished and fuelling worsening violence in the country, Amnesty International said on Wednesday as it called for funds to rebuild the national justice system. Ex-Congo Republic opposition leader arrested after months in hiding http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-congo-republic-opposition-leader-arrested-after-months-in-hiding A former opposition leader in Republic of Congo was arrested on Tuesday for arms possession after months in hiding, police said. Ivory Coast's Ouattara names close ally as new vice-president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-s-ouattara-names-close-ally-as-new-vice-president Ivory Coast's President Alassane Ouattara on Tuesday named a close collaborator and former prime minister Daniel Kablan Duncan as vice-president, a new post created under a constitution approved by referendum late last year. African Union says it will stop recognising Jammeh as Gambian president from Jan .19 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-says-it-will-stop-recognising-jammeh-as-gambian-president-from-jan-19 The African Union will cease to recognise Gambia's Yahya Jammeh as the West African nation's legitimate president as of Jan. 19, the date he is due to hand power to the winner of a December election, the AU's Peace and Security Council said. Gunmen kidnap five students, two staff from Nigerian school-police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kidnap-five-students-two-staff-from-nigerian-school-police Gunmen kidnapped five students and two staff, including a Turkish national, from an international school in Nigeria's southern state of Ogun, police said on Saturday. Mutinying soldiers seize entrances to Ivory Coast city of Korhogo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mutinying-soldiers-seize-entrances-to-ivory-coast-city-of-korhogo Soldiers seized roads leading into the city of Korhogo in northern Ivory Coast late on Friday, a mutineer and a resident said, as disgruntled troops appeared to relaunch an army mutiny that paralysed much of the country last week. Scores of migrants feared dead, 13 bodies found in Mediterranean http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/scores-of-migrants-feared-dead-13-bodies-found-in-mediterranean At least eight migrants died when their boat overturned off the coast of Libya on Saturday but the death toll may be much higher, the Italian coastguard said. Malawi's armyworm outbreak destroys 2,000 hectares - minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-s-armyworm-outbreak-destroys-2-000-hectares-minister Armyworms have destroyed 2,000 hectares of crops in Malawi, spreading to nine of its 28 districts in the last few weeks, the agriculture minister said on Saturday, Nigerian air force kills 50 and wounds 120 in northeast: MSF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-air-force-kills-50-and-wounds-120-in-northeast-msf Nigeria's air force killed 50 people and injured 120 in an air strike on a refugee camp in the northeast on Tuesday, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said. The military said the strike had targeted Boko Haram. Nigeria needs to close gap between official and black market rates "very soon": VP http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-needs-to-close-gap-between-official-and-black-market-rates-very-soon-vp Nigeria needs to close the gap between the official and black market rates for the naira against the dollar "very soon", Vice President Yemi Osinbajo said on Tuesday. West African states prepare Gambia intervention unless Jammeh quits-source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-african-states-prepare-gambia-intervention-unless-jammeh-quits-source Nigerian and other West African countries are preparing a joint force to intervene militarily in Gambia if President Yahya Jammeh does not hand over power, a Nigerian military source said on Tuesday. Four Gambian ministers resign as neighbouring states prepare to step in http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/four-gambian-ministers-resign-as-neighbouring-states-prepare-to-step-in Gambia's ministers of finance, foreign affairs, trade and the environment have resigned from President Yahya Jammeh's government, state television said, as regional forces prepare to oust the veteran leader unless he steps down by Thursday. Ivory Coast gendarmes fire into the air in several cities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-gendarmes-fire-into-the-air-in-several-cities Gendarmes fired shots into the air inside their camps in the Ivory Coast cities of Daloa, Man and the capital Yamoussoukro on Tuesday, witnesses said, raising fears of renewed unrest just as it seemed the government had settled a mutiny in the army. The Last White Africans http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-last-white-africans With 200,000 members, AfriForum is the leading civic organization advocating for the rights of Afrikaners in South Africa. Do the people responsible for apartheid’s crimes have a claim to their country’s future? Food: There's more to life than jollof rice http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/food-there-s-more-to-life-than-jollof-rice For Nigerian cuisine, Lagos is the centre of the world. Be it purple coco yam from the East or tiger nuts from the North, ingredients from all over the country at at your fingertips. "Most Nigerians tend to shop for food as they need it," says Affiong Osuchukwu, a food photographer, blogger and recipe developer. "So the concept of fresh is something we do naturally." Lumumba, Hammarskjöld and the Cold War in the Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lumumba-hammarskjld-and-the-cold-war-in-the-congo Patrice Lumumba was assassinated in January 1961. Dag Hammarskjöld died in a plane crash under dubious circumstances in September 1961 not far away from where Lumumba was executed. They were in different ways the most prominent victims of the battle for the control over the Congo and its mineral-rich Katanga province at the height of the Cold War, when the winds of change were sweeping across the African continent. Art beyond the gallery walls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/art-beyond-the-gallery-walls Okwui Enwezor was the name on everyone's lips in 2015 as he became the first African to curate the Venice Biennale. I don't like Lagos, I'd rather live in a treehouse somewhere - A. Igoni Barrett http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/i-don-t-like-lagos-i-d-rather-live-in-a-treehouse-somewhere-a-igoni-barrett A. Igoni Barrett is an icon for young black writers looking to find their own voice. With his new novel his crusade is to raise up popular fiction. Congolese uranium and the Cold War http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-uranium-and-the-cold-war Why was the Congo such an intense theatre in the Cold War? Providing a compelling reason in her new book, Spies in the Congo, Susan Williams provides this analysis. War games in the Sahel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/war-games-in-the-sahel Over the past three years, the Sahel, specifically Niger, has become the venue of a military build-up of foreign troops from the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and now, Russia. The ostensible reason is counter-terrorism. But as relations between the former Cold War combatants deteriorate, could this become a flashpoint of conflict? By Jeremy H. Keenan. The big Bots diamond rip-off http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-big-bots-diamond-rip-off Botswana, Africa’s GDP poster-child, is the world’s second-biggest diamond producer, from which it earns four-fifths of its national income. Heavily reliant on diamond exports, the country went into business with mining giant De Beers 50 years ago. In a New African exclusive, Khadija Sharife reveals that Botswana has been getting a raw deal from the arrangement. In Africa, Modernity Challenges Traditional Governance http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-africa-modernity-challenges-traditional-governance A Congolese rebel alliance soldier surrounded by looters in Kinshasa prods a photograph of ousted Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997. African populations are demanding more from their leaders, and not all leaders are prepared to give it. (PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images) In Africa, Modernity Challenges Traditional Governance http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-africa-modernity-challenges-traditional-governance A Congolese rebel alliance soldier surrounded by looters in Kinshasa prods a photograph of ousted Zairean President Mobutu Sese Seko in 1997. African populations are demanding more from their leaders, and not all leaders are prepared to give it. (PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images) What does Theresa May mean for Africa? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/what-does-theresa-may-mean-for-africa Theresa May will become the second woman after Margaret Thatcher to hold Britain's highest office when David Cameron formally hands over power to her on Wednesday. Cameron announced that he would step down hours after the country voted to leave the European Union, triggering a leadership contest in his Conservative Party. What does Theresa May mean for Africa? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/what-does-theresa-may-mean-for-africa Theresa May will become the second woman after Margaret Thatcher to hold Britain's highest office when David Cameron formally hands over power to her on Wednesday. Cameron announced that he would step down hours after the country voted to leave the European Union, triggering a leadership contest in his Conservative Party. Olaudah Equiano Biography http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/olaudah-equiano-biography Olaudah Equiano (1745 – 1797) was an 18th century African writer and anti-slavery campaigner. From an early age, Olaudah Equiano experienced the horrors of slavery first hand. But, after gaining his freedom, he gained British citizenship and wrote about his experiences. His autobiography ‘The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano‘ played a pivotal role in turning public opinion in Britain against slavery. His accounts of slavery and its human suffering were a factor in the enactment of the Slave Trade Act of 1807. Olaudah Equiano Biography http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/olaudah-equiano-biography Olaudah Equiano (1745 – 1797) was an 18th century African writer and anti-slavery campaigner. From an early age, Olaudah Equiano experienced the horrors of slavery first hand. But, after gaining his freedom, he gained British citizenship and wrote about his experiences. His autobiography ‘The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano‘ played a pivotal role in turning public opinion in Britain against slavery. His accounts of slavery and its human suffering were a factor in the enactment of the Slave Trade Act of 1807. West African leaders hold crisis talks as Gambia leader's mandate ends http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-african-leaders-hold-crisis-talks-as-gambia-leader-s-mandate-ends Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz flew to Senegal to meet with President Macky Sall after last-ditch talks in Gambia aimed at resolving a crisis over the transfer of power, a Senegalese presidential source told Reuters on Thursday. Mauritania president flies to Senegal after Gambia mediation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritania-president-flies-to-senegal-after-gambia-mediation Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz flew straight to Senegal to meet President Macky Sall after last ditch talks in Gambia aiming to resolve a crisis over its election, a Senegalese presidential source told Reuters on Thursday. Gambia: a test of ECOWAS’ commitment to democracy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-a-test-of-ecowas-commitment-to-democracy While many of US President-elect Donald Trump’s opponents vowed to boycott his inauguration on Friday, across the Atlantic, opponents of tiny Gambia’s recalcitrant President Yahya Jammeh were mobilising to express their opposition more forcefully, by physically ousting him from office if he did not hand over power. Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/economic-community-of-west-african-states-ecowas It is the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Established on May 28 1975 via the treaty of Lagos, ECOWAS is a 15-member regional group with a mandate of promoting economic integration in all fields of activity of the constituting countries. Spotlight: Brokering action for international criminal justice in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/spotlight-brokering-action-for-international-criminal-justice-in-africa The international criminal justice arena is a complicated, crowded space, where Africa’s concerns compete with the geo-political interests of other states and regions – and discussions around practical realities are often skirted to avoid disrupting complex global efforts to tackle violence and injustice. No immunity deal agreed for Gambia's Jammeh, Senegal minister says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/no-immunity-deal-agreed-for-gambia-s-jammeh-senegal-minister-says West African leaders did not agree to immunity for Yahya Jammeh during negotiations that convinced Gambia's longtime ruler to flee into exile, Senegal's foreign minister said on Sunday. Ghana's new government says it will review $918 million IMF deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-s-new-government-says-it-will-review-918-million-imf-deal Ghana's new government plans to review its $918 million programme with the International Monetary Fund because it may need more money for its spending plans, a minister-designate said on Friday. Gambians celebrate as West African troops enter capital after Jammeh flees http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambians-celebrate-as-west-african-troops-enter-capital-after-jammeh-flees Gambians celebrated in the streets on Sunday after a West African regional military force entered the capital city of Banjul and took control of the presidential palace, the symbolic seat of ex-ruler Yahya Jammeh's 22-year authoritarian regime. Gambians celebrate imminent return of new president after veteran ruler flees http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambians-celebrate-imminent-return-of-new-president-after-veteran-ruler-flees Hundreds of people gathered along the streets of Gambia's capital Banjul on Thursday to welcome home new President Adama Barrow after authoritarian leader Yahya Jammeh fled into exile under pressure from regional forces. Court rules villagers cannot sue Shell in London over Nigerian oil spill http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/court-rules-villagers-cannot-sue-shell-in-london-over-nigerian-oil-spill Oil major Royal Dutch Shell cannot be sued in London courts over Nigerian oil spill allegations, the High Court ruled on Thursday, dealing a setback to attempts to hold multinationals liable at home for subsidiaries' activities. Kenyan doctors say will strike until pay demands met, ignore court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-doctors-say-will-strike-until-pay-demands-met-ignore-court Kenya's doctors union said on Thursday a seven-week strike would continue as long as needed to secure demands for better pay and conditions, ignoring a court ruling ordering a return to work in five days or jail for union leaders. Swiss take former Gambian minister Sonko into custody - media http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/swiss-take-former-gambian-minister-sonko-into-custody-media Swiss police detained former Gambian Interior Minister Ousman Sonko near the Swiss capital of Berne on Thursday, newspaper Berner Zeitung said on its website, citing police. World faces "unprecedented" hunger as famine threatens four countries: study http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-faces-unprecedented-hunger-as-famine-threatens-four-countries-study Global hunger levels are at their highest for decades with Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen facing the risk of famine and 70 million people in need of food aid, a specialist U.S.-based agency said on Wednesday. Uganda negotiating $2.3 bln loan with China to fund rail line http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-negotiating-2-3-bln-loan-with-china-to-fund-rail-line Uganda is negotiating a $2.3 billion loan with China's Exim Bank to fund an initial 273 km stretch of rail line the east African country is planning to build for faster and cheaper transportation, an official said on Thursday. Senegal police arrest former boss of Gambia's notorious prisons http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-police-arrest-former-boss-of-gambia-s-notorious-prisons Senegalese police said on Friday that they had arrested General Bora Colley, the man who ran Gambia's prisons, where human rights groups say perceived opponents were tortured and in some cases died. Somalia's al Shabaab says kills dozens of Kenyan troops in raid on base http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-al-shabaab-says-kills-dozens-of-kenyan-troops-in-raid-on-base Al Shabaab said its fighters killed dozens of Kenyan troops when the Islamist group attacked a remote military base in Somalia on Friday, while Kenya's army said nine soldiers died and 70 militants were killed. Around 1.8 mln Nigerians in Boko Haram region at risk of starvation -WFP http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/around-1-8-mln-nigerians-in-boko-haram-region-at-risk-of-starvation-wfp Around 1.8 million people are at risk of starvation in northeast Nigeria, victims of an Islamist insurgency that is undermining efforts by the World Food Programme (WFP) to ferry in aid, it said on Friday. Lagos court demands state halt slum demolitions, consult residents http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lagos-court-demands-state-halt-slum-demolitions-consult-residents More than 300,000 people living on the edge of Lagos' lagoon may be spared eviction after a court ruled that planned demolitions of waterfront slums would be "inhuman and degrading", campaigners said. Central Mali: An Uprising in the Making? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/central-mali-an-uprising-in-the-making While attention has focused on northern Mali, armed violence is escalating at an alarming rate in the centre of the country, long neglected by the state. The management of natural resources has given rise to multiple conflicts that the government and local elites are unable to control. For the past several months, a jihadist uprising has capitalised on the state’s lack of legitimacy and extended its influence. State representatives are being chased out of rural areas. Yet, violence also stems from settlings of scores, banditry and a growing number of self-defence militias. The peace agreement signed in Bamako in June 2015 applies primarily to northern regions and disregards the centre of the country. Mali’s government and its principal partners should renew their efforts to restore the state’s authority and legitimacy among all the communities of the area. Absent appropriate action, central Mali – an area more densely populated than the north and vital to the economy – risks becoming a source of protracted instability. 28th AU Summit: Searching for new African consensus in the age of Trump http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/28th-au-summit-searching-for-new-african-consensus-in-the-age-of-trump A dark cloud has hung over the African Union (AU) following Brexit and new American isolationist policies, and has prompted AU officials to call for greater unity among member states. On the eve of the final meeting of the 28th AU Summit, the message is that Africa can only weather this storm by relying on its own resources. Chad's foreign minister secures top post at African Union http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-s-foreign-minister-secures-top-post-at-african-union African Union leaders chose Chad's candidate to chair the 54-nation body on Monday at a summit where the divisive issues of Africa's relationship to the International Criminal Court and Morocco's readmission to the AU were on the agenda. S. African court 'Bull Dog' resigns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-court-bull-dog-resigns South African prosecutor Gerrie Nel, who oversaw the conviction of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, has resigned from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), its spokesman said on Tuesday. U.S. travel ban heralds "turbulent times" for Africa: AU chief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-travel-ban-heralds-turbulent-times-for-africa-au-chief The head of the African Union said on Monday that a U.S. travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries including three in Africa heralded "turbulent times" for the continent. Five anti-voodoo cult members die from suffocation in Benin http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-anti-voodoo-cult-members-die-from-suffocation-in-benin Five people died from asphyxiation in Benin this weekend and several more were hospitalised after a religious cult told followers to seal themselves into prayer rooms and burn incense and charcoal, residents and a survivor told Reuters. Foresight Africa 2017: Election spotlight on Rwanda http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/foresight-africa-2017-election-spotlight-on-rwanda Below is an election spotlight from Chapter 6 of the Foresight Africa 2017 report, which explores six overarching themes that provide opportunities for Africa to overcome its obstacles and spur inclusive growth. Read the full chapter on upholding good governance here. For more on African political transitions, see our interactive African Leadership Transitions Tracker. Revenue mobilization in commodity-rich countries: Challenges and opportunities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/revenue-mobilization-in-commodity-rich-countries-challenges-and-opportunities Since the fall in commodity prices in 2014, most commodity-rich countries have been facing a growing fiscal challenge. The large decrease in commodity prices has increasingly been perceived as more permanent than temporary. This issue is particularly pressing in African countries whose fiscal revenue structure depends “excessively” upon commodity revenues. Going, but not gone: UNMIL stays on in Liberia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/going-but-not-gone-unmil-stays-on-in-liberia Liberia is nearly, but not quite ready, to go it alone without United Nations (UN) peacekeeping support. This was the upshot of the 23 December 2016 UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting, where it was decided that the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia, of which the mandate had expired, would be extended until March 2018 for the final time. UN is ‘deeply concerned’ by clashes between Government and opposition forces in s. sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-is-deeply-concerned-by-clashes-between-government-and-opposition-forces-in-s-sudan Amid an outbreak of violence in the South Sudanese city of Malakal, the United Nations mission in the country today called on the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the SPLA in Opposition to silence the guns. Niger's migrant smuggling hub empties after EU crackdown http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-s-migrant-smuggling-hub-empties-after-eu-crackdown In a dirt-floored room in the town of Agadez in Niger, a pair of flip-flops and a cold pile of ashes are all that remain of what was once a teeming stopover for migrants preparing the fraught journey across the Saharan Desert and onwards to Europe. Fresh clashes near South Sudan's oil hub of Malakal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fresh-clashes-near-south-sudan-s-oil-hub-of-malakal Fresh clashes broke out around South Sudan's second-largest city of Malakal on Tuesday, a rebel spokesman and a government official said, the latest turn in the struggle for the capital of the oil-producing Upper Nile region. Congo says M23 fighters captured downed air crew http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-says-m23-fighters-captured-downed-air-crew The Congolese army on Tuesday said armed fighters belonging to the former M23 rebel group had captured four crew members of a military helicopter which crashed in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo last week, and that three died after being tortured. Angola's dos Santos calls end to 38 years in power http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-s-dos-santos-calls-end-to-38-years-in-power Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos confirmed on Friday he will not run in this year's presidential election, calling an end to 38 years as head of state, but he will retain control of the powerful ruling party. Uganda rules out military intervention in South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-rules-out-military-intervention-in-south-sudan Imposing an external "trusteeship" government on South Sudan to try to end a three-year ethnic civil war and potential genocide in the world's youngest nation would only make its security situation worse, Uganda said on Thursday. Armyworm outbreak spreading in southern Africa: FAO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/armyworm-outbreak-spreading-in-southern-africa-fao A suspected outbreak of armyworms has spread to Namibia and Mozambique and is causing "considerable crop damage" in southern Africa, the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organisation said on Friday. Fresh violence in Central African Republic displaces thousands http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fresh-violence-in-central-african-republic-displaces-thousands Condemning attacks on civilians and non-governmental organizations in a town in Central African Republic (CAR)’s Ouham-Pendé province, a senior United Nations humanitarian official has called for protecting civilians as well as for unhindered relief access to the affected areas. Kenyan court of appeal frees jailed doctors' union officials http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-court-of-appeal-frees-jailed-doctors-union-officials Kenya's Court of Appeal on Wednesday ordered the release of officials of the national doctors' union so they can continue negotiations with the government over a strike that has paralyzed the public health sector. In Ghana, post-election fiscal crunch is politics as normal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-ghana-post-election-fiscal-crunch-is-politics-as-normal Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has taken power with ambitious plans to revive once spectacular economic growth, only to discover a $1.6 billion hole in the budget and a deficit twice as high as expected. He may have a strong sense of deja vu. Nigeria declares pollution in southern city an emergency, closes plant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-declares-pollution-in-southern-city-an-emergency-closes-plant Nigeria declared an air pollution emergency in a major southern city on Tuesday and closed an asphalt plant there after residents complained about the fumes from its furnaces, in a country plagued by corruption and poor governance. Congo police kill at least four in raid on separatist cult http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-police-kill-at-least-four-in-raid-on-separatist-cult Congo police made a pre-dawn raid on a separatist group in the capital Kinshasa on Tuesday, killing at least four people but failing to arrest their leader, a self-styled religious prophet, witnesses and group members said. Congolese soldiers kill at least 101 in militia clashes: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-soldiers-kill-at-least-101-in-militia-clashes-u-n Soldiers targeting the Kamwina Nsapu militia group in central Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 101 people between Feb. 9 and Feb. 13, including 39 women, the U.N. said on Tuesday. Ethnic clashes in central Mali kill at least 13 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethnic-clashes-in-central-mali-kill-at-least-13 At least 13 people were killed in central Mali at the weekend in inter-ethnic clashes between Fulanis and Bambaras, the interior ministry said on Monday, escalating a conflict over resources in a region increasingly outside state control. Death turned political football in the DRC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-turned-political-football-in-the-drc The sudden death on 2 February of Etienne Tshisekedi – the long-time opposition leader in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – is more than a personal tragedy for a man who spent four decades fighting for democracy, only to die moments away from exercising actual power. Military policing of Parliament: what does SA law say? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/military-policing-of-parliament-what-does-sa-law-say Shortly before his annual State of the Nation address earlier this month, South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma announced that he had authorised the ‘employment’ of 441 members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) ‘for service in cooperation with the SA Police Service (SAPS) to maintain law and order during the opening of Parliament .’ Justice minister says South Africa still intends to quit the ICC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/justice-minister-says-south-africa-still-intends-to-quit-the-icc South Africa's government still plans to withdraw from the International Criminal Court (ICC), Justice Minister Michael Masutha said on Wednesday, after a court ruled that it was unconstitutional to do so. Malawi dismisses agriculture minister over corruption probe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-dismisses-agriculture-minister-over-corruption-probe Malawi's President Peter Mutharika has dismissed the agriculture minister after an investigation into maize procurement, the southern African nation's information minister said on Wednesday. Mugabe's Zimbabwe gets busy creating 'fiction money' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mugabe-s-zimbabwe-gets-busy-creating-fiction-money When President Robert Mugabe scrapped the Zimbabwe dollar in 2009, most of his people thought this meant the end of runaway money-printing and hyperinflation that had rendered the currency worthless. They may have been wrong. EU could curb visas for African officials over migrants: Germany http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-could-curb-visas-for-african-officials-over-migrants-germany The European Union should consider restricting visas for senior officials from African and other states which refuse to take back illegal immigrants from Europe, Germany's interior minister said on Monday. Kenyan forces kill 31 al Shabaab militants in Somalia: statement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-forces-kill-31-al-shabaab-militants-in-somalia-statement Kenyan troops in Somalia killed 31 Islamist al Shabaab militants in a raid on two of their bases in the southern Somali region of Jubbaland, the Kenyan military said on Monday. Tanzanian frees musician arrested for mocking the government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzanian-frees-musician-arrested-for-mocking-the-government Tanzanian President John Magufuli ordered the immediate release of a popular local musician on Monday, a day after he was arrested for allegedly mocking the government in a song. Sudan says cooperating with Chad and France over kidnapped Frenchman http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-says-cooperating-with-chad-and-france-over-kidnapped-frenchman Sudan is working with Chadian and French authorities on the case of a French citizen who was kidnapped in Chad and taken into Sudan, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour told state news agency SUNA on Sunday. Ivory Coast rescinds port security measures, attack threat unfounded http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-rescinds-port-security-measures-attack-threat-unfounded Ivory Coast rescinded an order on Sunday to increase security at its two main ports after determining that an earlier reported threat of terrorism was unfounded, according to a document seen by Reuters. Six aid workers killed in an ambush in South Sudan, U.N. says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/six-aid-workers-killed-in-an-ambush-in-south-sudan-u-n-says Six aid workers were killed in an ambush in South Sudan on Saturday while traveling from the capital Juba to the town of Pibor, the United Nations said on Sunday, without specifying if they worked for the U.N. or giving other details. Nigerian lawmakers summon officials, firms over immigration deals http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-lawmakers-summon-officials-firms-over-immigration-deals Nigerian lawmakers on Saturday summoned the attorney general, accountant general, minister of interior and four companies to appear before a committee of parliamentarians over allegations that revenues were withheld from the immigration service. Mozambique extends probe into government loans to April 28 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-extends-probe-into-government-loans-to-april-28 Mozambique has extended until April 28 an investigation into government-owned firms that hid $2 billion in loans, state media said on Saturday. Thousands of protesters call for Guinea Bissau leader to quit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-of-protesters-call-for-guinea-bissau-leader-to-quit Thousands of protesters in Guinea Bissau's capital on Saturday demanded President Jose Mario Vaz step down to resolve a political crisis that has paralyzed the coup-prone West African country. Militia fighters decapitate 40 police officers in Congo ambush http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militia-fighters-decapitate-40-police-officers-in-congo-ambush Militia fighters decapitated about 40 police officers after an ambush in central Democratic Republic of Congo, local officials said on Saturday, the deadliest attack on security forces since an insurgency erupted in the region last year. South Africa's ANC: lawmakers to oppose no-confidence motion against Zuma http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-lawmakers-to-oppose-no-confidence-motion-against-zuma Members of South Africa's ruling African National Congress will oppose a motion of no confidence against President Jacob Zuma in parliament set for April 18, the party said on Thursday. Somali president shakes up security agencies, urges militants' surrender http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-president-shakes-up-security-agencies-urges-militants-surrender Somalia's president replaced his security chiefs on Thursday and called on al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab insurgents to surrender within 60 days in return for education and jobs. French soldier killed in Mali in clash with militants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-soldier-killed-in-mali-in-clash-with-militants A French soldier was killed in Mali after a clash with armed militants, French President Francois Hollande's office said on Thursday, highlighting instability in the west African state which is vulnerable to attacks from jihadist groups. Tech firms must go beyond Congo's "conflict minerals" to clean supply chain: study http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tech-firms-must-go-beyond-congo-s-conflict-minerals-to-clean-supply-chain-study Abuses linked to mining in countries such as Myanmar and Colombia are being overlooked by technology companies focused only on eliminating "conflict minerals" from war-torn parts of Africa in their supply chains, researchers said on Thursday. DR Congo opposition calls for investigation into expensive passports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-opposition-calls-for-investigation-into-expensive-passports Opposition leaders in Democratic Republic of Congo called on national authorities on Monday to investigate a report by Reuters last week that most of the money paid by Congolese citizens for new passports goes overseas. Rescue on the Mediterranean: suffering, death and hope http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rescue-on-the-mediterranean-suffering-death-and-hope Migrants try to stay afloat after falling off their rubber dinghy during a rescue operation by the Malta-based NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) ship in the central Mediterranean in international waters some 15 nautical miles off the coast of Zawiya in Libya, April 14, 2017. REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi Cameroon doctor strike leaves patients unseen amid political crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-doctor-strike-leaves-patients-unseen-amid-political-crisis A doctors' strike in Cameroon left patients without critical care in the capital Yaoude on Monday, the latest in a string of union actions that have crippled a country in the midst of political crisis. Gold rush fever among poor Zimbabweans leaves trail of destruction http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gold-rush-fever-among-poor-zimbabweans-leaves-trail-of-destruction TARKA FOREST, Zimbabwe (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of unemployed Zimbabweans have turned to illegal gold panning in a bid to survive the country's deteriorating economy, leaving a trail of destruction that has alarmed farmers, timber plantation owners and the country's environmental authorities. The rifts behind Nigeria's mass kidnap http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-rifts-behind-nigeria-s-mass-kidnap When local people warned that hundreds of Islamist militants were heading towards his remote town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria, Danuma Mphur hurried to summon help. U.N. discovers 17 mass graves in central Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-discovers-17-mass-graves-in-central-congo U.N. investigators have discovered 17 mass grave sites in central Democratic Republic of Congo, bringing the total to 40 documented in an area where the army has clashed with a local militia, the United Nations said on Wednesday. South Sudan refugees release U.N. Congo mission staff http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-refugees-release-u-n-congo-mission-staff A hundred unarmed South Sudanese refugees in east Congo took 13 United Nations mission staff hostage on Tuesday, demanding to be moved to a third country before later releasing them unharmed. Zambian opposition leader charged with trying to overthrow government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambian-opposition-leader-charged-with-trying-to-overthrow-government Zambia opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema, arrested last week on suspicion of treason, was charged in a magistrate's court on Tuesday with trying to overthrow the government. Kenya's ruling coalition annuls party primaries after chaotic voting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-ruling-coalition-annuls-party-primaries-after-chaotic-voting Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta gestures as he arrives for visit to the United Aryan Export Processing Zone textile factory in Nairobi, Kenya, April 12, 2017. REUTERS/Baz Ratner Medication, money and maps: How to fight a debilitating eye disease http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/medication-money-and-maps-how-to-fight-a-debilitating-eye-disease LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In some of the world's remotest corners, health workers armed with smartphones, digital maps and medication are making steady progress in eliminating trachoma, the world's leading infectious cause of blindness, a leading expert said. Progress in fighting tropical diseases but funding and conflicts pose challenges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/progress-in-fighting-tropical-diseases-but-funding-and-conflicts-pose-challenges LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Progress has been made in tackling diseases that blind, disable and disfigure millions of poor in tropical countries each year, but drug companies need to step up donations of medicines, the World Health Organization (WHO) said this week. More than 11,000 Congo refugees seek refuge in Angola http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-than-11-000-congo-refugees-seek-refuge-in-angola NEW YORK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Thousands of refugees fleeing fighting between the army and armed groups in the central Democratic Republic of Congo have sought refuge in overcrowded villages across the border in Angola, the United Nations said on Friday. Inside Sudan’s house of cards http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/inside-sudan-s-house-of-cards Two years ago, in April 2015, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir – who assumed power in 1989 – once again won the presidential election. This further entrenched his personal hold on the politics of Sudan. Congo authorities recapture 179 prisoners after mass escape, mayor says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-authorities-recapture-179-prisoners-after-mass-escape-mayor-says Congolese authorities said on Thursday they had recaptured 179 fugitives who broke out of the capital's main prison, in a mass escape that underscored growing security concerns since President Joseph Kabila refused to step down from power. Threat of malnutrition still high in Somalia despite onset of rains: ICRC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/threat-of-malnutrition-still-high-in-somalia-despite-onset-of-rains-icrc Rains in Somalia have brought relief from drought but malnutrition remains a threat, the International Red Cross said on Friday, with the number of children admitted to its feeding centres nationwide nearly doubling over the last year. South Sudan forces killed 114 civilians around Yei in six months: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-forces-killed-114-civilians-around-yei-in-six-months-u-n South Sudanese pro-government forces killed at least 114 civilians in and around Yei town from July 2016 to January 2017, the U.N. human rights office said in a report on Friday that the army dismissed as "baseless". Nigeria to process all tourist, business visas in two days http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-process-all-tourist-business-visas-in-two-days Nigeria will process all tourist and business visas within two days, the vice president's office said on Friday, as Africa's largest economy, mired in recession, tries to improve the ease of doing business in the country. African Union seeks international help for forces fighting Kony's LRA http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-seeks-international-help-for-forces-fighting-kony-s-lra The African Union has called for international military support for soldiers in the Central African Republic fighting warlord Joseph Kony after the United States and Uganda said they would withdraw troops from the hunt for the insurgents. French troops will remain in Sahel until militants eradicated: Macron http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-troops-will-remain-in-sahel-until-militants-eradicated-macron French President Emmanuel Macron addresses French troops in Africa's Sahel region in Gao, northern Mali, 19 May 2017. REUTERS/Christophe Petit Tesson/Pool Fourth person in probable Ebola death in Congo: WHO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fourth-person-in-probable-ebola-death-in-congo-who A fourth person has likely died from Ebola in remote northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization said on Sunday, as the overall number of cases rose to 37 from 29. Deputy President Ramaphosa says South Africa must avoid 'mafia state' fate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/deputy-president-ramaphosa-says-south-africa-must-avoid-mafia-state-fate South African Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, seen as a top contender to lead the ruling ANC into 2019 general elections, said on Sunday that the country must not become a "mafia state" as he admitted his party had become associated with corruption. One killed in northern Kenya after rally attended by President Kenyatta http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/one-killed-in-northern-kenya-after-rally-attended-by-president-kenyatta Police shot dead one person in northern Kenya's Isiolo county after a political rally attended by President Uhuru Kenyatta at which supporters of rival political candidates for regional government positions clashed, police said. Early warning systems still missing in 100 countries, UN says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/early-warning-systems-still-missing-in-100-countries-un-says Governments of 100 countries still lacking disaster early warning systems have a duty to invest in the projects, which could save lives and property, and reap longer-term economic benefits, the U.N.'s meteorological agency said. Tanzanian president fires mining minister and chief of state-run agency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzanian-president-fires-mining-minister-and-chief-of-state-run-agency Tanzania President John Magufuli fired his mining minister and the chief of the state-run mineral audit agency on Wednesday after an investigation into possible undeclared exports by mining companies to evade tax. EU to impose sanctions on more Congo officials: diplomats http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-to-impose-sanctions-on-more-congo-officials-diplomats The European Union is poised to impose sanctions against more Congolese officials, sources in Brussels said, amid worsening violence in the resource-rich country since President Joseph Kabila overstayed his mandate and pushed back elections. Ethiopia's Tedros wins WHO race, first African to get top job http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-tedros-wins-who-race-first-african-to-get-top-job Ethiopia's Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus won the race to be the next head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Tuesday, becoming the first African to lead the Geneva-based United Nations agency. Nigeria oil minister says not opposed to eventually joining output cuts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-oil-minister-says-not-opposed-to-eventually-joining-output-cuts Nigerian Oil Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu said on Thursday that conceptually Nigeria was not opposed to joining OPEC production caps but would have to wait and see if production came back to acceptable levels. Equatorial Guinea approved as latest OPEC member: source close to oil minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/equatorial-guinea-approved-as-latest-opec-member-source-close-to-oil-minister Africa's third-biggest oil producer, Equatorial Guinea, has been accepted as a new member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), a source close to the country's oil minister told a Reuters on Thursday. Lesotho votes just two years after previous election amid instability http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lesotho-votes-just-two-years-after-previous-election-amid-instability People in Lesotho voted in a national election on Saturday just two years after the previous one as the Southern African kingdom struggles with political instability. West Africa seeking 50 million euros from EU for anti-Islamist force http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-africa-seeking-50-million-euros-from-eu-for-anti-islamist-force The countries of West Africa's Sahel region are requesting 50 million euros ($56 million) from the European Union to help set up a multinational force to take on Islamist militant groups, Mali's military chief said on Saturday. South Africa's main opposition suspends former leader over colonialism remarks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-main-opposition-suspends-former-leader-over-colonialism-remarks South Africa's main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has suspended former leader Helen Zille for saying earlier this year that the legacy of colonialism was not entirely negative, the party said on Saturday. France says soldiers killed 20 Islamists in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-says-soldiers-killed-20-islamists-in-mali French soldiers have killed about 20 Islamic combatants in northern Mali this week in an operation to defend France's troops there, the defense ministry in Paris said on Friday. Bodies of seven African migrants recovered from truck in Libya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bodies-of-seven-african-migrants-recovered-from-truck-in-libya Seven African migrants died, apparently from suffocation, after being locked for two days in a refrigerated truck that was abandoned by people smugglers on the Libyan coast, officials said. China says 31 nationals detained in Zambia for illegal mining http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-says-31-nationals-detained-in-zambia-for-illegal-mining Zambia has detained 31 Chinese nationals for illegal mining in the African country's copper belt but has failed to provide strong proof of their crimes, a senior Chinese diplomat said as he lodged a complaint. Lungu invokes emergency powers in Zambia after market blaze http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lungu-invokes-emergency-powers-in-zambia-after-market-blaze Zambian President Edgar Lungu said on Thursday he had invoked emergency powers in the southern Africa nation to deal with "acts of sabotage" by the opposition, after fire gutted the country's biggest market. Niger soldiers kill 14 civilians mistaken for militants: official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-soldiers-kill-14-civilians-mistaken-for-militants-official Soldiers in Niger killed 14 unarmed civilians after mistaking them for Boko Haram militants during a patrol in the remote southeast of the country, a senior regional official said on Thursday. Eight people killed in Malawi independence day stampede http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eight-people-killed-in-malawi-independence-day-stampede South Africa's Eskom signs $1.5 billion loan agreement with China http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-eskom-signs-1-5-billion-loan-agreement-with-china South Africa's state power utility Eskom signed a $1.5 billion (19.6 billion rand) loan agreement with China Development Bank on Thursday to partly finance its Medupi coal power plant, its acting chief executive said on Thursday. Gunmen attack military bases in Ivory Coast cities Abidjan, Korhogo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-attack-military-bases-in-ivory-coast-cities-abidjan-korhogo Gunmen attacked military bases in Ivory Coast's main city of Abidjan and the northern city of Korhogo on Saturday, but were repulsed, a senior military official said. U.S. seeks to recover $144 million in Nigeria oil industry bribery case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-seeks-to-recover-144-million-in-nigeria-oil-industry-bribery-case The U.S. Justice Department on Friday filed a lawsuit seeking to recover assets that include a $50 million Manhattan apartment and an $80 million yacht that it said were bought using money generated from a scheme to pay millions of dollars in bribes to a former Nigerian oil minister. Assailants kill at least two, injure six in Kinshasa raid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/assailants-kill-at-least-two-injure-six-in-kinshasa-raid Nearly a dozen men armed with knives and batons burst into the largest market in Democratic Republic of Congo's capital Kinshasa on Friday, killing at least two people and wounding six police officers, the police and witnesses said. Nigeria budget, despite being signed into law, still being amended http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-budget-despite-being-signed-into-law-still-being-amended Nigeria's 2017 budget, signed into law by the acting president a month ago, has still not been finalised and is being amended due to disagreements between parliament and the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter said. SAP names acting executive team, law firm for South Africa probe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sap-names-acting-executive-team-law-firm-for-south-africa-probe Germany's SAP (SAPG.DE) named a new executive team in South Africa on Friday, two days after the software giant put four senior managers on leave, pending its investigations into allegations that it was involved in a government bribery scheme. Boko Haram issue photo of kidnapped oil researchers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-issue-photo-of-kidnapped-oil-researchers Suspected members of Boko Haram have released a photograph that appears to show three kidnapped members of an oil exploration team in northeastern Nigeria, according to the university whose staff were part of the team and which distributed the image on Friday. South Sudan army captures rebel-held town, senior rebel defects http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-army-captures-rebel-held-town-senior-rebel-defects South Sudan's government said on Friday it had taken the last town before the main rebel base of Pagak, where thousands of civilians have fled to escape fighting near the border with Ethiopia. Somalia says kills senior al Shabaab commander in raid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-says-kills-senior-al-shabaab-commander-in-raid Somalia said on Monday its military and allied foreign troops had killed a senior member of al Shabaab it said was responsible for several Islamist bombings. Rwanda's Kagame predicts clean sweep to third presidential term http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-s-kagame-predicts-clean-sweep-to-third-presidential-term Rwandan President Paul Kagame, already in power for 17 years, predicted on Monday he would win overwhelming popular backing for a third term in elections this week, brushing off accusations of stifling political debate. Senegal's Sall set to maintain commanding parliamentary majority http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-s-sall-set-to-maintain-commanding-parliamentary-majority Senegal President Macky Sall's ruling coalition was set on Monday to retain a commanding majority in parliament after a weekend election, a presidential aide said, but the opposition claimed the results were tainted by fraud. Malawi issues arrest warrant for former president over graft scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-issues-arrest-warrant-for-former-president-over-graft-scandal Malawi has issued an arrest warrant for its former President Joyce Banda over alleged abuse of office and money laundering offences over a two-year period when she was in office, a police spokesman said on Monday. Five women beaten and burned part of rising wave of Tanzanian 'witch killings' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-women-beaten-and-burned-part-of-rising-wave-of-tanzanian-witch-killings Five women accused of being witches and murdered by a mob last week were among some 80 people killed each month in Tanzania this year by vigilantes taking the law into their own hands, a report said Monday. Niger Delta leaders threaten to pull out of peace talks if demands not met by November 1 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-delta-leaders-threaten-to-pull-out-of-peace-talks-if-demands-not-met-by-november-1 Prominent community leaders in Nigeria's restive Niger Delta oil hub threatened on Monday to pull out of peace talks with the government unless their demands were met by Nov. 1. Kenya election official tortured, murdered before vote, officials say http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-election-official-tortured-murdered-before-vote-officials-say A senior Kenyan election official was found murdered on Monday, three days after he went missing, poll officials said, as opposition leaders warned the killing could plunge next week's national vote into turmoil. Nigeria to continue oil exploration in Lake Chad Basin despite kidnapping http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-continue-oil-exploration-in-lake-chad-basin-despite-kidnapping Nigerian scientists will continue to search for oil in the restive Lake Chad Basin region despite a kidnapping of some researchers by suspected Boko Haram members, a university and state oil firm NNPC said on Monday. Congo police arrest over 100 as anti-Kabila protests dispersed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-police-arrest-over-100-as-anti-kabila-protests-dispersed Police in Democratic Republic of Congo arrested at least 128 people on Monday as they dispersed protests demanding that President Joseph Kabila leave power by the end of the year, Human Rights Watch said. As warming brings more malaria, Kenya moves treatment closer to home http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/as-warming-brings-more-malaria-kenya-moves-treatment-closer-to-home When it rains in Emusala village, a person sick with a fever can find it hard to get to the nearest health center, which requires a trip along the slippery footpaths that lead to the nearest main road some 10km (6 miles) away, in the heart of Western Kenya’s Kakamega County. China promises support to new African ally Gambia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-promises-support-to-new-african-ally-gambia China will offer its new African ally Gambia support in infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and other areas, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his visiting Gambian counterpart, after the nation ditched ties with self-ruled Taiwan. Car bomb in Somali port city of Kismayo wounds at least 10 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/car-bomb-in-somali-port-city-of-kismayo-wounds-at-least-10 A car bomb explosion in the southern Somali town of Kismayo wounded at least 10 people on Tuesday, police and residents said. Ivory Coast PM decides to sack CCC head after cocoa crisis: sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-pm-decides-to-sack-ccc-head-after-cocoa-crisis-sources Ivory Coast's prime minister has decided to sack the head of the Coffee and Cocoa Council (CCC) Massandje Toure Litse, owing to a crisis over cocoa contract defaults and other management issues, sources said on Tuesday. Rwandan candidate pledges retrial of jailed dissidents if elected http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwandan-candidate-pledges-retrial-of-jailed-dissidents-if-elected Rwanda's Frank Habineza, the only registered opposition leader competing against President Paul Kagame in Friday's elections, pledged on Wednesday to retry political prisoners if he's elected. Bombed camp in northeast Nigeria threatened anew by death http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bombed-camp-in-northeast-nigeria-threatened-anew-by-death Six months after a botched military strike rocked their refuge, tens of thousands of Nigerians who thronged the camp to escape Boko Haram are now struggling to survive, aid agencies said on Wednesday. Kenya opposition leader says ruling party can win only by rigging vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-opposition-leader-says-ruling-party-can-win-only-by-rigging-vote Kenya's ruling party cannot win next week's national elections without rigging the result, opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Wednesday, adopting a hard-line stance likely to stoke public fears of violence. Kenya's new $3.2 billion railway frustrates customers ahead of polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-new-3-2-billion-railway-frustrates-customers-ahead-of-polls The new railway linking Nairobi to the port of Mombasa was supposed to be the crowning achievement of an infrastructure bonanza propelling President Uhuru Kenyatta to victory in Kenya's Aug. 8 polls. Thousands protest against Guinea's Conde over election delays, insecurity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-protest-against-guinea-s-conde-over-election-delays-insecurity Several thousand opponents of Guinea's President Alpha Conde protested in the capital Conakry on Wednesday against election delays and insecurity, as political tensions escalate. South Sudanese refugees in Uganda near million mark http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudanese-refugees-in-uganda-near-million-mark Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, spiritual leader of the world's Anglicans, prayed on Wednesday with South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda, home to a nearly million fugitives from a four-year civil war in the world's youngest nation. Gunmen kill four in raid on South Sudan's main highway http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kill-four-in-raid-on-south-sudan-s-main-highway Gunmen ambushed a convoy of buses traveling on a major highway in South Sudan on Wednesday, killing at least four passengers and wounding 10 others, police said. U.N. finds mass graves in north Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-finds-mass-graves-in-north-mali The United Nations' peacekeeping mission has uncovered mass graves in a region of northern Mali beset by conflict between rival groups, the mission said on Saturday. Kenya opposition say police raid offices, but witnesses deny it http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-opposition-say-police-raid-offices-but-witnesses-deny-it A Kenyan opposition spokesman said police raided his alliance’s offices on Friday night, four days before elections – but the government quickly denied any raid had taken place, dismissing the report as “fake news”. Zimbabwe opposition reunites to challenge Mugabe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-opposition-reunites-to-challenge-mugabe Zimbabwe's main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Saturday reunited with his former allies to agree a pre-election pact to challenge President Robert Mugabe's near four-decade hold on power at the polls next year. Rwanda's Kagame wins third presidential term by a landslide http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-s-kagame-wins-third-presidential-term-by-a-landslide Incumbent leader Paul Kagame swept to a landslide victory in Rwanda's presidential election, securing a third term in office and extending his 17 years in power, final results showed on Saturday. No-confidence vote signals 'High Noon' for South Africa's Zuma http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/no-confidence-vote-signals-high-noon-for-south-africa-s-zuma Lawmakers of South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) pledged to back President Jacob Zuma in a no-confidence motion in parliament later on Tuesday, a show of support that would thwart opposition efforts to force him to step down. Trump administration's Africa policy in focus at AGOA trade talks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-administration-s-africa-policy-in-focus-at-agoa-trade-talks With the Trump administration's trade agenda focused on reining in China and renegotiating the North American Free Trade agreement, Africa has barely appeared on the radar screen. Kenya's keenest voter braves old age, rain to make her mark http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-keenest-voter-braves-old-age-rain-to-make-her-mark Clutching her rosary in one hand and voting card in the other, 102-year-old Lydia Gathoni, a clear contender for Kenya's keenest voter, queued through the night to ensure she was first in line to cast her ballot on Tuesday. Congo security forces kill at least 14 in clashes with sect http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-security-forces-kill-at-least-14-in-clashes-with-sect Congolese security forces killed at least 14 members of separatist sect Bundu dia Kongo (BDK) on Monday during clashes in the capital Kinshasa and southwestern city of Matadi. Nigeria to permanently seize ex-oil minister's $37.5 million property http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-permanently-seize-ex-oil-minister-s-37-5-million-property Nigeria has been told by a court it can permanently seize a $37.5 million apartment block owned by a former oil minister who is wanted for money laundering. Kenyatta maintains strong lead in Kenya vote: election commission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyatta-maintains-strong-lead-in-kenya-vote-election-commission Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta maintained his strong lead in the presidential election count on Wednesday with 85 percent of polling stations reporting, the election commission said. Kenya opposition leader rejects election results displayed so far http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-opposition-leader-rejects-election-results-displayed-so-far Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga said he rejected results from the country's election commission on Tuesday's presidential vote, raising fears his supporters could mount street protests. Boko Haram militants kill at least 30 fishermen in northeast Nigeria: governor http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-militants-kill-at-least-30-fishermen-in-northeast-nigeria-governor Boko Haram militants killed at least 30 fishermen in raids on communities around Lake Chad in northeastern Nigeria, the governor of Borno state, residents and military sources said on Tuesday. South Africa's Zuma survives no-confidence vote, some ANC lawmakers join opposition http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-survives-no-confidence-vote-some-anc-lawmakers-join-opposition South African President Jacob Zuma survived an attempt in parliament to force him from office on Tuesday, but was left politically wounded after some members of his ruling African National Congress (ANC) party voted with the opposition. Indian nun rescues Cameroonian sex slaves from Middle East http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/indian-nun-rescues-cameroonian-sex-slaves-from-middle-east A celebrated Indian nun who rescues Cameroonian women from slavery in the Middle East has called for greater support for victims to help them recover from the horrors of being drugged, raped and abused. Kenya election chief rejects opposition's hacking claims as protests erupt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-election-chief-rejects-opposition-s-hacking-claims-as-protests-erupt Kenya's election commission dismissed claims on Wednesday by opposition leader Raila Odinga that its systems and website had been hacked to produce a "fictitious" lead for Odinga's long-time rival President Uhuru Kenyatta. U.N. urges action to avert famine threatening 20 million people worldwide http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-urges-action-to-avert-famine-threatening-20-million-people-worldwide helicopter flies over a queue of people waiting to be registered prior to a food distribution in Thonyor, Leer county, South Sudan, February 25, 2017. Picture taken February 25, 2017.Siegfried Modola Senegal's main opposition to boycott future elections after 'masquerade' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-s-main-opposition-to-boycott-future-elections-after-masquerade The leader of Senegal's main opposition group said on Wednesday it would not participate in any future elections because the parliamentary polls that delivered a large majority to the ruling coalition were a "masquerade". Fifty African teenage migrants 'deliberately drowned' off Yemen: IOM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fifty-african-teenage-migrants-deliberately-drowned-off-yemen-iom Roughly 50 teenage Somali and Ethiopian migrants were "deliberately drowned" early on Wednesday by a smuggler who forced 120 passengers into the sea off Yemen's coast, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said. Three dead in machete attack on Kenya vote tallying center on coast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/three-dead-in-machete-attack-on-kenya-vote-tallying-center-on-coast One person was killed when a machete-wielding gang attacked a tallying center in Kenya's coastal Tana River county on Wednesday, and police shot dead two attackers, a witness said. Is Trump militarising US-Africa policy? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/is-trump-militarising-us-africa-policy ‘The US is waging a massive shadow war in Africa … The war you’ve never heard of,’ the online journal VICE News recentlyannounced. ‘Today, according to U.S. military documents obtained by VICE News, special operators are carrying out nearly 100 missions at any given time – in Africa alone.’ 18 dead in suspected militant attack in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/18-dead-in-suspected-militant-attack-in-burkina-faso One Turk was injured and another killed in the attack on a Turkish restaurant in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso's capital Top U.S. military officer addresses criticism of fatal Niger operation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/top-u-s-military-officer-addresses-criticism-of-fatal-niger-operation The top U.S. military officer sought on Monday to tamp down criticism the Pentagon had not been forthcoming about the death of four U.S. soldiers in an ambush in Niger, providing a timeline of the incident and acknowledging unanswered questions remained. Ugandan girls forced into child marriage: Report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-girls-forced-into-child-marriage-report When Ugandan schoolgirl Auma got her first period she asked her mother for sanitary pads. Her mother suggested she find herself a husband to pay for them. Auma was just 12. Kenyan rebel evades child marriage and Maasai curses to win power http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-rebel-evades-child-marriage-and-maasai-curses-to-win-power After outmaneuvering her illiterate father three times by the age of 18 to escape his plans to make her a child bride, Peris Tobiko decided the only way to protect other Maasai girls in Kenya from harmful traditions was to become a leader. Liberia party submits complaint over alleged vote fraud http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-party-submits-complaint-over-alleged-vote-fraud The Liberty Party that placed third in the first round of Liberia’s presidential elections on Monday submitted a complaint to the elections commission (NEC), calling for it to annul the result won by former soccer star George Weah, the document showed. Timeline: Top U.S. general lays out timeline of deadly Niger attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/timeline-top-u-s-general-lays-out-timeline-of-deadly-niger-attack U.S. and Nigerien forces who came under attack in Niger earlier this month waited for an hour before they requested support and it was about an hour later that French jets arrived, according to a timeline provided by the top U.S. general on Monday. Ivory seizures hit record levels last year, report says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-seizures-hit-record-levels-last-year-report-says Ivory seizures around the world hit record levels last year, with elephant poaching in Africa declining for a fifth year in a row, a report says. Nigerian university hires snake charmers after student death http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-university-hires-snake-charmers-after-student-death A university in north-west Nigeria is hiring snake charmers to eradicate the danger of fatal snake bites on campus. Why Zimbabwe has a 'Minister of WhatsApp' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-zimbabwe-has-a-minister-of-whatsapp A spoof government notice hit social media as soon as President Robert Mugabe announced he had set up a new ministry responsible for Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. Nigeria to freeze 46 million bank accounts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-freeze-46-million-bank-accounts About 46 million bank accounts in Nigeria which are not linked to customers' biometric data are to be frozen as part of moves to crack down on corruption. Kenyan businesses feel the political heat http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-businesses-feel-the-political-heat Kenya’s electoral crisis is proving disastrous for the economy, according to businesses large and small as customers are reluctant to spend money. Tanzania arrests over 'promoting homosexuality' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-arrests-over-promoting-homosexuality Police in Tanzania have re-arrested 12 people, including two South Africans and a Ugandan, for presumed promotion of homosexuality. Female bombers target Nigerian camp http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/female-bombers-target-nigerian-camp Three female suicide bombers in Nigeria have targeted the north-eastern city of Maiduguri, killing 14 civilians. Liberia's president says 'our democracy is under assault' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-s-president-says-our-democracy-is-under-assault Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday said democracy in the West African country was being threatened, a day after the Supreme Court put a presidential runoff on hold over fraud allegations. Deaths spike in South Africa's deep and dangerous mines, reversing trend http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/deaths-spike-in-south-africa-s-deep-and-dangerous-mines-reversing-trend The 2017 death toll in South Africa’s mines has already surpassed the 2016 figure, ending nine straight years of falling fatalities in the world’s deepest mines and raising red flags for the industry, government and labor groups. Malian soldiers killed in French strike had joined Islamists: source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malian-soldiers-killed-in-french-strike-had-joined-islamists-source Malian soldiers killed by a French military strike in northern Mali last month were deserters who had joined an Islamist militant group, a French source close to the matter said on Tuesday. Kenya's Odinga says constitutional review, talks will pave way out of crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-odinga-says-constitutional-review-talks-will-pave-way-out-of-crisis Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga said on Tuesday he wants an interim government to run the country for six months while the constitution is reviewed to curb the president’s authority. Zimbabwe's Mugabe widens purge, clearing wife's succession path http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-widens-purge-clearing-wife-s-succession-path Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s sacking of his deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa was part of a wider purge, state media said on Tuesday, in a clear out analysts say is meant to neutralize any resistance to the political rise of his wife, Grace. South Sudan's government using food as weapon of war - U.N. report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-government-using-food-as-weapon-of-war-u-n-report South Sudan President Salva Kiir’s government is using food as a weapon of war to target civilians by blocking life-saving aid in some areas, United Nations sanctions monitors told the Security Council in a confidential report seen by Reuters on Friday. Burundi rejects International Criminal Court war crimes investigation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-rejects-international-criminal-court-war-crimes-investigation Burundi said on Friday it will refuse to cooperate with an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into war crimes prosecutors suspect were committed by forces loyal to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s government against their political opponents. U.S. citizen facing subversion charges in Zimbabwe released from jail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-citizen-facing-subversion-charges-in-zimbabwe-released-from-jail A U.S. citizen accused of attempting to subvert President Robert Mugabe’s government was released from Zimbabwe’s maximum security jail on Friday, a day after the High Court ordered her to be freed on bail, Reuters witnesses said. Militant threat hangs over Islamic State's former Libyan stronghold http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militant-threat-hangs-over-islamic-state-s-former-libyan-stronghold Nearly a year after Islamic State was driven from its Libyan stronghold Sirte, residents surveying their wrecked homes feel neglected and vulnerable, still afraid of the militant threat that has waned but not vanished. Kenya craftsmen to build boat out of plastic waste http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-craftsmen-to-build-boat-out-of-plastic-waste The beaches of Kenya’s idyllic Lamu island are dotted with traditional Swahili stone and coral houses, mansions built by European royalty, the odd donkey and, increasingly, tidal lines of plastic trash. Little hope of peace talks as renewed fighting looms in South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/little-hope-of-peace-talks-as-renewed-fighting-looms-in-south-sudan As fresh fighting looms in South Sudan with the onset of the dry season, there is little chance of peace talks to end a war that has already killed tens of thousands of people and created Africa’s largest refugee crisis, diplomats and analysts said. Nigeria's sick Chibok girls struggle with school in dispute over medical bills http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-sick-chibok-girls-struggle-with-school-in-dispute-over-medical-bills For the past three weeks, Kolo Adamu has slept on the floor beside her daughter Naomi’s hospital bed in northeast Nigeria, unable to afford the surgery she needs for a kidney condition. Congo and Uganda to launch joint operation against rebel ADF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-and-uganda-to-launch-joint-operation-against-rebel-adf Congo and Uganda are planning a joint military operation against a Congo-based Ugandan rebel group blamed for an attack that killed 15 United Nations peacekeepers, army officials from the two countries said on Wednesday. Ugandan parliament passes law allowing Museveni to seek re-election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-parliament-passes-law-allowing-museveni-to-seek-re-election Ugandan legislators voted late on Wednesday to amend the country’s constitution to allow 73-year-old leader Yoweri Museveni to extend his rule, potentially guaranteeing him a life-time presidency. Cameroonian troops entered Nigeria without seeking authorization http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroonian-troops-entered-nigeria-without-seeking-authorization Cameroonian troops this month crossed into Nigeria in pursuit of rebels without seeking authorization from Nigeria, causing a falling-out between the governments behind the scenes, sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. BP and Kosmos partner on five Ivory Coast offshore oil blocks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bp-and-kosmos-partner-on-five-ivory-coast-offshore-oil-blocks Ivory Coast has awarded partners BP and Kosmos Energy five new offshore oil blocks under an agreement with state oil company Petroci, government spokesman Bruno Kone said on Wednesday. Shell, Eni to stand trial in Nigeria bribery case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/shell-eni-to-stand-trial-in-nigeria-bribery-case Royal Dutch Shell (RDSa.L) and Eni (ENI.MI) have been ordered to stand trial over alleged corruption in Nigeria with the Italian major’s chief executive among those indicted. Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa promises zero tolerance in corruption fight http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mnangagwa-promises-zero-tolerance-in-corruption-fight Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday promised zero tolerance in his government’s push to punish corruption that stifled political freedom and economic growth under Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule. Chad, Glencore talks to renegotiate $1 billion loan fail again http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-glencore-talks-to-renegotiate-1-billion-loan-fail-again A delegation from Chad and commodities trader Glencore failed to reach a deal to restructure a more than $1 billion oil-backed loan after another round of talks in Paris that ended this week, a source familiar with the matter said. Kidnapped aid workers in South Sudan released: U.N., rebels http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kidnapped-aid-workers-in-south-sudan-released-u-n-rebels Six aid workers kidnapped by rebels in South Sudan earlier this week have been released, according to the United Nations and a spokesman for the rebels. Somali lawmakers seek to impeach president amid political crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-lawmakers-seek-to-impeach-president-amid-political-crisis Some Somali lawmakers said on Wednesday they plan to impeach the president in a mounting political crisis that could put the fledgling government on a violent collision course with one of the country’s most powerful clans. Congolese forces kill at least seven during anti-government protests: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-forces-kill-at-least-seven-during-anti-government-protests-u-n Security forces killed at least seven people in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday during protests against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down from office, United Nations peacekeepers said. Congolese forces kill at least seven during anti-government protests: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-forces-kill-at-least-seven-during-anti-government-protests-u-n Security forces killed at least seven people in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday during protests against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down from office, United Nations peacekeepers said. Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea fall by a third in 2017 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/migrant-arrivals-to-italy-by-sea-fall-by-a-third-in-2017 Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea fell by a third in 2017 compared to a year earlier, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday, as Libyan authorities helped to slow departures during the second half of the year. African migrant arrivals to Italy by sea fall by a third in 2017 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-migrant-arrivals-to-italy-by-sea-fall-by-a-third-in-2017 Migrant arrivals to Italy by sea fell by a third in 2017 compared to a year earlier, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday, as Libyan authorities helped to slow departures during the second half of the year. Congo orders internet and SMS cut ahead of anti-government demonstrations http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-orders-internet-and-sms-cut-ahead-of-anti-government-demonstrations Democratic Republic of Congo’s government on Saturday ordered telecommunications providers to cut internet and SMS services across the country ahead of planned anti-government demonstrations. President-elect Weah says Liberia 'open for business', vows to fight corruption http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/president-elect-weah-says-liberia-open-for-business-vows-to-fight-corruption Liberian President-elect George Weah on Saturday declared the country open to investment and pledged to tackle entrenched corruption, in his first speech to the nation since decisively winning an election this week. Special Report: Meet the force behind Zimbabwe's 'Crocodile' president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/special-report-meet-the-force-behind-zimbabwe-s-crocodile-president His wife is a beauty queen, his troops unseated Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, and his motorcade is fit for a president. General Constantino Chiwenga, head of the armed forces until earlier this month, is on a roll. Mali's Keita names ex-defense and foreign minister as PM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-s-keita-names-ex-defense-and-foreign-minister-as-pm Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on Saturday appointed Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga - a former defense and foreign minister and intelligence chief - as the new prime minister, according to a decree read on state television. Raid on senator's home reveals divisions in Somali security forces http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/raid-on-senator-s-home-reveals-divisions-in-somali-security-forces Masked men who appeared to be members of the Somali security forces raided the house of a powerful Somali senator on Saturday, but the government initially said it did not know who they were, fuelling political tensions. Scores killed, several injured in Kenya bus crash http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/scores-killed-several-injured-in-kenya-bus-crash Thirty-six people were killed and 11 injured early Sunday morning in a head-on collision between a bus and a lorry on a road in central Kenya, police said. Zimbabwe's ex-army chief sworn in as vice-president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-ex-army-chief-sworn-in-as-vice-president Zimbabwe's former army commander who led a military takeover that helped end Robert Mugabe's 37-year rule was Thursday sworn in as one of the country's two vice presidents. Kenya high court suspends government shutdown of three TV channels http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-high-court-suspends-government-shutdown-of-three-tv-channels A Kenyan high court has suspended a government shutdown of three private TV channels that was prompted by their coverage of opposition leader Raila Odinga’s self-proclaimed presidential inauguration on Tuesday, one of the channels reported on its twitter feed. South Africa's Zuma asks prosecutors to drop graft charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-asks-prosecutors-to-drop-graft-charges South Africa's Zuma to deliver parliamentary speech as scheduled: parliament http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-to-deliver-parliamentary-speech-as-scheduled-parliament South Africa’s parliament said on Wednesday that President Jacob Zuma will deliver the state-of-the-nation address as planned on Feb 8 despite calls from within the ruling party and the opposition for the scandal-plagued leader. Kenyan journalists, fearing arrest, camp out in their newsroom http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-journalists-fearing-arrest-camp-out-in-their-newsroom Three Kenyan journalists said on Thursday they spent the night in their newsroom in fear of arrest, watching plainclothes policemen camped outside, and that their lawyers would file court petitions in the morning seeking to ensure their freedom. Congo electoral commission finishes registering 46 million voters http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-electoral-commission-finishes-registering-46-million-voters Congo’s electoral commission finished registering 46 million voters on Wednesday for a long-delayed election meant to replace President Joseph Kabila that is currently scheduled for the end of December. Zimbabwe to give white farmers 99-year leases, like black counterparts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-to-give-white-farmers-99-year-leases-like-black-counterparts Zimbabwe will issue 99-year leases to white farmers, according to a government circular, after new President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he would end discrimination along racial lines in agriculture. Gambia's president says recovery 'like carrying a mountain' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-s-president-says-recovery-like-carrying-a-mountain Banjul - Gambia's new president says taking over a bankrupt nation was "like carrying a mountain" and that stabilising the economy will take time after the former leader left it in tatters. South Sudan rebels vow 'guerrilla war' if peace talks fail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-rebels-vow-guerrilla-war-if-peace-talks-fail Akobo - South Sudan's opposition is threatening to resort to "guerrilla warfare" if peace talks in Ethiopia fail in the coming days as government forces advance on remaining rebel strongholds in the fifth year of civil war. Zimbabweans 'now expressing themselves freely' after Mugabe: EU http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabweans-now-expressing-themselves-freely-after-mugabe-eu A European Union delegation currently in Harare has reportedly said that Zimbabweans are "now expressing themselves freely" since the ouster of ex-president Robert Mugabe in November. Herder-farmer violence kills 14 in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/herder-farmer-violence-kills-14-in-nigeria Kano - Suspected reprisal attacks between herdsmen and farmers killed at least 14 people in central Nigeria, police said on Wednesday, the latest violence of an escalating conflict. Expansion of Ethiopia’s first industrial park reopens old wounds http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/expansion-of-ethiopia-s-first-industrial-park-reopens-old-wounds DUKEM, Ethiopia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The scenic road from Addis Ababa to the small town of Dukem is peppered with signs of industry: warehouses and factories, garages and gas stations, newly-built rail tracks and a freshly paved highway. Human cost of conflict in South Sudan reached ‘epic proportions,’ warns UN http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/human-cost-of-conflict-in-south-sudan-reached-epic-proportions-warns-un The human cost of South Sudan’s long-running conflict has reached “epic proportions” with the number of refugees set to rise beyond three million by the end of this year, potentially making it Africa’s largest refugee crisis since the mid-1990s, the head of the UN refugee agency said on Thursday. Kenya arrests lawyer, keeps TV stations shut after Odinga 'inauguration' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-arrests-lawyer-keeps-tv-stations-shut-after-odinga-inauguration Kenya on Friday arrested an opposition lawyer and defied a court order to lift a ban on three private television stations that had covered the symbolic presidential inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga. Exclusive: U.S. to impose arms embargo on South Sudan to end conflict - sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/exclusive-u-s-to-impose-arms-embargo-on-south-sudan-to-end-conflict-sources The United States is set to announce an arms embargo against South Sudan on Friday, three sources familiar with the decision told Reuters, stepping up pressure against President Salva Kiir to end the country’s civil war and humanitarian crisis. Blockchain to track Congo's cobalt from mine to mobile http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/blockchain-to-track-congo-s-cobalt-from-mine-to-mobile Blockchain is to be used for the first time to try to track cobalt’s journey from artisanal mines in Democratic Republic of Congo through to products used in smartphones and electric cars. Boko Haram suspects go on public trial in Niger http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-suspects-go-on-public-trial-in-niger Eighty-one people accused of fighting for Boko Haram went on trial in Niger on Thursday in a public court sitting, one of the first of its kind after closed-door trials of suspected insurgents were criticized by human rights groups. Alarm for Chibok girls as Nigeria targets Boko Haram hideout http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/alarm-for-chibok-girls-as-nigeria-targets-boko-haram-hideout Nigeria must avoid harming the Chibok girls in its reported bombardment of a forest hideout used by the Boko Haram militants who seized them, parents and activists said on Thursday. German military to end role in EU training mission in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/german-military-to-end-role-in-eu-training-mission-in-somalia The German military will stop participating in a European Union training mission in Somalia at the end of March, a Foreign Ministry official said on Thursday, expressing frustration at the pace of progress. U.N. sounds alarm on South Sudan as Africa's biggest refugee crisis looms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-sounds-alarm-on-south-sudan-as-africa-s-biggest-refugee-crisis-looms Nearly 7 million people from South Sudan need emergency aid such as food, water and basic medicines due to a protracted civil war in the country, the United Nations said on Thursday, appealing to international donors for $3.2 billion. Cape Town's water crisis hitting tourism: officials http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cape-town-s-water-crisis-hitting-tourism-officials A chronic drought that could leave South Africa’s Cape Town without water within weeks is hurting visitor numbers and knocking a rare economic bright spot, officials said on Friday. Kenyan police briefly detain legislator over opposition leader's 'swearing in' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-briefly-detain-legislator-over-opposition-leader-s-swearing-in Kenyan police on Saturday briefly detained a third opposition legislator who attended a symbolic “swearing-in” of opposition leader Raila Odinga that was a direct challenge to President Uhuru Kenyatta, who won re-election in October. Zuma should resign, says senior official in South Africa's ruling party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zuma-should-resign-says-senior-official-in-south-africa-s-ruling-party South African President Jacob Zuma should step down, a senior ruling African National Congress official said, raising fresh pressure on Zuma who has been weakened since Cyril Ramaphosa became ANC leader in December. U.S. ups pressure on South Sudan's Kiir, bans arms sales http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-ups-pressure-on-south-sudan-s-kiir-bans-arms-sales The United States on Friday banned the export of weapons and defense services to South Sudan, stepping up pressure against President Salva Kiir to end the country’s four-year civil war. Congo Republic plans to dissolve state power, water utilities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-republic-plans-to-dissolve-state-power-water-utilities Debt-crippled Congo Republic’s government approved a plan on Friday to dissolve its loss-making power and water utilities and replace them with three public limited companies. Education sole response to militant violence: France's Macron http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/education-sole-response-to-militant-violence-france-s-macron Education is the sole response to the global rise of religious and political extremism, French President Emmanuel Macron told a conference in Senegal on Friday where he pledged 200 million euros ($248 million) to support an international education fund. Zimbabwe should press on with fair land reform: Britain http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-should-press-on-with-fair-land-reform-britain Zimbabwe should press on with transparent and fair land reform, Britain said on Friday, as Harare’s new leaders look to overhaul policies that evicted thousands of white farmers without compensation. Will Egypt-Ethiopia-Sudan diplomacy placate other Nile countries? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/will-egypt-ethiopia-sudan-diplomacy-placate-other-nile-countries Unless all potential beneficiaries find a way to share the Nile water, conflict will continue. E Guinea president dissolves government after polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/e-guinea-president-dissolves-government-after-polls Malabo - Equatorial Guinea's president Teodoro Obiang Nguema has dissolved his government, including the powers of the prime minister and his three deputies, according to a decree read out on state television on Saturday. Thousands protest against government in Togo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-protest-against-government-in-togo Lome - Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Togo's capital Lome on Saturday, against President Faure Gnassingbe and his government. Head of Nigeria's anti-corruption court charged with bribery http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/head-of-nigeria-s-anti-corruption-court-charged-with-bribery Abuja - Nigeria's top judge handling corruption cases against public officials has himself been charged with bribery, court papers showed Saturday. Police 'kidnap' Catholic priest in DRC: witnesses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/police-kidnap-catholic-priest-in-drc-witnesses Kinshasa - Police "kidnapped" a Catholic priest Saturday after mass in Kinshasa, witnesses said, amid spiralling tensions between the church and the Democratic Republic of Congo's government over the president's refusal to step down. Are Grace Mugabe's allies about to launch new party? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/are-grace-mugabe-s-allies-about-to-launch-new-party Harare - Members of a ruling party faction loyal to former first lady Grace Mugabe are reported to be about to launch a new party in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe: Mugabe, Chiwenga Duel Bombshell http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-mugabe-chiwenga-duel-bombshell Army generals feared for their lives after putting former president Robert Mugabe under house arrest as they believed the 93-year-old's loyalists were plotting a counter operation, newly released secret details of last year's dramatic events reveal. Africa: Democracy, Racism and Other Long-Held Beliefs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-democracy-racism-and-other-long-held-beliefs Changing long-held beliefs, perceptions and values are not easy. Such change can either take place at the individual, community or societal level. Tanzania: Veteran Politician Kingunge Ngombale - Mwiru Dies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-veteran-politician-kingunge-ngombale-mwiru-dies Dar es Salaam — Veteran politician Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru is no more, a family member has confirmed. Grace Mugabe's PhD 'the greatest academic fraud in history': academics http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/grace-mugabe-s-phd-the-greatest-academic-fraud-in-history-academics Harare - Academics in Zimbabwe and South Africa have poured scorn on Grace Mugabe’s controversial PhD, pointing out that it doesn’t meet the minimum standard for a doctoral thesis. Oil tanker with 22 Indian crew missing in Gulf of Guinea since Friday http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/oil-tanker-with-22-indian-crew-missing-in-gulf-of-guinea-since-friday A ship carrying 22 Indian crew and 13,500 tons of gasoline is missing in the Gulf of Guinea after contact was lost in Benin on Friday, the company and India’s minister of external affairs said on Sunday. South Africa's ANC top leaders to meet under-pressure Zuma http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-top-leaders-to-meet-under-pressure-zuma The six most powerful officials in South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) will meet President Jacob Zuma on Sunday, a senior party leader said, amid growing pressure for the 75-year old leader to step down. African Youth and the Reintroduction of Slavery http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-youth-and-the-reintroduction-of-slavery A painful scene that was aired in CNN, showing an auction for human beings has been sold in the continent of Africa. In the 21st century we have come back to the abyss of the dark ages again where not only the human dignity was violated, but also the whole humanity, in its worst manifestations. Africa: Resource depletion and challenge of development http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-resource-depletion-and-challenge-of-development Abstract: This study attempts to address how the ethnic and sectarian divisions inherited from the colonial era, have still contributed to the fueling of wars and conflicts in Africa, and so leaded to both the depletion of its human and material resources as well as the accumulation of its external debts and financial deficit. This is exactly the main result of the policies adopted by most authoritarian regimes in Africa that especially benefits the Western countries (whose interests in the continent are by both illegitimate and legal means). In fact, since the beginning of independence in the 1950s, the continent has seen more than 100 military coups in which Western countries’ companies were really involved and played important roles. As a result, Africa seen only as a source of resources is still underdeveloped; prevented from advanced political and economic structures capable of better satisfying people’s basic needs. University Academic Papers in African languages: an Observation and a follow-up http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/university-academic-papers-in-african-languages-an-observation-and-a-follow-up University academic writing in African languages is one of topics that have been overlooked by many researchers in African studies, despite its seriousness and direct attachment to the fate of local languages ​​in Africa. Some spoke about it within a narrow scope which did not cover all African languages, while, for example, the American researcher Don Osborn in his blog focused briefly on theses and academic research papers in African languages, without any further elaborations. From Kanem to Sokoto: the political history of central Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/from-kanem-to-sokoto-the-political-history-of-central-sudan In this article, we have tried to study the political history of Central Sudan from the 8th century until the European colonization at the end of the 19th century, we were mainly interested in the political life of 3 major political structures of the region, namely, the Kemen-Bournou Empire, the Haoussa Kingdoms, the Sokoto Caliphate. Globalization and the price of stability in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/globalization-and-the-price-of-stability-in-africa Globalization, in its various manifestations, has and still represents a real opportunity and challenge for the African continent. It has opened up a theoretical and practical debate that argues that Africa will be one of the last battlegrounds of competing powers in the twenty-first century. This phenomenon has given rise to a set of theoretical Risks and challenges of environmental protection http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/risks-and-challenges-of-environmental-protection The total volume of hazardous wastes generated in the African countries is 19.9 million tons (2016). Since 1970s, the countries of African continent have been suffering from a large movement of hazardous wastes from the major industrial countries to be dumped in their land or disposal in their territorial seas, This is an environmental racism, and is contrary to the right of all individuals to healthy and safe environment. Tanzania as a model for social integration in Africa: Policies and challenges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-as-a-model-for-social-integration-in-africa-policies-and-challenges The mental image of Africa is often associated with poverty, famine, ethnic and ethnic conflicts because of the particularity of the continent, which was once a European colony. Its countries were unable to guarantee high classifications in various international political and economic reports. However, Tanzania was a different model in East Africa, The only ones that contain ethnic and religious diversity within the models that have achieved social integration in Africa. The Future of Cooperation in the Nile Basin in the post-Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD ) Period http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-future-of-cooperation-in-the-nile-basin-in-the-post-grand-ethiopian-renaissance-dam-gerd-period What went wrong with the Nile Basin? The ancient philosopher Seneca once argued: "All rivers were 'vulgares aqua' but the Nile was the 'most noble' of all watercourses.", but today it has become a "river of discontent", according to Michele Dunne · Katherine Pollock. The announcement of the Ethiopian government on the construction of GERD in 2011 and the agreement to form a tripartite committee to assess the impact of the dam on the downstream state (Egypt After Cape Town, more African cities face water crisis: Deloitte http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/after-cape-town-more-african-cities-face-water-crisis-deloitte African cities need to better plan and invest in water infrastructure, global accounting firm Deloitte said on Tuesday, as Cape Town counts down to dry taps due to severe drought. Justice eludes rape victims in Somalia's Puntland: campaigners http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/justice-eludes-rape-victims-in-somalia-s-puntland-campaigners Women and girls in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland who accuse police, army and marines of raping them are not receiving justice, campaigners said on Tuesday. In drought-hit South Africa, the politics of water http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-drought-hit-south-africa-the-politics-of-water Unless something miraculous happens, the city of Cape Town, an iconic international tourism destination and South Africa’s second economic hub, will run out of drinking water in a matter of weeks. Kenyan opposition lawyer charged with treason over Odinga's 'swearing in' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-opposition-lawyer-charged-with-treason-over-odinga-s-swearing-in A Kenyan opposition politician was charged with treason on Tuesday over the symbolic presidential “swearing in” of opposition leader Raila Odinga, reigniting street protests in which one person was killed. Somali military court sentences man to death for role in major bombing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-military-court-sentences-man-to-death-for-role-in-major-bombing A Somali military court on Tuesday sentenced to death a man convicted of driving a truck bomb as part of a deadly attack that killed more than 500 people in the capital, Mogadishu, in October, the national news agency reported. Congo tells Belgium to close consulate, cut flights http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-tells-belgium-to-close-consulate-cut-flights The Democratic Republic of Congo has ordered Belgium to close a consulate and cut flights by Brussels Airlines, Belgium’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday, in a further deterioration of relations between Belgium and its former colony. Hundreds protest against U.S. arms embargo in South Sudan, journalists attacked http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hundreds-protest-against-u-s-arms-embargo-in-south-sudan-journalists-attacked Hundreds of protesters massed outside the U.S. embassy and U.N. headquarters in South Sudan’s capital on Tuesday, chanting slogans against an arms embargo imposed by Washington, before some attacked journalists at the scene. Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai critically ill in South Africa: party source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-tsvangirai-critically-ill-in-south-africa-party-source Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, is critically ill in a South African hospital and his supporters should “brace for the worst”, a party source with knowledge of his condition said on Tuesday. Gambia rejoins Commonwealth as it seeks to rebuild world standing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-rejoins-commonwealth-as-it-seeks-to-rebuild-world-standing Gambia has rejoined the Commonwealth, the tiny West African former British colony’s foreign ministry said on Thursday, five years after its now exiled former authoritarian leader withdrew his country, calling it a “neo-colonial institution”. Ethiopia pardons 746 prisoners, including journalist, dissident http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pardons-746-prisoners-including-journalist-dissident Ethiopia will release 746 more prisoners, including a journalist and a senior opposition official who were jailed for conspiracy to commit terrorist acts, the attorney general’s office said on Thursday. Final Kenyan television shut down by government back on air http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/final-kenyan-television-shut-down-by-government-back-on-air The last of three television stations shut down by the Kenyan government last week resumed transmission on Thursday, the channel, Citizen TV, said on its Twitter feed. 'We are in a war' - Cameroon unrest confronted by army offensive http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/we-are-in-a-war-cameroon-unrest-confronted-by-army-offensive Daniel was in his home in the village of Bole in Southwest Cameroon on Feb. 2 when he heard gunfire and a commotion. Moments later, his house was ablaze, flames licking the walls. U.N. expects Congo offensive against eastern rebels to displace 370,000 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-expects-congo-offensive-against-eastern-rebels-to-displace-370-000 A military offensive launched last month by Congolese troops against Ugandan militants in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is likely to force nearly 370,000 people from their homes, the United Nations said on Thursday. Political shifts lift investor mood in southern African mining http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/political-shifts-lift-investor-mood-in-southern-african-mining Mining is a long-term game, but in southern Africa dramatic political changes have transformed the investment mood for the better in the space of a year. Kenyan court convicts police officer for 2013 murder of suspected thief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-court-convicts-police-officer-for-2013-murder-of-suspected-thief A Kenyan court has convicted a policeman of murdering a suspected thief in 2013 in a rare victory for the independent police watchdog that brought the case, the Daily Nation newspaper reported. South Africa's ANC was preparing to fire Zuma this week, top official says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-was-preparing-to-fire-zuma-this-week-top-official-says South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) had been preparing to fire Jacob Zuma as head of state this week, according to leaked comments from a top party official, but a negotiated exit now looks more likely. African Union says has no secret dossiers after China spying report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-says-has-no-secret-dossiers-after-china-spying-report The African Union does not have any secret dossiers and nothing to spy on, a senior official said in Beijing on Thursday, rejecting a report in French newspaper Le Monde that Beijing had bugged the regional bloc’s headquarters in Addis Ababa. Children recount trauma of abduction after mass release by South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/children-recount-trauma-of-abduction-after-mass-release-by-south-sudan Bakhita was only 12 years old when rebels snatched her from her family’s farm, adding her to a grim list of almost 19,000 children that the United Nations says have been recruited, often by force, by armed groups in South Sudan’s brutal civil war. Citigroup targets rapid Middle East, Africa growth in 2018 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/citigroup-targets-rapid-middle-east-africa-growth-in-2018 Citigroup expects 2018 to be its best year for investment banking in the Middle East and Africa in at least a decade, likely led by Saudi Arabia, a senior executive at the U.S. bank said. Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai Denies Appointing Chamisa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-tsvangirai-denies-appointing-chamisa MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has denied replacing acting president Elias Mudzuri with youthful deputy Nelson Chamisa as claimed by party director of communications Luke Tamborinyoka. Namibia: President Reshuffles Cabinet - Vice President Relieved of Duties http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-president-reshuffles-cabinet-vice-president-relieved-of-duties His Excellency, President Hage Geingob on Thursday relieved, Nickey Iyambo from his duties as Vice President due to medical reasons and reshuffled his executive team with immediate effect. South Sudan: Government Ends Peace Talks Boycott http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-government-ends-peace-talks-boycott The South Sudanese government ended a boycott Tuesday after mediators accepted the participation of its entire delegation in the revitalisation forum. U.N. says Papua New Guinea has 'duty' to care for refugees sent by Australia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-says-papua-new-guinea-has-duty-to-care-for-refugees-sent-by-australia Papua New Guinea was told by the United Nations’ top human rights official on Friday that it is obligated to take care of hundreds of refugees sent there by Australia. U.S. sanctions three people, three firms for supporting Islamic State http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-sanctions-three-people-three-firms-for-supporting-islamic-state The United States said on Friday it had imposed sanctions on three people and three companies in the Philippines, Turkey and Somalia that supported the Islamic State militant group, including a business that procured parts for unmanned aircraft. World Food Programme warns of deeper hunger across southern Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-food-programme-warns-of-deeper-hunger-across-southern-africa Poor rains and crop infestations in southern Africa are threatening deeper hunger across the region, with millions of people, particularly children, at risk, the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday. U.N. says 22 Ethiopian migrants missing off Yemen http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-says-22-ethiopian-migrants-missing-off-yemen Twenty-two Ethiopian migrants are missing after being dumped in the sea off Yemen, the U.N. International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Friday. South Africa's Ramaphosa targets 'pressing matters' in push for Zuma exit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-ramaphosa-targets-pressing-matters-in-push-for-zuma-exit African National Congress (ANC) leader Cyril Ramaphosa pulled out of public events to focus on “pressing matters” on Friday, fuelling speculation that Ramaphosa was making a final push to force Jacob Zuma to step down as South Africa’s head of state. De Beers Namibia diamond venture puts mine up for sale http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/de-beers-namibia-diamond-venture-puts-mine-up-for-sale Namdeb, a 50/50 joint venture between the Namibian government and Anglo American’s (AAL.L) diamond unit De Beers, has put the Elizabeth Bay Mine up for sale, a company spokeswoman said on Friday. Less water, no soil, more fodder: Kenya farmers beat drought http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/less-water-no-soil-more-fodder-kenya-farmers-beat-drought Braving the midday sun, Kenyan farmer Jane Njoki carries trays of lush, green sprouts to feeding troughs as her cows moo impatiently in a nearby shed. Nigeria's president denies cattle grazing plan is 'colonization' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-president-denies-cattle-grazing-plan-is-colonization Nigeria’s president on Thursday denied that government proposals to share out land to end a wave of violence over grazing rights amounted to “colonization” of fertile areas by his own ethnic group. Uganda says suspends officials suspected in relief scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-says-suspends-officials-suspected-in-relief-scandal Uganda said on Thursday it had suspended five officials, including a senior technocrat, following United Nations allegations of possible fraud in the management of relief aid to the East African country, home to about 1.5 million refugees. South Africa's ruling ANC to finalize talks on Zuma's future http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-ruling-anc-to-finalize-talks-on-zuma-s-future South Africa’s African National Congress (ANC) leader Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday the party’s executive body would meet on Monday to finalize discussions on the future of President Jacob Zuma, who is under mounting pressure to step down. Sudanese president replaces security and intelligence chief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-president-replaces-security-and-intelligence-chief The Sudanese president has replaced his head of security, the state news agency SUNA reported on Sunday, bringing back a senior official who had helped launch a dialogue with the United States after the Sept. 11 attacks in Washington and New York. Boko Haram militants hand over 13 hostages to Nigerian government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-militants-hand-over-13-hostages-to-nigerian-government Boko Haram freed 13 hostages, Nigeria’s presidency said on Saturday, after authorities negotiated their release with the Islamist militants. Mine explosion kills five civilians, wounds 18 in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mine-explosion-kills-five-civilians-wounds-18-in-mali Five civilians were killed and another 18 wounded in central Mali when their passenger vehicle struck a landmine, the local governor said on Saturday, two weeks after 26 travelers died in a similar incident in the area. Kenya's poverty-stricken Turkana district dreams of oil wealth http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-poverty-stricken-turkana-district-dreams-of-oil-wealth The Turkanas are one of the smaller of Kenya’s 44 tribes, inhabiting the county of Turkana in the remote far north bordering South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda. New Guinea has 'duty' to care for refugees sent by Australia, UN says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-guinea-has-duty-to-care-for-refugees-sent-by-australia-un-says Papua New Guinea was told by the United Nations’ top human rights official on Friday that it is obligated to take care of hundreds of refugees sent there by Australia. Canada's Thor Explorations may raise up to $35 million in a London listing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/canada-s-thor-explorations-may-raise-up-to-35-million-in-a-london-listing African miner Thor Explorations will most likely choose London’s junior AIM market to list its shares this year in its bid to raise up to $35 million, its chief executive said on Friday. World Food Programme warns of deeper hunger across southern Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-food-programme-warns-of-deeper-hunger-across-southern-africa Poor rains and crop infestations in southern Africa are threatening deeper hunger across the region, with millions of people, particularly children, at risk, the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) said on Friday. EU, Britain divided over helping Mnangagwa's govt – report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-britain-divided-over-helping-mnangagwa-s-govt-report Harare – Britain and the European Union are reportedly divided over "the funding and support" to be given to Zimbabwe's new administration led by Emmerson Mnangagwa. Cameroon imposes curfew in restive anglophone regions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-imposes-curfew-in-restive-anglophone-regions Yaound - Cameroon imposed a week-long night curfew from Saturday in its restive English-speaking west citing fears of an "imminent" attack by separatists but long-serving President Paul Biya claimed the volatile situation had "stabilised". Children recount trauma of abduction by South Sudan rebels http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/children-recount-trauma-of-abduction-by-south-sudan-rebels Bakhita was only 12 years old when rebels snatched her from her family’s farm, adding her to a grim list of almost 19,000 children that the United Nations says have been recruited, often by force, by armed groups in South Sudan’s brutal civil war. Mozambique proposes constitutional changes to secure peace agreement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-proposes-constitutional-changes-to-secure-peace-agreement Mozambique’s president will propose constitutional changes that redistribute power to the country’s provinces, a move aimed at securing a long-term peace agreement with the main opposition party. Somaliland issues fatwa banning female genital mutilation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somaliland-issues-fatwa-banning-female-genital-mutilation Somaliland has issued a fatwa, or religious edict, banning female genital mutilation (FGM) - and paving the way for the breakaway region to pass legislation against the internationally condemned practice, a senior official said on Wednesday. Nigerian army to deploy troops in areas marked by land clashes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-to-deploy-troops-in-areas-marked-by-land-clashes The Nigerian army on Wednesday said it will deploy troops to improve security in central states where a spate of communal violence has prompted criticism of President Muhammadu Buhari. Dams that supply Cape Town fall further as water crisis looms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dams-that-supply-cape-town-fall-further-as-water-crisis-looms Water levels at dams supplying South Africa’s Cape Town fell further this week, data showed on Wednesday, the latest sign of a deepening crisis that could soon see taps in the tourist hub run dry by May. Kenya deports opposition lawyer charged with treason http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-deports-opposition-lawyer-charged-with-treason Kenyan authorities deported a lawyer charged with treason for attending the symbolic presidential inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga, prompting a rare rebuke from the Chief Justice who accused the government of defying court orders. Liberia's Johnson Sirleaf wins $5 million African leadership prize http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-s-johnson-sirleaf-wins-5-million-african-leadership-prize Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Africa’s first elected female head of state, has won a $5 million Mo Ibrahim award, designed to improve the quality of African political leadership. More than 1,000 Boko Haram suspects go on trial http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-than-1-000-boko-haram-suspects-go-on-trial More than 1,000 suspected Boko Haram militants will appear before judges in Nigeria today, as the largest mass trial in the country's history resumes. Somaliland soldiers defect to Puntland http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somaliland-soldiers-defect-to-puntland More than 160 soldiers have defected from the self-declared republic of Somaliland to Puntland, a semi-autonomous region in north-east Somalia, a local radio station has reported. Kenyan pilots threaten strike over kidnap ordeal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-pilots-threaten-strike-over-kidnap-ordeal Kenya's pilots' association is hoping to force the release of two colleagues who have been held hostage for more than a month after crashing their plane in South Sudan. Renewed DR Congo ethnic violence sends thousands fleeingAFP http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/renewed-dr-congo-ethnic-violence-sends-thousands-fleeingafp Ethnic clashes in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s east have forced thousands to flee to neighbouring Uganda. ANC decides to remove Zuma as South African president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anc-decides-to-remove-zuma-as-south-african-president - South Africa’s ruling party decided on Tuesday to sack Jacob Zuma as the country’s president, a senior official said, after a marathon meeting over the fate of a leader whose scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid ‘Rainbow Nation’. Liberia church massacre survivors sue alleged perpetrator in U.S. court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-church-massacre-survivors-sue-alleged-perpetrator-in-u-s-court Four survivors of a church massacre that killed 600 people during the Liberian civil war on Monday filed a civil lawsuit in U.S. court against the man they accuse of having ordered the attack. South African military investigates Congo torture reports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-military-investigates-congo-torture-reports South Africa’s military has opened an investigation into reports that members of its 1,000-strong, U.N.-mandated peacekeeping contingent in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo assaulted and tortured locals. On U.N. deaths, Haley asks Congo's Kabila: what happened to my list? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/on-u-n-deaths-haley-asks-congo-s-kabila-what-happened-to-my-list U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley on Monday asked the Congolese foreign minister to deliver a message to President Joseph Kabila about the killing of two U.N. investigators: “Please ask Mr. Kabila what he did with my list.” Guinean government warns against ethnic violence after polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinean-government-warns-against-ethnic-violence-after-polls Guinea’s government said on Monday it would seek out anyone inciting ethnic violence after at least seven people were killed in post-election clashes. Second day of strike in Ethiopia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/second-day-of-strike-in-ethiopia Anti-government protesters in Ethiopia's biggest region, Oromia, are on the second day of a three-day strike to demand the release of all politicians and journalists held during more than two years of unrest. 20 sentenced in Boko Haram mass trial http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/20-sentenced-in-boko-haram-mass-trial One of the convicted was involved in the abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls from the town of Chibok US 'extends sanctions against Zimbabwe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/us-extends-sanctions-against-zimbabwe The US has added more Zimbabweans to its sanctions list, Zimbabwe's privately owned NewsDay reports. Rwanda 'shuts radio for denigrating women' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-shuts-radio-for-denigrating-women Rwanda's media watchdog has ordered a three-month shut down of a US-owned Christian radio station after it broadcast a sermon against women, it told the AFP news agency. Ivory Coast heat and patchy rain mixed for cocoa midcrop http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-heat-and-patchy-rain-mixed-for-cocoa-midcrop Above average rainfall helped Ivory Coast’s cocoa-growing regions last week, farmers said on Monday, although some expressed concern about the effects of a spell of hot weather. DRC's army recovers largest Ugandan rebel stronghold http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-s-army-recovers-largest-ugandan-rebel-stronghold Beni - Democratic Republic of Congo's army says it has captured the largest stronghold for the Uganda-born Allied Democratic Forces rebels in Congo's northeast. Worsening Ethiopian drought threatens to end nomadic lifestyle http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/worsening-ethiopian-drought-threatens-to-end-nomadic-lifestyle Dabafayed - Down a sandy track past a desiccated animal carcass lies a cluster of half-built huts that Ethiopia's government and aid agencies hope will blunt the worsening toll of repeated droughts. Nigerian customs seize illegal tramadol shipment at port http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-customs-seize-illegal-tramadol-shipment-at-port Lagos - Customs officials in Nigeria on Tuesday said they had seized banned drugs, including the powerful pain killer tramadol popular with jihadists such as Boko Haram. Thousands flee DRC fighting to Uganda: UN http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-flee-drc-fighting-to-uganda-un Kampala - Over 22 000 refugees have fled fighting in Democratic Republic of Congo to neighbouring Uganda, violence that has left several dead and villages torched, the UN said on Tuesday. Anglophone separatists claim to have kidnapped Cameroon official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anglophone-separatists-claim-to-have-kidnapped-cameroon-official Libreville - Cameroon's army said on Monday that it was continuing to search for a local official after separatists in a restive English-speaking region claimed to have captured him. Kenya president accepts attorney general's resignation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-president-accepts-attorney-general-s-resignation Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta has accepted the resignation of the attorney-general, announcing his decision in a tweet: Unicef 'admits it failed children raped in CAR' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unicef-admits-it-failed-children-raped-in-car The UN children's agency, Unicef, has admitted it failed to support children who alleged they were raped by French peacekeepers in the Central African Republic, the Guardian reports. 32.4% of black women in South Africa unemployed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/32-4-of-black-women-in-south-africa-unemployed The official statistics service for the South African government has released the country's latest unemployment figures. Somali troops destroy al-Shabab radio station http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-troops-destroy-al-shabab-radio-station Somalia's president has said his country is now ready to defeat al-Shabab militants (pictured) Ethiopia frees opposition leader amid protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-frees-opposition-leader-amid-protests Ethiopia released a senior opposition leader from prison on Tuesday and dropped all charges against him, a day after demonstrators blocked roads and staged rallies in several towns to protest against his incarceration. 21 students and two teachers die in Nigeria car crash http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/21-students-and-two-teachers-die-in-nigeria-car-crash Twenty-one secondary school students and two teachers have died in a car accident in Nigeria. Spain and Senegal working closely on Casamance attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/spain-and-senegal-working-closely-on-casamance-attack Senegal and Spain are in close contact following the robbery and alleged rape of four tourists in Senegal's Casamance region last month, the AFP news agency reports. Mozambique police detain man carrying eight elephant tusks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-police-detain-man-carrying-eight-elephant-tusks Police in the Mozambique's central Sofala province say they have detained a man for the illegal possession of eight elephant tusks. Truck packed with African migrants crashes in Libya, killing at least 19 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/truck-packed-with-african-migrants-crashes-in-libya-killing-at-least-19 A truck packed with African migrants crashed near the Libyan town of Bani Walid on Wednesday, leaving at least 19 dead and nearly 80 injured, officials said. South Africa police minister denies Zuma to be arrested http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-police-minister-denies-zuma-to-be-arrested South African police minister Fikile Mbalula denied speculation on Wednesday that President Jacob Zuma could be arrested as part of a series of police raids targeting the Guptas, a family of businessmen accused of corrupt links to Zuma. How the media blew the lid on alleged corruption http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-the-media-blew-the-lid-on-alleged-corruption Questions over the Gupta family's association with a controversial dairy farm werefirst reported in 2013 by South Africa's Mail and Guardian newspaper. SA police raid home of controversial Gupta family http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sa-police-raid-home-of-controversial-gupta-family Police have closed off roads around the home of the Gupta family in an upmarket Johannesburg suburb Fleeing DR Congo violence, thousands take perilous lake journey to Uganda – UN http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fleeing-dr-congo-violence-thousands-take-perilous-lake-journey-to-uganda-un Over 22,000 desperate Congolese refugees crossed Lake Albert to Uganda last week, with four drowning when their boat capsized on the perilous journey from the conflict-hit eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. UN launches appeal to fund relief work in Nigeria's restive north-east http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-launches-appeal-to-fund-relief-work-in-nigeria-s-restive-north-east With the crisis in north-east Nigeria – a region devastated by the Boko Haram insurgency – into its ninth year, United Nations agencies together with humanitarian partners today launched a $1 billion appeal to fund life-saving and emergency assistance programmes in the region. More than 300 child soldiers released by armed groups in South Sudan – UN mission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-than-300-child-soldiers-released-by-armed-groups-in-south-sudan-un-mission Some 300 child soldiers, including 87 girls, were formally released by armed groups in South Sudan, the United Nations mission in the country reported on Wednesday, calling on all stakeholders to support the young people on the journey back to their communities and help them build a future for themselves. Liberia: UN mission farewell ceremony honours last departing police and military personnel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-un-mission-farewell-ceremony-honours-last-departing-police-and-military-personnel After 14 years of serving in the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), an official farewell ceremony was held on Tuesday in the capital, Monrovia, to honour the last departing Police and Military personnel serving there. Without urgent funding, Burundi risks becoming a ‘forgotten crisis’ – UN refugee agency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/without-urgent-funding-burundi-risks-becoming-a-forgotten-crisis-un-refugee-agency Warning that Burundi could become a “forgotten crisis,” with the number of people struggling for survival increasing by the day, United Nations agencies together with aid partners on Wednesday launched a funding appeal to keep the humanitarian situation from deteriorating further. Mali human rights situation still a concern – UN report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-human-rights-situation-still-a-concern-un-report Despite the signing of a 2015 Peace Agreement, the human rights situation in Mali still remains a concern, according to a United Nations report published on Thursday. Who benefits from Frenamo's partocracy? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-benefits-from-frenamo-s-partocracy ‘Frenamo partocracy’. This is the buzzword in Mozambique’s political circles, conceived by sceptical wags to describe the latest ‘decentralisation’ deal cooked up between the ruling Mozambique Liberation Front (Frelimo) and the main opposition party, the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo). The deal was announced by President Filipe Nyusi last week. Investors watching as S. Africa's Ramaphosa considers cabinet line-up http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/investors-watching-as-s-africa-s-ramaphosa-considers-cabinet-line-up South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Tuesday his early morning walks gave him time to think about his cabinet amid growing speculation about its composition and the future of the finance minister. Kenya prevents two opposition activists from traveling abroad http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-prevents-two-opposition-activists-from-traveling-abroad Nigeria convicts 205 Boko Haram suspects in mass trials http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-convicts-205-boko-haram-suspects-in-mass-trials More than 200 people have been convicted in Nigeria on charges related to their involvement with militant Islamist group Boko Haram, the justice ministry said on Monday. Nigeria to sell assets seized in anti-graft probes to boost treasury, president says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-sell-assets-seized-in-anti-graft-probes-to-boost-treasury-president-says Nigeria will sell all assets seized by the government in anti-graft probes and use the funds to bolster the treasury, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Monday. Thousands in Zimbabwe bid farewell to 'People's General' Tsvangirai http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-in-zimbabwe-bid-farewell-to-people-s-general-tsvangirai In a sea of red T-shirts, thousands of Zimbabweans bade farewell on Monday to opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, whose death has opened divisions in his Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party only months before elections. South Sudan rebels free Kenyan pilots after compensation paid, rebel spokesman says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-rebels-free-kenyan-pilots-after-compensation-paid-rebel-spokesman-says South Sudanese rebels have released two Kenyan pilots they were holding after receiving compensation for the family of a civilian killed when their plane crashed last month, a rebel spokesman said on Monday. Without city jobs, tech-savvy Kenyan youth head back to the farm http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/without-city-jobs-tech-savvy-kenyan-youth-head-back-to-the-farm When Francis Njoroge graduated with an engineering degree in Nairobi, he expected to earn a six-figure salary. Instead he found himself working as an electrician on a three-month contract, for 20,000 Kenyan shillings (about $200) per month. South Africa's parliament to launch inquiry into mines minister Zwane http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-parliament-to-launch-inquiry-into-mines-minister-zwane South Africa’s parliament will launch an investigation into allegations of influence-peddling against mines minister Mosebenzi Zwane, its oversight committee on mineral resources department said on Wednesday. Gunmen kill five police in attack on South African police station http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kill-five-police-in-attack-on-south-african-police-station Gunmen killed six people in an attack on a police station in a small South African town on Wednesday, stealing quantities of weapons and a vehicle in what police were treating as a robbery. Congo's Kabila replaces interior minister amid declining security http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-kabila-replaces-interior-minister-amid-declining-security Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila appointed the head of his political party as interior minister on Tuesday to oversee security in the face of rising militia violence and unrest over delayed elections. France's Veolia examines 'legal consequences' of seizure of Gabon unit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-s-veolia-examines-legal-consequences-of-seizure-of-gabon-unit French environmental services group Veolia said on Tuesday it was “examining the legal consequences” of the Gabonese government’s seizure last week of its water and electricity distribution unit, SEEG. Congo refugees in Rwanda say soldiers shoot and wound at least two during food protest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-refugees-in-rwanda-say-soldiers-shoot-and-wound-at-least-two-during-food-protest Congolese refugees in Rwanda said soldiers shot at them and wounded at least two people on Tuesday as the refugees tried to march out of their camp in protest at a cut in food rations. U.S. sanctions Burkina Faso-based group over terrorism threat http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-sanctions-burkina-faso-based-group-over-terrorism-threat The United States has imposed sanctions on Burkina Faso-based Ansarul Islam, calling the militant group a terrorism threat after a string of attacks near the African country’s northern border with Mali, the U.S. State Department said in a statement on Tuesday. Third of Burundi population needs humanitarian aid: UN http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/third-of-burundi-population-needs-humanitarian-aid-un Nairobi - One in three Burundians will need humanitarian assistance this year, a 20% increase on 2017 as conditions worsen in one of the world's poorest countries, the UN development body said on Tuesday. More than 100 girls 'missing' after Boko Haram school attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-than-100-girls-missing-after-boko-haram-school-attack Damaturu - More than 100 girls were missing on Wednesday, police said, two days after a Boko Haram attack on their school in northeast Nigeria that has raised fears of a repeat of the 2014 Chibok kidnapping that shocked the world. Weah's promised land: Liberia confronts age-old disputes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/weah-s-promised-land-liberia-confronts-age-old-disputes Gbah - Morris Kidir gestures at a wide expanse of dark-green land he says was earmarked for a school or clinic in his northern Liberian village, now covered in young oil palm trees. Over 5 million seek to vote in controversial Burundi poll: election chief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/over-5-million-seek-to-vote-in-controversial-burundi-poll-election-chief Nairobi - More than five million people have signed up to vote in Burundi's controversial constitutional referendum in May and elections in 2020, which could allow President Pierre Nkurunziza to remain in power until 2034. Guinea ruling party wins first local elections since 2005 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-ruling-party-wins-first-local-elections-since-2005 Conakry - President Alpha Conde's ruling party won a significant majority in Guinea's first local elections since 2005, near-complete results showed on Wednesday, although the main opposition party took the capital, Conakry. Fresh Boko Haram abductions threaten gains for girls' education in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fresh-boko-haram-abductions-threaten-gains-for-girls-education-in-nigeria The kidnapping of dozens more schoolgirls in northeast Nigeria by Boko Haram militants could undermine efforts to keep girls in schools and threaten progress on women’s education in the region, experts said on Friday. Parents of abducted Nigerian girls plan to join Bring Back Our Girls campaign http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/parents-of-abducted-nigerian-girls-plan-to-join-bring-back-our-girls-campaign Parents of schoolgirls newly abducted in northeastern Nigeria plan to join the Bring Back Our Girls movement that gained global prominence in a bid to win freedom for their girls, a community leader said on Friday. Donors pledge $500 million for troops in West Africa's Sahel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/donors-pledge-500-million-for-troops-in-west-africa-s-sahel International donors pledged half a billion dollars for a multinational military operation in West Africa’s Sahel region on Friday, as Europe seeks to stop migrants and militants reaching its shores. Chemical tanker attacked off Somalia, pirates repelled: EU Naval force http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chemical-tanker-attacked-off-somalia-pirates-repelled-eu-naval-force Suspected Somali pirates attacked a Singaporean-flagged chemical tanker on Friday but were repelled by guards on board, the European Union’s Naval force said, the first such incident in several months. Commentary: In drought-hit South Africa, the politics of water http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/commentary-in-drought-hit-south-africa-the-politics-of-water Unless something miraculous happens, the city of Cape Town, an iconic international tourism destination and South Africa’s second economic hub, will run out of drinking water in a matter of weeks. South Africa's anti-graft watchdog says minister misled parliament http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anti-graft-watchdog-says-minister-misled-parliament A South African minister inadvertently misled parliament when she said a local consultancy firm linked to business friends of former President Jacob Zuma had no contracts with state power utility Eskom, an anti-graft watchdog said on Thursday. Zimbabwe's slums grow as hard-up residents seek cheaper housing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-slums-grow-as-hard-up-residents-seek-cheaper-housing As dark clouds began to build on the horizon, Tarisai Nyakunu Zimunya, a single mother-of-three, looked worried. The fragile structure she calls home would struggle to withstand a drizzle, let alone a storm. Charred bodies, wounded soldiers after Congo army victory http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/charred-bodies-wounded-soldiers-after-congo-army-victory Discarded military fatigues, boots, trash, a charred corpse inside a smoldering hut: this is all that remains of a Ugandan rebel base in the wake of what the Congolese army says was an important victory. Amid claims of police brutality in Kenya, a watchdog fails to bite http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amid-claims-of-police-brutality-in-kenya-a-watchdog-fails-to-bite She was christened Samantha, but her delighted Kenyan parents quickly nicknamed their tiny daughter “Pendo,” which in KiSwahili means “Love.” Tanzania internet users hit 23 million; 82 percent go online via phones: regulator http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-internet-users-hit-23-million-82-percent-go-online-via-phones-regulator The number of internet users in Tanzania rose by 16 percent at the end of 2017 to 23 million, with the majority of those using their handsets to go online, the telecom industry regulator said on Friday.Mobile phone use has surged in Tanzania and other African countries over the past Five refugees killed, 20 injured, in Rwanda camp food protest: police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-refugees-killed-20-injured-in-rwanda-camp-food-protest-police At least five refugees were killed and 20 injured at a camp in Rwanda when a protest over a cut in food rations turned violent, Rwandan police said on Friday. Seven policemen were also injured. Drought-hit Malawi farmers use sugar and fish soup to battle pests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drought-hit-malawi-farmers-use-sugar-and-fish-soup-to-battle-pests Armed with fish soup and neem leaves, as well as chemical pesticides, Malawi’s drought-hit farmers are fighting a caterpillar that is devouring their crops and putting them at risk of hunger. At least two killed in crackdown on march against Congo's Kabila http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-two-killed-in-crackdown-on-march-against-congo-s-kabila At least two people were killed and dozens more injured on Sunday when security forces in Democratic Republic of Congo cracked down on church-led demonstrations against President Joseph Kabila, the United Nations said. Nigeria air force deploys air assets in search for missing girls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-air-force-deploys-air-assets-in-search-for-missing-girls Nigeria’s air force said on Sunday it had deployed additional air assets to the northeast to search for girls missing after an attack on their school by suspected members of Islamist militant group Boko Haram. U.N. South Sudan mission recalls police unit over sex abuse allegations http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-south-sudan-mission-recalls-police-unit-over-sex-abuse-allegations The U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan has recalled a Ghanaian police unit working at one of its protection camps while it investigates allegations that some of them were involved in sexual abuse, it said on Saturday. Al Qaeda-linked group claims Mali attack that killed two French troops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-qaeda-linked-group-claims-mali-attack-that-killed-two-french-troops A Malian militant group with links to al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for an attack that killed two French soldiers in the West African country on Wednesday. Death toll from Somalia blasts rises to 45: government official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-from-somalia-blasts-rises-to-45-government-official The death toll from twin car bomb blasts in the Somali capital late on Friday has risen to 45 from the initially reported 18, a senior government official said on Saturday. South Sudan military officers may have committed war crimes: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-military-officers-may-have-committed-war-crimes-u-n U.N. investigators said on Friday they had identified more than 40 South Sudanese military officers who may be responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Search for new urban water sparks conflict in parched Malawi http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/search-for-new-urban-water-sparks-conflict-in-parched-malawi With increasingly prolonged droughts threatening worsening water shortages, Malawi is moving to shore up water supplies to its cities, including building new long-distance pipelines and dams. S. Africa's Ramaphosa appoints Nene as finance minister in cabinet reshuffle http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-s-ramaphosa-appoints-nene-as-finance-minister-in-cabinet-reshuffle South Africa’s new president Cyril Ramaphosa appointed Nhlanhla Nene as finance minister on Monday, two years after Nene’s sacking from the same role began the ruling party revolt that eventually ousted former leader Jacob Zuma. Factbox: Key figures in South African President Ramaphosa's first cabinet http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/factbox-key-figures-in-south-african-president-ramaphosa-s-first-cabinet South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa reshuffled his cabinet on Monday after coming to power two weeks ago when scandal-plagued Jacob Zuma resigned under pressure from the ruling African National Congress. Nigerian army and police disagree over security in mass abduction town http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-and-police-disagree-over-security-in-mass-abduction-town Nigeria’s army and police on Monday publicly disagreed over the security arrangements that were in place in the northeastern town where 110 girls were abducted by suspected Boko Haram militants. Botswana blames Congo's humanitarian crisis on Kabila http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-blames-congo-s-humanitarian-crisis-on-kabila Botswana blamed Congolese President Joseph Kabila on Monday for his country’s humanitarian and security crisis, in the sharpest criticism yet from an African government of his refusal to step down. 'No country can cope' - U.N. warns of hunger among refugees in Cameroon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/no-country-can-cope-u-n-warns-of-hunger-among-refugees-in-cameroon Hundreds of thousands of people who sought shelter in Cameroon after fleeing violence will go hungry unless funds are made available, the United Nations deputy emergencies chief said. Inter-ethnic clashes in eastern Congo kill 22 people http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/inter-ethnic-clashes-in-eastern-congo-kill-22-people Inter-ethnic clashes in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have killed at least 22 people, including 15 civilians, over the past two days, a local official said on Monday. South Africa's mining charter to be finalized in three months: mines minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-mining-charter-to-be-finalized-in-three-months-mines-minister South Africa’s new mining minister Gwede Mantashe said on Wednesday he will finalize the latest version of an industry charter which lays out requirements for black ownership levels and other targets in the next three months. Six aid workers killed in Central African Republic attack: UNICEF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/six-aid-workers-killed-in-central-african-republic-attack-unicef Mali investigating accusations its troops executed civilians http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-investigating-accusations-its-troops-executed-civilians Mali’s government has said it is investigating accusations by an opposition party that the army kidnapped and executed seven civilians in the center of the country last week. More jobs crucial to dealing with Lake Chad crisis, UNESCO says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-jobs-crucial-to-dealing-with-lake-chad-crisis-unesco-says Creating more jobs in the conflict-affected Lake Chad region is crucial to both protecting the shrinking lake and addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region, UNESCO officials say. At least 10 killed in attack at Nigerian flashpoint for communal clashes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-10-killed-in-attack-at-nigerian-flashpoint-for-communal-clashes At least 10 people were killed in an attack in a region of northeastern Nigeria that has been a flashpoint for communal clashes between farmers and herders, a military commander and a local politician said. Nigeria's ruling party endorses Buhari for second term: sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-ruling-party-endorses-buhari-for-second-term-sources The national executive committee of Nigeria’s ruling party has endorsed President Muhammadu Buhari to seek a second term in an election next year, two senior party sources told Reuters on Wednesday. Trial of alleged coup leaders opens in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trial-of-alleged-coup-leaders-opens-in-burkina-faso Two senior allies of Burkina Faso’s deposed former President Blaise Compaore and scores of others appeared in court on Tuesday accused of organizing a 2015 coup attempt against a transitional government. German helicopter crash in Mali caused by Tech. Error http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/german-helicopter-crash-in-mali-caused-by-tech-error The crash of a German military Airbus Tiger helicopter in Mali last July was caused by incorrect settings on the autopilot, Germany’s Spiegel Online reported on Tuesday. Anadarko expects several deals this year for its Mozambique LNG http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anadarko-expects-several-deals-this-year-for-its-mozambique-lng Anadarko Petroleum expects to conclude several sales and purchase agreements (SPA) by year-end for liquefied natural gas (LNG) from its new plant in Mozambique, a company official said on Thursday. Long-lost Nigerian masterpiece found in London sold for $1.4 million http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/long-lost-nigerian-masterpiece-found-in-london-sold-for-1-4-million A portrait of a Nigerian princess that was lost for more than 40 years and found in a London flat was sold at an auction for 1 million pounds ($1.4 million) on Wednesday . South Sudan accuses oil group of pollution, threatens shutdown http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-accuses-oil-group-of-pollution-threatens-shutdown South Sudanese lawmakers have accused the consortium running the country’s last working oilfields of dumping expired chemicals in the bush, and have threatened to shut down production unless it stops. Nigeria's people getting poorer, government to 'muddle through', says IMF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-people-getting-poorer-government-to-muddle-through-says-imf Nigeria’s people are getting poorer despite the country’s slow recovery from recession, and economic reforms are urgently needed, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a report seen by Reuters on Wednesday. IMF expects Mozambique to default on external debt until 2023 - Bloomberg http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/imf-expects-mozambique-to-default-on-external-debt-until-2023-bloomberg The International Monetary Fund expects that Mozambique will not make payments for at least five more years on about $2 billion of loans which led to a default last year, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. At least 10 killed in attack at Nigerian flashpoint for communal clashes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-10-killed-in-attack-at-nigerian-flashpoint-for-communal-clashes At least 10 people were killed in an attack in a region of northeastern Nigeria that has been a flashpoint for communal clashes between farmers and herders, a military commander and a local politician said. Zuma-appointed chief prosecutor fights for job in South Africa's top court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zuma-appointed-chief-prosecutor-fights-for-job-in-south-africa-s-top-court South Africa’s chief prosecutor, who was ordered to step down by a court that found it improper that a Jacob Zuma-appointee should decide if the then-president should be prosecuted, appealed that ruling on Wednesday. Four U.N. peacekeepers killed in roadside explosion in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/four-u-n-peacekeepers-killed-in-roadside-explosion-in-mali Four U.N. peacekeepers were killed and four others seriously wounded on Wednesday when the vehicle they were in hit a mine in central Mali, the West African nation’s U.N. mission said. Dispute over Ethiopia emergency rule vote after footage posted online http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dispute-over-ethiopia-emergency-rule-vote-after-footage-posted-online Footage of an Ethiopian parliamentary session posted online on Saturday appeared to contradict official reports of the number of votes cast to validate the state of emergency, though government officials dismissed the discrepancy as a mistake. U.N. halts aid work in northeast Nigeria town after humanitarian workers killed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-halts-aid-work-in-northeast-nigeria-town-after-humanitarian-workers-killed The United Nations has suspended aid work helping tens of thousands of people in northeastern Nigeria after an attack by suspected Boko Haram militants left three humanitarian workers dead and at least three others missing, possibly kidnapped. Burkina president urges collaboration with security forces after deadly attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burkina-president-urges-collaboration-with-security-forces-after-deadly-attacks Faso President Roch Kabore called on the public on Saturday to collaborate more closely with the armed forces, the day after attacks at army headquarters and the French embassy left 16 people dead, including eight gunmen, and wounded 80. Zambia taps climate fund to battle worsening drought http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-taps-climate-fund-to-battle-worsening-drought Zambian farmers facing more extreme weather are set to get better early warning and weather information to help them cope, as part of a new grant from the Green Climate Fund. Al Qaeda affiliate claims responsibility for Burkina Faso attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-qaeda-affiliate-claims-responsibility-for-burkina-faso-attacks A Mali-based al Qaeda affiliate claimed responsibility on Saturday for attacks in neighbouring Burkina Faso that left 16 people dead, including eight gunmen, at the army headquarters and French embassy, Mauritanian news agency Alakhbar reported. Dispute over Ethiopia emergency rule vote after footage posted online http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dispute-over-ethiopia-emergency-rule-vote-after-footage-posted-online Footage of an Ethiopian parliamentary session posted online on Saturday appeared to contradict official reports of the number of votes cast to validate the state of emergency, though government officials dismissed the discrepancy as a mistake. Sudan to return ambassador to Cairo: foreign minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-to-return-ambassador-to-cairo-foreign-minister Sudan will send its ambassador back to neighboring Egypt on Monday, Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said, two months after withdrawing him amid heightened tensions. Trial of Shell, Eni over Nigeria to switch to new Milan court: sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trial-of-shell-eni-over-nigeria-to-switch-to-new-milan-court-sources A trial in Italy of Royal Dutch Shell and Eni executives over alleged corruption in Nigeria, which had been due to start on March 5, will be transferred to another court in Milan, delaying the proceedings, legal sources said. Nigeria minister says majors in shale, OPEC should keep crude price stable http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-minister-says-majors-in-shale-opec-should-keep-crude-price-stable Oil producers that operate in U.S. shale fields and OPEC member nations should do more to help stabilize crude prices, Nigerian Oil Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu said on Monday. West African leaders vow to fight jihadists after Burkina attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-african-leaders-vow-to-fight-jihadists-after-burkina-attacks Burkina Faso’s President Mark Roch said his country would fight and defeat militants despite being hit by Islamist insurgents in the capital last week in an attack which 8 people were killed and dozens wounded. Under-pressure donors urged to help avoid famine in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/under-pressure-donors-urged-to-help-avoid-famine-in-somalia The competing demands of numerous global crises mean some 2.7 million people in Somalia who need food are at risk of being ignored by donors, increasing the country’s likelihood of famine, aid agencies said on Monday. South Africa blames food firms for world's worst listeria outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-blames-food-firms-for-world-s-worst-listeria-outbreak South Africa said on Monday producers of cold meat products were to blame for delays in tracing the cause of the world’s worst listeria outbreak, which has killed 180 people in the past year. Malawi cholera death toll rises to 19, health ministry says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-cholera-death-toll-rises-to-19-health-ministry-says The death toll from cholera in the southern African nation of Malawi has increased from eight to 19, the Ministry of Health said Monday. Sierra Leone to vote for new leader after years of economic crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-to-vote-for-new-leader-after-years-of-economic-crisis Sierra Leone will vote on Wednesday for a successor to President Ernest Bai Koroma in an election dominated by an economic crisis caused by a collapse in iron ore prices and an Ebola epidemic. Mugabe acolyte forms new Zimbabwe political party to challenge Mnangagwa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mugabe-acolyte-forms-new-zimbabwe-political-party-to-challenge-mnangagwa A retired Zimbabwean general and acolyte of ex-president Robert Mugabe has formed a political party to challenge President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the polls later this year, the new grouping said on Monday. Women miners shouldn't be seen as victims, Report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/women-miners-shouldn-t-be-seen-as-victims-report Gold mining in Africa has a bad rap — particularly when it comes to women. Depictions of the trade often focus on poverty, environmental destruction, prostitution and harassment. But in the gold mining belt of Mali, one of the world’s poorest countries, the victimization lens does great injustice to the hundreds of women mining alongside men. In Central African Republic, Muslim child brides fight for daughters' rights http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-central-african-republic-muslim-child-brides-fight-for-daughters-rights Forced at 14 to marry a man 13 years her senior, Sadatou Issa was forbidden to attend school and whiled away her time looking after her children and knitting clothes to sell from her home in Boda, a town in western Central African Republic. Sanlam, Santam JV to buy rest of SAHAM Finances for $1.05 billion http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sanlam-santam-jv-to-buy-rest-of-saham-finances-for-1-05-billion South African life insurer Sanlam Ltd (SLMJ.J) said a unit of its joint venture with insurer Santam Ltd (SNTJ.J) would buy the remaining 53.37 percent stake in SAHAM Finances for $1.05 billion. Clashes, machete attack kill more than 20 in central Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/clashes-machete-attack-kill-more-than-20-in-central-nigeria More than 20 people have died in clashes between herders and farmers in central Nigeria, police said, part of an outbreak of violence that has piled pressure on President Muhammadu Buhari less than a year before elections. Nigeria sentences man to life imprisonment for 2010 car bombing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-sentences-man-to-life-imprisonment-for-2010-car-bombing A Nigerian court on Wednesday sentenced the brother of a suspected militant leader to life imprisonment for treason for his involvement in twin car bombings in the capital, Abuja, in 2010. Sierra Leone votes for new leader in hope of ending economic crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-votes-for-new-leader-in-hope-of-ending-economic-crisis Sierra Leone voters queued for hours in steamy humidity on Wednesday to elect a new leader they hope will bring an end to years of economic crisis caused by the twin shocks of a commodities slump and an Ebola epidemic. Global gas markets ease as traders handle Papua outage; winter demand drops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/global-gas-markets-ease-as-traders-handle-papua-outage-winter-demand-drops Global liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices eased this week as the market digested the impact of the earthquake in Papua New Guinea that in late February knocked out ExxonMobil’s export facility just as extreme cold in Europe spiked heating demand there. Congo election remains on track for December, says Prime Minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-election-remains-on-track-for-december-says-prime-minister A humanitarian crisis in central Democratic Republic of Congo is easing, Prime Minister Bruno Tshibala told Reuters on Thursday, after confirming an election to replace President Joseph Kabila remains on course for late December. Militia commits mass rape in Central African Republic: MSF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militia-commits-mass-rape-in-central-african-republic-msf Militia fighters attacked, kidnapped and raped en masse a large group of women in an isolated area of Central African Republic last month, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Thursday. Penthouse sales boom among Kenya's super rich amid urban poverty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/penthouse-sales-boom-among-kenya-s-super-rich-amid-urban-poverty Demand for luxury penthouses in Kenya’s capital is set to rise as the super rich seek to avoid traffic jams on their way to work, the Knight Frank property agency said on Thursday, amid a shortage of decent housing for the majority living in slums. Russia seeks military cooperation, diamond, platinum projects in Zimbabwe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-seeks-military-cooperation-diamond-platinum-projects-in-zimbabwe Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday his country was pursuing military cooperation with Zimbabwe and looking at opportunities in the diamond sector as well as fully implementing a $3 billion joint platinum project near Harare. Sierra Leone poll looks set for second round with half results in http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-poll-looks-set-for-second-round-with-half-results-in Sierra Leone’s presidential election results were too close to call after half the votes had been counted on Saturday, with the two front runners neck-and-neck, making a second round likely. In Congo, voting machines raise suspicions among president's foes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-congo-voting-machines-raise-suspicions-among-president-s-foes When election officials unveiled voting machines that resemble large tablet computers in Democratic Republic of Congo, they hailed them as the solution to a multitude of problems. U.S.'s Tillerson says Kenya should not stifle media, threaten courts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-s-tillerson-says-kenya-should-not-stifle-media-threaten-courts U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Friday in Nairobi that he had shared his concerns with Kenya’s president about the importance of democracy and said the government should not stifle the media and threaten the courts. Congo's Kabila signs into law new mining code http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-kabila-signs-into-law-new-mining-code Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila signed into law on Friday a new mining code that raises royalties and taxes on operators, the presidency said in a statement. Nigeria immigration service launches trafficking probe after staff arrests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-immigration-service-launches-trafficking-probe-after-staff-arrests Nigeria’s immigration service has launched an investigation after two of its staff members were arrested on suspicion of trying to traffic girls out of the country, it said on Friday. Tanzania's Magufuli warns of crackdown on protesters http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-s-magufuli-warns-of-crackdown-on-protesters Tanzanian President John Magufuli warned on Friday of a crackdown on anyone who participates in illegal demonstrations, vowing not to let his economic reforms be derailed by street protests. Two million children in Congo at risk of starvation, U.N. warns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-million-children-in-congo-at-risk-of-starvation-u-n-warns More than 2 million children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are estimated to be at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition if they do not get the aid they need, the United Nations warned on Friday. Africa on the road to freedom http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-on-the-road-to-freedom Islam came to liberate people from being slavery to humans into being slaves of God Almighty alone. Islam is the religion of freedom, and therefore Islam stands in the way of any forces that prevent man from enjoying his freedoms, dignity and humanity. South African central bank takes control of VBS Mutual Bank http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-central-bank-takes-control-of-vbs-mutual-bank South African small lender VBS Mutual Bank has been placed under curatorship because of liquidity issues, Reserve Bank Governor Lesetja Kganyago told a televised news conference on Sunday. Ethiopian soldiers kill nine civilians mistaken for militants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-soldiers-kill-nine-civilians-mistaken-for-militants Ethiopian soldiers killed nine civilians and injured 12 after mistaking them for rebels near a town along the country’s border with Kenya, state media said on Sunday. South Sudan president fires finance minister, no reason given http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-president-fires-finance-minister-no-reason-given South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has fired Finance Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau and named Salvatore Garang Mabiordit as his replacement, a statement from Kiir’s office said. Crisis-hit Steinhoff cuts stake in South Africa's KAP to 26 percent http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/crisis-hit-steinhoff-cuts-stake-in-south-africa-s-kap-to-26-percent Steinhoff will sell part of its $700 million stake in KAP industrial, it said on Tuesday, part efforts by the scandal-hit South African retailer to plug a liquidity gap. U.S. may lift travel ban on 'important partner' Chad, Tillerson says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-may-lift-travel-ban-on-important-partner-chad-tillerson-says U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Monday that Washington was considering lifting a travel ban on Chad, offering an olive branch to an ally in the fight against Islamist militant groups in West Africa. Nigeria plans to negotiate for release of 110 abducted Dapchi girls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-plans-to-negotiate-for-release-of-110-abducted-dapchi-girls Nigeria’s presidency said on Monday it plans to negotiate for the release of 110 girls abducted from a school in the northeastern town of Dapchi last month, rather than use a military operation to free them by force. Stone Age people in South Africa unharmed by supervolcano eruption http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/stone-age-people-in-south-africa-unharmed-by-supervolcano-eruption A supervolcano eruption about 74,000 years ago on Indonesia’s island of Sumatra caused a large-scale environmental calamity that may have decimated Stone Age human populations in parts of the world. But some populations, it seems, endured it unscathed. South Africa antitrust watchdog charges Takata with price fixing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-antitrust-watchdog-charges-takata-with-price-fixing South African competition watchdog charged Takata Corp with price fixing on Wednesday, another blow to the Japanese auto safety products maker in the throes of a massive airbag scandal. Seed farms help Cameroon's climate-hit farmers shore up harvests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/seed-farms-help-cameroon-s-climate-hit-farmers-shore-up-harvests Farmers in Cameroon struggling with the effects of prolonged drought are finding relief through a government-supported initiative to give them access to better crop seeds. Sierra Leone frontrunners to contest runoff after first-round stalemate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-frontrunners-to-contest-runoff-after-first-round-stalemate Sierra Leone’s election to pick outgoing President Ernest Bai Koroma’s successor will head to a runoff later this month after neither of the two frontrunners secured an outright majority in the first round, the electoral commission said on Tuesday. Nigerian campaign group threatens to sue government over abducted girls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-campaign-group-threatens-to-sue-government-over-abducted-girls A Nigerian group that sparked a global campaign for the safe return of schoolgirls kidnapped in 2014 said on Tuesday it would sue the government if it failed to provide answers over a similar mass abduction last month. Justice for atrocities in South Sudan just a signature away: U.N. investigator http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/justice-for-atrocities-in-south-sudan-just-a-signature-away-u-n-investigator U.N. investigators of war atrocities in South Sudan urged the African Union (AU) on Tuesday to make a final push to secure justice for millions of victims. Nigeria's Buhari sacks head of Niger Delta amnesty programme http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-sacks-head-of-niger-delta-amnesty-programme Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari sacked the head of an amnesty programme for former militants in the country’s oil and gas-producing heartland, amid allegations of graft. About 5000 Ethiopians flee to Kenya after botched military operation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/about-5000-ethiopians-flee-to-kenya-after-botched-military-operation About 5,000 Ethiopians have crossed into Kenya seeking refuge since March 10, the Kenyan Red Cross Society said, after several civilians were killed in what the Ethiopian military said was a botched security operation targeting militants. Burundi ruling party titles Nkurunziza 'visionary' ahead of referendum http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-ruling-party-titles-nkurunziza-visionary-ahead-of-referendum Burundi’s ruling party reaffirmed its loyalty to President Pierre Nkurunziza on Tuesday, saying that he was a “visionary” and that it would work to implement his ideas, ahead of a referendum that could extend his rule for at least a decade. When the Maasai met the Maori: Kenya seeks to end geothermal land conflicts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/when-the-maasai-met-the-maori-kenya-seeks-to-end-geothermal-land-conflicts As the semi-nomadic Maasai of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley prepare to lose more land to a geothermal plant, they hope to win a better deal this time, after meeting the Maori in New Zealand. Cows in the classroom: inside South Sudan's cattle camp schools http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cows-in-the-classroom-inside-south-sudan-s-cattle-camp-schools In the early morning, smoke from burning cow dung rose over hundreds of animals sleeping tightly side by side, with children dotted between them, warming their hands in the smoke, their faces covered in white ash to fend off flies and mosquitoes. Burundi to hold referendum on extending presidential terms in May http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-to-hold-referendum-on-extending-presidential-terms-in-may Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza on Sunday set May 17 as the date for a referendum that could extend his rule for at least a decade. President says Zimbabwe to hold elections in July http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/president-says-zimbabwe-to-hold-elections-in-july Zimbabwe’s first presidential and parliamentary elections since the end of former strongman Robert Mugabe’s long rule will take place in July, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Saturday. South Africa's Zuma may challenge decision to prosecute him: eNCA http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-may-challenge-decision-to-prosecute-him-enca Former South African president Jacob Zuma may challenge a prosecutor’s decision to reinstate corruption charges over a $2.5 billion arms deal, news broadcaster eNCA said on Saturday. Mauritius president resigns over claim of financial impropriety, denies wrongdoing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritius-president-resigns-over-claim-of-financial-impropriety-denies-wrongdoing On Wednesday the president - who denies wrongdoing - rejected calls to resign, saying she was ready to provide evidence in court to debunk the accusations, prompting a rebuke from the prime minister. Seven firms bid for majority stake in Zambian oil refinery http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/seven-firms-bid-for-majority-stake-in-zambian-oil-refinery Seven firms have submitted bids to buy a majority stake in Zambia’s sole 24,000 barrel per day Indeni Petroleum Refinery, an executive at the agency handling the bidding said on Saturday. Tropical storm Eliakim kills 17 in Madagascar: authorities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tropical-storm-eliakim-kills-17-in-madagascar-authorities At least 17 people died when a tropical storm hit eastern Madagascar over the weekend, authorities said. Canada to send helicopters, troops to Mali: government source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/canada-to-send-helicopters-troops-to-mali-government-source Canada will send helicopters and support troops, including medical staff, to join a United Nations peace-keeping mission in Mali later this year, a senior Canadian government source said late on Friday. Gunmen kill one, wound others in central Mali hotel attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kill-one-wound-others-in-central-mali-hotel-attack Unidentified gunmen killed one person and wounded at least two others late on Wednesday in an attack on a hotel in the central Mali town of Bandiagara regularly frequented by United Nations staff and humanitarian workers, witnesses said. Kenyan minister, police chief found in contempt; opposition politician deported http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-minister-police-chief-found-in-contempt-opposition-politician-deported A Kenyan high court judge found the Interior Minister and the police chief guilty of contempt on Wednesday and told them to appear for sentencing because they failed to obey a court order to release a detained opposition politician. Polyglot Ethiopian premier must ease ethnic, youth tensions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/polyglot-ethiopian-premier-must-ease-ethnic-youth-tensions In choosing a 42-year-old polyglot from Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group as prime minister, the ruling coalition is trying to ease ethnic tensions and appeal to the legions of disaffected youth. Sudan extends ceasefire with rebels to June: state news http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-extends-ceasefire-with-rebels-to-june-state-news Sudan has extended a unilateral ceasefire with rebels in its three main conflict areas for an additional three months, until the end of June, state news agency SUNA reported on Wednesday, citing a presidential decree. Rwanda auctions assets belonging to jailed critic of President Kagame http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-auctions-assets-belonging-to-jailed-critic-of-president-kagame Rwandan authorities on Wednesday sold assets belonging to the family of a woman who was barred from standing against President Paul Kagame at an election last year and then jailed pending trial for alleged incitement to insurrection. Frozen $500 million in Angolan fraud probe came from Standard Chartered http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/frozen-500-million-in-angolan-fraud-probe-came-from-standard-chartered The $500 million at the center of an alleged fraud involving the son of Angola’s former president was transferred out of a Standard Chartered (STAN.L) account held by Angola’s central bank, the British bank told Reuters on Wednesday. 'High-ranking' al Qaeda militant killed in weekend strike in Libya: Pentagon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/high-ranking-al-qaeda-militant-killed-in-weekend-strike-in-libya-pentagon One of the militants killed in a U.S. air strike in Libya over the weekend was a “high-ranking” official in al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Pentagon said on Wednesday. Kenya court finds interior minister and police chief guilty of contempt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-court-finds-interior-minister-and-police-chief-guilty-of-contempt A Kenyan high court judge found Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i and the inspector general of police guilty of contempt of court on Wednesday and ordered that they appear for sentencing. Ghanaians protest over expanded military co-operation deal with U.S. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghanaians-protest-over-expanded-military-co-operation-deal-with-u-s Thousands of people protested in Ghana’s capital Accra on Wednesday against the expansion of its defense cooperation with the United States, in a rare public display of opposition to the growing foreign military presence in West Africa. Suspected Boko Haram militants kill 15 in Nigeria's Maiduguri http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/suspected-boko-haram-militants-kill-15-in-nigeria-s-maiduguri A suspected Boko Haram attack in the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri killed 15 people and wounded 68, an emergency agency official said on Monday, in the biggest strike since the government said it was in talks with the Islamist group. Tough times, tough birds: Kenyan farmers swap back to hardy chickens http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tough-times-tough-birds-kenyan-farmers-swap-back-to-hardy-chickens In Elly Joy Kanini’s farmyard in Kenya’s Tharaka Nithi County, a few chickens perch while others peck for food, and a cock runs after a hen. Al Shabaab attacks an African Union base in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-shabaab-attacks-an-african-union-base-in-somalia Islamist insurgents battled for hours on Sunday with African Union troops after exploding two car bombs outside one of their bases, Somali police, military and the militants said. Zambia asks Cuba to recall ambassador for backing new opposition party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-asks-cuba-to-recall-ambassador-for-backing-new-opposition-party Zambia has asked Cuba to recall its ambassador for openly supporting the newly launched opposition Socialist Party, the president’s spokesman said on Sunday. New president looks to wean Botswana off dependence on diamonds http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-president-looks-to-wean-botswana-off-dependence-on-diamonds Botswana’s new president, sworn in on Sunday as the landlocked country’s fifth post-colonial leader, said he would give priority to tackling youth unemployment and diversifying its economy. Namibia president says China not colonizing Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-president-says-china-not-colonizing-africa Namibia President Hage Geingob said China is not colonizing Africa and that growing cooperation between the world’s No. 2 economy and Africa benefits both sides, China’s official Xinhua News Agency reported on Saturday. Lafarge Africa shares fall 9.73 percent to one-year low http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lafarge-africa-shares-fall-9-73-percent-to-one-year-low Shares in cement maker Lafarge Africa fell 9.73 pct to a one-year low on Monday. South Africa may ask pharma firms for fee to clear drug review backlog http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-may-ask-pharma-firms-for-fee-to-clear-drug-review-backlog Drugmakers in Africa’s largest pharmaceutical market may be asked to pay a “backlog fee” to help clear a pipeline of medicines waiting years for approval, according to a proposal being considered by South Africa’s new industry regulator. In Kenyan refugee camp, hope of new life in U.S. fades and suicide rate rises http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-kenyan-refugee-camp-hope-of-new-life-in-u-s-fades-and-suicide-rate-rises All are items which aid workers say they have confiscated from refugees in the Kakuma camp in northern Kenya in the last few months because of fears they might use them to kill themselves. Somalia parliament speaker quits ahead of motion against him: lawmaker http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-parliament-speaker-quits-ahead-of-motion-against-him-lawmaker The speaker of Somalia’s parliament, Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, has resigned ahead of a confidence motion against him, a lawmaker said, ending weeks of political tension. Newmont suspends operations at Ghana mine after six workers killed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/newmont-suspends-operations-at-ghana-mine-after-six-workers-killed Six construction workers have been killed in an accident at Newmont’s Ahafo gold mine in Ghana, forcing the surface mine to suspend its operations, a local Newmont manager said on Sunday. One killed, dozens wounded in clashes in Central African Republic http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/one-killed-dozens-wounded-in-clashes-in-central-african-republic At least one civilian was killed and dozens of United Nations peacekeepers, civilians and militia fighters were injured during an operation against armed groups in Central African Republic’s capital on Sunday, a U.N. spokesman said. Kenya election officials quit, pressure on chairman to go http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-election-officials-quit-pressure-on-chairman-to-go Three Kenyan election officials resigned on Monday, increasing chaos at the electoral Commission following last year’s botched presidential vote that had to be rerun and was then boycotted by the opposition. Rise in kidnappings shakes faith in Uganda's police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rise-in-kidnappings-shakes-faith-in-uganda-s-police In a small Ugandan town in February, Juma Nsereko took a panicked call from his wife: their five-year-old twin girls were missing and the mother suspected their neighbor, a jobless man, had kidnapped them. Nigeria's Buhari to meet Trump at White House on April 30 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-to-meet-trump-at-white-house-on-april-30 Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House on April 30, the White House said on Sunday. Goldman Sachs buys personal finance start-up Clarity Money http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/goldman-sachs-buys-personal-finance-start-up-clarity-money Goldman Sachs Group Inc bought Clarity Money, a personal finance startup, to bolster its Marcus online lending business, it said Sunday. UAE ends programme to train Somalia's military http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uae-ends-programme-to-train-somalia-s-military The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is ending a military training programme in Somalia in response to the seizure of millions of dollars and the temporary holding of a UAE plane by Somali security forces last week. Horror and fear grip survivors of Congo's hidden war http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/horror-and-fear-grip-survivors-of-congo-s-hidden-war The last thing 11-year-old Mave Grace saw before falling unconscious was men with machetes cutting open her pregnant mother’s belly and killing the unborn child. South Sudan rebels say they have freed seven aid workers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-rebels-say-they-have-freed-seven-aid-workers South Sudan’s rebels said on Sunday they had released seven aid workers detained for nearly three weeks in the country’s Central Equatoria region on accusations of spying for the government. Israel to free 200 African migrants awaiting deportation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/israel-to-free-200-african-migrants-awaiting-deportation Israel will release about 200 jailed African migrants in the absence of a final deal to deport them and thousands more Eritrean and Sudanese men who entered the country illegally, the Interior Ministry said on Sunday. KPMG South Africa reviewing work done by its partners http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kpmg-south-africa-reviewing-work-done-by-its-partners KPMG South Africa is reviewing work done by its partners in the wake of the resignation of two partners who faced disciplinary charges, its chief executive said on Sunday, another setback for the firm whose work is under scrutiny by authorities. Ethiopia's new premier reshuffles cabinet as part of reform bid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-new-premier-reshuffles-cabinet-as-part-of-reform-bid Ethiopia’s new premier Abiy Ahmed named a new defence minister on Thursday as part of a reshuffle to help implement reforms demanded by the public during unrest in which hundreds were killed by security forces. Nigerian police recover stolen parliamentary mace http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-police-recover-stolen-parliamentary-mace Nigeria’s police have recovered a ceremonial mace stolen from the country’s parliament when at least three men burst onto the Senate floor and grabbed it while lawmakers looked on, police said on Thursday. Acacia Mining's first-quarter profit slumps after Tanzania tax row http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/acacia-mining-s-first-quarter-profit-slumps-after-tanzania-tax-row Acacia Mining (ACAA.L) reported a near 50 percent fall in first quarter earnings on Thursday after reducing operations at its flagship gold mine in Tanzania amid a tax dispute with the government. Britain wants Zimbabwe back in the Commonwealth http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/britain-wants-zimbabwe-back-in-the-commonwealth Britain said on Friday it would strongly support Zimbabwe’s re-entry to the Commonwealth and praised President Emmerson Mnangagwa for impressive progress since Robert Mugabe was toppled in a military coup. South Sudan says head of army has died http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-says-head-of-army-has-died South Sudan’s army chief General James Ajongo died in Cairo on Friday following a short illness, government spokesman Michael Makuei Lueth said. Burundi replaces foreign minister with ex-head of ruling party youth wing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-replaces-foreign-minister-with-ex-head-of-ruling-party-youth-wing Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza replaced his foreign minister with the former head of the ruling party’s youth wing less than a month before a constitutional referendum that could keep him in power until 2034. As fruit trees fall, a hunger threat looms in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/as-fruit-trees-fall-a-hunger-threat-looms-in-kenya When Leah Mutembei was growing up in Kajuki, a village in central Kenya, most farms were dotted with avocado and mango trees. Kenya suspends land allocation as nine injured in attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-suspends-land-allocation-as-nine-injured-in-attacks Kenya suspended a land distribution program on Thursday after nine people were shot or attacked with crude weapons in six days, with local officials facing investigation for their role. South Africa must tame Zambia's 'brutal regime', opposition leader says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-must-tame-zambia-s-brutal-regime-opposition-leader-says Zambia’s opposition leader Hakainde Hichelema accused President Edgar Lungu’s government on Thursday of political killings, rights abuses and rampant corruption, calling on South Africa to intervene to restore calm. Sudan's president sacks foreign minister, state news agency reports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-president-sacks-foreign-minister-state-news-agency-reports Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has issued a presidential decree relieving Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour of his position, state news agency SUNA reported on Thursday. Gold production resumes at two Randgold mines in Mali after strikes: union http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gold-production-resumes-at-two-randgold-mines-in-mali-after-strikes-union Work has resumed at two gold mines operated by Randgold Resources in Mali, after strikes that halted production since Wednesday, a senior union official told Reuters. Senegal capital erupts in protest over new election law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-capital-erupts-in-protest-over-new-election-law Protests flared in Senegal’s capital on Thursday and a parliamentary debate descended into pushing and shoving over a change to an election law that critics say will make it impossible for minor candidates to run for president in 2019. At least 21 dead after flower-farm dam bursts in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-21-dead-after-flower-farm-dam-bursts-in-kenya A dam burst in Kenya after weeks of torrential rain, unleashing a torrent of water that smashed into two villages, killing at least 21 people and causing “huge destruction”, rescue services and government officials said. First suspected deaths in Congo Ebola outbreak came in January: WHO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/first-suspected-deaths-in-congo-ebola-outbreak-came-in-january-who Cases of hemorrhagic fever were reported in an area of Congo that is facing an Ebola epidemic as far back as December and the first deaths were reported in January, a spokesman for the World Health Organization said in the capital Kinshasa on Thursday. Sierra Leone mudslide survivors live in fear of fresh disaster http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-mudslide-survivors-live-in-fear-of-fresh-disaster Kadiatu Koroma only narrowly escaped the mudslide that engulfed her home in Sierra Leone’s ramshackle capital last August, killing an estimated 1,000 people in one of the worst flooding-related disasters to hit Africa in living memory. Kenyan Olympic chief wants action to end 'cancer' of doping http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-olympic-chief-wants-action-to-end-cancer-of-doping The President of Kenya’s Olympic Committee has called for urgent measures to deal with what he described as the “cancer” of doping among athletes in the east African country. Al Shabaab blast kills at least 5 in Somali khat market near Mogadishu http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-shabaab-blast-kills-at-least-5-in-somali-khat-market-near-mogadishu An explosion killed at least five people and wounded 10 on Wednesday in a market for the stimulant leaf khat in southern Somalia, police and residents said, and al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab said it was behind the blast. Randgold ends gold venture with Cradle Arc in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/randgold-ends-gold-venture-with-cradle-arc-in-mali African gold miner Randgold (RRS.L) has ended a joint venture agreement in Mali with junior explorer Cradle Arc (CRA.L), Cradle Arc said on Wednesday, adding it would seek a new partner. Embattled South African provincial premier denies reports he has quit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/embattled-south-african-provincial-premier-denies-reports-he-has-quit The premier of South Africa’s North West province Supra Mahumapelo denied media reports on Wednesday that he had stepped down in the face of mounting political and public pressure including violent protests against him last month. At Dakar Biennale, Africa's artists urged to seize chance http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-dakar-biennale-africa-s-artists-urged-to-seize-chance Senegal’s old Palais de Justice sits among some of the most sought-after real estate in the capital Dakar, where it shares a stunning sea view with the nearby French ambassador’s residence. I Squared Capital to buy trailer leasing firm TIP in deal topping $1.2 billion http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/i-squared-capital-to-buy-trailer-leasing-firm-tip-in-deal-topping-1-2-billion British investor I Squared Capital said on Wednesday it has agreed to buy TIP Trailer Services, the trailer leasing company formerly owned by General Electric, from China’s HNA Group. WHO calls emergency meeting on Congo's Ebola outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-calls-emergency-meeting-on-congo-s-ebola-outbreak The U.N. World Health Organization will convene an Emergency Committee on Friday to consider the international risks of an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier said on Thursday. African cities pledge to cut climate emissions to zero by 2050 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-cities-pledge-to-cut-climate-emissions-to-zero-by-2050 Africa is sometimes better known for its vulnerability to climate change than its action on the problem – but a set of African cities intend to change that. Gunmen kill Ethiopia country manager of Nigeria's Dangote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kill-ethiopia-country-manager-of-nigeria-s-dangote Unidentified gunmen killed the Ethiopia country manager of Nigeria’s Dangote Industries on Wednesday after he was attacked in the restive Oromiya region while returning to the capital from Ethiopia’s largest cement factory, officials said. Tanzanite miner gets bill as Tanzania cracks down on lost mineral revenues http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzanite-miner-gets-bill-as-tanzania-cracks-down-on-lost-mineral-revenues Tanzanian gemstone miner Tanzanite One has agreed to pay compensation and overdue taxes to the government after unspecified violations led to losses in public revenues, the president’s office said. Exclusive: Vitol, Glencore, Shell in running for Petrobras' Nigerian assets http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/exclusive-vitol-glencore-shell-in-running-for-petrobras-nigerian-assets The world’s three largest oil traders are competing to buy the African arm of Brazil’s Petrobras (PETR4.SA) that owns stakes in two major Nigerian offshore oil blocks, industry and banking sources with knowledge of the matter said, after submitting bids earlier this month. Congo receives first doses of Ebola vaccine amid outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-receives-first-doses-of-ebola-vaccine-amid-outbreak The first batch of 4,000 experimental Ebola vaccines to combat an outbreak suspected of killing 23 people arrived in Congo’s capital Kinshasa on Wednesday. Rebels with a cause - the women bikers saving lives in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rebels-with-a-cause-the-women-bikers-saving-lives-in-nigeria Whenever the all-female Nigerian biker group D’Angels hit the streets, people would stare in amazement at the sight of women on motorbikes. So they made up their minds to use the attention for a good cause. WHO says Congo faces 'very high' risk from Ebola outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-says-congo-faces-very-high-risk-from-ebola-outbreak Democratic Republic of Congo faces a “very high” public health risk from Ebola because the disease has been confirmed in a patient in a big city, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday, raising its assessment from “high” previously. Zimbabwe will not require foreign mining companies to list locally http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-will-not-require-foreign-mining-companies-to-list-locally will not require foreign mining companies to list locally as previously announced and will remove the clause from a mines amendment bill now before parliament, the mines minister said on Friday. Zimbabwe mines need $11 billion investment to modernize http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-mines-need-11-billion-investment-to-modernize Zimbabwe needs up to $11 billion to modernize its mines and boost production to maximum capacity over the next five years, the head of the country’s Chamber of Mines said on Friday. At least 15 killed during Burundi referendum campaign: rights group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-15-killed-during-burundi-referendum-campaign-rights-group At least 15 people were killed and six were raped during a referendum campaign in Burundi that could let President Pierre Nkurunziza hold power until 2034, Human Rights Watch said on Friday. Kenyan university lecturers end strike over low pay http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-university-lecturers-end-strike-over-low-pay Kenya’s public university lecturers have ended a strike over low pay after reaching an agreement with authorities, a union official said, allowing classes to resume after being suspended since early March. New U.S. sanctions hit at Hezbollah-linked financier, companies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-u-s-sanctions-hit-at-hezbollah-linked-financier-companies The United States sought on Thursday to further choke off funding sources for Iranian-backed Hezbollah, imposing sanctions on its representative to Iran, as well as a major financier and his five companies in Europe, West Africa and the Middle East. Fear casts shadow over Burundi vote on extending president's rule http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fear-casts-shadow-over-burundi-vote-on-extending-president-s-rule Burundians stood in long lines on Thursday to vote in a referendum that could let President Pierre Nkurunziza stay in power to 2034, deepening fears of political repression and ethnic conflict in the heart of Africa’s Great Lakes. A third of protected wildlife areas marred by roads and towns - study http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-third-of-protected-wildlife-areas-marred-by-roads-and-towns-study A third of the world’s protected areas for wildlife are suffering road-building, more farms and other man-made threats that are undermining goals to safeguard the diversity of life on Earth, scientists said on Thursday. Two new Ebola deaths recorded in Congo: health ministry http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-new-ebola-deaths-recorded-in-congo-health-ministry Two new deaths from Ebola and seven new confirmed cases have been recorded in Democratic Republic of Congo, the health ministry said on Tuesday. From Burkina to Zimbabwe, U.S. aid cuts squeeze family planning services http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/from-burkina-to-zimbabwe-u-s-aid-cuts-squeeze-family-planning-services The Marie Stopes Ladies who drive from village to village in the remote north of Burkina Faso offering free contraception, advice on family planning, sexual health and sometimes abortion, may have to stop work in June. Africa's green revolution stumbles at Congo project to solve food shortages http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-s-green-revolution-stumbles-at-congo-project-to-solve-food-shortages In 2014, Democratic Republic of Congo officials trumpeted the launch of a sweeping initiative they said would solve food shortages in one of the world’s poorest countries. Guinea's Conde names new PM amid rising political tensions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-s-conde-names-new-pm-amid-rising-political-tensions Guinea President Alpha Conde on Monday named Ibrahima Kassory Fofana as the country’s new prime minister amid heightened political tensions and suspicion about his intentions ahead of a 2020 election. Burundi approves new constitution extending presidential term limit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-approves-new-constitution-extending-presidential-term-limit Voters in Burundi have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution, the electoral commission said on Monday, ushering in changes that could let the president stay in power to 2034. U.S. says Burundi constitutional referendum 'marred' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-says-burundi-constitutional-referendum-marred The United States on Monday criticized last week’s referendum in Burundi as being marred by a lack of transparency and voter intimidation and condemned the government’s decision to suspend media outlets. Trump versus Rwanda in trade battle over used clothes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-versus-rwanda-in-trade-battle-over-used-clothes Early last year, weeks after Donald Trump was sworn in as president, a little known American trade association filed a petition with the U.S. Trade Representative. Nigeria's military committed war crimes, crimes against humanity: Amnesty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-military-committed-war-crimes-crimes-against-humanity-amnesty Nigeria’s military has committed war crimes and crimes against humanity including torture, rape and killing civilians during its fight against Islamist insurgency Boko Haram, human rights group Amnesty International said on Thursday. Ebola patients slip out of Congo hospital as medics try to curb outbreak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ebola-patients-slip-out-of-congo-hospital-as-medics-try-to-curb-outbreak Three patients infected with the Ebola virus slipped out of an isolation ward at a hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo, health officials said, as medics raced to stop the deadly disease from spreading in the busy river port of Mbandaka. South Sudan peace talks end without deal: mediators http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-peace-talks-end-without-deal-mediators Talks in Ethiopia to revive South Sudan’s failed 2015 peace pact and end the country’s civil war broke up on Wednesday without a deal, mediators said, potentially prolonging a conflict that has killed tens of thousands of people and displaced millions. U.S. to send experimental Ebola treatment to Congo - official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-to-send-experimental-ebola-treatment-to-congo-official U.S. health authorities said on Wednesday they were preparing to send an experimental Ebola treatment to the Democratic Republic of Congo for use in a clinical trial aimed at stemming an outbreak in the country that has spread to Mbandaka, a city of about 1.5 million people. Hit by wild weather, Kenya's herders fire up a hot new crop: chilli peppers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hit-by-wild-weather-kenya-s-herders-fire-up-a-hot-new-crop-chilli-peppers In this arid stretch of Kajiado County, where worsening heat and drought have been tough on livestock farmers, Arnold Ole Kapurua is experimenting with a hot new crop: chillis. Guinea's president reshuffles government as he faces strikes, civil unrest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-s-president-reshuffles-government-as-he-faces-strikes-civil-unrest Facing civil unrest and strikes in the crucial mining sector, Guinea’s President Alpha Conde reshuffled his government overnight, appointing new finance and security ministers among others. South Africa's opposition rejects report that party will split http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-opposition-rejects-report-that-party-will-split South Africa’s Democratic Alliance (DA), the biggest opposition to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s African National Congress (ANC), dismissed as “rumors and gossip” a Sunday newspaper report that said the party was about to split. Dozens killed in Cameroon's restive Anglophone region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dozens-killed-in-cameroon-s-restive-anglophone-region More than two dozen people have been killed in one of Cameroon’s Anglophone regions, local sources said on Saturday, although the exact circumstances of their deaths were not immediately clear. China wins back Burkina Faso, urges Taiwan's last African ally to follow http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-wins-back-burkina-faso-urges-taiwan-s-last-african-ally-to-follow China increased diplomatic pressure on Taiwan on Saturday by urging the self-ruled island’s last African ally, Swaziland, to align with Beijing as Burkina Faso re-established Chinese ties. Ethiopia pardons senior opposition leader sentenced to death http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pardons-senior-opposition-leader-sentenced-to-death Ethiopia pardoned on Saturday an opposition leader with British citizenship who had been sentenced to death, the latest in a series of pardons and releases of jailed dissidents announced in the wake of years of violent unrest. Kenya moves to regulate fintech-fuelled lending craze http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-moves-to-regulate-fintech-fuelled-lending-craze Kenya built a reputation as a pioneer of financial inclusion through its early adoption of a mobile money system that enables people to transfer cash and make payments on cellphones without a bank account. East African migrants escape from captors in Libyan smuggling hub http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-african-migrants-escape-from-captors-in-libyan-smuggling-hub More than 100 East African migrants escaped from smugglers holding them captive near the Libyan town of Bani Walid earlier this week, with some of them wounded and reportedly killed in the process, a local source and humanitarian workers said. Cameroon court convicts Anglophone activists of rebellion and terrorism http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-court-convicts-anglophone-activists-of-rebellion-and-terrorism A court in Cameroon on Friday convicted seven activists from the country’s Anglophone minority of rebellion and acts of terrorism and gave them sentences ranging from 10 to 15 years, a defence lawyer said. Ivory Coast needs over $1 billion for reforestation strategy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-needs-over-1-billion-for-reforestation-strategy Ivory Coast will ask donors, timber firms and cocoa companies to help finance a reforestation strategy costing 616 billion CFA francs ($1 billion) over 10 years, the country’s water and forests minister said on Friday. U.N. denunciation of starvation as war weapon needs tough enforcement - experts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-denunciation-of-starvation-as-war-weapon-needs-tough-enforcement-experts A United Nations vote condemning starvation as a means of warfare is historic but will be useless without concrete steps to help millions of starving people, top experts said on Friday. Fear and suspicion hinder Congo medics in Ebola battle http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fear-and-suspicion-hinder-congo-medics-in-ebola-battle With more than twice as many Ebola outbreaks as any other country since the virus was discovered in 1976, Congolese are familiar with its destructive power, yet fear and suspicion of medical authorities are still hindering efforts at containment. U.N. Security Council extends South Sudan sanctions through mid-July http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-security-council-extends-south-sudan-sanctions-through-mid-july The U.N. Security Council voted on Thursday to renew some sanctions on South Sudan through mid-July and to consider imposing travel bans and asset freezes on six South Sudanese leaders if the country’s conflict does not stop by June 30. Uganda imposes tax on social media use http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-imposes-tax-on-social-media-use Uganda’s parliament has imposed a tax on the use of social media in a bid to raise revenue but opponents of the law say it aims to stifle criticism of President Yoweri Museveni, who has been in power since 1986. U.N. fires Central Africa legal adviser who accused peacekeepers of massacre http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-fires-central-africa-legal-adviser-who-accused-peacekeepers-of-massacre The U.N. mission in Central African Republic has fired one of its lawyers after he accused Rwandan peacekeepers of massacring 30 civilians in the capital last month and said they could be investigated. Equatorial Guinea LNG project stumbles as Schlumberger quits http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/equatorial-guinea-lng-project-stumbles-as-schlumberger-quits A pioneering liquefied natural gas project in Equatorial Guinea, bogged down by delayed financing, ran into further trouble after U.S. oil services company Schlumberger pulled out of the venture, two other operators said on Thursday. Hope for evicted forest people as Kenya vows to honor landmark ruling http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hope-for-evicted-forest-people-as-kenya-vows-to-honor-landmark-ruling Kenya’s Ogiek people are optimistic of returning to their ancestral forests as the government has pledged to honor a landmark ruling ordering reparations for forced evictions, in a judgment that could impact others with similar land claims. OPEC May oil output hits new low on Nigeria, Venezuela: Reuters survey http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/opec-may-oil-output-hits-new-low-on-nigeria-venezuela-reuters-survey OPEC oil output fell to a 13-month low in May due to declining Venezuelan production, Nigerian outages and strong compliance with a supply-cutting deal, a Reuters survey found. Golar LNG says Fortuna project may need new partners http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/golar-lng-says-fortuna-project-may-need-new-partners Golar LNG said on Thursday financing for the flagship Fortuna liquefied natural gas project in Equatorial Guinea was “increasingly unlikely in the short-term” and may need additional equity partners after Schlumberger left the venture. South Africa's Treasury backs CEO of $160 billion state pension fund http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-treasury-backs-ceo-of-160-billion-state-pension-fund South Africa’s National Treasury on Thursday rallied behind Dan Matjila, the chief executive of the government’s 2 trillion rand ($160 billion) state pension fund, dismissing a Bloomberg report that said it was considering his suspension. Traffickers plot to sell Nigerians for sex at Russia's World Cup http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/traffickers-plot-to-sell-nigerians-for-sex-at-russia-s-world-cup Human traffickers are planning to exploit relaxed Russian visa controls for next month’s World Cup to sell Nigerian women into sex work, state officials and anti-slavery activists said. UK's Tullow Oil eyes new Ghana offshore assets: CEO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-s-tullow-oil-eyes-new-ghana-offshore-assets-ceo Tullow Oil is interested in new oil blocks off Ghana’s coast as part of the British explorer’s plans to consolidate its operations in the West African nation, Chief Executive Paul McDade said on Thursday. Fifteen dead in Nairobi market fire, 70 injured http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fifteen-dead-in-nairobi-market-fire-70-injured Fifteen people died and 70 were injured when fire swept through a market and nearby homes in central Nairobi in the early hours of Thursday. China splurges on gas as prolonged heat wave boosts clean power demand http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-splurges-on-gas-as-prolonged-heat-wave-boosts-clean-power-demand China has ramped up purchases of liquefied natural gas (LNG), pulling in rare cargoes from Cameroon, Egypt and Europe, trade data shows, as the world’s most populous nation shores up supplies to avoid power shortages during a prolonged heat wave. More than 200 people killed in weekend violence in central Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/more-than-200-people-killed-in-weekend-violence-in-central-nigeria More than 200 people were killed over the weekend in violence in central Nigeria’s Plateau state, the state governor said, making it one of the bloodiest clashes in the months leading up to an election. South Sudan rivals sign peace agreement in Khartoum http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-rivals-sign-peace-agreement-in-khartoum South Sudan’s president signed a peace agreement with rebels on Wednesday including a ceasefire to start in 72 hours, Sudan’s foreign minister said, but rebels rejected other parts of the deal. Zimbabwe's Chamisa worried about opposition clampdown after rally blast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-chamisa-worried-about-opposition-clampdown-after-rally-blast Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader on Wednesday said he feared the government would use a blast that hit a weekend rally by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as an excuse to clamp down on opponents ahead of a July 30 vote. Zimbabwe president tells BBC suspects political faction was behind rally blast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-president-tells-bbc-suspects-political-faction-was-behind-rally-blast Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa said he suspected dissidents from his own party linked to the wife of his predecessor Robert Mugabe were behind an explosion at a rally he attended last week. Ivory Coast's Ouattara to name new government on Tuesday: sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-s-ouattara-to-name-new-government-on-tuesday-sources Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara plans to name a new government on Tuesday after dissolving its predecessor because of a row within his ruling coalition, three government sources told Reuters on Friday. Ethiopia must work harder to attract investment, reformist PM says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-must-work-harder-to-attract-investment-reformist-pm-says Ethiopia must work harder to attract foreign investment and boost international trade, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Friday as he pushes a fundamental overhaul of how the nation is run. Nigerian court clears Senate president of asset-declaration charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-court-clears-senate-president-of-asset-declaration-charges Nigeria’s Supreme Court on Friday dismissed all outstanding charges against Senate president Bukola Saraki related to alleged false declarations of assets. MTN Uganda says government security personnel raided its data center http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mtn-uganda-says-government-security-personnel-raided-its-data-center MTN Uganda, a unit of the South African telecoms firm, said government security personnel had raided its data center and disconnected four of its servers. Corrupt judges blocking Kenyan anti-graft push, prosecutor says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/corrupt-judges-blocking-kenyan-anti-graft-push-prosecutor-says - Corrupt judges are hampering an anti-graft drive in Kenya, undermining President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attempt to restore public trust in the government, national security and the economy, the country’s top prosecutor said. EU mission urges Zimbabwe to improve ballot access to boost vote credibility http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-mission-urges-zimbabwe-to-improve-ballot-access-to-boost-vote-credibility A European Union election observer mission on Friday urged Zimbabwe’s election agency to be more open about the printing and storage of ballot papers to enhance the credibility of a July 30 presidential and parliamentary vote. Kenya court grants bail to governor accused of fraud conspiracy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-court-grants-bail-to-governor-accused-of-fraud-conspiracy A Kenyan court on Friday granted bail to a county governor charged with conspiracy to defraud the government and abuse of office. One killed, three wounded after clashes near Congo-Uganda border http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/one-killed-three-wounded-after-clashes-near-congo-uganda-border Bombings in Somalia's capital wound 13 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bombings-in-somalia-s-capital-wound-13 At least 13 people were wounded on Saturday in a suicide car bombing near Somalia’s presidential palace and another blast outside a police station close by in the capital, the emergency services said. Second blast in Somalia's capital Mogadishu: police source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/second-blast-in-somalia-s-capital-mogadishu-police-source A second blast occurred in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Saturday, opposite a police building, minutes after a suicide car bombing occurred near the presidential palace, a police official told Reuters. South Sudan's warring parties sign deal on security arrangements http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-warring-parties-sign-deal-on-security-arrangements South Sudan’s government and rebels on Friday signed an accord on security arrangements after talks in Khartoum, witnesses said, a step that could lead to a power-sharing deal at a summit in Uganda on Saturday. Kenyan government suppliers go unpaid as corruption depletes state coffers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-government-suppliers-go-unpaid-as-corruption-depletes-state-coffers Kenya’s government is failing to pay many of its contractors on time, as corruption drains funds for legitimate projects from state coffers, suppliers and officials say. Brazil's Petrobras nears $1.3 billion sales of African venture stake: paper http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/brazil-s-petrobras-nears-1-3-billion-sales-of-african-venture-stake-paper Brazilian state-controlled oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA (PETR4.SA) is close to agreeing the sale of its stake in an African venture for around $1.3 billion, newspaper Valor Econômico said on Tuesday. South Sudan government forces, allies killed hundreds of civilians: U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-government-forces-allies-killed-hundreds-of-civilians-u-n At least 232 civilians were killed and 120 women and girls raped this spring in attacks by South Sudan government troops and aligned forces in opposition-held villages, the U.N. human rights office said on Tuesday. Sierra Leone launches corruption inquiry into former government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-launches-corruption-inquiry-into-former-government Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio will launch a commission to investigate accusations of widespread corruption under his predecessor Ernest Koroma, the government said. Ethiopia to roll out Eritrea deal fast to 'make up for lost opportunities': PM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-to-roll-out-eritrea-deal-fast-to-make-up-for-lost-opportunities-pm Ethiopia’s prime minister said on Tuesday his government wanted to implement a deal restoring relations with former foe Eritrea quickly, to “make up for lost opportunities” after a two-decade military standoff. Ethiopian Airlines says will resume flights to Eritrea's capital on July 17 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-airlines-says-will-resume-flights-to-eritrea-s-capital-on-july-17 Ethiopian Airlines said on Tuesday it would resume flights to Eritrea’s capital Asmara on July 17 for the first time in 20 years, a day after the neighbors and longtime foes declared their “state of war” over. Ex-foes Ethiopia, Eritrea eye peace dividend after historic deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-foes-ethiopia-eritrea-eye-peace-dividend-after-historic-deal After declaring an end on Monday to a costly two-decade military stalemate, Ethiopia and Eritrea - one a rising African star, the other among the world’s most isolationist nations - appear poised to reap a lucrative peace dividend. Campaign group says illegal ivory trade breezes past EU law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/campaign-group-says-illegal-ivory-trade-breezes-past-eu-law In spite of a ban, illegal ivory trading is still flourishing in the European Union, as traders use a loophole allowing for the exchange of very old pieces, an Oxford University study sponsored by a campaign group found. Congo's Kabila delays U.N. chief's visit, refuses to see U.S. envoy Haley http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-kabila-delays-u-n-chief-s-visit-refuses-to-see-u-s-envoy-haley Congolese President Joseph Kabila has put off a planned visit this week by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and refused to see U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, who diplomats said had also separately planned to visit Kinshasa. Mali: Any dispute over key Sunday vote must be resolved peacefully, says UN envoy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-any-dispute-over-key-sunday-vote-must-be-resolved-peacefully-says-un-envoy With key presidential elections in Mali just two days away, the top United Nations official there on Friday stressed that candidates must accept the results and ensure that the democratic process in Mali is “irreversible”. DR Congo: UN envoy calls for ‘a level playing field’ in key upcoming elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-un-envoy-calls-for-a-level-playing-field-in-key-upcoming-elections Major progress has been made on preparations for the upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but “conditions for a level playing field are not yet in place”, said the most senior United Nations official based in the country. Cameroon violence needs urgent investigation, says UN rights chief Zeid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-violence-needs-urgent-investigation-says-un-rights-chief-zeid Persistent reports of grave human rights abuses in Cameroon — including a widely shared video showing the alleged execution of a woman, child and baby — must be investigated by the authorities urgently, UN rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein said on Wednesday. Ebola outbreak in DR Congo declared over: WHO chief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ebola-outbreak-in-dr-congo-declared-over-who-chief The Ebola virus outbreak in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been declared over, thanks to a concerted national and international effort to contain the threat, the UN’s top health official said on Tuesday. UN rights office appeals for peaceful Zimbabwe elections amid reports of intimidation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-rights-office-appeals-for-peaceful-zimbabwe-elections-amid-reports-of-intimidation Zimbabwe’s upcoming presidential elections must be peaceful and credible, the UN Human Rights Office, OHCHR, said on Tuesday, amid increasing reports of voter intimidation and coercion linked to the ruling ZANU-PF party. Mali goes to polls after five years of jihad, insecurity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-goes-to-polls-after-five-years-of-jihad-insecurity Malians began voting on Sunday to decide whether or not to give President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita a second term, despite widespread ethnic and jihadist violence that has dramatically worsened since he came to power five years ago. Zimbabwe rivals promise victory in pitch for votes at final election rallies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-rivals-promise-victory-in-pitch-for-votes-at-final-election-rallies Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his rival Nelson Chamisa held final election rallies on Saturday and both vowed to rebuild an economy shattered by Robert Mugabe’s long rule. Somalia's president pays rare visit to Eritrea http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-president-pays-rare-visit-to-eritrea Somalia’s president paid a rare visit to Eritrea on Saturday in a sign that Asmara is trying to use the opportunity created by a rapprochement with Ethiopia to improve its regional ties. Malawi vice president says quit ruling party in protest at graft http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-vice-president-says-quit-ruling-party-in-protest-at-graft Malawian Vice President Saulos Chilima, who has quit the ruling party and plans to run for president, says his administration would investigate alleged corruption among officials of the current government and anyone at fault “will not be spared”. Pence meets with Ethiopian prime minister, applauds reforms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/pence-meets-with-ethiopian-prime-minister-applauds-reforms U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Friday and praised “the historic reform efforts” undertaken by Abiy since assuming power in April, the White House said in a statement. Malian civilians die in ethnic clashes before presidential vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malian-civilians-die-in-ethnic-clashes-before-presidential-vote A number of civilians were killed in ethnic violence in central Mali, government and local sources said on Friday, in one of a long series of attacks before a hotly-disputed presidential election this weekend. Mali poll winner must halt ethnic killing in 'breadbasket': U.N. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-poll-winner-must-halt-ethnic-killing-in-breadbasket-u-n Whoever wins Mali’s election on Sunday will need to urgently address growing ethnic violence in its central region, where jihadists are sowing chaos in the “breadbasket” of the largely desert nation, the U.N. mission chief said on Friday. Zimbabwe's ruling party wins majority in parliament, opposition questions poll http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-ruling-party-wins-majority-in-parliament-opposition-questions-poll The candidate for Zimbabwe’s main opposition party accused the ruling ZANU-PF of trying to steal a presidential and parliamentary election on Wednesday after official figures gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s party a majority in parliament. Congo opposition leader Bemba returns home for presidential bid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-opposition-leader-bemba-returns-home-for-presidential-bid Congolese opposition leader Jean-Pierre Bemba returned home on Wednesday after a decade in prison in The Hague for a presidential run expected to pose a stiff challenge to President Joseph Kabila or his successor in December’s election. SADC observer group says Zimbabwe election peaceful, orderly http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sadc-observer-group-says-zimbabwe-election-peaceful-orderly Zimbabwe’s presidential and parliamentary vote was peaceful and orderly and opened the door to strengthen the country’s democracy, election observers from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) bloc said on Wednesday. 'Superfood' craze makes big business of Africa's baobab http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/superfood-craze-makes-big-business-of-africa-s-baobab Taerou Dieuhiou has been shinning barefoot up baobab trees in Senegal’s southern Casamance region to collect the oblong fruit since he was 15. ArcelorMittal South Africa swings to first-half profit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/arcelormittal-south-africa-swings-to-first-half-profit ArcelorMittal’s South Africa unit (ACLJ.J) swung back to a modest profit in the first half of the financial year, boosted by higher steel prices and upbeat sale volumes, the firm said on Wednesday. South Africa's ANC to amend constitution to allow land expropriation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-to-amend-constitution-to-allow-land-expropriation South African ruling African National Congress will push ahead with plans to amend the constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Tuesday, a move likely to unnerve investors. Nigeria's Senate president quits ruling party in new blow to Buhari http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-senate-president-quits-ruling-party-in-new-blow-to-buhari Nigeria’s Senate president on Tuesday became the latest senior politician to leave the ruling party, dealing a new blow to President Muhammadu Buhari ahead of an election next year. Third candidate claims place in Mali election run-off http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/third-candidate-claims-place-in-mali-election-run-off Three candidates in Mali’s presidential election claimed on Tuesday to have made it into a two-candidate run-off vote, adding to confusion over a poll beset by claims of irregularities and armed attacks that prevented thousands from voting. Eastern Congo Ebola outbreak believed to have killed 33: health ministry http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eastern-congo-ebola-outbreak-believed-to-have-killed-33-health-ministry An outbreak of the Ebola virus declared this week in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo is believed to have killed 33 people, the health ministry said on Saturday. Unrest spreads in eastern Ethiopia after deployment of troops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unrest-spreads-in-eastern-ethiopia-after-deployment-of-troops Mobs looted shops and burned down properties in Ethiopia’s eastern Somali region on Saturday, as unrest gained momentum and spread across the province following deployment of soldiers, witnesses said. Zimbabwe opposition members in court over post-election violence, victims buried http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-opposition-members-in-court-over-post-election-violence-victims-buried Twenty-seven members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) appeared in a Zimbabwe court facing public violence charges on Saturday after six people were killed in post-election protests that were met by a military crackdown. UK says deeply concerned by Zimbabwe election violence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-says-deeply-concerned-by-zimbabwe-election-violence Britain’s government said on Saturday that it was deeply concerned by violence following Zimbabwe’s elections and by the “disproportionate response from the security forces.” Eritrean Airlines starts regular flights to Addis, improving relations: minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrean-airlines-starts-regular-flights-to-addis-improving-relations-minister Eritrean Airlines has begun regular flights to Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, the Eritrean information minister said on Saturday, marking another step in improving relations between the Horn of African countries after a generation of hostility. Ethiopia's PM Abiy sets up team to advise on privatization http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-pm-abiy-sets-up-team-to-advise-on-privatization Ethiopia’s prime minister has appointed a team to advise his government on the privatization of state-owned enterprises, his chief of staff said, as part of reforms the new leader has instituted since taking office four months ago. Russian TV crew's fatal trip to Central Africa was dogged by communication mix-ups http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russian-tv-crew-s-fatal-trip-to-central-africa-was-dogged-by-communication-mix-ups Three Russian TV journalists killed in volatile Central African Republic spoke no French, had trouble communicating with their driver, and had inconsistent contact with their local fixer, according to two people who were in touch with the journalists. Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa promises probe of post-election killings, urges unity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mnangagwa-promises-probe-of-post-election-killings-urges-unity President Emmerson Mnangagwa urged Zimbabweans to unite on Friday after he was declared the first elected head of state since Robert Mugabe’s removal from power, but the opposition leader insisted he had won and pledged to challenge the result. U.S. says reviewing results of Zimbabwe election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-says-reviewing-results-of-zimbabwe-election The United States said on Friday it was reviewing Zimbabwe’s election results and called on political leaders to “show magnanimity in victory and graciousness in defeat” after the opposition disputed whether President Emmerson Mnangagwa had won the vote. South Africa's Eskom closes in on wage deal with unions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-eskom-closes-in-on-wage-deal-with-unions South African state-run power utility Eskom closed in on a wage deal with trade unions on Friday, as two large unions sought a mandate from their members to agree to Eskom’s latest salary offer after weeks of fraught negotiations. Congo opposition leader Katumbi refused entry at border http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-opposition-leader-katumbi-refused-entry-at-border Congolese opposition leader Moise Katumbi was refused entry into Congo via the country’s land border with Zambia on Friday when he tried to return from exile to submit his candidacy for December’s presidential election, he said in a tweet. Seizing land would send South Africa down the wrong path: U.S. http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/seizing-land-would-send-south-africa-down-the-wrong-path-u-s The United States warned South Africa on Thursday that seizing land without compensation risked sending the country down the wrong path, deepening a spat over Pretoria’s efforts to fix a glaring racial disparity almost 25 years after the end of apartheid. Ghana opposition seeks IMF view on $2 billion Chinese Bauxite deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-opposition-seeks-imf-view-on-2-billion-chinese-bauxite-deal Ghana’s opposition in parliament wants the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to decide whether a $2 billion Chinese deal agreed by the government in exchange for bauxite will add to the country’s debt burden, it said on Thursday. Somalia's first FGM prosecution 'hampered' by victim's parents http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-first-fgm-prosecution-hampered-by-victim-s-parents Somalia’s first prosecution for female genital mutilation (FGM) following the death of a 10-year-old girl has run into problems because her parents will not help investigators locate the cutter, an activist said on Thursday. Fed up with costly, dirty fuels, Nigerians switch to cleaner alternatives http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fed-up-with-costly-dirty-fuels-nigerians-switch-to-cleaner-alternatives For Rhoda Tanko, preparing dishes of okra or egusi soup in her small shack was a daily ordeal spent battling the dizzying, toxic black fumes spewed out by her charcoal stove. Sierra Leone wants more girls in school - but not if pregnant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-wants-more-girls-in-school-but-not-if-pregnant Pregnant schoolgirls in Sierra Leone will be banned from classes and exams despite sweeping new government measures to improve access to education for all, a state spokesman said on Thursday. Ugandan lawmaker remanded in custody on treason charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-lawmaker-remanded-in-custody-on-treason-charges An opposition Ugandan lawmaker was charged with treason on Thursday over his alleged role in the stoning of President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy this month. France says it kills top Islamic State official in Mali operation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-says-it-kills-top-islamic-state-official-in-mali-operation France said on Monday it had killed a top official from Islamic State’s affiliate in West Africa in an operation in Mali that also killed another member of the group and two civilians. Ethiopia arrests disgraced regional boss accused of rights abuses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-arrests-disgraced-regional-boss-accused-of-rights-abuses Police in Ethiopia arrested the disgraced former head of the eastern Somali region on Monday on charges of human rights abuses and stoking deadly ethnic clashes, the attorney general’s office said. Ugandan court grants bail to lawmakers charged with treason http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-court-grants-bail-to-lawmakers-charged-with-treason A Ugandan High Court granted bail on Monday to 33 people, including popular songwriter Robert Kyagulanyi, who have been charged with treason over their alleged role in the stoning of President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy this month. Uganda's national oil firm, China's CNOOC sign exploration deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-national-oil-firm-china-s-cnooc-sign-exploration-deal Uganda said on Thursday its national oil firm and Chinese offshore oil and gas company CNOOC Ltd have signed an agreement to jointly conduct exploration in a new block in the East African country. Kenyan police apologizes over arrest of Chinese journalists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-apologizes-over-arrest-of-chinese-journalists Kenyan police apologized on Thursday for briefly arresting journalists from Chinese state television’s international English channel China Global Television Network (CGTN). South Sudan soldiers sentenced to jail for murder, rape in 2016 hotel raid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-soldiers-sentenced-to-jail-for-murder-rape-in-2016-hotel-raid A South Sudanese military court on Thursday sentenced 10 soldiers to prison for the rape of foreign aid workers and the murder of a journalist in an assault on a hotel in Juba in 2016, and ordered the government to pay compensation to the victims. Ethiopia reopens embassy in Eritrea in further warming of ties http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-reopens-embassy-in-eritrea-in-further-warming-of-ties Ethiopia reopened its embassy in the Eritrean capital Asmara on Thursday, the state-affiliated Ethiopian Fana Broadcasting said, a further sign of improving ties after the Horn of Africa neighbours signed a peace accord on July 9. Two opposition lawmakers elected in Rwanda for the first time http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-opposition-lawmakers-elected-in-rwanda-for-the-first-time Opposition candidates have won seats in the Rwandan parliament for the first time, election results showed on Wednesday, although the two new lawmakers will be heavily outnumbered by members of President Paul Kagame’s ruling party. At least 17 killed in South Sudan plane crash http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-17-killed-in-south-sudan-plane-crash At least 17 people died in South Sudan on Sunday when a small aircraft carrying passengers from Juba International Airport to the city of Yirol crashed, State information Minister Taban Abel told Reuters. Uber-rival Careem expands services into Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uber-rival-careem-expands-services-into-sudan Middle East ride-hailing firm Careem said on Sunday it had started a service in Sudan, one of few international companies to enter the country since U.S. economic sanctions were lifted last year. UNHCR says Tripoli facility ready to help refugees caught up in fighting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unhcr-says-tripoli-facility-ready-to-help-refugees-caught-up-in-fighting The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) on Saturday recommended that thousands of refugees who escaped from detention centers amid clashes between militia in Tripoli be directed to a facility in the capital to help them to safety. Angola's Lourenço appointed leader of ruling MPLA party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-s-loureno-appointed-leader-of-ruling-mpla-party Angolan President João Lourenço on Saturday took the helm of the ruling MPLA party, winning unopposed a leadership election that marks the end of Jose Eduardo dos Santos’ almost 40-year dominance of Angolan politics. Botswana says China agreed to extend loan, cancel debt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-says-china-agreed-to-extend-loan-cancel-debt China has agreed to extend a loan to Botswana for rail and road infrastructure as well as writing off some debt, Botswana’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi said on Saturday. Many feared dead after Islamist attack in northeast Nigeria: witnesses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/many-feared-dead-after-islamist-attack-in-northeast-nigeria-witnesses Many people are feared dead after an Islamist militant attack on the northeast Nigerian town of Gudumbali, two residents and a vigilante said on Saturday. Tropical storm Helene forms near Cape Verde: U.S. NHC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tropical-storm-helene-forms-near-cape-verde-u-s-nhc Tropical storm Helene has formed in the Atlantic early Saturday and is expected to become a hurricane early next week as it churns toward the United States, the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) said. Ethiopia, Eritrea leaders celebrate peace and new year at border where war raged http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-eritrea-leaders-celebrate-peace-and-new-year-at-border-where-war-raged The leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea visited their shared border to celebrate Ethiopian new year together on Tuesday - marking the countries’ reconciliation on a frontier where their soldiers faced off against each other just months earlier. French Orano opens uranium conversion plant despite glut http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-orano-opens-uranium-conversion-plant-despite-glut French nuclear group Orano on Monday inaugurated a 1.15 billion euro ($1.33 billion) uranium conversion plant despite huge global overcapacity for nuclear reactor fuel. Nigerian gas tanker explosion kills at least 35 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-gas-tanker-explosion-kills-at-least-35 At least 35 people were killed on Monday and hundreds injured when a gas tanker exploded in northern Nigerian state of Nasarawa and started a blaze, the state emergency agency said. U.S. 'gravely concerned' by reports of abuse by Ugandan security forces: official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-gravely-concerned-by-reports-of-abuse-by-ugandan-security-forces-official The United States is “gravely concerned” by reports of excessive force used by Uganda’s security forces against lawmakers and journalists in the northwestern town of Arua, a State Department official said on Monday after the country’s opposition called on Washington to suspend military support to Kampala. Ebola fight has new science but faces old hurdles in restive Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ebola-fight-has-new-science-but-faces-old-hurdles-in-restive-congo When Esperance Nzavaki heard she was cured of Ebola after three weeks of cutting-edge care at a medical center in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, she raised her arms to the sky with joy and praised the Lord. Suicide car bomb kills at least six in Somali capital http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/suicide-car-bomb-kills-at-least-six-in-somali-capital A suicide car bomb rammed into a local government office in Somalia’s capital on Monday, killing at least six people in an attack claimed by al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab. Cash-strapped Sudan to form leaner new government in two days http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cash-strapped-sudan-to-form-leaner-new-government-in-two-days Sudan will form a new government within two days, President Omar al-Bashir said on Monday, a day after he dissolved the cash-strapped administration and slashed the number of ministries by a third to tackle a deepening economic crisis. Uganda warns against interference as pressure mounts on U.S. to cut military support http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-warns-against-interference-as-pressure-mounts-on-u-s-to-cut-military-support Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni on Sunday warned against foreign interference in the country’s politics days after an opposition call for the United States to suspend military aid over the government’s human rights record. Kenyan governor denies murdering pregnant lover http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-governor-denies-murdering-pregnant-lover A Kenyan county governor was charged in court on Monday with murdering a university student whom he had got pregnant. Kenyan troops kill 10 al Shabaab fighters: army http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-troops-kill-10-al-shabaab-fighters-army Kenyan soldiers killed 10 fighters from the Somalian militant group al Shabaab in a clash on Monday in eastern Kenya, the military said. China says new African swine fever outbreak reported in Inner Mongolia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-says-new-african-swine-fever-outbreak-reported-in-inner-mongolia China said on Monday it has confirmed a new outbreak of African swine fever in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of northern China, as authorities struggle to contain the highly contagious disease. Rebel attack in Congo Ebola zone kills 18 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rebel-attack-in-congo-ebola-zone-kills-18 At least 14 civilians and four soldiers were killed on Saturday in a six-hour attack by rebels on the town of Beni in eastern Congo, the army and local officials said, disrupting efforts to contain an Ebola epidemic in the area. Tanzania ferry death toll rises to 224, ship's managers detained http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-ferry-death-toll-rises-to-224-ship-s-managers-detained Tanzanian authorities said on Sunday the number of people who died in a ferry that capsized in Lake Victoria had risen to 224 and the vessel’s managers had been detained for questioning. U.S. may aid Liberia in search for missing millions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-may-aid-liberia-in-search-for-missing-millions The U.S. government is considering helping Liberia track down more than $100 million in missing cash, an embassy spokesman said, in a case that has triggered a political crisis in the impoverished country. Somalia car bomb strikes EU convoy, no casualties -police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-car-bomb-strikes-eu-convoy-no-casualties-police A suicide car bombing by Islamist group al Shabaab hit a European Union armored convoy in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu on Monday, damaging one vehicle but causing no casualties, police and the Islamists said. Marriott International to increase its Africa hotels by 50 percent by 2023 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/marriott-international-to-increase-its-africa-hotels-by-50-percent-by-2023 Marriott International (MAR.O) plans to increase its hotels in Africa by 50 percent in the next five years, opening new facilities in markets where it already operates and venturing into new ones like Mozambique, the company said on Monday. Prince William visits British troops in Kenya, trains with them http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/prince-william-visits-british-troops-in-kenya-trains-with-them Prince William visited British troops in Kenya on Sunday, participating in a training exercise north of the capital Nairobi. Nigeria ruling party nominates Buhari for re-election in 2019 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-ruling-party-nominates-buhari-for-re-election-in-2019 Nigeria’s ruling party has nominated President Muhammadu Buhari as its candidate to stand for re-election in February 2019, a spokesman for Buhari said on Saturday. Congo's opposition leaders warn of vote-rigging risk in presidential poll http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-opposition-leaders-warn-of-vote-rigging-risk-in-presidential-poll Congo’s opposition leaders warned thousands of supporters at a rally in the capital Kinshasa on Saturday of what they say are moves by the government to steal the presidential election in December, when Joseph Kabila is due to step down after 17 years. South African arms firm fails to pay senior staff in reform setback http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-arms-firm-fails-to-pay-senior-staff-in-reform-setback South African state-owned arms manufacturer Denel did not pay senior staff their salaries in full this month, the company said, in a setback for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s drive to turnaround struggling state companies. Nigerian women's minister becomes second cabinet member to resign this month http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-women-s-minister-becomes-second-cabinet-member-to-resign-this-month Nigeria’s women’s affairs minister submitted her resignation in a letter to the president on Saturday, becoming the second cabinet member to step down this month and adding that she would leave the ruling party. Burundi suspends some NGO's for violating new law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-suspends-some-ngo-s-for-violating-new-law Burundi has suspended some local and international non-governmental organizations for three months for violating a new law, a senior government official said late on Thursday. Nigerian oil unions aim to resolve dispute with Chevron in two weeks: union official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-oil-unions-aim-to-resolve-dispute-with-chevron-in-two-weeks-union-official Nigerian oil unions will try to resolve a labor dispute with the U.S. firm Chevron within two weeks, a union official said on Friday, after the unions threatened last week to go on strike nationwide. Political rift in Ivory Coast raises concerns for 2020 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/political-rift-in-ivory-coast-raises-concerns-for-2020 After more than a decade as allies, two of Ivory Coast’s largest political parties face off in local elections on Saturday after an acrimonious divorce that is making Ivorians nervous ahead of a presidential poll in 2020. U.N. employee in eastern Congo tests positive for Ebola http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-employee-in-eastern-congo-tests-positive-for-ebola A plumber working for the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has tested positive for Ebola, the health ministry said on Friday, the first case of a U.N. worker contracting the disease during the current outbreak. Nigerian opposition candidate Abubakar picks 2019 election running mate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-opposition-candidate-abubakar-picks-2019-election-running-mate The main opposition challenger to Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari in next year’s election has selected a former governor from the southeast of the country to be his running mate, the candidate’s spokesman said on Friday. Fire on southeast Nigerian state oil pipeline kills 16 people: NNPC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fire-on-southeast-nigerian-state-oil-pipeline-kills-16-people-nnpc Sixteen people were killed after a fire broke out on Friday on an oil pipeline in the southeast of Nigeria, a spokesman for the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation told Reuters. U.N. says 833 children released by Nigerian militia group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-says-833-children-released-by-nigerian-militia-group A militia fighting against the Islamist militant group Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria has released 833 children from its own ranks, some as young as 11, the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF said on Friday. Landslide kills 31 in eastern Uganda http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/landslide-kills-31-in-eastern-uganda At least 31 people were killed when a floodwaters triggered by a landslide swept debris through a town in eastern Uganda, destroying homes and burying livestock, a government official said on Friday. Kenya's ex-sports minister to be charged over Rio Olympics graft http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-ex-sports-minister-to-be-charged-over-rio-olympics-graft Kenya’s former sports minister will be charged in court in relation to the siphoning of funds meant for athletes who competed in the Olympics in Brazil two years ago, the chief prosecutor said on Saturday. China reports new African swine fever case on farm with 20,000 pigs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/china-reports-new-african-swine-fever-case-on-farm-with-20-000-pigs China reported a new African swine fever case on a farm with nearly 20,000 pigs on Monday, the largest farm yet to report the highly contagious disease in the world’s top pork producer. Crowdfunded solar panels aim to supercharge business in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/crowdfunded-solar-panels-aim-to-supercharge-business-in-africa Like many small-scale farmers in densely populated Kisii County in western Kenya, James and Janet Torori long depended on bananas, maize and a single dairy cow for food and income. Violence will not deter Somali people in their pursuit of peace, says UN chief, in wake of lethal attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/violence-will-not-deter-somali-people-in-their-pursuit-of-peace-says-un-chief-in-wake-of-lethal-attacks Strongly condemning twin suicide attacks in Baidoa, southwestern Somalia, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has reiterated the Organization’s support and solidarity with the country’s people and Government. Death toll from twin suicide bombings in southern Somalia rises to 20 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-from-twin-suicide-bombings-in-southern-somalia-rises-to-20 The number of people killed in twin suicide bomb attacks on two restaurants in Somalia’s southern city of Baidoa has risen to 20 and another 40 people were injured, a local hospital official said on Sunday. Islamic State in Nigeria might soon kill health workers, schoolgirl: ICRC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/islamic-state-in-nigeria-might-soon-kill-health-workers-schoolgirl-icrc Islamic State in Nigeria might kill healthcare workers it has held hostage since March within 24 hours, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Sunday, calling for mercy and urging Nigeria’s government to intervene. Congolese migrants flood home, Angola denies claims of brutal crackdown http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-migrants-flood-home-angola-denies-claims-of-brutal-crackdown Congolese migrants and officials said dozens of people were killed this month in neighboring Angola in a crackdown on artisanal diamond mining, an accusation Angolan security forces strongly denied. French prosecutor recommends dropping probe of 1994 Rwanda president killing: source http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-prosecutor-recommends-dropping-probe-of-1994-rwanda-president-killing-source A French prosecutor has recommended dropping charges against eight senior Rwandan officials, including the defense minister, who were being investigated over the death of president Juvenal Habyarimana in 1994, a judicial source told Reuters. UN welcomes ‘milestone’ release of 833 Nigerian children from anti-Boko Haram force http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-welcomes-milestone-release-of-833-nigerian-children-from-anti-boko-haram-force The United Nations welcomed on Friday as an “important milestone” the release in Nigeria of 833 children by the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF); a group formed in 2013 to protect communities and support the country’s security forces against Boko Haram extremists. Vote count begins as Madagascar chooses president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/vote-count-begins-as-madagascar-chooses-president Madagascar voted on Wednesday for a president to tackle unemployment, poverty and corruption on the Indian Ocean island, with the incumbent and two former heads of state leading a field of 36 contenders. Zimbabwe invites bids for struggling national airline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-invites-bids-for-struggling-national-airline Zimbabwe has invited bids for the state-owned airline as President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government pushes ahead with a drive to privatize and end state funding to loss-making firms, Air Zimbabwe’s administrator said on Monday. Congo opposition picks Martin Fayulu as its presidential candidate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-opposition-picks-martin-fayulu-as-its-presidential-candidate Congo’s opposition coalition picked businessman and lawmaker Martin Fayulu to be its candidate in a December presidential election, it said in a statement. Health of Gabon's hospitalized leader has greatly improved: presidency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/health-of-gabon-s-hospitalized-leader-has-greatly-improved-presidency The health of Gabon’s President Ali Ben Bongo has greatly improved and he is recovering his physical abilities, his office said on Sunday, after sources said last month he suffered a stroke. Zimbabwe's unlicensed foreign currency traders face 10-year jail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-unlicensed-foreign-currency-traders-face-10-year-jail Unlicensed foreign currency traders in Zimbabwe face up to 10 years in jail if convicted and loss of their money and assets when new exchange control rules are published this week, a senior government official said on Sunday. Frontline workers vaccinated in Uganda over Ebola fears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/frontline-workers-vaccinated-in-uganda-over-ebola-fears The World Health Organization (WHO), and Ugandan Ministry of Health, have begun vaccinating frontline health workers in the country against Ebola, in a bid to stop an outbreak in the neighbouring Democratic of Congo (DRC) from crossing the border. Somalia: UN Security Council condemns terrorist attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-un-security-council-condemns-terrorist-attack The members of the United Nations Security Council, on Saturday, condemned “in the strongest possible terms” Friday’s car bomb attack in Somalia, in which dozens of innocent women, children and men were killed or injured, and reiterated that any acts of terrorism are "criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, wherever, whenever and by whomsoever committed". Invasive trees targeted by new South Africa anti-drought fund http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/invasive-trees-targeted-by-new-south-africa-anti-drought-fund Big business is backing a South African fund to eradicate invasive trees around Cape Town and yield billions of liters of water as the city emerges from its worst drought in a century, officials said on Friday. At least 42 feared dead in Zimbabwe bus fire http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-42-feared-dead-in-zimbabwe-bus-fire Police in Zimbabwe pulled the charred remains of passengers from a bus that caught fire overnight in the south of the country and said at least 42 people were feared dead and more than 20 were taken to hospital with injuries, state broadcaster ZEC said. Pentagon to cut troops in Africa as focus shifts to China, Russia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/pentagon-to-cut-troops-in-africa-as-focus-shifts-to-china-russia The U.S. military will withdraw hundreds of troops focused on counterterrorism operations in Africa over the next several years to support the Pentagon’s increased focus on countering threats from China and Russia, officials said on Thursday. Seven peacekeepers killed in clashes near Ebola-hit part of east Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/seven-peacekeepers-killed-in-clashes-near-ebola-hit-part-of-east-congo At least seven U.N. peacekeepers were killed in clashes with militias in an area that is at the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s worst Ebola epidemic, United Nations and diplomatic sources said on Thursday. Ethiopia arrests ex deputy intelligence chief in corruption, rights crackdown http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-arrests-ex-deputy-intelligence-chief-in-corruption-rights-crackdown Ethiopia said on Thursday it had arrested the former deputy intelligence chief after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration launched a crackdown this week on senior security officials suspected of human rights abuses and corruption. Gabon thwarts military coup attempt in President's absence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-thwarts-military-coup-attempt-in-president-s-absence Gabon foiled an attempted military coup on Monday, killing two suspected plotters and capturing seven others just hours after they took over state radio in a bid to end 50 years of rule by President Ali Bongo’s family. DRC election results delayed past Sunday deadline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-election-results-delayed-past-sunday-deadline Preliminary results from Democratic Republic of Congo’s tumultuous presidential election will be delayed past Sunday’s deadline, the head of the election commission told Reuters. The commission, known as CENI, had received only 47 percent of vote tally sheets as of Saturday, said its president, Corneille Nangaa, and it was not yet clear when the results would be ready. Nigeria's President Buhari says electoral commissioner is related by marriage http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-president-buhari-says-electoral-commissioner-is-related-by-marriage Nigeria’s President Buhari on Friday acknowledged that an electoral commissioner is an extended family member by marriage, but denied claims by the main opposition party that she is a blood relative, ahead of the country’s Feb. 16 presidential election. Elections in Africa’s most populous nation have for years been marred by allegations of irregularities including vote rigging, voter intimidation, cronyism and violence. US military says it kills six militants in an air strike in Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/us-military-says-it-kills-six-militants-in-an-air-strike-in-somalia The U.S. military killed six al-Shabaab militants in an air strike in Somalia on Sunday in the vicinity of Dheerow Sanle, in the Lower Shabelle region, it said. Mozambique indicts 18 people in connection with $2 billion loan scheme http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-indicts-18-people-in-connection-with-2-billion-loan-scheme Mozambique has indicted 18 citizens for their involvement in fraud involving $2 billion in loans to state-owned companies, the attorney general’s office (AGO) said on Monday, in a scandal that has ensnared two major international banks. DR Congo opposition candidate Fayulu says results 'not negotiable' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-opposition-candidate-fayulu-says-results-not-negotiable Opposition presidential candidate Martin Fayulu has warned election officials in the Democratic Republic of Congo not to "disguise the truth" as tensions mount over the delayed result. Mr Fayulu said the "Congolese people already know" the result of the vote, which took place on 30 December. The election outcome was initially expected to be announced on Sunday. The poll is to establish a successor to Joseph Kabila, who is stepping down after 18 years as president. Language and Identity - Lessons From a Unique Afrikaans Community in Patagonia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/language-and-identity-lessons-from-a-unique-afrikaans-community-in-patagonia The Patagonian desert in southern Argentina is a harsh environment. Little seems to thrive on its seemingly endless red plains and parched land. Yet in this unlikely place there is a unique bilingual community. It’s made up of the Afrikaans and Spanish-speaking descendants of the about 650 South African Boers, who came to Patagonia in the first decade of the twentieth century. Gabon Closes Border With Cameroon After Failed Coup Attempt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-closes-border-with-cameroon-after-failed-coup-attempt Gabon has closed border crossings with Cameroon since Monday's attempted coup against President Ali Bongo, halting trade and leaving Gabonese unable to return home. Goods and passengers destined for Gabon are stranded in Cameroon’s border town of Kiossi. Zimbabwe shutdown Looms As Civil Servants Give 14-Day Notice to Go On Strike http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-shutdown-looms-as-civil-servants-give-14-day-notice-to-go-on-strike Civil servants representative groups announced Tuesday they were all going on strike within the next 14 days if government failed to meet their wage demands. This follows a crisis meeting they held with government on Monday, with nothing concrete emerging out of the indaba. In a notice signed by Apex chairperson, Cecilia Gambe, Zimbabwe's restless workforce said the collective job action has been necessitated by its employer's continued failure to address its plight in areas such as salaries, housing and other allowances. Madagascar court declares Rajoelina president, rejects fraud complaint http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/madagascar-court-declares-rajoelina-president-rejects-fraud-complaint Madagascar’s top court on Tuesday proclaimed former leader Andry Rajoelina winner of a hard-fought presidential vote, rejecting his rival’s accusations of fraud. High Constitutional Court chairman Jean Eric Rakotoarisoa ratified results given by the Indian Ocean island’s electoral board last month saying Rajoelina won 55.66 percent of votes versus 44.34 percent for Marc Ravalomanana. DRC opposition leader Tshisekedi clinches surprise win in presidential election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-opposition-leader-tshisekedi-clinches-surprise-win-in-presidential-election Democratic Republic of Congo’s electoral commission on Thursday declared opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi the surprise winner of last month’s chaotic presidential election, but the runner-up dismissed the outcome as an “electoral coup”. The result sets the stage for Congo’s first democratic transfer of power, but also a tense political standoff with the potential for the kind of violence that followed polls in 2006 and 2011 whose outcome was contested. Zimbabwe doctors end strike without deal as unions meet government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-doctors-end-strike-without-deal-as-unions-meet-government Zimbabwean doctors on Thursday ended a 40-day strike for better pay and conditions that crippled public hospitals without a deal on salary increases, their union said, but warned that members may not report for work daily due to acute fuel shortages. The announcement by the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) came just hours before public sector unions were to meet the government, which is expected to table an offer to expand cost-of-living payments in an attempt to avert unrest. SUNA: Sudan police use tear gas as protests kill three http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/suna-sudan-police-use-tear-gas-as-protests-kill-three Sudanese police used tear gas to disperse “illegal” protests against the 30-year rule of President Omar al-Bashir in the city of Omdurman in which three people were killed, state news agency SUNA said on Thursday. Sudan’s second-largest city “witnessed riots and illegal gatherings” on Wednesday, SUNA said, amid weeks of demonstrations. UN alarmed at uprooting of civilians in Nigeria's war with militants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-alarmed-at-uprooting-of-civilians-in-nigeria-s-war-with-militants The United Nations voiced alarm on Wednesday at the uprooting of more than 30,000 Nigerians forced to flee the protracted war against Islamist insurgents in the country’s northeast. Attacks by Islamic State in West Africa and the Boko Haram group that ISWA split off from have increased during the run-up to an election in which President Muhammadu Buhari will seek a second term. Security has become a campaign issue. DRC: Who is Felix Tshisekedi? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-who-is-felix-tshisekedi The provisional winner of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s December 30 election, Felix Tshisekedi, is the son of the country’s long-time opposition leader, Etienne. The 55-year-old has led his father’s party, the Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), since March last year following Etienne’s death in February. Zimbabwe says it is interested in receiving Russian loans - RIA http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-says-it-is-interested-in-receiving-russian-loans-ria Zimbabwe is interested in receiving loans from Russia, Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa was quoted as saying by RIA news agency on Tuesday during a trip to Moscow. Nigeria president names new police chief - Reports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-president-names-new-police-chief-reports President Buhari has appointed an acting police chief for Nigeria, local media portals reported on Monday. Abubakar Adama until his appointment was the head of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS). His appointment as Acting Inspector General of police, A-IGP, comes in the wake of the retirement of his predecessor, Ibrahim Idris. Idris has attained the age of 60 and must therefore retire from service. Northwestern Congo ethnic violence killed at least 400 in December -local activists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/northwestern-congo-ethnic-violence-killed-at-least-400-in-december-local-activists Ethnic violence in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo killed at least 400 people over two days in December, a local priest and a civil society activist said on Monday, a death toll three times higher than earlier estimates. Uganda's president "astonished" MTN charged less for telecom licence renewal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-president-astonished-mtn-charged-less-for-telecom-licence-renewal Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has criticised the telecommunications regulator after it slashed MTN Uganda’s fee for renewing its telecoms licence, according to a letter seen by Reuters. Local media reported on Tuesday that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) had decided to charge MTN Uganda, which is owned by South Africa’s MTN Group, $58 million to renew its licence for 10 years, instead of $100 million originally set for the renewal. MTN Uganda is the country’s biggest telecoms operator. Ethiopia charges METEC head with additional corruption case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-charges-metec-head-with-additional-corruption-case Ethiopia hit the former head of military-run industrial conglomerate METEC with additional corruption charges on Monday, in a complex case seen as a test of the new prime minister’s anti-corruption campaign. Kinfe Dagnew was arrested along with dozens of other employees of the METEC two months ago. The new charges relate to the procurement of ships from state-run Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Enterprise. NIGERIA: The cost of cheaper petrol http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-the-cost-of-cheaper-petrol Rising oil prices float all boats in Nigeria – or so one might think. But while government revenue from oil production rises, so too does Nigeria’s subsidies on petrol prices for consumers. The Nigerian government subsidises things like electricity and petrol – paying the difference between the cost to produce and the cost charged to customers – in order to make them more affordable. If the rise in the cost of petrol subsidies was not enough, subsidies to the power sector are rising fast too. Can the national budget take the strain – and how will things play out in upcoming elections? Taking Stock of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/taking-stock-of-the-revitalized-agreement-on-the-resolution-of-the-conflict-in-south-sudan The signing of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) by the longtime rivals Salva Kiir and Riek Machar in Khartoum in September 2018 was hailed as a breakthrough for reversing the brutal civil conflict that has cost an estimated 400,000 lives and displaced more than 4 million people since its onset in December 2013. This analysis, organized broadly along the main elements of the Agreement, assesses developments since the signing and prospects for implementation moving forward. South Africa's ANC will not tamper with central bank's independence - Ramaphosa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-anc-will-not-tamper-with-central-bank-s-independence-ramaphosa South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has no intention to tinker with the independence of the Reserve Bank, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday, after the party said the central bank should broaden its focus to boost employment and economic growth. Kenyan forces kill hotel assailants who took 14 lives http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-forces-kill-hotel-assailants-who-took-14-lives Kenyan security forces have killed the militants who stormed an upscale Nairobi hotel compound, taking at least 14 lives and forcing hundreds of others to make terrifying escapes, the government said on Wednesday. More than 700 civilians were evacuated from the dusitD2 complex after a 20-hour siege that echoed a 2013 assault that killed 67 people in Nairobi’s Westgate shopping centre in the same neighbourhood. ICC judges reject request to keep ex-Ivorian leader Gbagbo in jail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/icc-judges-reject-request-to-keep-ex-ivorian-leader-gbagbo-in-jail International Criminal Court judges on Wednesday rejected a prosecution request to extend the custody of former Ivorian leader Laurent Gbagbo following his acquittal on charges of crimes against humanity. Calling the prosecution case “exceptionally weak”, the judges said Gbagbo had given assurances he would return to the Hague-based court if ordered to do so. South Africa's retail sales up 3.1 percent year/year in November http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-retail-sales-up-3-1-percent-year-year-in-november South African retail sales rose 3.1 percent year-on-year in November after increasing at a revised year-on-year rate of 2.1 percent in October, the statistics office said on Wednesday. Russia's Uralchem in talks to buy a stake in Zimbabwe's Chemplex http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-s-uralchem-in-talks-to-buy-a-stake-in-zimbabwe-s-chemplex Russian fertiliser producer Uralchem said on Wednesday it was in talks to take part in the privatisation of Zimbabwe’s Chemplex that produces phosphorus fertilisers. Nigerian chief justice's suspension raises international concerns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-chief-justice-s-suspension-raises-international-concerns International observers have expressed concern about the suspension of Nigeria's chief justice - just three weeks before a general election. Judge Walter Onnoghen was suspended by President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday. He is facing charges for allegedly failing to declare his personal assets before taking office in 2017. Gambia and Senegal finally inaugurate connecting bridge http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-and-senegal-finally-inaugurate-connecting-bridge Gambian President Adama Barrow and his Senegalese counterpart, Macky Sall, cut the ribbon this week on a project that was decades in the making, a bridge that links the north and south banks of the Gambia River and ties the neighbors closer together. “Our wish is that the bridge stands from now on as a symbol of Senegambian unity, friendship and love,” the Gambian leader told thousands of people who gathered to witness the inauguration and walked across in celebration. DRC's Kabila's Last Words As President http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-s-kabila-s-last-words-as-president At the inauguration of the then President-elect and opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi, outgoing President Joseph Kabila called for "a grand coalition of all the progressive forces”. Kabila, in his first speech since the disputed December 30 presidential polls broadcast on state TV channel RTNC, said: "A coalition against the predatory forces that have come together and will always try to join forces to monopolise our natural resources." Nigeria opposition party pauses election campaign over suspension of judge http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-opposition-party-pauses-election-campaign-over-suspension-of-judge Nigeria’s main opposition party has halted its presidential election campaign for 72 hours weeks ahead of the vote in protest at the suspension of the country’s most senior judge by President Muhammadu Buhari, it said on Saturday. The president on Friday said he had suspended chief justice of Nigeria (CJN) Walter Onnoghen who has been asked to appear before a tribunal over allegations of breaching asset-declaration rules. Ethiopia to charge restive region's former leader with civil war plot http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-to-charge-restive-region-s-former-leader-with-civil-war-plot Prosecutors will charge the former head of Ethiopia’s strife-torn Somali region and dozens of other officials with plotting to incite a civil war and ordering abuses including beheadings, officials said on Friday. Abdi Mohammed Omer was arrested after three days of deadly violence in the regional capital Jijiga in August. Rights groups said his administration had set out to provoke ethnic bloodshed and had ordered a paramilitary force to attack minorities. Zimbabwe pastor's bail bid deferred; Amnesty says children being held http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-pastor-s-bail-bid-deferred-amnesty-says-children-being-held Zimbabwe’s High Court deferred until next week a decision on whether to free an activist pastor detained over violent anti-government protests. Evan Mawarire, who led a national shutdown in 2016 against Robert Mugabe, is accused of stoking the unrest which was countered by a violent crackdown reminiscent of the actions of security forces under the former president. S. Africa farmers seek $220 million in drought aid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-farmers-seek-220-million-in-drought-aid South Africa’s agricultural industry body AgriSA will approach banks, agribusiness and government to raise 3 billion rand ($220 million) to help farmers hit by severe drought, its executive director said on Friday. Farmers have faced dry conditions over most of the nation for the last year, even as they are still recovering from a disastrous El Nino-induced drought in 2015. Former French President questioned over murder of reporters in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/former-french-president-questioned-over-murder-of-reporters-in-mali A French judge has questioned former French President Francois Hollande as a witness as part of the investigation into the assassination of two journalists in Mali in 2013, a member of Hollande’s staff said on Monday. Nigeria adjourns trial of top judge suspended by president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-adjourns-trial-of-top-judge-suspended-by-president A legal case against Nigeria’s top judge which raised fears of interference in next month’s presidential election was adjourned indefinitely on Monday, days after President Muhammadu Buhari suspended the chief justice. The European Union and the United States voiced concerns after Buhari suspended Walter Onnoghen from the position where he would have a key say in resolving any disputes after the Feb. 16 election. Kenya central bank holds main lending rate at 9.0 pct http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-central-bank-holds-main-lending-rate-at-9-0-pct Kenya’s central bank held its benchmark lending rate at 9.0 percent on Monday, the bank’s monetary policy committee said, saying inflation was anchored within the target range. Zimbabwe President Mnangagwa 'appalled' by attack on protester http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-president-mnangagwa-appalled-by-attack-on-protester Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he is "appalled" by an attack by security officials on a protester that was featured in a TV news report. His statement comes after widespread criticism of the way security forces have handled recent protests. Mr Mnangagwa said he has ordered the arrest of those behind the attack seen in a Sky News report. Cameroon: Govt Struggles to Secure Neighbors, Its Own Territory http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-govt-struggles-to-secure-neighbors-its-own-territory While Sudan hosted a new round of Central African Republic (C.A.R.) peace talks on Thursday ( Jan. 24), Cameroon's military was announcing new troop deployments to contain spillover from fighting inside C.A.R.'s border. In Bossangoa, the capital of Ouham, more than 200 people came to hear Gaston Guella, an official of the Bossangoa council in the Ouham prefecture in western C.A.R., assure them in the Sango language that forces of the Multi-Dimensional United Nations Peacekeeping Operation in Central Africa (MINUSCA) would track down a group of armed men that attacked their city Friday night. New documentary claims SA mercenaries ‘planned’ spread of HIV http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-documentary-claims-sa-mercenaries-planned-spread-of-hiv Keith Maxwell wrote about hopes for a plague that would decimate black populations, cementing white rule and bringing back conservative religious mores, according to papers collected by film-makers. A new documentary premiered this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, named Cold Case Hammarskjöld, which tells of a South Africa-based mercenary group allegedly trying to intentionally spread HIV in southern Africa. Sudan protests: Authorities order release of all detainees http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-protests-authorities-order-release-of-all-detainees Authorities in Sudan have ordered the release of all detainees held during weeks of anti-government protests. The release was ordered by Sudan's intelligence and security chief, Salah Ghosh, the information ministry said in a statement. No reason was given. Zimbabwe activist pastor facing subversion charge released on bail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-activist-pastor-facing-subversion-charge-released-on-bail Zimbabwe’s high court on Tuesday ordered the release on bail of activist pastor Evan Mawarire, who was arrested on charges of subversion amid violent anti-government protests. Tanzania MPs grant government sweeping powers over political parties http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-mps-grant-government-sweeping-powers-over-political-parties Tanzania’s parliament passed amendments to legislation late on Tuesday that give sweeping powers to a government-appointed registrar over political parties, a move that opposition legislators say will cement “one-party rule”. President John Magufuli’s government has already banned some newspapers, restricted opposition rallies and detained dozens of their members which, along with repeated state intervention in key sectors like mining and agriculture, have dimmed investment in the region’s third-biggest economy. Despite Controversy, Nigeria 'Approves' First Genetically Modified Crop http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/despite-controversy-nigeria-approves-first-genetically-modified-crop The Nigerian government has approved for use its first genetically modified crop: the Pod Borer Resistant Cowpea (popularly called beans). This was after it had been genetically modified to resist the pest - Maruca Vitrata. The cowpea, by this development, becomes the first genetically modified food crop to be approved in the country. Home-Grown Terror a Worsening Threat for Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/home-grown-terror-a-worsening-threat-for-kenya The six attackers and 12 suspects in court for the 15 January terror attack on Nairobi's dusitD2 hotel complex are mostly Kenyans. This was also the case in the 2015 attack on the Garissa University campus. By contrast, those who attacked the Westgate Mall in 2013 were largely foreigners. These three incidents suggest a trend of home-grown terrorists acting against their own country. The latest attack - claimed by extremist group al-Shabaab - shows that not only is the terror threat far from over, but it is increasingly a local problem, with logistical support from Somalia. Most of the 18 who appeared in court were from counties like Isiolo, Nyeri, Kiambu, Mombasa and Machakos - hundreds of kilometres from the Somali border. This means al-Shabaab's influence and cells may have penetrated many parts of Kenya. How We Know That Ancient African People Valued Fossils and Rocks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-we-know-that-ancient-african-people-valued-fossils-and-rocks It's been nearly 50 years since geologist and author Dorothy Vitaliano coined the term "geomythology". This refers to the study of oral traditions from around the world that explain geological and other natural phenomena through metaphor and myth. Geomythology also involves investigating how pre-scientific cultures interpreted the geological and fossil phenomena they encountered in the world around them. France attack 40 vehicles in Chad airstrikes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-attack-40-vehicles-in-chad-airstrikes France says its air force - working with the army in Chad - has carried out airstrikes against an armed group which had crossed the border from Libya. A statement by the French military said a fighter jet took off from the capital, N'Djamena, and targeted a column of 40 vehicles with two airstrikes. Maltese port manager killed in Somalia's Puntland state http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/maltese-port-manager-killed-in-somalia-s-puntland-state A Maltese port manager has been shot dead in Somalia's northern semi-autonomous Puntland state, officials say. Paul Anthony Formosa, who was the construction project manager for DP World, was killed near Bossasso port. Terrorist group al-Shabab has said it carried out the attack. Puntland, an arid region of north-east Somalia, declared itself an autonomous state in 1998, in part to avoid the clan warfare in southern Somalia. Death toll in car bomb attack at Mogadishu shopping mall rises to 11 - police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-in-car-bomb-attack-at-mogadishu-shopping-mall-rises-to-11-police The death toll in a car bomb attack at a shopping mall in Somalia’s capital on Monday has risen to 11, police said. South Africa should consider capitalising Eskom again - CEO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-should-consider-capitalising-eskom-again-ceo South Africa should consider increasing capitalisation of power firm Eskom due to lower electricity tariffs, the utility’s chief executive officer said on Monday. South Africa disappointed after Western powers' criticise policy in memo to Ramaphosa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-disappointed-after-western-powers-criticise-policy-in-memo-to-ramaphosa South Africa expressed disappointment on Sunday after the United States and other Western powers wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa urging him to tackle corruption, and said those countries had breached diplomatic protocol. The Sunday Times newspaper reported that the United States, Britain, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, had sent a joint memorandum to Ramaphosa through their diplomatic missions in Pretoria to warn that foreign investment was at risk unless South Africa takes tangible action against perpetrators of corruption and other serious crimes. Zimbabwe's Lesson for Venezuela: It’s Not Easy to Fix a Broken State http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-lesson-for-venezuela-it-s-not-easy-to-fix-a-broken-state Simukai Tabvura knew nothing other than Robert Mugabe’s strongman rule in Zimbabwe until his ousting little more than a year ago. The promise of change that accompanied the end of Mugabe’s near-four-decade reign has long since withered for the used clothes seller. “It’s like a year of being able to speak freely never happened,” said Tabvura, 41, sitting on a home-made wooden stool at her second-hand stall on a broken sidewalk in the capital, Harare. “One day we were able to support who we wanted and the next they came back like before with guns and whips and batons.” Senegal kicks off presidential election campaign http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-kicks-off-presidential-election-campaign In Senegal, campaigning has begun for presidential elections ahead of the first round on 24 February. Five candidates will contest the vote, including incumbent Macky Sall – but two prominent opposition figures have been excluded. DR Congo defends 'golden parachute' decree http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-defends-golden-parachute-decree The government of Democratic Republic of Congo has defended the decrees that grant ministers lifetime salaries and other benefits. In a statement released on Monday, the government said the payments "are not to enrich the officials". Sudan Minister Appeals to Young as Protests Near 7th Week http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-minister-appeals-to-young-as-protests-near-7th-week Sudan's defense minister said on Monday young people caught up in recent turmoil had "reasonable ambition" — the second apparently conciliatory gesture in three days from a senior government figure. Students, activists and other protesters frustrated with economic hardships have held almost daily demonstrations across Sudan since December 19, mounting the most sustained challenge to President Omar al-Bashir's three decades in power. CAR Reaches Peace Deal With Armed Groups http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/car-reaches-peace-deal-with-armed-groups The Central African Republic reached a peace deal with 14 armed groups following talks conducted in Khartoum, the United Nations said Saturday, potentially ushering in a period of stability in the volatile country. Central African Republic has been rocked by violence since 2013 when mainly Muslim Seleka rebels ousted then-President Francois Bozize, prompting reprisals from mostly Christian militias. U.N. peacekeepers were deployed in 2014. Zimbabwe Teachers to Strike, Ignoring Government Appeal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-teachers-to-strike-ignoring-government-appeal Zimbabwean teachers will go ahead with a national strike from Tuesday after last-ditch negotiations with the government failed, unions said, risking more unrest after violent protests last month. The main public sector union backed down last week on its plan to strike for better pay, citing a volatile situation after security forces cracked down on protesters in January, but teachers said they would go ahead with a work stoppage. Ivory Coast ex-President Gbagbo released to Belgium after acquittal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-ex-president-gbagbo-released-to-belgium-after-acquittal Ivory Coast ex-President Laurent Gbagbo has now been released after his acquittal last month by the International Criminal Court (ICC). An ICC spokeswoman said Mr Gbagbo was now on conditional release in Belgium, pending a possible appeal. The former leader was charged with crimes against humanity following a disputed 2010 election that left 3,000 people dead and 500,000 displaced. Ghana to miners: "Respect the land that provides the riches" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-to-miners-respect-the-land-that-provides-the-riches Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo demanded mining deals be more beneficial for Africa on Tuesday, calling on governments to end fiscal incentives traditionally used to attract investment to countries long viewed as rife with risk. Resource nationalism is high on the agenda at the African Mining Indaba in Cape Town as resource-holding governments, aware of the need for international miners to find new exploration territory, increase tax and royalty demands. Malawi: Joyce Banda Submits Her Papers to Run for Presidency - Touts Running Mate Jerry Jana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-joyce-banda-submits-her-papers-to-run-for-presidency-touts-running-mate-jerry-jana Malawi immediate past president Joyce Banda who announced on BBC at the weekend that she is not running for presidency and endorsing State Vice President Saulos Chilima and his UTM Party on Tuesday submitted her nomination papers to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to allow her to contest in the May 21 elections. DRC's Tshisekedi to work with Kabila, challenges Fayulu on fraud claims http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-s-tshisekedi-to-work-with-kabila-challenges-fayulu-on-fraud-claims Democratic Republic of Congo’s new president, Felix Tshisekedi, on Tuesday challenged his political rival Martin Fayulu to present evidence challenging the outcome of last month’s election. Tshisekedi made the remarks as he visited neighbouring Angola on his first trip abroad since being sworn. Somali lawmakers: 'Illegal bid to sell oil blocks' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-lawmakers-illegal-bid-to-sell-oil-blocks Somalia's upper house of parliament has accused the petroleum ministry of attempting to illegally auction off the country's oil blocks. Zambia inquiry over ex-leader's death certificate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-inquiry-over-ex-leader-s-death-certificate Zambia's government is investigating former Vice-President Guy Scott for publishing the death certificate of late President Michael Sata in his new book. Mr Sata, who was elected president in 2011, died in a London hospital after just three years in office. Rights group accuses Burkina army of executions following anti-militant operations http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rights-group-accuses-burkina-army-of-executions-following-anti-militant-operations Burkina Faso’s army said it had killed nearly 150 militants in response to an attack on civilians this week, but an international rights group said some of them had been executed in front of their families. The army has stepped up operations in response to worsening security across northern Burkina since last year, including attacks by Islamist militants and inter-ethnic clashes, leading to accusations of extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrests. Cameroon loses US military support over Anglophone crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-loses-us-military-support-over-anglophone-crisis The United States will withhold military assistance to Cameroon over allegations of gross human rights violations by its security forces in the northwest, southwest and far north regions, a state department official said on Wednesday. According to the official, the US had terminated a C-130 aircraft training program, and halted deliveries of four defender boats, nine armored vehicles and an upgrade of a Cessna aircraft for Cameroon’s rapid intervention battalion. We will train your civil servants: Kenya's offer to DRC's Tshisekedi http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/we-will-train-your-civil-servants-kenya-s-offer-to-drc-s-tshisekedi Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta has reiterated his government’s support to president Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo, offering on Wednesday to train the latter’s civil servants. Kenyatta expressed his country’s commitment to political stability in DRC during a visit by President Tshisekedi. Cybersecurity: Africans fight back against the hackers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cybersecurity-africans-fight-back-against-the-hackers The phishing attempts happen frequently. A text message purporting to be from a major mobile payment firm will come through to Laura Tich’s mobile encouraging her to transfer funds. “It happens every week,” says the co-founder of Kenyan collective SheHacks. “In Kenya mobile money frauds are more common because it is so widely used.” As internet and mobile penetration rates soar across Africa and processes become digitised, cyber threats are multiplying. A June 2018 report from Kenyan IT services firm Serianu claims African businesses lost $3.5bn to cyberattacks in 2017 with the financial, government and SME sectors in the crosshairs of hackers. The report claims around 90% of organisations surveyed are “operating below the security poverty line, significantly exposing themselves to cyber-security threats”. African Union summit in Ethiopia focuses on refugees http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-summit-in-ethiopia-focuses-on-refugees Security across the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa has been beefed up as dignitaries and heads of states from across the continent gather for the annual African Union (AU) summit which kicked off on Thursday. Metal detectors and security officers have been placed at the entrances of major hotels in the city. This year's summit will focus on refugees and internally displaced persons. Sub-Saharan Africa hosts more than 26 percent of the world's 25.4 million refugees, according to the UNHCR - the UN agency for refugees. Top Court validates Rajoelina's election as Madagascar president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/top-court-validates-rajoelina-s-election-as-madagascar-president Madagascar’s High Constitutional Court on Wednesday validated the election of Andry Rajoelina as president in hotly contested run-off polls held on December 19, 2018. The elections commission said Rajoelina had won 55.66 percent of the vote compared with 44.34 percent for Ravalomanana and turnout was just over 48 percent. Wind of peace is blowing in Africa - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/wind-of-peace-is-blowing-in-africa-un-secretary-general-antonio-guterres A series of peaceful elections and truces are blowing a “wind of hope” in Africa, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Saturday in Addis Ababa, on the eve of an African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital. “This is a time when a wind of hope is blowing across Africa. We have seen reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, we have seen peace agreements (…) in Southern Sudan and the Central African Republic,” Mr. Guterres noted. 2019 Presidential Election: Moghalu reacts to Soyinka’s endorsement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/2019-presidential-election-moghalu-reacts-to-soyinka-s-endorsement The presidential candidate of the Young Progressives Party, Kingsley Moghalu, has described the endorsement of his candidature by Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, as “humbling.” Mr Moghalu, a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, said in a statement Saturday that the endorsement was important because of Mr Soyinka’s reputation and the “elaborate process” his Citizen Forum went through before reaching their decision. Teacher training set for major changes as reforms take root http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/teacher-training-set-for-major-changes-as-reforms-take-root The Ministry of Education has embarked on a process that will see harmonisation of the curriculum used to train teachers in universities and colleges across the country. According to a policy document authored by the ministry and dubbed “Sessional Paper on Reforming Education and Training for Sustainable Development 2018”, the ministry wants to standardise the training curriculum, including teaching practice. The document has been sent to the National Assembly for debate. Gabon: Earth's earliest mobile organisms lived 2.1 billion years ago http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-earth-s-earliest-mobile-organisms-lived-2-1-billion-years-ago Scientists have discovered in 2.1-billion-year-old black shale from a quarry in Gabon the earliest evidence of a revolutionary development in the history of life on Earth, the ability of organisms to move from one place to another on their own. The researchers on Monday described exquisitely preserved fossils of small tubular structures created when unknown organisms moved through soft mud in search of food in a calm and shallow marine ecosystem. The fossils dated back to a time when Earth was oxygen-rich and boasted conditions conducive to simple cellular life evolving more complexity, they said. Cameroon's Maurice Kamto charged with rebellion - lawyer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-s-maurice-kamto-charged-with-rebellion-lawyer Cameroon’s main opposition leader, Maurice Kamto, has been charged in a military court with rebellion and seven other offences, indictments that could carry the death penalty, his lawyer said on Wednesday. South Africa's Eskom extends power cuts, needs bailout by April http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-eskom-extends-power-cuts-needs-bailout-by-april South African power utility Eskom cut electricity for a fourth straight day on Wednesday, as the department of public enterprises warned the struggling state-owned firm needed a cash injection by April to survive. Eskom, which supplies more than 90 percent of the power in Africa’s most industrialised economy but is laden with more than $30 billion of debt, is battling a shortage of capacity that threatens to derail government plans to lift the sluggish economy. Malawian boy saves famine-stricken village with wind turbine in Berlinale movie http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawian-boy-saves-famine-stricken-village-with-wind-turbine-in-berlinale-movie A movie premiering in Berlin tells the true story of a young boy from a famine-stricken village in Malawi who studies books about energy then builds a wind turbine that enables farmers to irrigate their land. Directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” tells the story of William, an engineering enthusiast who resorts to secretly using the school library to learn when he is expelled from school because his father - a poor farmer - cannot afford to pay the fees. Sudan security arrests academics as protests rage on - witnesses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-security-arrests-academics-as-protests-rage-on-witnesses Security forces arrested 14 professors who were gathering to protest outside Khartoum University on Tuesday, witnesses said, as anti-government demonstrations neared the end of their eighth week. Doctors also rallied outside state and private hospitals in Sudan’s capital and other cities against the rule of President Omar al-Bashir, witnesses added. Nigerian elections 2019: The spread of false information http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-elections-2019-the-spread-of-false-information The campaign to elect Nigeria's next president is drawing to a close with accusations flying over the abuse of social media to spread misleading information. Both of the main political parties have told BBC Reality Check their rivals are involved in the spread of disinformation. Zimbabwe 'to scrap repressive media law' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-to-scrap-repressive-media-law Zimbabwe’s cabinet has promised to repeal a controversial law long used to suppress the media. The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act has been the leading weapon in stifling media freedom. Boko Haram ambush Borno governor’s convoy, kill soldier, four others http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-ambush-borno-governor-s-convoy-kill-soldier-four-others The convoy of the Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima, was on Tuesday ambushed by Boko Haram gunmen while on his way to campaign in a remote border village, eyewitnesses said. The attack occurred along the Maiduguri-Gambu road which leads to Chad Republic. The governor’s spokesman, Isa Gusau, confirmed the incident but did not provided details at the time of this report. At least five persons including a soldier were reportedly killed in the attack. Nigeria's election: young voters, old candidates http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-election-young-voters-old-candidates Two men in their 70s are contesting a Nigerian presidential election in which half the registered voters are aged between 18 and 35. Both are familiar faces. It is the fifth election campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari, 76, who was a military ruler in the 1980s, and the fourth for main opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar, 72, who was vice president from 1999 to 2007. Hong Kong businessman convicted of bribing leaders of Chad and Uganda to land oil rights for Chinese http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hong-kong-businessman-convicted-of-bribing-leaders-of-chad-and-uganda-to-land-oil-rights-for-chinese Chad’s president, Idriss Deby and the Ugandan foreign minister, Sam Kutesa may have cause to worry, following the conviction of a former Hong Kong government official was on Wednesday found guilty of bribing them in exchange for contracts for a Chinese energy company. Swiss prosecutors end money-laundering probe against Equatorial Guinea leader's son http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/swiss-prosecutors-end-money-laundering-probe-against-equatorial-guinea-leader-s-son Swiss prosecutors on Thursday announced they have closed a money-laundering inquiry into a son of the President of Equatorial Guinea with an arrangement to sell 25 confiscated luxury cars. The probe, opened in October 2016, also concerned misappropriation of public assets by Teodoro Obiang. EU blacklists Nigeria, Libya over money laundering, terrorism financing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-blacklists-nigeria-libya-over-money-laundering-terrorism-financing The European Commission added Saudi Arabia, Panama, Nigeria and other jurisdictions to a blacklist of nations that pose a threat because of lax controls on terrorism financing and money laundering, the EU executive said on Wednesday. “The European Commission adopted today a list of 23 third countries with weak rules against money laundering and terrorism financing. I would like first to explain the context and our main objectives. Nigeria's president to hold emergency meeting with ruling party over election delay http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-president-to-hold-emergency-meeting-with-ruling-party-over-election-delay Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is to hold an emergency meeting with senior members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) party over the week-long postponement of the country’s election delay, the party media office said on Monday. Kenya recalls its ambassador to Somalia as territorial row escalates http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-recalls-its-ambassador-to-somalia-as-territorial-row-escalates Kenya has recalled its ambassador to Somalia after the Mogadishu government’s decision to auction oil and gas exploration blocks at the centre of a maritime territorial dispute in the Indian Ocean, the foreign ministry said. The International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague is considering a claim on their maritime boundaries brought by Somalia in 2014 after negotiations over the 100,000 sq. km stretch of sea floor broke down. AMISOM Unveils Plan to Flush al-Shabab From Somalia Hideouts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amisom-unveils-plan-to-flush-al-shabab-from-somalia-hideouts Top military commanders of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) said Saturday that they had agreed to launch new, targeted military operations against al-Shabab militants in Somalia. According to AMISOM, the new activities will be implemented in three phases in an effort to flush the terrorists from their hideouts in the region. Mozambican ex-president's son arrested in $2 billion fraudulent debt case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambican-ex-president-s-son-arrested-in-2-billion-fraudulent-debt-case Former Mozambican president Armando Guebuza’s son was arrested at the weekend in connection with a $2 billion government debt scandal, state-owned media and a judicial source said. The arrest comes just over a month after three ex-Credit Suisse bankers were charged in the United States with fraud over their role in a 2013 deal in Mozambique that involved borrowing to fund projects including a state tuna fishery. Nigeria’s election delay: why, and what next? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-election-delay-why-and-what-next Nigeria abruptly postponed its presidential election hours before polling was due to begin. The presidential and parliamentary votes have been rescheduled for 23 February while the governorship, state assembly and federal area council elections have been rescheduled to 9 March. The electoral commission cited logistical challenges for the decision. French troops in Mali kill top commander of al Qaeda-linked group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-troops-in-mali-kill-top-commander-of-al-qaeda-linked-group French troops fighting terrorist militants in Mali have killed a one of the Sahel region’s leading jihadists, France’s defence minister said on Friday. Nigeria counting votes in presidential election dogged by delays http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-counting-votes-in-presidential-election-dogged-by-delays Nigeria began counting votes in Saturday’s closely-fought presidential election although the electoral commission extended voting hours in some places where polling stations opened late or ballot machines malfunctioned. President Muhammadu Buhari and his main challenger, businessman Atiku Abubakar, both said they were confident of victory when casting their ballots in an election which has already been delayed by a week. Sudan's defence minister named first vice president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-defence-minister-named-first-vice-president Sudan’s Defence Minister Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf was appointed first vice president and will remain the defence minister, the Sudanese presidency said on Saturday. S. African opposition party vows to create jobs, fight graft in manifesto http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-opposition-party-vows-to-create-jobs-fight-graft-in-manifesto South Africa’s largest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), launched its manifesto for May’s general elections on Saturday with pledges to create jobs and set up an anti-corruption unit. The DA faces a resurgent ruling African National Congress (ANC) under new President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has also vowed to root out graft and boost growth in Africa’s most industrialised economy. Somalia's Oldest Federal Lawmaker Fatally Shot in Mogadishu http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-oldest-federal-lawmaker-fatally-shot-in-mogadishu A Somali federal parliamentary lawmaker was fatally shot Saturday in Mogadishu, security officials said. Al-Shabab militants armed with pistols shot the lawmaker, Osman Ilmi Boqorre, as he was visiting his new house that is under construction in the Karan neighborhood north of Mogadishu, according to witnesses. Senegal President's Camp Claims Election Win, Opposition Objects http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-president-s-camp-claims-election-win-opposition-objects The outcome of the first round of the presidential vote in the West African country is unclear. Hours after opposition figures had said a second round vote would be necessary, a presidential ally said Macky Sall had won. Senegal's prime minister has claimed that President Macky Sall was re-elected in a first round vote on Sunday, hours after the opposition suggested that no candidate had won an outright majority. We Have Not Cancelled Election in Any Part of Nigeria, Says INEC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/we-have-not-cancelled-election-in-any-part-of-nigeria-says-inec The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) yesterday insisted that it has not cancelled elections anywhere in the country. INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, stated this during a media briefing at the International Conference Centre (ICC), Abuja. South Africa: Ramaphosa Announces Special Tribunal to Fast Track Recovery of State Funds http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-ramaphosa-announces-special-tribunal-to-fast-track-recovery-of-state-funds President Cyril Ramaphosa has established a Special Investigating Unit (SIU) Special Tribunal, in an effort to fast track the recovery of funds lost to the state from corruption or irregular spending. Gabon president returns home for second time since suffering stroke http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-president-returns-home-for-second-time-since-suffering-stroke Gabon President Ali Bongo returned to his country late on Sunday for the second time since suffering a stroke in October, a source at the presidency told Reuters on Monday. Contradictory information about Bongo’s health and an extended convalescence in Morocco have fuelled instability in Gabon which his family has ruled for over 50 years. Nigerian election delay probably reduced turnout - U.S. observer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-election-delay-probably-reduced-turnout-u-s-observer A week-long delay in holding Nigeria’s presidential election damaged public confidence in the process and probably reduced Saturday’s voter turnout, U.S. observers said on Monday. It is unclear when a winner will be declared but the vote pitting incumbent Muhammadu Buhari against businessman and ex-vice president Atiku Abubakar is expected to be Nigeria’s tightest since the end of military rule in 1999. Britain, S.Africa finalising interim post-Brexit trade deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/britain-s-africa-finalising-interim-post-brexit-trade-deal South Africa is close to signing an interim trade agreement with Britain that would replicate arrangements with Europe and ensure trade will not be disrupted in the event of a hard Brexit, South African Trade Minister Rob Davies said on Monday. With just a month to go before Britain is due to leave the European Union, London has been trying to strike agreements with trade partners around the world to replicate the terms it now has as a member of the bloc. Nigeria: PDP Rejects INEC's Poll Results As Buhari Leads http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-pdp-rejects-inec-s-poll-results-as-buhari-leads The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rejected the results of the presidential election collated by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Abuja yesterday Its grievance was that the results conflicted with the ones it had recorded from the election. The National Chairman of the party, Uche Secondus, made it clear at a press conference that "the PDP's collation centres have all original results from every polling unit, in every ward, in every Local Government Area in Nigeria, of which the international community is well aware, implying all results currently being announced by INEC are incorrect thus unacceptable to our party and people." Zimbabwe: Fuel Crisis Deepens but Minister Adamant That 'I Have Fuel in the Country' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-fuel-crisis-deepens-but-minister-adamant-that-i-have-fuel-in-the-country Hundreds of people were left stranded late Monday after a sudden shortage of fuel with public transport operators hiking fares. Reports of people walking on foot to areas like Glen Norah and Mabvuku emerged as commuter omnibus operators took their vehicles to fuel queues. Nigeria's Buhari wins second term as president: electoral commission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-wins-second-term-as-president-electoral-commission Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari won a second term at the helm of Africa’s largest economy and top oil producer, the electoral commission chairman said on Wednesday, following an election marred by delays, logistical glitches and violence. He defeated his main opposition candidate Atiku Abubakar, a businessman and former vice president. Buhari secured 56 percent of votes, compared with 41 percent for Atiku, a candidate for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Zimbabwe limits dollar sales to foreign payments only http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-limits-dollar-sales-to-foreign-payments-only Zimbabwe’s commercial banks are under orders to restrict U.S. dollar transactions to companies and individuals with foreign payments to make, according to a central bank directive that demonstrates the slow progress of currency reforms. The document, a measure of the foreign exchange controls that remain in place six days after authorities announced moves to ease chronic cash shortages, also states such transactions should be aimed at stimulating economic growth. Algeria's Bouteflika to submit re-election papers March 3 -campaign manager http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-s-bouteflika-to-submit-re-election-papers-march-3-campaign-manager Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika will submit his official application to seek re-election on March 3, his campaign manager said on Tuesday, despite protests against the move. Botswana offers Zimbabwe $600 million of loans: report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-offers-zimbabwe-600-million-of-loans-report Botswana has offered to lend Zimbabwe $600 million to support its diamond industry and local private firms, a state-owned newspaper reported on Tuesday, amid a severe dollar crunch in the southern African nation. There are few signs the flow of foreign currency is improving in Zimbabwe after it ditched a discredited 1:1 dollar peg for its dollar-surrogate bond notes and electronic dollars, merging them into a lower-value transitional currency called the RTGS dollar. Scramble in Somalia: Will the oil ‘bonanza’ be a boon or curse? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/scramble-in-somalia-will-the-oil-bonanza-be-a-boon-or-curse Seismic surveys have indicated that off shore Somalia is sitting on over a billion barrels of oil. Licensing rounds began last month and with unerring timing, the US has reopened its mission in the country. While there will be the usual scramble for oil by foreign companies, how much of this boon will the long-suffering people o Somalia enjoy? Sudanese opposition party leader calls on Bashir to step down http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-opposition-party-leader-calls-on-bashir-to-step-down Sudan’s main opposition party leader Sadiq al-Mahdi on Saturday called on President Omar al-Bashir to step down and sit with the opposition to agree on details of a transitional process to end the nation’s crisis, a statement from his party said. Ethiopians celebrate defeat of colonialists, call for unity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopians-celebrate-defeat-of-colonialists-call-for-unity Bedecked in lion mane collars, warriors’ headdresses and military fatigues, thousands of Ethiopians descended on Addis Ababa’s main squares to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Adwa - one of Ethiopia’s finest hours in the battlefield. Five Men Sentenced to Death in Somalia Rape Case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-men-sentenced-to-death-in-somalia-rape-case A court in Garowe, in northern Somalia, Saturday sentenced five male teenagers to death for the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Galkayo last month, officials said. Mohamed Hared Farah, deputy attorney of Puntland’s High Court, said the young men, four of whom are 18 and the other 19, were convicted in the rape of the girl. Mount Kenya - Wildfires Rage Around Africa's Second Highest Peak http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mount-kenya-wildfires-rage-around-africa-s-second-highest-peak Authorities have roped in teams of soldiers and volunteers to help tackle wildfires in the Mount Kenya national park. Illegal marijuana farmers have been blamed for the blaze, which threatens natural bamboo forests. Wildlife rangers and Kenyan soldiers are battling to stem fierce wildfires on Mount Kenya national park, around 190 kilometers (118 miles) northeast of Kenya's capital, Nairobi. Nigeria court says extradition of Cameroon separatists 'illegal' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-court-says-extradition-of-cameroon-separatists-illegal A Nigerian court has condemned as "illegal and unconstitutional" the arrest and deportation of Cameroonian separatists who had applied for asylum in Nigeria, the lawyers representing them said on Sunday. In January 2018, Nigeria arrested and deported 47 anglophone separatists who had fled Cameroon following a crackdown by the authorities. Algeria's Bouteflika offers to serve brief term if reelected, protesters defiant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-s-bouteflika-offers-to-serve-brief-term-if-reelected-protesters-defiant Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, facing mass protests over his 20 years in power, will run in April’s elections, his campaign manager said on Sunday, with Ennahar TV saying he had offered to step down after a year if re-elected. The announcement read out by Abdelghani Zaalane on Bouteflika’s behalf said the president pledged to organise an early election, with Ennahar TV saying that would be held within a year. The comments are likely to be viewed as an attempt to appease those who had taken to the streets for 10 days to protest against the 82-year-old’s plans to remain in office and to allow him an exit on his own terms. Botswana president dismisses report of $600 million loan to Zimbabwe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-president-dismisses-report-of-600-million-loan-to-zimbabwe Botswana’s president on Friday dismissed a report that the country had offered Zimbabwe a $600 million diamond-backed loan and said his government had only offered to guarantee a $100 million private credit line for Botswana companies to invest in their troubled neighbour. Zimbabwe’s secretary in the ministry of foreign affairs was quoted in the state-owned Herald newspaper on Tuesday saying Botswana had offered to lend Zimbabwe $500 million to support its diamond industry and another $100 million for the local private firms. Nigerian army denies Islamic State has killed 10 soldiers in Borno state http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-army-denies-islamic-state-has-killed-10-soldiers-in-borno-state Islamic State said on Saturday it killed 10 Nigerian soldiers in an attack on Thursday in the country’s northeastern Borno state, but a Nigerian Army spokesman said “no such incident was recorded.” In a statement issued through its news agency Amaq, Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on a village it referred to as Tdmari, near Maiduguri town. It said the attack happened two days ago. Chagos Islands: The ‘point of return’ for Chagosians http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chagos-islands-the-point-of-return-for-chagosians Over five decades ago, citizens of the picturesque Indian Ocean archipelago of Chagos were tricked or forcibly removed from their land by the United Kingdom to make way for a US military base following a secret deal between the two countries. The long suffering of the forcibly exiled Chagossians, and their fight to return home is well documented. Today – the International Court of Justice (ICJ) said the action was illegal and ordered the UK to hand back the islands “as rapidly as possible”. Burundi forces U.N. to shut human rights office, U.N. says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-forces-u-n-to-shut-human-rights-office-u-n-says Burundi has forced the United Nations to shut its local human rights office after 23 years, the U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said in a statement on Tuesday, expressing “deep regret”. Trump extends U.S. sanctions against Zimbabwe by a year http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-extends-u-s-sanctions-against-zimbabwe-by-a-year U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday extended by one year sanctions against Zimbabwe saying that the new government’s policies continue to pose an “unusual and extraordinary” threat to U.S. foreign policy. Kenya police summon finance minister over dams scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-police-summon-finance-minister-over-dams-scandal Kenyan police have summoned Finance Minister Henry Rotich for questioning for a second time over a multi-million dollar scandal involving advance payments for two dam projects, the head of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) said. The DCI said last week it was investigating what it described as fraudulent construction of the two dams valued at 63 billion shillings. Some payments had already been made despite the dams not being built, it said. I Am Not Seeking Presidency but Empowerment - Opposition Leader Besigye http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/i-am-not-seeking-presidency-but-empowerment-opposition-leader-besigye Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Dr Kizza Besigye, has said his determination to dislodge President Museveni is not to occupy State House but rather to return power to the people who have been deprived of their right to have control of affairs of their own country. How the Rwanda-Uganda border crossing came to a halt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-the-rwanda-uganda-border-crossing-came-to-a-halt A diplomatic feud between Rwanda and Uganda has stopped most cross-border movements between the two countries, a situation that has had a huge effect on daily life for families in both countries. Polls close after Nigerians vote in governor elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/polls-close-after-nigerians-vote-in-governor-elections Nigerians have headed to the polls to elect state and local representatives, two weeks after the presidential poll. Ballots were cast in 29 of the country's 36 states. UK museum to return lock of hair of Ethiopia's Emperor Tewodros II http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-museum-to-return-lock-of-hair-of-ethiopia-s-emperor-tewodros-ii The United Kingdom’s National Army Museum is set to return a looted braid of hair of Ethiopia’s Emperor Tewadros II, media reports have suggested as at Monday, March 4. The BBC’s former reporter in Ethiopia also tweeted about the development which is a significant step in the country’s long fight for the return from UK of plundered ancient artefacts. In April 2018, Ethiopia upped the campaign for its artefacts stolen by British troops to be returned as part of a wider campaign to repatriate important articles of the country’s history sitting in museums overseas. Nobel winner Mukwege cautions Tshisekedi on deal with Kabila http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nobel-winner-mukwege-cautions-tshisekedi-on-deal-with-kabila Congolese Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Denis Mukwege urged President Felix Tshisekedi to “avoid betraying” the people when he governs the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a coalition with his predecessor Joseph Kabila’s supporters, in a statement seen by AFP on Saturday. Ethiopia PM moves to resolve Oromia – Addis Ababa boundary rift http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-moves-to-resolve-oromia-addis-ababa-boundary-rift After two days of protest earlier this week, the federal government of Ethiopia has officially responded to the voice of protesters. The office of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Saturday issued a statement that named a committee to resolve administrative boundary issues between Oromia regional state and the capital, Addis Ababa. Guinea-Bissau: counting underway in parliamentary polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-counting-underway-in-parliamentary-polls Counting of votes is underway in Guinea Bissau after polls closed on Sunday. It is hoped that the parliamentary elections will help the West African nation out of its current political crisis. U.S. to send teams to assist in Ethiopian Airlines crash http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-to-send-teams-to-assist-in-ethiopian-airlines-crash The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board will send four people to assist in the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash, an NTSB spokesman said on Sunday. Rwanda aims to sell stake in cement firm Cimerwa this month http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-aims-to-sell-stake-in-cement-firm-cimerwa-this-month Rwanda’s government aims to put its 49 percent stake in the country’s biggest cement maker, Cimerwa, up for sale this month, the prime minister said on Saturday. Nigeria's Borno state elects professor as governor, first across north http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-borno-state-elects-professor-as-governor-first-across-north Borno State in the northeast Nigeria has a new governor following gubernatorial polls held on March 9, 2019. Governor-elect Babagana Umara Zulum also made history according to reports being the first professor to become governor across the Muslim-dominated north. Boeing to implement design changes on 737 MAX planes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boeing-to-implement-design-changes-on-737-max-planes As investigations into the cause of the Ethiopian Airlines crash continue, the questions surrounding the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts have triggered some reactions from airlines, aviation regulators and the world’s biggest plane maker itself. Ramaphosa endorses Zim government, calls sanctions 'unjust' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ramaphosa-endorses-zim-government-calls-sanctions-unjust President Cyril Ramaphosa has said he supports Zimbabwe's government, ignoring reports of human right abuses to crush persistent dissent in the neighbouring country. French President on trip to woo East Africa amid China's African expansion http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-president-on-trip-to-woo-east-africa-amid-china-s-african-expansion President Emmanuel Macron visited former French colony Djibouti on Tuesday with promises of a "respectful" partnership in the face of growing African indebtedness to China, which is fast expanding its foothold on the continent. Both Paris and Beijing -- as well as Japan and the United States -- have military bases in East Africa's smallest country due to its strategic location along a key shipping lane leading to the Suez Canal. Former DR Congo vice-president seeks $76m from war crimes court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/former-dr-congo-vice-president-seeks-76m-from-war-crimes-court Former DR Congo vice-president Jean-Pierre Bemba is demanding 68 million euros ($76.5 million) in compensation from the International Criminal Court following his war crimes acquittal last year, his lawyer said Monday. Ethiopia: Crashed jet's black boxes show similarities to Lion Air disaster http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-crashed-jet-s-black-boxes-show-similarities-to-lion-air-disaster The crash of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that killed 157 people had “clear similarities” with October’s Lion Air crash, Ethiopia said on Sunday, shown by initial analysis of the black boxes recovered from the wreckage of the March 10 disaster. The crash has generated one of the most widely watched and high-stakes inquiries for years, with the latest version of Boeing’s profitable 737 workhorse depending on the outcome. Zuma-era officials feature on South Africa's ANC election list http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zuma-era-officials-feature-on-south-africa-s-anc-election-list South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) has included two prominent politicians linked to corruption under former President Jacob Zuma in its list of candidates for parliament ahead of an election in May. The inclusion of figures like former finance minister Malusi Gigaba and ex-mines minister Mosebenzi Zwane calls into question the ANC’s pledge to distance itself from people who have tarnished the reputation of the party, analysts said. At least 89 dead in Zimbabwe as Cyclone Idai leaves trail of destruction http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-89-dead-in-zimbabwe-as-cyclone-idai-leaves-trail-of-destruction At least 89 people have died in Zimbabwe after Cyclone Idai tore across the eastern and southern parts of the country, a government official said on Monday, creating a humanitarian crisis in a nation grappling with economic woes and a drought. The scale of destruction is only becoming apparent as rescuers reach the most affected areas, near the border with Mozambique. Gunmen attack Mali army base, kill at least 16 soldiers-sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-attack-mali-army-base-kill-at-least-16-soldiers-sources Gunmen attacked and briefly seized a Malian army base overnight, killing at least 16 soldiers and destroying five vehicles in central Mali’s Mopti region, two local councillors in the area where the attack happened said on Sunday. The base is in the village of Dioura, the mayor of the nearest town Kareri, Youssouf Coulibaly, told Reuters by telephone from inside it. Central Mali has in the past few years been overrun by terrorists with links to al Qaeda. Boeing faces growing scrutiny in Ethiopian crash probe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boeing-faces-growing-scrutiny-in-ethiopian-crash-probe The world’s biggest planemaker faced escalating pressure on Monday after Ethiopia pointed to parallels between its crash and one in Indonesia, sharpening focus on the safety of software installed in Boeing’s 737 MAX planes. The Ethiopian Airlines disaster on March 10 killed 157 people, grounded Boeing’s marquee MAX fleet worldwide, and sparked a high-stakes inquiry for the shaken aviation industry. Mozambique president says Death toll in cyclone, floods could surpass 1,000 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-president-says-death-toll-in-cyclone-floods-could-surpass-1-000 The number of people killed in a powerful storm and preceding floods in Mozambique could exceed 1,000, the president said on Monday, putting the potential death toll greatly more than current figures. Only 84 deaths have been confirmed so far in Mozambique as a result of Cyclone Idai, which has also left a trail of death and destruction across Zimbabwe and Malawi, with vast areas of land flooded, roads destroyed and communication wiped out. Gambia: President Barrow sacked his Vice Darboe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-president-barrow-sacked-his-vice-darboe President Adama Barrow on Friday sacked vice president, Ousainou Darboe - a man he always described as his 'political Godfather.' "You can jail Ousainou Darboe, but you can't take his knowledge from him," Barrow once said of Mr. Darboe. Uganda's ruling party legislators back Museveni term extension http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-ruling-party-legislators-back-museveni-term-extension Members of parliament from Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party are backing President Yoweri Museveni’s attempt to win another term, according to a resolution adopted at their ongoing meeting late Sunday. A victory at the next election, in 2021, could extend the 74-year-old Museveni’s rule to 40 years, one of the longest reigns in Africa. Reviving tourism in West Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/reviving-tourism-in-west-africa West Africa has huge tourist potential, but factors such as poor transport, security concerns and the ebola virus have held it back. Concerted reforms are needed to boost the number of arrivals. Kenyan police seize $20 mln of counterfeit banknotes from deposit box http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-seize-20-mln-of-counterfeit-banknotes-from-deposit-box Kenyan police have seized $20 million of counterfeit banknotes that had been stored in a personal safety deposit box at a branch of Barclays Bank Kenya, the directorate of criminal investigations said. Police had also arrested six people, including two of the bank’s staff, the directorate said late on Tuesday in a statement posted on its Twitter account. Youngest captain, loving son: Ethiopian pilots honoured in death http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/youngest-captain-loving-son-ethiopian-pilots-honoured-in-death The dreams of the two young men soared as high as the Ethiopian Airlines planes they proudly flew. Handsome, cosmopolitan Yared Getachew was to marry another plane captain this year. Studious, serious Ahmednur Mohammed rented his first apartment with his maiden paycheck in February. Somali government troops vacate some bases in row over salaries http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-government-troops-vacate-some-bases-in-row-over-salaries Somali soldiers have vacated at least three of their bases in protest over months of missed pay, a military officer and residents said on Wednesday, in what could be a boost for al Shabaab insurgents. The Horn of Africa nation’s weak central government relies on the support of the military and African Union-mandated AMISOM peacekeepers against al Shabaab, an extremist and terrorist group. The vacated bases are in Somalia’s Middle Shabelle region, one of the troops’ commanders Col. Abdi Mohamed Ahmed told Reuters, adding that the move was to protest about non payment of salaries for four months. Cyclone Idai: Rescuers race against time to reach survivors http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cyclone-idai-rescuers-race-against-time-to-reach-survivors Aid workers scrambled to save hundreds trapped by floods around the Mozambican port city of Beira on Wednesday, after a powerful cyclone killed hundreds of people and left a trail of destruction across swathes of southeast Africa. Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique’s port city of Beira with winds of up to 170 kph (105 mph) last Thursday, then moved inland to Zimbabwe and Malawi, flattening buildings and putting the lives of millions at risk. Nigeria central bank cuts benchmark rate to 13.5 pct in surprise move http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-central-bank-cuts-benchmark-rate-to-13-5-pct-in-surprise-move Nigeria’s central bank cut its benchmark interest rate to 13.5 percent from 14 percent as part of an attempt to stimulate growth in Africa’s biggest economy, its governor said on Tuesday in a surprise move. The move is the first rate cut since November 2015. The rate has been held at 14 percent since July 2016 to support the naira and curb inflation. Nigeria's NNPC plans to revamp refineries to cut fuel imports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-nnpc-plans-to-revamp-refineries-to-cut-fuel-imports Nigeria’s state-oil firm Nigeria National petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said it plans to revamp its refineries to help Africa’s biggest crude oil producer to save billions of dollars on fuel imports and has hired Italy’s Maire Tecnimont to tackle the Port Harcourt plant. Nigeria has 445,000 bpd of refining capacity across four separate facilities which operate well below capacity due to mismanagement and lack of investment, forcing the NNPC to import the bulk of the country’s gasoline. Around 1.85 mln people affected by cyclone in Mozambique - UN http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/around-1-85-mln-people-affected-by-cyclone-in-mozambique-un About 1.85 million people have now been affected by Cyclone Idai and its aftermath in Mozambique alone, U.N. humanitarian agency OCHA said on Tuesday, as aid workers raced to fathom the scale of the disaster and determine what help is most urgently needed. “Some will be in critical, life threatening situations. Some will sadly have lost their livelihoods, which whilst an appalling tragedy is not immediately life threatening,” OCHA coordinator Sebastian Rhodes Stampa said. Sudan suffering an economic crisis, nothing political - Info Minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-suffering-an-economic-crisis-nothing-political-info-minister Sudanese information minister says the country is suffering a crisis that is economic in nature contrary to claims that it was in a state of political crisis. Information Minister Hassan Ismail is quoted by Reuters as saying: “There is no political crisis in Sudan, but there is an economic crisis.” He was responding to accusations of repression by press rights groups. Time to address needs of Africa’s migrants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/time-to-address-needs-of-africa-s-migrants This year the African Union is focusing on the problems of Africa’s refugees and forced migrants. But more must be done to promote peaceful migration and harmonise labour migration policies. Ebola Treatment Center in Congo Reopens After Attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ebola-treatment-center-in-congo-reopens-after-attack An Ebola treatment center located at the epicenter of the current outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo has resumed operations after it was attacked last month, the country's health ministry said Saturday. The center run by Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the district of Katwa was set on fire Feb. 24 by unknown attackers, forcing staff to evacuate patients. "Wound" of migration not solved by physical barriers, pope says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/wound-of-migration-not-solved-by-physical-barriers-pope-says Pope Francis said on Saturday the plight of migrants was “a wound that cries out to heaven” and could never be healed by physical barriers. Somali President’s mixed success in mid-term assessment http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-president-s-mixed-success-in-mid-term-assessment Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has had mixed success in the past two years, but has earned a fair score in the mid-term assessment, compared with his predecessors. Since his election on February 8, 2017, President Farmajo has performed well on economic recovery and has mobilised the public behind the government in a way that previous administrations were unable to. Kenyatta, Museveni champion integration through business deals http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyatta-museveni-champion-integration-through-business-deals While citizens await the resolution of a diplomatic standoff between Uganda and Rwanda that has affected trade relations, president Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday secured bilateral deals with his Kenyan counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta. Rwanda honours those killed in genocide 25 years ago http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-honours-those-killed-in-genocide-25-years-ago Rwandan President Paul Kagame began a week of solemn ceremonies on Sunday to commemorate the lives of 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus murdered during the Rwandan genocide, a three-month-killing spree that began 25 years ago. Kagame laid a wreath at the Gisozi genocide memorial site, where over a quarter a million of people are buried, before the government began an afternoon of speeches and song. Algeria's parliament to elect new interim president on Tuesday- APS http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-s-parliament-to-elect-new-interim-president-on-tuesday-aps Algeria’s parliament on Tuesday will elect a new interim president, state news agency APS said on Saturday, after veteran ruler Abdelaziz Bouteflika resigned following mass protests. Tunisia's president rules out second term bid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisia-s-president-rules-out-second-term-bid Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi on Saturday announced that he will not run for a second term in presidential elections expected this year, despite his party’s calls for the 93-year-old to stand. Mass protests that toppled ailing President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algeria have stirred the opposition in Tunisia, and social media campaigns have begun rejecting a second term for Essebsi. Sudan suffers total power outage amid anti-Bashir protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-suffers-total-power-outage-amid-anti-bashir-protests Sudan’s ministry of electricity has confirmed a total power blackout across the country on Sunday but it has yet to announce the exact cause of the situation. The development comes on the second-day of a sit-in protest by thousands close to the presidential palace in Khartoum. Cyclone Idai shows why long-term disaster resilience is so crucial http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cyclone-idai-shows-why-long-term-disaster-resilience-is-so-crucial Cyclone Idai struck Beira, the fourth largest city in Mozambique, in mid-March with torrential rains and winds of more than 190 km per hour. It took days for the sheer size of the resulting disaster to be understood. Dramatic pictures and video showed that the cyclone had left behind an inland sea up to 6 meters deep. Hundreds of people died in the storm and its immediate aftermath, and millions will be affected, potentially for years to come. S.African court says Mozambique ex-finance minister can be extradited to US -lawyer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-court-says-mozambique-ex-finance-minister-can-be-extradited-to-us-lawyer A South African court has ruled that Mozambique’s former finance minister Manuel Chang can be extradited to the United States, where he is wanted on charges related to a $2 billion debt scandal, one of Chang’s lawyers said on Monday. Sub-Saharan economic growth recovery to take longer - World Bank http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sub-saharan-economic-growth-recovery-to-take-longer-world-bank The World Bank has cut its growth forecast for Sub-Saharan Africa this year to 2.8 percent from an initial 3.3 percent, it said on Monday. The commodity price slump of 2015 cut short a decade of rapid growth for the region, and the bank said growth would take longer to recover as a decline in industrial production and a trade dispute between China and the United States take their toll. Exploring factors that caused Ethiopian Airlines crash http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/exploring-factors-that-caused-ethiopian-airlines-crash Minutes after take-off on March 10, the pilots of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX were caught in a bad situation. Moments later, the Boeing Co jet hit the ground, killing all 157 people onboard after six minutes of flight. Libyan death toll rises as battle for Tripoli intensifies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/libyan-death-toll-rises-as-battle-for-tripoli-intensifies Eastern Libyan forces sought to reach the centre of Tripoli on Monday after their easy advance through desert hit a trickier urban phase, with deaths and displacements mounting and the West aghast at the threat to its peace plan. Renewed civil war in Libya, splintered into areas of factional control since the 2011 overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. threatens to disrupt oil and gas supplies, trigger more migration to Europe, and allow extremist militants to exploit the chaos. Zimbabwe to start paying white farmers compensation after April http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-to-start-paying-white-farmers-compensation-after-april Zimbabwe is to start paying compensation this year to thousands of white farmers who lost land under former president Robert Mugabe’s land reform nearly two decades ago, the government said, as it seeks to bring closure to a highly divisive issue. Sierra Leone: Squaring up to its challenges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-squaring-up-to-its-challenges Sierra Leone has had more than its fair share of calamities over the recent past, with natural disasters and outbreaks of Ebola as well as a kleptomaniac administration. With these huge challenges how is the year-old government of President Julius Maada Bio coping? Sudan protesters demand civilian rule, military council says ready to comply http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-protesters-demand-civilian-rule-military-council-says-ready-to-comply Sudan’s main protest group on Sunday demanded the immediate handover of power to a civilian transitional government, saying it would keep up the street demonstrations which ousted former President Omar al-Bashir last week to achieve its aims. Land compensation: I am simply following the Constitution, says Zim president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/land-compensation-i-am-simply-following-the-constitution-says-zim-president Zimbabwean president Emmerson Mnangagwa has dismissed claims by his critics and supporters that his government has sold out by agreeing to pay compensation to white former commercial farmers. Egypt parliament to vote Tuesday on constitutional changes - speaker http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-parliament-to-vote-tuesday-on-constitutional-changes-speaker Egypt’s parliament will vote on Tuesday on constitutional amendments including an extension to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s current four-year-term, its speaker, Ali Abdelaal, said on Sunday. Proposed constitutional amendments had previously suggested that Sisi would be allowed to seek two new six-year terms after his current one expires in 2022. East Africa States Buy Modern Equipment for Armies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-africa-states-buy-modern-equipment-for-armies East African countries have, in the past three years, been on a military hardware-shopping spree, upgrading their aircraft, vehicles, arms and other equipment. A new report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) for 2018 shows that in the region, Kenya topped the purchases, with six aircraft orders. Nairobi expects the planes this year. Kenya also received eight second-hand Airbus AS-550C3 light helicopters as aid from the US last year. Drought casts doubt on Kenya’s economic growth prospects http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drought-casts-doubt-on-kenya-s-economic-growth-prospects Strong household consumption, higher remittance inflows, and lower food prices charged the Kenyan economy to rebound in 2018, the World Bank said, even as it warned that delay in the long rains has taken the shine off this year’s performance. Persistent under performance in government revenue collection has also cast a shadow of doubt on the prospects of better economic performance—meaning growth may be modest this year. “The medium-term growth outlook is stable but recent threats of drought could drag it down,” the report which was released last week says. Mauritius lifts ban on Kenyan produce http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritius-lifts-ban-on-kenyan-produce Mauritius has lifted a three-year ban on Kenyan avocado after Kenya improved on the hygiene standards with the Mauritian authorities, offering relief to local exporters in the country. Kenya lost the market in 2015 after the Mauritian National Plant Protection Office cited low standards of hygiene. Trump says Boeing should fix, 'rebrand' grounded 737 MAX jet http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-says-boeing-should-fix-rebrand-grounded-737-max-jet U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday urged Boeing Co to fix and “rebrand” its 737 MAX jetliner following two fatal crashes, as regulators worldwide continue to work with the planemaker to review its grounded best-selling aircraft. South African police halt shipment of rhino horns, arrest two http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-police-halt-shipment-of-rhino-horns-arrest-two South African police have intercepted 167 rhino horns believed to be destined for Southeast Asia, in one of the biggest such hauls ever in the country. Two suspects, aged 57 and 61, were arrested with the horns on Saturday, police said on Sunday. They had been tipped off about the suspects’ vehicle. Ex-South Sudan rebel leader believes unity government won't be ready by May 12 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-south-sudan-rebel-leader-believes-unity-government-won-t-be-ready-by-may-12 The two sides of war-ravaged South Sudan will not be able to meet a May 12 deadline to form a unity government because key requirements of a peace deal have not been met, former rebel leader Riek Machar told Reuters on Friday. Machar—who should regain his post as vice president under the deal—said the government and the rebels needed another six months before forming a unity government. African Union Threatens to Suspend Sudan After Coup http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-threatens-to-suspend-sudan-after-coup The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) has threatened to suspend Sudan in the wake of last week's coup, calling on the military to hand over power to a transitional civilian-led political authority. Digital startups take on Nigeria’s healthcare headaches http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/digital-startups-take-on-nigeria-s-healthcare-headaches Nigeria’s healthcare system is underfunded, leading to poor services and suffering for many of its citizens, but digital startups are beginning to fill the gap with some innovative solutions. Ethiopia's first female defence minister replaced http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-first-female-defence-minister-replaced Ethiopia's Prme Mininter Abiy Ahmed has replaced the country's first female defence minister, Aisha Mohammed, giving the post to the influential Oromia regional president, Lema Megersa. Mr Abiy did not give reasons for the decision, but it comes amid growing concern about ethnic conflict in the country. South Africa faces escalating unrest if ANC doesn't reform, opposition says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-faces-escalating-unrest-if-anc-doesn-t-reform-opposition-says South Africa faces escalating unrest if the governing African National Congress (ANC) party retains power in next month’s election and fails to introduce major reforms, the leader of the country’s biggest opposition party said on Thursday. In the most hotly contested election since the end of apartheid in South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa is hoping to reverse a slide in support for the ANC, which has won every general election since Nelson Mandela swept to power in 1994. Nigeria's Buhari signs law to increase minimum wage - aide http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-signs-law-to-increase-minimum-wage-aide President Muhammadu Buhari has signed into law a bill to increase Nigeria’s minimum wage with immediate effect, an aide said on Thursday. The change means the minimum monthly wage will rise to 30,000 naira ($98) from 18,000 now, said aide Ita Enang, a senior special assistant to the president on the National Assembly. Protesters converge on Sudan defence ministry sit-in to demand civilian rule http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protesters-converge-on-sudan-defence-ministry-sit-in-to-demand-civilian-rule Tens of thousands of people headed to a sit-in outside Sudan’s defence ministry on Thursday to demand that a transitional military council hand power to civilians, a Reuters witness said. Nigeria's top judge Walter Onnoghen to forfeit bank accounts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-top-judge-walter-onnoghen-to-forfeit-bank-accounts Nigeria's Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen has been convicted of falsely declaring his assets after failing to reveal the money he held in foreign bank accounts. The tribunal said he would have to forfeit the money in the five accounts. Sudan's military council and opposition wrangle over transition http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-military-council-and-opposition-wrangle-over-transition Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) and opposition forces appeared on a collision course on Monday amid deepening differences over demands for civilian rule more than 10 days after the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir. Saudi Arabia, UAE to send $3 billion in aid to Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/saudi-arabia-uae-to-send-3-billion-in-aid-to-sudan Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates said on Sunday they had agreed to send Sudan $3 billion worth of aid, throwing a lifeline to the country’s new military leaders after protests led to the ousting of president Omar al-Bashir. The two Gulf Arab countries will deposit $500 million with the Sudanese central bank and send the rest in the form of food, medicine and petroleum products, their state news agencies said in parallel statements. EU warns of worsening situation in Cameroon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-warns-of-worsening-situation-in-cameroon The European Union has warned of an unfolding catastrophe in the conflict-hit English speaking regions of Cameroon where the state and separatist militia are engaged in blatant atrocities. In a resolution on Thursday the EU Parliament said the security and political situation in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon were deteriorating and called on President Paul Biya's government to immediately take all steps to bring an end to the violence and impunity in the country. South Sudan Opposition Seeks Delay in Transitional Govt Formation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-opposition-seeks-delay-in-transitional-govt-formation South Sudan's main opposition group Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM-IO) on Friday sought delay in the formation of a transitional government in May. Puok Both Baluang, SPLM-IO's deputy director of information and public relations said the rush to form the government on May 12 is uncalled for, asking for extension of the pre-transitional period. Son of Mozambique's First President Accuses Nyusi of Violating Frelimo Statutes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/son-of-mozambique-s-first-president-accuses-nyusi-of-violating-frelimo-statutes Samora Machel Junior ("Samito"), son of Mozambique's first president, Samora Moises Machel, has accused the President of the ruling Frelimo Party, Filipe Nyusi, of "gross violation" of the Frelimo statutes, reports the independent newssheet "Carta de Mocambique". Machel was replying to a recommendation from a disciplinary inquiry, in which the two rapporteurs (Francisco Cabo and Filipe Sitoe) said he should be expelled from Frelimo because of his behaviour during the October 2018 municipal elections, where he stood as the mayoral candidate of a civil society organisation, AJUDEM (Youth Association for the Development of Mozambique). Kenya begins early campaign in bid to win seat on UN Security Council http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-begins-early-campaign-in-bid-to-win-seat-on-un-security-council Kenya has intensified lobbying among peers to gain a seat on the UN Security Council. The seat will provide an avenue “to our rightful place as a responsible member state of the united states”, it argues. Ahead of the official launch for the bid in June, Kenya has been lobbying peers in the African Union to support Nairobi’s campaign to focus on issues affecting the developing world. Zimbabwe: VP Chiwenga Lashes Out At 'Financial Terrorists' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-vp-chiwenga-lashes-out-at-financial-terrorists Vice President Constantino Chiwenga yesterday lashed out at corporates dipping their hands in underhand parallel market exchange dealings and equated such behaviour to "financial terrorism". Addressing captains of industry and commerce at the 13th Zimbabwe International Business Conference in Bulawayo, VP Chiwenga said that Government was sharpening its policies to deal with the culprits. Cyclone Kenneth batters Comoros as heads to Mozambique, Tanzania http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cyclone-kenneth-batters-comoros-as-heads-to-mozambique-tanzania Violent winds of up to 140 kph lashed the East African island nation of Comoros overnight, killing three people, authorities said on Thursday, as tropical Cyclone Kenneth swept towards flood-battered Mozambique and southern Tanzania. The region was pounded by Cyclone Idai last month; the storm and subsequent flooding killed more than 1,000 people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Tripoli neighbourhoods "turning into battlefields" - Red Cross http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tripoli-neighbourhoods-turning-into-battlefields-red-cross The humanitarian situation has greatly deteriorated around the Libyan capital Tripoli, where “densely populated residential areas are gradually turning into battlefields”, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said on Thursday. Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gold-worth-billions-smuggled-out-of-africa Billions of dollars’ worth of gold is being smuggled out of Africa every year through the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East – a gateway to markets in Europe, the United States and beyond – a Reuters analysis has found. Customs data shows that the UAE imported $15.1 billion worth of gold from Africa in 2016, more than any other country and up from $1.3 billion in 2006. The total weight was 446 tonnes, in varying degrees of purity – up from 67 tonnes in 2006. Freedom Day in South Africa – a reminder of unfinished business http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/freedom-day-in-south-africa-a-reminder-of-unfinished-business South Africans celebrate Freedom Day on April 27 every year to mark the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. A quarter of a century later, though, questions remain: how much and whose freedom is to be celebrated? The differing answers among voters might affect the results of the national elections on 8 May. Flooding starts in Mozambique after cyclone, death toll rises to five http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/flooding-starts-in-mozambique-after-cyclone-death-toll-rises-to-five Mozambican officials on Saturday urged those living near two rivers in the country’s north to move to higher ground, as Cyclone Kenneth dumped heavy rains and caused some flooding. The cyclone killed five people and flattened homes around Mozambique’s northern coast before moving inland and pounding the province of Cabo Delgado with rain, fuelling fears rivers could burst their banks and leave huge areas under water. Abu Dhabi fund deposits $250 mln in Sudan c.bank - WAM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/abu-dhabi-fund-deposits-250-mln-in-sudan-c-bank-wam The state-funded Abu Dhabi Fund for Development deposited $250 million in Sudan’s central bank as part of a previously-announced grant, state news agency WAM said on Sunday. Zimbabwe: High Court Overturns Police Ban On Nayo demonstration http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-high-court-overturns-police-ban-on-nayo-demonstration A High Court judge in Harare, issued an order last week allowing the National Youth Organisation (NAYO), to proceed with its demonstration against what the group says is shrinking civic space. The order effectively overturned a police ban on the planned protest initially planned for earlier this month. Sudan's military and opposition agree in principle to joint council http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-military-and-opposition-agree-in-principle-to-joint-council Sudan’s military rulers and opposition agreed in principle on Saturday to the formation of a joint body to lead a transition from 30 years of autocratic rule by Omar al-Bashir, but not on the new council’s make-up, two sources said. The two sides were holding their first formal discussions as opposition groups and protesters push for a rapid handover to civilian rule following Bashir’s fall earlier this month. Concerns Over Nigeria's Rising Debt Profile http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/concerns-over-nigeria-s-rising-debt-profile With Nigeria's debt profile up by 12.25 per cent last year to N24.387 trillion, analysts have expressed worry at the rising debt but the federal government continues to assure that it is within sustainable limits. As at December 31, 2018, Nigeria's debt profile had risen by N2.66 trillion from N21.725 trillion as at December 2017 to N24.387 trillion within the one year period. Close to 70 per cent of the 2018 revenue was spent on servicing the nation's debt. And out of the N8.9 trillion proposed national budget before the parliament for approval, over N2.3 trillion has been set aside for debt servicing, a development economists said was unhealthy for national development and economic growth. Tripoli gov't decries UN 'silence' on Haftar attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tripoli-gov-t-decries-un-silence-on-haftar-attacks The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) on Sunday held the UN Security Council responsible for refraining from taking action regarding attacks on the Libyan capital by a rival government in eastern Libya. In early April, Khalifa Haftar, commander of forces loyal to Libya’s eastern government, launched a campaign to capture Tripoli from the rival UN-recognized GNA. What needs to be done to fix the binary reporting on China in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/what-needs-to-be-done-to-fix-the-binary-reporting-on-china-in-africa China’s involvement in many parts of Africa is expanding. Several milestones have been reached in recent years. These include China becoming the continent’s largest trading partner in 2009 and the opening of the country’s first overseas military base in Djibouti in 2017. So it’s not surprising that this has become an ever-expanding topic for both the media and researchers. But the accuracy of work being done, particularly in terms of reportage, leaves a great deal to be desired. AU Commission prepares for single market launch in July http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/au-commission-prepares-for-single-market-launch-in-july The African Continental Free Trade Area will enter into force during the next African Union Summit slated for Niamey, Niger, in July. Dr Halima Noor Abdi, a senior official of the African Union Commission (AUC), said 20 member-states have ratified the agreement and deposited the instruments with the commission, adding that she is optimistic that the remaining two would do so soon. South Sudan says its oil is flowing freely despite Sudan port strike http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-says-its-oil-is-flowing-freely-despite-sudan-port-strike South Sudan’s oil minister said on Monday that the country’s oil was flowing smoothly and problems with importing chemicals for drilling, due to a strike at a port in neighbouring Sudan, had been resolved. Landlocked South Sudan’s main oil shipment hub is Port Sudan in neighbouring Sudan. Chemicals due to be imported by South Sudan via the port for oil drilling were stranded late last week after oil workers at the port went on strike. Gunfire heard in Comoros capital after opposition forms parallel body to unseat president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunfire-heard-in-comoros-capital-after-opposition-forms-parallel-body-to-unseat-president Gunfire was heard near the main military base in the Comoros capital on Thursday, hours after opposition candidates announced plans to unseat the president whose re-election this week they reject as fraudulent. President Azali Assoumani was declared the winner in Sunday’s election with more than 60 percent of the vote, enough to avoid a second-round run-off. Observers from African monitoring missions have said the election lacked credibility. Six killed in church attack in northern Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/six-killed-in-church-attack-in-northern-burkina-faso Unidentified gunmen killed one pastor and five congregants in an attack on a Protestant church in northern Burkina Faso on Sunday, government spokesman Remy Fulgance Dandjinou said on Monday. Swiss group files criminal complaint against Credit Suisse over Mozambique loans http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/swiss-group-files-criminal-complaint-against-credit-suisse-over-mozambique-loans A Swiss anti-corruption lobby group has filed a criminal complaint against Credit Suisse over alleged fraud in the arrangement of $2 billion of loans to Mozambique, the group said on Monday. Mozambique, one of the most indebted countries in the world, in 2016 admitted to billions of dollars of undisclosed borrowing, sparking a debt crisis and leading to the arrest of government officials and international bankers in the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. Sudan's military rulers: "We are ready to negotiate but no chaos after today" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-military-rulers-we-are-ready-to-negotiate-but-no-chaos-after-today Sudan’s military rulers said they were ready to negotiate with the opposition over the political future of the country but there should be no further unrest beyond Tuesday, a reference to protests disrupting trains and bridges. Opposition groups and protesters have been pressing the Transitional Military Council (TMC) to speed up the move to civilian rule since the army ousted former president Omar al-Bashir on April 11. Fears for cyclone-hit communities in Mozambique as rains return http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fears-for-cyclone-hit-communities-in-mozambique-as-rains-return Torrential rain returned to batter northern Mozambique on Tuesday, derailing aid operations and dumping more water on the port city of Pemba just days after it suffered severe flooding from Cyclone Kenneth. South African Airways agrees debt rollover deal in principle - CEO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-airways-agrees-debt-rollover-deal-in-principle-ceo State-owned South African Airways (SAA) has reached an agreement in principle with lenders to roll over $642 million of debt, its CEO said on Tuesday, giving him room to execute a turnaround aimed at weaning the airline off government bailouts. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has made a point of supporting ailing state firms like SAA, which survive on government handouts, but the extent of their financial difficulties has meant slow progress. Support for South Africa's ANC at 51-61 percent, opinion polls show http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/support-for-south-africa-s-anc-at-51-61-percent-opinion-polls-show South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) appears headed for victory in next month’s election, as President Cyril Ramaphosa seeks to strike a reforming tone, with three opinion polls showing support ranging between 51 and 61 percent. The three pollsters, which used different methodologies and turnout assumptions for the May 8 parliamentary vote, put support for the biggest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), at between 19 and 24 percent. Congo registers record 27 new Ebola cases in one day http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-registers-record-27-new-ebola-cases-in-one-day Democratic Republic of Congo registered a one-day record of 27 new confirmed Ebola cases on Sunday, raising last week’s number of cases to 126, the biggest since the current outbreak was declared last August, the health ministry said. The previous record was 110 confirmed cases a couple of weeks ago. Zamfara and The Nightmare of Violence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zamfara-and-the-nightmare-of-violence The Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to the President, Garba Shehu, announced in January that the Federal Government has assembled a strong military force comprising 1,000 personnel, to tackle the bandits terrorising communities in Zamfara. According to Garba Shehu in a statement in Abuja, the formation of the Force was directed by President Muhammadu Buhari, and the personnel in the squad were drawn from the Army, Air Force, Police and the Civil Defence. African Union tells Sudan military council to hand power to civilians within 60 days http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-union-tells-sudan-military-council-to-hand-power-to-civilians-within-60-days The African Union said on Tuesday that Sudan’s military rulers should hand over power to a civilian-led transitional authority within 60 days. Anger at corruption dents faith in South African president, ANC before poll http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anger-at-corruption-dents-faith-in-south-african-president-anc-before-poll Struggling farmer Meshack Ncongwane was a life-long supporter of South Africa’s governing African National Congress but says the party won’t get his vote in parliamentary and provincial elections next week. Local ANC officials offered him what he thought would be a lucrative stake in a dairy farm in 2013. He was one of 80 people who were to be given an equal portion of a 50 percent share in the venture funded by the local government. South Sudan denies kidnapping, executing prominent critics http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-denies-kidnapping-executing-prominent-critics South Sudan rejects U.N. allegations its security services kidnapped two prominent government critics exiled in Kenya in 2017, flew them to Juba and days later executed the pair on a farm owned by President Salva Kiir, a government minister said on Wednesday. A report by the U.N. Security Council panel of experts published on late on Tuesday said multiple credible sources suggested Aggrey Idri Ezibon, a member of an opposition group, and Dong Samuel Luak, a human rights lawyer, were likely killed by National Security Service (NSS) officers on Jan. 30, 2017. UAE says "extremist militias" control Libyan capital http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uae-says-extremist-militias-control-libyan-capital The United Arab Emirates said on Thursday that “extremist militias” were controlling the Libyan capital which its ally Khalifa Haftar is fighting to capture from forces allied to Libya’s internationally recognised government. The UAE, along with Egypt, support Haftar who they see as a bulwark against Islamist militants in North Africa. A 2017 U.N. report said the Gulf Arab state has provided his eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA) with military and logistical support. Germany's Merkel bolsters support for west African states http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/germany-s-merkel-bolsters-support-for-west-african-states Chancellor Angela Merkel promised Burkina Faso and four other West African countries millions of euros in new German aid on Wednesday to help fight terrorism in the region and support economic development. At the start of a three-day visit to the region, Merkel promised Burkina Faso more than 20 million euros ($22 million) and said Germany would send a further 60 million to the G5 Sahel group, to which Niger, Chad, Mali and Mauritania also belong. Benin: Clashes between protesters and security forces after polemic polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/benin-clashes-between-protesters-and-security-forces-after-polemic-polls Protesters in Benin were locked in a tense standoff with police and soldiers Thursday after violence broke out following controversial parliamentary polls held without a single opposition candidate. Hours after initial results showed a record low turnout in Sunday’s election, soldiers and large numbers of police deployed on Wednesday across the economic capital Cotonou. Ethiopia PM underlines importance of Muslims to national unity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-underlines-importance-of-muslims-to-national-unity Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday (May 1) lauded the efforts of Ethiopian Muslims in ensuring national unity stressing the need for all and sundry to do more to guard the current peace. Abiy was addressing a national gathering of Muslim leaders in the capital Addis Ababa as part of an ongoing conference that started last week. South Africa: Frustration over racial disparities builds as poll nears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-frustration-over-racial-disparities-builds-as-poll-nears After a decade of living in a tiny corrugated iron shack, Nyani Moloi was ecstatic when she was handed the keys to a two-bedroom brick house built by the government. But the unemployed grandmother’s joy quickly turned to anger when she discovered the home has no running water or electricity; the toilet does not flush, and rain seeps through the walls. “I am heartbroken by the condition of the house,” Moloi, 59, told Reuters as she pointed out damp patches in the home she shares with four grandchildren in the town of Bethlehem in Free State province. Congo Ebola death toll nears 1,000, expected to spread - WHO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-ebola-death-toll-nears-1-000-expected-to-spread-who The World Health Organization said on Friday it feared continued “intense transmission” of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where deaths from a nine-month-old epidemic is 994 and expected to exceed 1,000 within hours. World Bank to boost lending to Africa to help fight poverty - Malpass http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-bank-to-boost-lending-to-africa-to-help-fight-poverty-malpass The World Bank plans to boost lending to African countries to help fight poverty, the bank’s new president said on Friday after touring three sub-Saharan African countries. David Malpass, who has pledged to step up the bank’s anti-poverty mission, visited Madagascar, Ethiopia and Mozambique on April 29-May 3, meeting with leaders, stakeholders and visiting World Bank-funded projects. Prosecutor orders Sudan's Bashir interrogated http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/prosecutor-orders-sudan-s-bashir-interrogated Sudan’s public prosecutor on Thursday ordered ousted President Omar al-Bashir to be interrogated on charges of money laundering and financing terrorism, as hundreds of thousands of protesters joined a sit-in to demand the army give way to civilian rule. Bashir was removed by the military on April 11 after months of demonstrations against his 30 year rule. He is also wanted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague for war crimes over the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region. Diplomats condemn order suspending Ugandan journalists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/diplomats-condemn-order-suspending-ugandan-journalists Diplomats and rights groups condemned Ugandan authorities on Friday for ordering the suspension of more than 30 senior journalists after TV and radio stations covered protests by supporters of a pop star turned politician. Tanzania opposition activist found beaten, dumped in village http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-opposition-activist-found-beaten-dumped-in-village A Tanzanian opposition activist has been found beaten and unconscious at a village in the country’s southern highlands five days after unidentified people abducted him, stoking new fears of an opposition crackdown. Zimbabwe warns of power cuts as dam levels fall, ageing plants stutter http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-warns-of-power-cuts-as-dam-levels-fall-ageing-plants-stutter Zimbabwe’s state-owned power utility on Thursday warned it may ration electricity supplies as low water levels reduce output from its biggest hydro plant, while ageing coal-fired generators are shuttered or running at reduced capacity. Power cuts would hit the mining sector — which contributes more than two thirds of Zimbabwe’s export earnings — hardest, adding to difficulties in a country already grappling with a lack of U.S. dollars, soaring prices and shortages of fuel, food and medicines. Early results suggest ANC will retain power in South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/early-results-suggest-anc-will-retain-power-in-south-africa Results from nearly half of voting districts in South Africa’s election put the African National Congress on course to retain power but at risk of its worst performance in a national poll since the end of white minority rule 25 years ago. As of 1400 GMT on Thursday, votes in 48 percent of 22,925 voting districts had been counted. The early tallies put the ANC on 57 percent in the parliamentary race, with the main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) on nearly 23 percent and the leftist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on nearly 9 percent. Nigerian president nominates CBN governor for second term http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-president-nominates-cbn-governor-for-second-term Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has nominated Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele for a second five-year term, according to a letter read on the floor of the senate. Ghana arrests 81 in separatist crackdown: police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-arrests-81-in-separatist-crackdown-police Police in Ghana said on Wednesday they had arrested 81 people accused of supporting the declaration of an eastern region as an independent country. The sweeping arrests follow the detention of eight of the group's reported leaders on Sunday as they prepared to declare the region as their own nation, according to officers, meaning a total of 89 have been detained. Tanzania's Magufuli set to assume Sadc chairmanship in August http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-s-magufuli-set-to-assume-sadc-chairmanship-in-august Tanzania is expected to host the 39th Southern African Development Community (Sadc) summit scheduled for August 17 and 18. The minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, said on Wednesday that during the meeting Tanzania will take over the bloc’s chairmanship. Angola sacks Sonangol chief over fuel shortages http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-sacks-sonangol-chief-over-fuel-shortages Angolan President Joao Lourenco sacked the chief executive of the state oil giant Sonangol following several days of dire fuel shortages which have paralysed Africa's second largest producer of crude. In a decree made public late Wednesday, Lourenco said Carlos Saturnino would be replaced by Gaspar Martins, another Sonangol board member. Ramaphosa's economic reforms in focus as ANC adjusts to smaller majority http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ramaphosa-s-economic-reforms-in-focus-as-anc-adjusts-to-smaller-majority Boosting South African growth and overhauling bloated power firm Eskom are post-election priorities for the African National Congress, but a reduced majority may force President Cyril Ramaphosa to compromise on those and other economic reforms. Ramaphosa took office in February 2018 with a pledge to revive a sclerotic economy and attract foreign investors. Zimbabwe rakes in $2.7m selling baby elephants in China http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-rakes-in-2-7m-selling-baby-elephants-in-china Zimbabwe raked in $2.7m for exporting baby elephants to China and the United Arab Emirates, the Tourism Minister has confirmed, according to the state-affiliated newspaper, The Chronicle. Tourism Minister Priscah Mupfumira said across a period of six years, the country had exported 97 elephants to the two destinations where they were sold. Gunmen kill six in attack on church in Northern Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kill-six-in-attack-on-church-in-northern-burkina-faso Gunmen killed six people in an attack on a Catholic church in northern Burkina Faso on Sunday, the mayor of Dablo town, where the attack took place, told Reuters. Sudanese forces disperse protest in Khartoum North: Reuters witness http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-forces-disperse-protest-in-khartoum-north-reuters-witness Sudanese police and Rapid Support Forces used tear gas on Monday to disperse dozens of protesters in Khartoum North and removed barriers they had set up on a main street leading to the heart of the capital, a Reuters witness said. The dispersal came as stalled talks between the opposition and the ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC) resumed. Nigeria says ex-president and his oil minister took bribes – court filing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-says-ex-president-and-his-oil-minister-took-bribes-court-filing The Nigerian government has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan and his then oil minister of accepting bribes and breaking the country’s laws to broker a $1.3 billion oil deal eight years ago, a London court filing shows. The deal, in which Anglo-Dutch company Royal Dutch Shell and Italian peer Eni jointly acquired the rights to the OPL 245 offshore oilfield, has spawned legal cases spanning several countries. Indian Ocean oil and gas: Africa’s next energy frontier http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/indian-ocean-oil-and-gas-africa-s-next-energy-frontier When, in February, Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya found himself bundled aboard a direct flight to Mogadishu after hasty instruction from the Kenyan government, it was clear that the long-standing Indian Ocean border dispute between Kenyan and Somalia had reached a new low. Political games" hinder efforts to end Ebola outbreak in Congo: WHO" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/political-games-hinder-efforts-to-end-ebola-outbreak-in-congo-who Attempts to end the second worst Ebola outbreak on record are being hampered by “political games” and distrust of outsiders in two towns in Democratic Republic of Congo, a senior World Health Organization official said on Monday. The epidemic has moved through northeastern Congo, killing 1,117 people since mid-2018. A rapid international response with an effective vaccine has managed to stop the spread in a string of towns, including Beni, Kyondo, Komanda, Tchomia, Mabalako, Mandima and Kayna, WHO emergencies chief Mike Ryan said. Liberians grapple with potential loss of U.S. legal status http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberians-grapple-with-potential-loss-of-u-s-legal-status As snow blanketed African markets, churches and graves in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, in February, members of the Liberian community were praying fervently that this would not be their last winter in the United States. A form of immigration status known as Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) – which had protected the migrants from deportation and allowed them to work legally – was due to expire in March, meaning they would have had to leave the country voluntarily or be deported. European Union calls for ceasefire in Libya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/european-union-calls-for-ceasefire-in-libya All warring groups in Libya must commit to a ceasefire and return to U.N.-led mediation, the European Union said on Monday, calling the situation a threat to international security. Sudan opposition holds military responsible for Monday violence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-opposition-holds-military-responsible-for-monday-violence Sudan’s opposition alliance said on Tuesday the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces had used live ammunition on Monday and that the military was responsible for what happened. Four dead, several injured, in Somalia suicide bombing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/four-dead-several-injured-in-somalia-suicide-bombing A suicide bomber killed at least four people and injured several others Tuesday after detonating a car packed with explosives in Mogadishu, Somali security forces said. "A suicide bomber drove a car loaded with explosives into the entrance of Wardhigley District offices," said security official, Mohamed Samow. Sudan army rulers, protesters agree on 3-year transition period http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-army-rulers-protesters-agree-on-3-year-transition-period Sudanese army rulers and protest leaders Wednesday agreed on a three-year transition period for transferring power to a full civilian administration, even as negotiations over a new sovereign ruling body remain unfinished. The protest movement is demanding a civilian-led transition following 30 years of iron-fisted rule by now deposed president Omar al-Bashir, but the generals who toppled him have been holding onto a leadership role. Malawi's president makes final plea for re-election in tight race http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-s-president-makes-final-plea-for-re-election-in-tight-race Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika made a last-ditch bid to win re-election on Saturday as candidates for next week’s hotly contested election wrapped up their campaigns at rival rallies across the country. Former law professor Mutharika, 78, is trying to secure a second five-year term in Malawi, a southern African country heavily dependent on foreign aid which has experienced severe droughts in the past decade. Sudanese commander says democratic elections are his goal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-commander-says-democratic-elections-are-his-goal The deputy leader of Sudan’s military council voiced his enthusiasm for democratic elections in front of an audience of tribal leaders and senior diplomats on Saturday, while seeking to deflect blame for violence in Khartoum this week. At disaster forum, storm-hit Mozambique says will seek help to build back better http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-disaster-forum-storm-hit-mozambique-says-will-seek-help-to-build-back-better Mozambique, which was battered by two cyclones in March and April, will hold an international conference in two weeks’ time to drum up funding to help it build back stronger, its vice-minister for state administration said Friday. “What we have learned from these cyclones (is) we need to build new infrastructure but resilient,” Albano Macie told the Thomson Reuters Foundation on the sidelines of a global conference on preventing disasters, which ended Friday. Forces loyal to Libya's U.N.-backed government receive military hardware http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/forces-loyal-to-libya-s-u-n-backed-government-receive-military-hardware A coalition of forces allied with Libya’s U.N.-backed government of national accord (GNA) said it had received a shipment of armoured vehicles and arms on Saturday as it tries to stop Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) from taking the capital, Tripoli. “The GNA is fostering its forces defending Tripoli with armoured vehicles, ammunition and quality weapons,” the pro-GNA coalition said on one of its Facebook page, without giving further details about the origin of the military equipment. Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads guilty to U.S. charge over Mozambique loan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-credit-suisse-banker-pleads-guilty-to-u-s-charge-over-mozambique-loan A former Credit Suisse Group AG banker pleaded guilty on Monday to a U.S. charge that she helped launder money from a kickback scheme involving $2 billion in loans to state-owned companies in Mozambique. Ethiopian crash: French woman sues Boeing seeking at least $276 mln http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-crash-french-woman-sues-boeing-seeking-at-least-276-mln A French woman whose husband was killed in the March crash of a Boeing 737 MAX airliner in Ethiopia has filed a U.S. lawsuit against the planemaker seeking at least $276 million in damages, her lawyer said on Tuesday. Talks on Sudan's political transition fail to produce deal for second day http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/talks-on-sudan-s-political-transition-fail-to-produce-deal-for-second-day Talks between Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council and an alliance of protesters and opposition groups failed for the second day in a row to produce a breakthrough on the country’s political transition, the council said early on Tuesday. Street protests and a sit-in outside the defence ministry compound in Khartoum have not ended even after the army ousted and arrested former President Omar al-Bashir on April 11. Congolese opposition leader returns home after three years in exile http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congolese-opposition-leader-returns-home-after-three-years-in-exile Congolese opposition leader Moise Katumbi returned home from three years in exile on Monday, one of a series of indicted politicians cleared under the administration of new President Felix Tshisekedi. Thousands of supporters came out to welcome Katumbi at the airpoirt in Lubumbashi, the main city in his political heartland in Democratic Republic of Congo’s southern copper-mining Katanga region. Zimbabwe scraps official parity for fuel imports http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-scraps-official-parity-for-fuel-imports Oil companies in Zimbabwe will from Tuesday buy dollars to import fuel on the interbank market after the central bank ended the1:1 peg to the dollar that the firms were using, the bank said, a move that could see the price of fuel going up. Portuguese officers convicted of kidnapping black youths http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/portuguese-officers-convicted-of-kidnapping-black-youths A Portuguese court has found eight police officers guilty of kidnapping and beating up six youths from a predominantly black neighbourhood in the outskirts of Lisbon. Somalia protests after its officials deported by Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-protests-after-its-officials-deported-by-kenya Somalia has criticised neighbouring Kenya for deporting two Somali lawmakers and a minister after authorities in Nairobi blocked them from entering the country. Senators Ilyas Ali and Zamzam Dahir and minister Osman Liban arrived at Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Monday and were forced to spend hours there before being returned to Somalia on Tuesday. South Africa's newly-elected Ramaphosa promises to work for all http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-newly-elected-ramaphosa-promises-to-work-for-all South African lawmakers elected Cyril Ramaphosa president on Wednesday, and he promised to create jobs and work for the interests of all citizens, not just members of the majority African National Congress (ANC). Botswana lifts ban on big game hunting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-lifts-ban-on-big-game-hunting Botswana, home to almost a third of Africa’s elephants, lifted a ban on big game hunting on Wednesday, citing growing conflict between humans and wildlife and the negative impact of the hunting suspension on people’s livelihoods. Conservationists estimate the southern African country has around 130,000 elephants, but some lawmakers say the number is much higher and causes problems for small-scale farmers. Islamic State West Africa claims killing and execution of 29 Nigerian soldiers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/islamic-state-west-africa-claims-killing-and-execution-of-29-nigerian-soldiers Islamic State’s West Africa branch claimed responsibility on Wednesday for a raid in Nigeria two days earlier in which it said 20 soldiers had been killed and released a video purporting to show the execution of nine other Nigerian soldiers. A security source and a humanitarian worker, both requesting anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to media, said insurgents struck the northeastern town of Gubio in Borno state on Monday evening, in vehicles mounted with heavy machine guns and on motorbikes. Libyan commander Haftar told Macron no ceasefire for now - French presidency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/libyan-commander-haftar-told-macron-no-ceasefire-for-now-french-presidency Libyan eastern commander Khalifa Haftar, speaking on Wednesday with French President Emmanuel Macron, ruled out a ceasefire and said he wanted to rid the capital of militias that had “infested” the U.N.-backed government, a French presidential official said. The flare-up in the conflict in Libya - which has been gripped by anarchy since Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in 2011 - began in early April, when Haftar’s Libyan National Army advanced on the capital Tripoli. The LNA is now bogged down in southern suburbs by fighters loyal to Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj’s Government of National Accord (GNA). At least nine illegal Zimbabwean miners die after mine collapse http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-nine-illegal-zimbabwean-miners-die-after-mine-collapse At least nine illegal gold miners have died in Zimbabwe after they detonated explosives underground and were trapped at a mine owned by unlisted London-headquartered Metallon Corporation north of the capital Harare, the company said on Monday. South African deputy president to be sworn in as lawmaker after delay http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-deputy-president-to-be-sworn-in-as-lawmaker-after-delay South Africa’s deputy president, David Mabuza, will be sworn in as a lawmaker on Tuesday, a week after he requested a postponement to address accusations he had brought the ruling African National Congress (ANC) into disrepute, the party said. Kenya engages World Bank for $750 mln loan for budget support http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-engages-world-bank-for-750-mln-loan-for-budget-support Kenya is negotiating with the World Bank for a $750 million loan for budgetary support, documents on the proposed funding posted on the lender’s website showed on Tuesday. The East African nation has multiple development funding programmes, worth billions of dollars, with the Washington-based lender, but the funding bypasses the Treasury and is usually channelled straight into the projects. Nigerian president signs $29 bln 2019 budget into law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-president-signs-29-bln-2019-budget-into-law Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari signed an 8.9 trillion-naira ($29 billion) budget for 2019 into law on Monday. Approved by lawmakers last month, the budget is based on estimated oil production of 2.3 million barrels a day, an assumed crude price of $60 per barrel and an exchange rate of 305 naira to the dollar. Zimbabwe presses exporters, power utility as economic crisis mounts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-presses-exporters-power-utility-as-economic-crisis-mounts Zimbabwe government figures blamed exporters on Monday for exacerbating a dollar shortage and warned the power utility against fuelling inflation as the state grappled with a mounting economic crisis. Malawi's Mutharika narrowly wins presidential race with 38.57 % of the vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-s-mutharika-narrowly-wins-presidential-race-with-38-57-of-the-vote President Peter Mutharika won Malawi’s presidential election with 38.57% of votes, the electoral commission said on Monday, narrowly securing another five-year term after delays over suspected tampering. Head of Sudan's military council meets Abu Dhabi crown prince http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/head-of-sudan-s-military-council-meets-abu-dhabi-crown-prince The head of Sudan’s military council met Abu Dhabi’s crown prince on Sunday, who expressed the United Arab Emirates’ support for Sudan as it navigates a transition after the ouster of Omar al-Bashir, Emirates news agency (WAM) reported. Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s visit to the UAE came on the heels of a trip to Egypt and a visit by his deputy, General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, to Saudi Arabia. Ramadan in Nigeria: Cultures and Practices http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ramadan-in-nigeria-cultures-and-practices The month of Ramadan has a global spread with diverse cultures among different countries of the world, while each society also puts its personal impression on the wide and thick discourse that has developed around the holy month. Two Sudan rebel leaders arrested after meeting Ethiopia PM - sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-sudan-rebel-leaders-arrested-after-meeting-ethiopia-pm-sources Two Sudanese rebel leaders were arrested early on Saturday, opposition sources said, shortly after meeting visiting Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is trying to mediate in a crisis threatening a transition to democracy. Protests in Liberia against corruption, economic decline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protests-in-liberia-against-corruption-economic-decline Thousands of Liberians took to the streets of the capital, Monrovia, on Friday to protest against the corruption and economic decline that many blame on their once hugely popular president, former football star George Weah. Zimbabwe president says new currency a must by year-end http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-president-says-new-currency-a-must-by-year-end Zimbabwe must have a new currency by the end of the year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Friday, arguing this would help stabilise prices and inflation, which is at a 10-year high. The southern African nation in February removed an unrealistic peg for its electronic dollars and surrogate bond notes and merged them into a transitional currency called the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) dollar. Thousands of Algerians demonstrate for political reforms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-of-algerians-demonstrate-for-political-reforms With banners reading “You all go” and “We need new figures”, thousands of protesters gathered in the Algerian capital on Friday for what has become a regular demonstration demanding the removal of the ruling elite. Niger, Tunisia et al take seats on UN Security Council http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-tunisia-et-al-take-seats-on-un-security-council Niger and Tunisia were among countries elected as non-permanent members to the Security Council for a period of two years. Seven candidates ran for five seats including Viet Nam ,Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, El Salvador, Estonia and Romania. Khemaies Jhinaoui is Tunisian Foreign Minister. Ivorian govt condemns xenophobic remarks by ex-President http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivorian-govt-condemns-xenophobic-remarks-by-ex-president The Ivorian government on Saturday condemned a remark considered as extreme by its former President, calling for hostility towards foreigners. The remark was purportedly made by former President Henri Konan Bédié on Wednesday. In a statement which includes a video of Bédié‘s remark to the party’s website, the government said Ivorians will not accept such remarks. Sudan opposition alliance lists conditions for return to dialogue http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-opposition-alliance-lists-conditions-for-return-to-dialogue Sudan’s opposition alliance, the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces said on Friday it accepted Ethiopian Prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s call to return to dialogue with the Transitional Military Council but under certain conditions. Ethiopia PM in Tigray region, joins efforts to save Axum obelisk http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-in-tigray-region-joins-efforts-to-save-axum-obelisk Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed is in the northern Tigray region where he has held a series of meetings with stakeholders over a wide range of issues. Abiy and his delegation were met on arrival in the region by its Vice President Dr Debretsion Gebremichael. Civil disobedience campaign empties streets of Sudan's capital as death toll rises http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/civil-disobedience-campaign-empties-streets-of-sudan-s-capital-as-death-toll-rises A campaign of civil disobedience to demand civilian rule left the streets of Sudan’s capital Khartoum largely deserted as the working week began on Sunday, while a 20-year-old man was shot dead in Omdurman, witnesses and opposition medics said. IATA predicts losses for African airlines as the industry braces for higher fuel prices and weaker global trade http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/iata-predicts-losses-for-african-airlines-as-the-industry-braces-for-higher-fuel-prices-and-weaker-global-trade It's going to be yet another year of losses for African airlines — the fourth in a row — as the global airline industry braces for higher fuel prices and weaker global trade during 2019. Uganda plans to restore old railway at $205m http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-plans-to-restore-old-railway-at-205m Uganda will invest $205 million in restoring an old railway line linking Kampala to Malaba on the Kenyan border following delays in securing funding for the standard gauge railway. The upgraded meter gauge railway line is expected to boost monthly freight capacity to 120,000 metric tonnes from the current 20,000 tonnes by 2026, Stanley Sendegeya, Uganda Railways Corporation’s chief financial officer, said in an interview. The Growing Threat of Terrorism in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-growing-threat-of-terrorism-in-burkina-faso Last month in northern Burkina Faso there were attacks on a church and on a procession of Catholics. These have raised fears of religious strife in a country where security remains a major challenge. These attacks follow the murder of a pastor and five congregants in Silgadji, in the north, and the kidnapping of a Catholic priest. These events are part of a violent trend that is mostly affecting the country’s northern and eastern regions. Terrorist attacks and inter-communal conflict – like the massacre of Fulani in Yirgou (north) in early 2019 – there are concerns have many concerned for the West African nation. Sudan: a chance for the AU to refine support for countries in crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-a-chance-for-the-au-to-refine-support-for-countries-in-crisis The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) has suspended Sudan from all the organisation’s activities “until the effective establishment of a civilian-led Transitional Authority”. It also threatened to impose punitive measures on individuals and entities obstructing the establishment of a civilian-led transitional authority. The AU has given the Sudan Transitional Military Council, which orchestrated the overthrow of Omar al-Bashir in April, a 60-day deadline to do so. Presidential panel submits long-delayed report on South African land reform http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/presidential-panel-submits-long-delayed-report-on-south-african-land-reform A panel of experts appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to advise South Africa’s government on how to resolve the issue of land reform, restitution and redistribution handed in its final report on Tuesday, the presidency said. Land rights are among the most pressing issues in South Africa more than two decades after the end of apartheid, when millions among the black majority were dispossessed of their land by a white minority. New Ebola cases in Uganda raise fears of further spread http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-ebola-cases-in-uganda-raise-fears-of-further-spread Uganda announced two more cases of Ebola on Wednesday - confirmation of the first spread of a deadly outbreak beyond the borders of Democratic Republic of Congo. Nigeria's economy is expected to grow 2.7% this year, President Buhari says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-economy-is-expected-to-grow-2-7-this-year-president-buhari-says Nigeria’s economy is expected to grow 2.7% this year, President Muhammadu Buhari said on Wednesday, in his first public speech since his inauguration for a second term last month. Ethiopian envoy says Sudan talks to resume as strike suspended http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-envoy-says-sudan-talks-to-resume-as-strike-suspended Sudan’s military and opposition groups have agreed to resume talks on the formation of a transitional council, an Ethiopian envoy said on Tuesday, as an opposition alliance said it was suspending its campaign of civil disobedience and strikes. Mali lowers estimate of village raid death toll to 35 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-lowers-estimate-of-village-raid-death-toll-to-35 Mali’s government has lowered to 35 from an initial 95 its estimate of the death toll from a recent attack on a Dogon village, the country’s latest incident of ethnic violence. African leaders gather for Nigeria's inaugural Democracy Day http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-leaders-gather-for-nigeria-s-inaugural-democracy-day June 12 is officially a national holiday in Nigeria for the celebration of “Democracy Day” in Africa’s most populous country. Motorbike taxi firms rev up for race into West Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/motorbike-taxi-firms-rev-up-for-race-into-west-africa Motorcycle taxi companies are expanding in West Africa with backing from investors betting that the meteoric rise of two-wheeled taxi firms in Asia can be replicated in some of the fastest growing countries in the world. Mali fires regional governor after attack that killed dozens http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-fires-regional-governor-after-attack-that-killed-dozens Mali’s council of ministers has fired the governor of its central Mopti region, after gunmen killed dozens of people in the latest of a spate of ethnic killings there, it said in a statement. Nigeria's President plans to lift 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-president-plans-to-lift-100-million-nigerians-out-of-poverty-in-10-years Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday replicate successes of his first four years in offices, citing an improved economy and better infrastructure among those achievements. Buhari won re-election in February this year, polling 56% of the vote, whose turnout was just 36%. U.S. joins diplomatic push to salvage agreement in Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-joins-diplomatic-push-to-salvage-agreement-in-sudan The top U.S. diplomat for Africa on Wednesday joined an international effort to press Sudan’s military rulers and the opposition toward a deal on a transition to democracy two months after the overthrow of former President Omar al-Bashir. Ugandans concerned at reports of Ebola cases in the country http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandans-concerned-at-reports-of-ebola-cases-in-the-country Three cases of Ebola have been confirmed in Uganda, a neighbouring country to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, officials said on Wednesday June 12. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that a 5-year-old boy had been diagnosed in Uganda, apparently after crossing over from the DRC. WHOofficials said it was the first Ebola case in Uganda during the ongoing outbreak in the DRC. Chad opposition leader arrested in France on crime against humanity charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-opposition-leader-arrested-in-france-on-crime-against-humanity-charges France has arrested a Chadian rebel leader along with two other people for alleged crimes against humanity, the Paris prosecutor’s office said on Monday. General Mahamat Nouri, who served as a minister under former President Hissene Habre and current President Idriss Deby, joined the armed opposition against Deby in 2006. At least 161 dead in northeast Congo in apparent ethnic clashes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-161-dead-in-northeast-congo-in-apparent-ethnic-clashes At least 161 people have been killed in a northeastern province of Democratic Republic of Congo in the past week, local officials said on Monday, in an apparent resurgence of ethnic clashes between farming and herding communities. Sudan's Bashir charged with corruption, in 1st appearance since April http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-bashir-charged-with-corruption-in-1st-appearance-since-april Sudan’s ex-president Omar al-Bashir was charged with corruption-related offences on Sunday, as he appeared in public for the first time since he was overthrown and detained in April. After five years as 'Wife of the President, Mrs. Buhari takes 'First Lady' title http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/after-five-years-as-wife-of-the-president-mrs-buhari-takes-first-lady-title Aisha Buhari, wife of the Nigerian president has officially announced that she will be addressed as First Lady, five years after going with the official title, ‘Wife of The President.’ She explained that the reasoning behind the current decision was to clear a discrepancy between her title and that of wives of the respective state governors. AfDB launches digital financial inclusion facility http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/afdb-launches-digital-financial-inclusion-facility The African Development Bank and its partners on Wednesday launched the Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility (ADFI), designed to aid safety and expansion of digital financial transactions in Africa. The Fund, launched at the Bank’s Annual Meetings in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, is supported by the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation, the Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Government of Luxembourg, as initial contributors. The goal is to ensure that at least 320 million more Africans, of which nearly 60% are women, have access to digital financial services. The fund will deploy $100 million in grants and $300 million in the form of debt from the Bank’s ordinary capital resources by 2030, to scale up electronic financial services for low-income communities. Triple suicide attack by Boko Haram kills at least 30 in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/triple-suicide-attack-by-boko-haram-kills-at-least-30-in-nigeria At least 30 people were killed and dozens injured in a triple suicide attack in northeast Nigerian state of Borno, state emergency officials said on Monday, in the biggest mass killing this year by suicide bombers. “Yesterday around 8pm (1900 GMT) it was reported that there was a very loud explosion in (the village of) Konduga. On reaching the scene of the incident we found there was a lot of causalties. In fact the death toll was over 30 and the injured over 42,” an emergency service official told Reuters. Ethiopian PM loses father - State media http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-pm-loses-father-state-media State media in Ethiopia have reported the death of Ahmed Ali, father of the country’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali on Monday. The Fana Broadcasting Corporate, FBC, report quoted a local government office as confirming the death. Ahmed Ali is expected to be buried tomorrow in line with Islamic norms. Malawi opposition chief takes MP seat despite disputing presidential vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-opposition-chief-takes-mp-seat-despite-disputing-presidential-vote Local media in Malawi reported on Monday that opposition chief, Lazarus Chakwera, has been sworn in as a member of parliament in the capital Lilongwe following the May 21 elections. The 64-year-old Chakwera who leads the Malawi Congress Party, MCP, was sworn in along with over 60 others at the Parliament Building. The swearing in for other lawmakers is set to continue today. Campaign highlights ahead of Mauritania presidential elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/campaign-highlights-ahead-of-mauritania-presidential-elections Mauritania’s leading presidential candidates are hoping they have done enough to convince voters that they are the right successor to President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, who is standing down after a decade in power. The frontrunner among the six candidates is former general Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, a longtime ally of Abdel Aziz, whose two elected five-year terms were preceded by a military coup in 2008. Cocoa industry stakeholders accept price dictated by Ghana, Ivory Coast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cocoa-industry-stakeholders-accept-price-dictated-by-ghana-ivory-coast Ghana and Ivory Coast on Wednesday announced that they had won concessions from stakeholders in the cocoa industry, including acceptance of a $2,600 floor price for a tonne of cocoa. The two nations had threatened to stop selling their production to buyers unwilling to meet a minimum price. Health workers in Uganda cleared to use experimental Ebola treatments http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/health-workers-in-uganda-cleared-to-use-experimental-ebola-treatments Uganda’s health minister said on Tuesday that health workers have now been authorised to use three experimental Ebola treatments in the country, a week after the deadly disease spread over the border from Democratic Republic of Congo. Former Egyptian president Mursi buried in Cairo, son says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/former-egyptian-president-mursi-buried-in-cairo-son-says Former Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi has been buried alongside other senior figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, his son, Ahmed Mursi, said on his Facebook page on Tuesday. Three convicted in Kenya for aiding deadly terrorist attack on university http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/three-convicted-in-kenya-for-aiding-deadly-terrorist-attack-on-university A Kenyan court on Wednesday convicted three people of terrorism-related offences for helping Somali militants carry out a 2015 attack on a university that killed 148 people, most of them students. Al Shabaab terrorists stormed Garissa University on April 2, 2015 and sought to kill Christian students in particular. It was the worst such attack in the East African state since al Qaeda, to which al Shabaab is affiliated, bombed the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998, killing 258 people. Mauritanians vote for president, with insider tipped to win http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritanians-vote-for-president-with-insider-tipped-to-win For the first time since Mauritania’s independence, its citizens voted on Saturday for a successor to a democratically-elected president, though a government insider campaigning on a message of continuity is heavily tipped to win. Malawi leader vows to lift economy as protests continue http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-leader-vows-to-lift-economy-as-protests-continue Malawi’s economy will grow 5% in 2019, President Peter Mutharika promised on Friday, in a state of the nation address boycotted by the opposition who again clashed with police in more protests against a recent vote. The president narrowly won re-election in May by just three percentage points over opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera in a bruising race marked by claims of rigging against Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Ethiopia opposition warns against delaying 2020 elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-opposition-warns-against-delaying-2020-elections Opposition politicians in Ethiopia are warning against a delay to national elections due in 2020 that would be the first under reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed but are under threat from an explosion of regional ethnic rivalries. South Africa's Ramaphosa says Eskom too vital to fail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-ramaphosa-says-eskom-too-vital-to-fail South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa pledged on Thursday to speed up 230 billion rand ($16.11 billion) of support for ailing power utility Eskom, which he said was too vital to be allowed to fail. Senegal protests over fraudulent oil deals http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-protests-over-fraudulent-oil-deals Oil, one of the world’s biggest source of income as well as trouble. Senegal being the latest country to be afflicted. On Friday, thousands of people took to the streets of the capital Dakar to protest oil contracts condemned as fraudulent. A new demonstration following accusations of corruption against the Senegalese President’s brother. Questions surrounding Ethiopia's attempted Amhara coup http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/questions-surrounding-ethiopia-s-attempted-amhara-coup As the dust settles on what authorities in Ethiopia have described as an attempted coup in the Amhara region, many questions remain unanswered as to what exactly caused the death of five top officials. Ethiopia’s army chief, the president of Amhara state and three other top officials were killed in two separate attacks. While the government has said the attacks took place within the context of an attempted coup in Amhara and are possibly linked, the overall motives remain murky. Don't expect debt relief, United States warns Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/don-t-expect-debt-relief-united-states-warns-africa African countries running up debt they won’t be able to pay back, including to China, should not expect to be bailed out by western-sponsored debt relief, the United States’ top Africa diplomat warned. ICC to rule on DRC warlord Ntaganda case on July 8th http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/icc-to-rule-on-drc-warlord-ntaganda-case-on-july-8th The International Criminal Court will deliver its judgment on 8 July on the former Congolese warlord, who has been detained in The Hague since 2013 for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Nicknamed “Terminator”, Bosco Ntaganda is accused of recruiting child soldiers and ordering murders, looting and rapes committed by his troops in 2002 and 2003 in Ituri, in the north-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Sierra Leone plans to connect capital to airport http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sierra-leone-plans-to-connect-capital-to-airport Sierra Leone is set to invest up to $2 billion to link its capital city Freetown to the country’s only international airport, through a 7km bridge. Freetown International Airport at Lungi is currently accessible only by boat or helicopter, separated from the capital by the nearly five km (three mile) wide mouth of the Rokel river.* Sudan protest hub: US threatens sanctions in case of any junta violence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-protest-hub-us-threatens-sanctions-in-case-of-any-junta-violence A top U.S. State Department official who deals with Sudan said on Tuesday that Washington was considering all options, including possible sanctions, if there was more violence after a deadly assault on protesters in Khartoum early this month. “We’re looking at all options, including sanctions down the line should there be any kind of repeat of violence,” Makila James, deputy assistant secretary for East Africa and the Sudans, told a U.S. House of Representatives hearing. Mauritania joins Ethiopia, Sudan in Africa's 'internet blackout zone' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritania-joins-ethiopia-sudan-in-africa-s-internet-blackout-zone Internet connectivity has been cut in most parts of Mauritania, online rights group, NetBlocks; reported on Tuesday. The group said the outage was linked to post-election incidents in the country. “Mauritania is in the midst of a near-total internet blackout as of 3:30 p.m. UTCTuesday 25 June 2019, following contested presidential elections held during the weekend. Thousands mourn officials killed in Ethiopia coup attempt, priests urge unity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-mourn-officials-killed-in-ethiopia-coup-attempt-priests-urge-unity Thousands lined the streets in Ethiopia’s two main northern cities on Wednesday to mourn officials killed in a failed regional coup, as soldiers looked on and priests called for unity after months of ethnically-charged strife. Snipers took up positions on rooftops in Amhara’s regional capital Bahir Dar and security services mixed with the crowds in a show of strength four days after the killings that posed the biggest threat yet to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s reforms. 100 foreigners arrested in Mauritania following disputed polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/100-foreigners-arrested-in-mauritania-following-disputed-polls Mauritanian police raided the headquarters of two opposition parties, closing one of them amid high tension followed a disputed outcome to presidential elections, sources said Tuesday. The operation late Monday came after police clashed with opposition supporters angered over the declared victory of ruling party candidate Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, they said. Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa talks up currency reform but business wary http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mnangagwa-talks-up-currency-reform-but-business-wary Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Tuesday that a decision to ban the use of foreign currencies was an important step to repair the economy, but local businesspeople and investors were wary a day after the reform was announced. Kenya-Somalia maritime case set for September http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-somalia-maritime-case-set-for-september The hearing of the maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia will start on September 9 and run through to September 13 at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague, Netherlands. The Court published a schedule for the hearing which will be streamed live. The programme, announced by the Court on Tuesday, states that there will be two parts of hearings – one on Monday and Wednesday, the other on Thursday and Friday, with each country being given two days to defend their cases. Knowing what leads to building collapses can help make African cities safer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/knowing-what-leads-to-building-collapses-can-help-make-african-cities-safer It’s a sadly familiar image in several developing countries’ media reports: people frantically searching the rubble of a collapsed building for survivors. The data is disparate and scattered. But what is known confirms what the images tell us: building collapses are a common, tragic occurrence in developing countries’ cities. In Kampala, Uganda, one study counted 54 building collapse deaths and 122 injuries between 2004 and 2008. Another study identified 112 cases in Lagos, Nigeria from December 1978 to April 2008. Between February and May 2019, 29 deaths and 76 injuries were recorded from 13 building collapse incidents across Nigeria. Al-Bashir and the ICC: is it worth getting your man, if you jeopardise your mission? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-bashir-and-the-icc-is-it-worth-getting-your-man-if-you-jeopardise-your-mission The International Criminal Court (ICC) has been trying without success to take custody of Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir for more than a decade. In April, al-Bashir was removed from power, and in June he appeared before a Sudanese court on corruption charges. Following al-Bashir’s fall, the ICC has reinvigorated its call for his extradition. This is fraught with danger, however, because it requires that the ICC cooperate with the men who have taken charge in Sudan, who are themselves deeply implicated in the very acts that al-Bashir is accused of. Such cooperation risks damaging the ICC’s reputation and legitimising a criminal regime. Why Ethiopia’s federal system is deeply flawed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-ethiopia-s-federal-system-is-deeply-flawed For almost three decades Ethiopia’s federal structure – enshrined in the country’s 1994 constitution – has been defended by the ruling coalition, the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front. It’s not surprising that the front has been the system’s prime advocate and defender. It oversaw the creation and implementation of the federal structure. Some of the country’s opposition elites also support the system. They believe it helps promote group rights, granting Ethiopians the right of self-administration. Swiss government to mediate Cameroon peace talks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/swiss-government-to-mediate-cameroon-peace-talks Switzerland has agreed to mediate talks between Cameroonian authorities and separatists in a bid to end escalating violence in the country’s Anglophone regions, the Swiss government said on Thursday. Nearly 250 arrested in Ethiopia after foiled coup - state TV http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nearly-250-arrested-in-ethiopia-after-foiled-coup-state-tv Nearly 250 people have been arrested in Ethiopia’s capital and the main city in its Amhara region since a coup attempt was foiled, state TV reported on Thursday. Security forces use tear gas to disperse students in Sudan's Khartoum http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/security-forces-use-tear-gas-to-disperse-students-in-sudan-s-khartoum Security forces fired tear gas to disperse dozens of students demonstrating against the ruling military council at a financial academy in the heart of Sudan’s capital Khartoum on Thursday, a Reuters witness said. Africa joins rest of the world in opposing US position at WTO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-joins-rest-of-the-world-in-opposing-us-position-at-wto Up to 43 African countries have joined a list of nations wanting an end to a U.S. veto on judicial appointments at the World Trade Organization, a statement showed on Wednesday. The development means that a large majority of WTO member states now openly oppose the U.S. position at the leading global organisation on trade. South Sudan asks EAC for more time to settle dues http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-asks-eac-for-more-time-to-settle-dues The East African Community should not suspend Juba over debt, but instead give it more time to remit its dues, a South Sudanese minister has said. South Sudan has been having financial problems but it is working on meeting its obligations, the Minister for Trade, Industry and East African Community Affairs Paul Mayom added. In an interview with the East African on Thursday on the sidelines of the First China-Africa Trade Expo in Changsha, the capital of central China’s Hunan province, the minister said Juba was committed to pay bloc’s annual contributions. Exploiting Borders in the Sahel: The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/exploiting-borders-in-the-sahel-the-islamic-state-in-the-greater-sahara The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara has pursued breadth rather than depth of engagement in its rapid rise along the Mali, Niger, and Burkina Faso borders. Why Liberians have turned against ‘King George’ http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-liberians-have-turned-against-king-george When one of Africa’s greatest footballers, George Weah won the Presidential election a year and a half ago, Liberians were ecstatic, believing they had found their saviour. The State of Foreign Direct Investments in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-state-of-foreign-direct-investments-in-africa Foreign Direct Investments – FDI Flows – to Africa rose by 11 per cent to $46 billion in the past year, and in 2019, a number of factors, including the the realisation of African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (AfCFTA) could support additional flows. According to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2019, here is how Africa stands. Tens of thousands protest to demand civilian rule in Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tens-of-thousands-protest-to-demand-civilian-rule-in-sudan Tens of thousands of people took to the streets in Khartoum on Sunday demanding the ruling military hand over to civilians, in the largest demonstrations since a deadly security service raid on a protest camp three weeks ago. Protesters waved the Sudanese flag and chanted “civilian, civilian” and “blood for blood” in several parts of the capital as security forces looked on. Opposition groups posted videos of what they said were rallies in other cities. Gunmen kidnap Cameroon opposition leader in restive Anglophone region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gunmen-kidnap-cameroon-opposition-leader-in-restive-anglophone-region Unidentified gunmen in Cameroon’s Anglophone region kidnapped the leader of one of the country’s leading opposition parties on Friday for the second time in two months, his party said. Uganda has excess cane, but govt says it’s not selling to Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-has-excess-cane-but-govt-says-it-s-not-selling-to-kenya Uganda has blocked a request to export excess sugar cane from outgrowers in Busoga region to Kenya. Farmers say they have an overproduction of some 500,000 tones of sugar that processors are unable to absorb but the Minister for Trade, Industry and Co-operatives Amelia Kyambadde says the surplus is only temporary and should not cause alarm. Ms Kyambadde told parliament that sugar factories in Uganda have been producing below capacity since 2010 due to a shortage of cane and that opening up the market to neighbouring countries like Kenya would worsen this problem. Fair trade rules a must for states to gain from AfCFTA http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fair-trade-rules-a-must-for-states-to-gain-from-afcfta The African Continental Free Trade Area comes into effect on July 7 and it will be a historic day as the continent becomes a single market. The African Union hopes the AfCTA will accelerate continental integration and trade, boost manufacturing and address possible overlaps within trade blocs. DRC launches "large-scale" military operations in North-Eastern region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drc-launches-large-scale-military-operations-in-north-eastern-region Democratic Republic of the Congo President Felix Tshisekedi has confirmed “large-scale” military operations in Ituri (north-east) after massacres of civilians, as well as an “eradication plan” of foreign armed groups. “I have just ordered our armed forces to conduct large-scale operations in the Djugu and Mahagi territories,” said the president for his first message on the occasion of Independence Day on June 30, 1960. "Eco", The West African nations single currency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eco-the-west-african-nations-single-currency ECOWAS, the Economic Community for West African States have adopted a single currency named Eco, which it plans to launch by 2020. Eco was adopted on Saturday in Abuja in a meeting of the 15 member-country regional bloc. Discussed for thirty years, this single currency between the 15 countries that make up the ECOWAS – eight of which use the CFA franc, pegged to the euro according to a fixed parity guaranteed by France, former colonizer of the region – is seen as a gamble risked by many analysts, but would be a strong political symbol, says AFP. Kenya's Safaricom names ex-CEO Joseph as interim replacement for Collymore http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-safaricom-names-ex-ceo-joseph-as-interim-replacement-for-collymore Kenya’s Safaricom named board member and former chief executive Michael Joseph as its interim CEO on Tuesday after the telecom firm’s long-time head Bob Collymore died on Monday following a nearly two-year battle with cancer. Joseph, 73, a dual American and Kenyan national, who served as Safaricom’s CEO between July 2000 and November 2010, said he would stay in the post until the company finds a permanent replacement. Ivory Coast economic growth seen near unchanged in 2019 at 7.5% - IMF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-economic-growth-seen-near-unchanged-in-2019-at-7-5-imf Ivory Coast’s economy is expected to grow by 7.5% this year, in line with 7.4 percent last year, and medium-term growth will remain strong, the International Monetary Fund said on Tuesday. Sudan protesters announce new protests in mid-July http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-protesters-announce-new-protests-in-mid-july Sudan’s main opposition coalition on Monday announced plans to step up protests this month to pressure the military council to hand over power to civilians, and blamed the council for the death of nine people during Sunday’s demonstrations. South African parliament elects new committee heads despite opposition http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-parliament-elects-new-committee-heads-despite-opposition South Africa’s ruling African National Congress used its majority to elect new committee heads on Tuesday, including a lawmaker accused of bribery, despite opposition from rival parties concerned over the calibre of nominees. Mauritanian court confirms election win for government-backed candidate http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritanian-court-confirms-election-win-for-government-backed-candidate A Mauritanian court on Monday confirmed Mohamed Ould Ghazouani as the country’s next president, dismissing an appeal by opposition candidates over alleged voting irregularities in last month’s election. The Constitutional Council ruled that the former general and defence minister, who has promised to maintain outgoing President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz’s focus on the economy and security, won 52% of the vote, as preliminary results had indicated in June. International court convicts Congo's Ntaganda of war crimes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/international-court-convicts-congo-s-ntaganda-of-war-crimes International Criminal Court judges on Monday convicted former Congolese military leader Bosco Ntaganda for atrocities including murder, rape and conscripting child soldiers. Ntaganda, 45, was found guilty for acts committed when he was military operations chief at the Union of Congolese Patriots (UPC) militia in east Democratic Republic of Congo in 2002-2003. His conviction is a rare success for prosecutors at the ICC, an international court set up in 2002 to prosecute war crimes and crimes against humanity when member states are unable or unwilling to do so. Ethiopia lifts power rationing after water levels rise http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-lifts-power-rationing-after-water-levels-rise Ethiopia on Monday lifted measures rationing electricity for homes and companies after a rise in water levels at hydroelectric dams, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting said. Fana quoted Seleshi Bekele, the minister for water and electricity, saying the changes were prompted by an increase in water levels at the country’s Gibe 3 dam. Economic "game changer"? African leaders launch free-trade zone http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/economic-game-changer-african-leaders-launch-free-trade-zone African leaders launched a continental free-trade zone on Sunday that if successful would unite 1.3 billion people, create a $3.4 trillion economic bloc and usher in a new era of development. After four years of talks, an agreement to form a 55-nation trade bloc was reached in March, paving the way for Sunday’s African Union summit in Niger where Ghana was announced as the host of the trade zone’s future headquarters and discussions were held on how exactly the bloc will operate. South Sudan president 'apologises for failing to pay civil servants' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-president-apologises-for-failing-to-pay-civil-servants Using a speech to mark Independence Day, South Sudan's President Salva Kiir has apologised to civil servants who went without salaries for several months, Juba's Radio Miraya quotes him as saying. Cotton waste biofuel powers farmers to fight drought in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cotton-waste-biofuel-powers-farmers-to-fight-drought-in-kenya Kenyan farmer Abel Mutie Mathoka thought it must be a joke when he was told he could irrigate his drought-hit crops more cheaply, cleanly and efficiently using a pump fuelled by cotton waste. "Who could believe it's possible to make a fuel better than diesel from cotton seeds? I didn't!" laughed Mathoka, crouching down to inspect the watermelons on his 10-acre (four-hectare) shared plot in Ituri village in Kenya's southeast Kitui county. Satire on tradition wins top African writing prize http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/satire-on-tradition-wins-top-african-writing-prize The Caine Prize for African Writing has been won by British-born Nigerian writer Lesley Nneka Arimah. Her satirical short story Skinned focuses on the challenges faced by women in African societies still dominated by traditional rituals. Nigeria parliament on lockdown after clash with Shi'ite group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-parliament-on-lockdown-after-clash-with-shi-ite-group Nigeria’s National Assembly was on lockdown on Tuesday after shots were fired outside during clashes between police and a group of Shi’ite Muslim protesters. Airtel Africa debuts in Lagos in $4.4 bln listing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/airtel-africa-debuts-in-lagos-in-4-4-bln-listing Airtel Africa listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange on Tuesday in a 1.36 trillion-naira ($4.4 bln) flotation turning the telecoms company into the bourse’s third-largest stock by market value. Airtel Africa’s shares climbed 10% from their listing price of 363 naira after the float went live. Some 100,000 shares traded at Tuesday’s debut, helping the main stock index recover from a seven-week low. After public opposition, Ghana parliament drops $200m chamber idea http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/after-public-opposition-ghana-parliament-drops-200m-chamber-idea Ghana’s parliament has dropped a planned project aimed at building a new chamber after public outrage over the matter throughout last week. A statement confirming the move read in part: “The Board (Parliamentary Service), has, upon reviewing representations made to it by well-meaning Ghanaians, accordingly taken the development of the new Chamber block out of its present agenda.” Tanzania's Magufuli defends dam project despite UNESCO's concerns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-s-magufuli-defends-dam-project-despite-unesco-s-concerns Tanzanian President John Magufuli downplayed fears Tuesday that a hydro-electric dam planned for a fabled nature reserve would affect the environment, despite UNESCO expressing “grave concern” over the scheme. The 2,100-megawatt scheme will straddle the Rufiji River in the Selous Game Reserve, a 50,000-square-kilometre (19,000-square-mile) protected area which was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. Zimbabwe MP arraigned for vowing to overthrow govt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-mp-arraigned-for-vowing-to-overthrow-govt A Zimbabwe opposition lawmaker was charged on Tuesday with subversion, his lawyer said, after a video surfaced where he purportedly said President Emmerson Mnangagwa would be overthrown before the next election in 2023. Mnangagwa, 76, has promised to break with the past ways of his predecessor Robert Mugabe, who was removed after a 2017 army coup, but critics say he has continued to use tough security laws against opponents. South African Minister Gordhan challenges public protector report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-minister-gordhan-challenges-public-protector-report South Africa’s Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan on Wednesday challenged in court a report by the country’s anti-corruption watchdog that instructed President Cyril Ramaphosa to take unspecified disciplinary action against Gordhan. The minister is a key ally of Ramaphosa and oversees efforts to revive struggling state companies like power utility Eskom. Nigeria's president may name cabinet nominees this week - senate leader http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-president-may-name-cabinet-nominees-this-week-senate-leader Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari could name his cabinet nominees as soon as this week, the senate president said on Wednesday, a move that could end more than a month without ministers. Buhari was re-elected four months ago, but Nigeria has been without a cabinet since the ministers serving during his first term stepped down in May. Ivory Coast, Ghana step up efforts to reform cocoa industry, set $400 premium http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-ghana-step-up-efforts-to-reform-cocoa-industry-set-400-premium The world’s biggest cocoa producers Ivory Coast and Ghana have stepped up their efforts to reform the industry, imposing a fixed “living income differential” of $400 a tonne on all cocoa contracts sold by either country for the 2020/21 season. The premium cited in an official letter seen by Reuters replaces an earlier proposal for a floor price for cocoa contracts, which is part of a wider plan to combat poverty among farmers in Ivory Coast and Ghana, which together account for more than 60% of global supply. South Africa adds Ghana, Sao Tome, S.Arabia to visa-free countries list http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-adds-ghana-sao-tome-s-arabia-to-visa-free-countries-list South Africa on Wednesday announced the addition of seven countries to its list of visa-free list. Of the seven, two were African nations – Ghana and Sao Tome and Principe. Three were from the Gulf region – Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. New Zealand are the sole South Pacific nation on the list. Bear more children to help boost the economy: Magufuli tells Tanzania women http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bear-more-children-to-help-boost-the-economy-magufuli-tells-tanzania-women Tanzania’s president John Magufuli urged the country’s women to “set your ovaries free” and bear more children as a way to help boost the economy into a regional powerhouse. “When you have a big population, you build the economy. That’s why China’s economy is so huge,” he said late on Tuesday, citing India and Nigeria as other examples of countries that gained from a demographic dividend. Algeria parliament elects opposition figure as chairman after protesters demand change http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-parliament-elects-opposition-figure-as-chairman-after-protesters-demand-change Algerian lawmakers late on Wednesday elected an Islamist opposition figure as chairman of parliament under pressure from mass protests demanding the departure of the ruling elite. The parliament elected Slimane Chenine of the Movement of National Construction party to replace Moad Bouchareb from the National Liberation Front (FLN), which has ruled Algeria since independence from France in 1962. Defiant at inquiry, South Africa's Zuma denies breaking law with business brothers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/defiant-at-inquiry-south-africa-s-zuma-denies-breaking-law-with-business-brothers Former South African President Jacob Zuma told a corruption inquiry on Monday that enemies had plotted to bring him down, and he had never broken the law with the business family at the centre of an influence-peddling scandal. Jailed Zimbabwean lawmaker facing subversion charges freed on bail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/jailed-zimbabwean-lawmaker-facing-subversion-charges-freed-on-bail A Zimbabwean opposition politician facing charges of advocating the overthrow of President Emmerson Mnangagwa was freed on bail by the High Court on Monday after spending six days in detention, his lawyer said. Job Sikhala, the deputy chairman of the Movement for Democratic Change, was arrested last week and charged with attempting to subvert the government, a crime that carries a 20-year jail term upon conviction. Sikhala, through his lawyers, has denied the charge. Ethiopia premier's aide named to lead restive Amhara region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-premier-s-aide-named-to-lead-restive-amhara-region Ethiopia’s Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) named the security adviser to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as head of the restive Amhara region on Monday after his predecessor was killed in a violent attempt to seize power there. Dozens were killed in fighting during the foiled coup by a rogue state militia in Amhara that claimed the life of regional president Ambachew Mekonnen and other top officials. The same night, the army’s chief of staff and a retired general accompanying him were killed in the capital Addis Ababa in a related attack, the government said. Rwandans picking up on the coffee culture http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwandans-picking-up-on-the-coffee-culture Although they grow the coffee, the farmers on the highlands of Rwanda barely drink the beverage. Like most Rwandans, they prefer the cheaper tea found in most shops. That’s because 63 percent of Rwandans, the farmers included, earn less than 2 dollars a day, and a brewed coffee sells at around 2 dollars. Activists move to declare new federal state in Southern Ethiopia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/activists-move-to-declare-new-federal-state-in-southern-ethiopia Speculation is rife in Ethiopia that the Sidama area in the southern region will be granted a referendum to determine whether it should become its own federal state. Sidama is currently part of the multi-ethnic Southern Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Region (SNNPR), which is represented in the country’s ruling coalition by the Southern Ethiopian People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM). UN peacekeeper, 6 civilians killed in Sudan/South Sudan border area http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-peacekeeper-6-civilians-killed-in-sudan-south-sudan-border-area Unknown gunmen killed a U.N. peacekeeper and six civilians in the disputed region of Abyei on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, the regional governor said on Wednesday. “Yesterday, unknown gunmen attacked the market of Amiet, North of Abyei,” said Kuol Alor Jok, governor of Abyei. He said one of the civilians who was killed was a child. Sudan's military council, opposition coalition reach political accord http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-military-council-opposition-coalition-reach-political-accord Sudan’s ruling military council and an opposition alliance signed a political accord on Wednesday as part of a power-sharing deal aimed at leading the country nation to democracy. The agreement was signed in Khartoum in the presence of African mediators following a night of talks to iron out some details of the agreement reached earlier this month. South Africa’s Zuma denies interfering with Transnet CEO appointment http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-denies-interfering-with-transnet-ceo-appointment Former South African President Jacob Zuma denied on Wednesday having interfered with the appointment of a chief executive at transport and infrastructure company Transnet, during his third day testifying at a corruption inquiry. The inquiry is looking into allegations that Zuma, ousted by the governing African National Congress (ANC) party in February 2018, allowed cronies to plunder state resources and influence senior appointments during his nine years in power. Kenya orders deportation of 17 foreign directors of betting firms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-orders-deportation-of-17-foreign-directors-of-betting-firms Kenya has ordered the deportation of 17 foreign directors of betting firms operating in Kenya, the interior ministry said on Wednesday, almost a week after ordering telecoms firm Safaricom to stop processing payments for sports betting firms. Online sports betting companies such as SportPesa have grown rapidly in the East African nation in recent years, riding a wave of enthusiasm for sports, with the government putting their combined revenue at 200 billion shillings ($2 billion) last year, up from 2 billion shillings five years earlier. African migrant warns of South America route http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-migrant-warns-of-south-america-route Hundreds of Africans seeking entry into the United States are using unconventional routes. They’re joining Central American migrants on a long and dangerous land journey to the southern border. Blaise Matshieba Nduluyele, is among such migrants. He’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo. After crossing South America, the young man and his family crossed the border into the United States. African leaders and international law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-leaders-and-international-law African leaders often behave in a contradictory way towards international laws, and courts. While speaking out against them, they also voluntarily submit to their scrutiny. South Africans are upbeat about new technologies, but worried about jobs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africans-are-upbeat-about-new-technologies-but-worried-about-jobs Powerful new technologies are emerging that will continue to affect individuals in multiple ways. This has led to references to a Fourth Industrial Revolution – a new era involving the application of digitisation and automation to different areas of society and everyday life. This revolution is one that presents distinct opportunity. But it also presents major risk and human costs. These changes have become a growing point of discussion in most countries in the world. In South Africa the debate has drawn in policymakers, business and unions. But the voices of average South Africans have been missing from the debate. A survey completed earlier this year by the Human Sciences Research Council contributes to addressing this gap. Protesters take to streets to declare new Ethiopian region http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protesters-take-to-streets-to-declare-new-ethiopian-region Protesters in the Ethiopian city of Hawassa blocked roads and burned tires on Thursday after security forces thwarted a meeting of activists to declare a new region for their Sidama ethnic group, witnesses said. The declaration would be a test of whether Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s federal government can stick to its commitment to peaceful political reforms amid increasing demands from competing ethno-nationalist groups. South African corruption inquiry adjourns after Zuma’s lawyers say questioning unfair http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-corruption-inquiry-adjourns-after-zuma-s-lawyers-say-questioning-unfair A South African judge adjourned until Friday morning a public inquiry into state corruption, after lawyers for former President Jacob Zuma said he was being questioned unfairly. The inquiry is looking into allegations that Zuma, ousted by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party in February 2018, allowed cronies to plunder state resources and influence senior appointments during his nine years in power. ICC rejects Ugandan rebel leader Ongwen's appeal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/icc-rejects-ugandan-rebel-leader-ongwen-s-appeal The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) Appeals Chamber has confirmed the charges against Ugandan rebel leader Dominic Ongwen, dismissing his challenge of the case. The decision on Wednesday means Ongwen will stand trial for seventy counts, plus other additional charges of crimes against humanity committed in northern Uganda when he was deputy leader of proscribed group the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Sudan opposition skeptical about power-sharing deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-opposition-skeptical-about-power-sharing-deal Sudan’s opposition has raised skepticism about the recently signed power sharing deal. After weeks of protests following the overthrow of long serving leader, Omar al-Bashir, military rulers finally inked the long-awaited deal. But now, the opposition is raising some questions. Africans twice as likely to be denied a UK visa, says a report by APPG http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africans-twice-as-likely-to-be-denied-a-uk-visa-says-a-report-by-appg Africans are twice as likely to be denied UK visas than applicants from any other part of the world, a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPG) for Africa shows. The study says the UK immigration system was "biased or even discriminating" against Africans and was "not currently fit for purpose". S.Africa's Ramaphosa seeks review of 'flawed' graft watchdog report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-s-ramaphosa-seeks-review-of-flawed-graft-watchdog-report South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday said he will seek an urgent judicial review of what he described as an irretrievably flawed report in which the country’s graft watchdog said he misled parliament over a campaign donation. Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s report followed an investigation by the watchdog into a 500,000 rand ($35,878.56) donation to Ramaphosa’s 2017 campaign for the leadership of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) from the CEO of services company Bosasa. Kenyan finance minister arrested on graft charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-finance-minister-arrested-on-graft-charges Kenyan Finance Minister Henry Rotich was arrested on Monday on suspicion of financial misconduct related to the construction of two dams, an unprecedented detention of a sitting minister for corruption in a country notorious for graft. Charges against Rotich, announced on Monday, stem from a police investigation into the misuse of funds in a dam project overseen by the Italian construction company CMC Di Ravenna. Gambian lieutenant implicates Jammeh in 2004 killing of top journalist http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambian-lieutenant-implicates-jammeh-in-2004-killing-of-top-journalist A Gambian army officer on Monday accused ex-president Yahya Jammeh of ordering the 2004 murder of journalist Deyda Hydara and admitted he was involved in the killing. Hydara, who was editor and co-founder of the independent The Point daily and a correspondent for AFP and Journalists Without Borders (RSF), was killed by unidentified gunmen in his car on the outskirts of the Gambian capital Banjul in December 2004. South Africa allocates extra $4.2 bln for cash-strapped Eskom http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-allocates-extra-4-2-bln-for-cash-strapped-eskom The South African government has allocated an extra 59 billion rand ($4.24 billion) to struggling state-owned power utility Eskom over the next two years so it can service its debt, a special appropriation bill seen by Reuters on Monday showed. Eskom, which supplies more than 90% of the country’s electricity but was forced to implement power cuts this year, fails to generate sufficient profit to meet its debt servicing costs and has required state cash injections to stay afloat. Zimbabwean vice president in China to receive treatment for unknown illness http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwean-vice-president-in-china-to-receive-treatment-for-unknown-illness Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has been flown to China for medical treatment, a presidential spokesman said on Monday, but gave no details of the health problems that have kept Chiwenga away from work for more than two months. The 62-year-old former general led a coup against Robert Mugabe in 2017 and was subsequently appointed one of the two deputies to President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He retained that position after last year’s election. Ethiopia says army to take over security in troubled south http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-says-army-to-take-over-security-in-troubled-south Ethiopia announced Monday that soldiers and federal police will take over security in a restive southern region following days of violence that has left at least 18 people dead. "The regular security structure has been unable to ensure rule of law and has been stymied by various agendas," said a statement read on regional state television late Monday. U.S. imposes visa restrictions on Nigerians involved in 'undermining elections' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-imposes-visa-restrictions-on-nigerians-involved-in-undermining-elections The U.S. State Department said on Tuesday it had imposed visa restrictions on Nigerians it said were involved in trying to undermine democracy in presidential and parliamentary elections this year. DR Congo: ADF rebels kill 12 in Ebola area http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-adf-rebels-kill-12-in-ebola-area Suspected rebels from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) simultaneously attacked the towns of Eringeti and Oicha on Monday in the locality of Beni, the epicentre of an Ebola epidemic, Beni’s territorial administrator Kasereka Donat said. UK Supreme Court to hear Nigerians' case for pursuing Shell spill claim in England http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-supreme-court-to-hear-nigerians-case-for-pursuing-shell-spill-claim-in-england The Supreme Court in London will hear an appeal by Nigerian farmers and fishermen to pursue claims in England against oil major Shell over oil spills in the Niger Delta, lawyers for the two affected communities said on Wednesday. The decision to hear the appeal re-opens the possibility for British multinationals to be held liable at home for their subsidiaries’ actions abroad. It comes after a setback in February last year when a London court ruled that the claim could not be pursued in England. A look at Boris Johnson's 'anti-Africa' past http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-look-at-boris-johnson-s-anti-africa-past The former London Mayor and Foreign Secretary will succeed Theresa May as the U.K’s next Prime Minister. Johnson was on Tuesday (July 23) elected new Conservative leader in a ballot of party members. Prisoners Revolt in Cameroon Adds New Fervour in Anglophone Crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/prisoners-revolt-in-cameroon-adds-new-fervour-in-anglophone-crisis Hundreds of inmates have staged a riot at Cameroon's central prison in Yaoundé to demand better conditions. The mutiny by the mainly Anglophone prisoners, captured on Facebook Live, showed buildings set on fire and shots fired as police stormed the prison. The revolt has created new fervour amongst the Anglophone population in Cameroon, as the government continues to grapple with the Anglophone crisis in the north and south west regions. Where Will Boko Haram Go Next After Ten Years of Moving Around? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/where-will-boko-haram-go-next-after-ten-years-of-moving-around The August 2011 Boko Haram bombing outside the UN building in Nigeria's capital Abuja killed at least 21 people. Credit: Gbemiga Olamikan. Ten years ago in July 2009, Nigeria's security forces cracked down on what was then a relatively little-known Islamic group in the north east of the country. At the time, that group's focus was preaching, although it believed al-Qaeda's path would bring Nigerian Muslims out of their abyss. The military operation led to the deaths of hundreds of its members, including the group's leader and cleric Muhammed Yusuf. Sudan extends ceasefire with southern rebels http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-extends-ceasefire-with-southern-rebels Sudanese and South Sudanese officials agreed late on Saturday with the leader of an alliance of armed factions operating along their joint border to extend a ceasefire and grant humanitarian access to some areas affected by conflict in Sudan. Sudan says neighbouring South Sudan has been giving refuge to Malik Agar, one of many rebels in Sudan. The two countries share a long and porous border, and have a history of supporting armed groups on each others’ territories after oil-rich South Sudan became independent in 2011. S.African land reform panel recommends seizures without pay in certain circumstances http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-land-reform-panel-recommends-seizures-without-pay-in-certain-circumstances An advisory report on land reform in South Africa has recommended changing the constitution to allow the government to seize land without compensation but only in certain circumstances. The report by a presidential panel of experts, released on Sunday, poured water on wholesale land seizures without payment - as feared by some farmers, investors and foreign governments. Nigerian court grants permission to declare Shi'ite group terrorists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-court-grants-permission-to-declare-shi-ite-group-terrorists A Nigerian court has granted the government permission to label a local Shi’ite Muslim group a terrorist organisation, the solicitor general told Reuters on Saturday. Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) have been marching in the capital Abuja calling for the release of their leader, Ibrahim Zakzaky, who has been in detention since 2015 despite a court order to release him. Death toll in Nigeria Boko Haram funeral attack rises to 65 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/death-toll-in-nigeria-boko-haram-funeral-attack-rises-to-65 An attack this weekend by Boko Haram fighters on a funeral in northeast Nigeria has left 65 people dead, almost triple the initial toll, a local official said Sunday. Dozens more bodies were discovered following the assault Saturday by gunmen on a village close to the regional capital Maiduguri. UN: Fewer refugees willing to leave Kenya's Dadaab for Somalia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-fewer-refugees-willing-to-leave-kenya-s-dadaab-for-somalia Insecurity in Somalia is diminishing the numbers of refugees willing to return home from the Dadaab camps in northern Kenya, the United Nations said recently. A total of 84,230 Somalis have taken part in the UN's voluntary return programme since its inception five years ago. Zimbabwe tourism minister charged with corruption over pension fund http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-tourism-minister-charged-with-corruption-over-pension-fund Zimbabwean Tourism Minister Prisca Mupfumira was charged in court on Friday with corruption involving $95 million from the state pension fund after questioning by the newly formed Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC). Mupfumira is the first senior government official to be interrogated by the commission, which was appointed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa last week after he promised tough action against graft. Nigeria's Agricultural sector: Challenges and Opportunities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-agricultural-sector-challenges-and-opportunities Nigeria is a heterogeneous nation with the largest population of any African country, different forms of cultures, celebrations and festivals. While the country contains the bourgeoisie, which include the businessmen and politicians who survive in affluence, the majority of the population live in poverty and are not able to afford steady daily diet due to the costly price of food. Nigerian court adjourns bail hearing for leader of banned Shi'ite group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-court-adjourns-bail-hearing-for-leader-of-banned-shi-ite-group A Nigerian court on Monday adjourned a bail hearing for the leader of a banned Shi’ite Muslim group, which says at least 20 of its followers died in clashes with police last week while holding protests to demand his release. Supporters of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) leader Ibrahim Zakzaky say he should be released on bail to receive medical treatment in Egypt. The court in the northern city of Kaduna adjourned the bail hearing until Aug. 5. South African minister wins reprieve from public protector's orders http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-minister-wins-reprieve-from-public-protector-s-orders South African minister Pravin Gordhan won a bid to avoid imminent disciplinary action on Monday after a court suspended orders from the public protector, in a relief for ally President Cyril Ramaphosa. The ruling is the second time in around a week that Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane has lost a high-profile case in court, potentially undermining the credibility of her investigations, which include one into Ramaphosa himself. Kenya ruling that corruption suspect must step down seen having wider impact http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-ruling-that-corruption-suspect-must-step-down-seen-having-wider-impact A Kenyan judge’s ruling that a county governor accused of corruption must step aside pending his trial could have widespread ramifications in the country, where senior officials are often charged with graft but rarely convicted. Governance experts said on Monday that last week’s ruling could serve as a precedent in other high profile corruption cases, possibly leading to senior officials being removed from their jobs while they fight graft allegations. African cattle investing - the new cash cow? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-cattle-investing-the-new-cash-cow Cattle have long been considered a measure of wealth across Africa - but it is not just farmers cashing in. A pioneering app in South Africa lets investors, eager to benefit from rising global beef demand, buy shares in a cow from their mobile phone for as little as 576 rand ($41). Trump sends rep to August 1 inauguration of new Mauritania president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-sends-rep-to-august-1-inauguration-of-new-mauritania-president The United States will send a delegation to the investiture of new Mauritanian president, Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani, which event takes place on August 1, 2019. Key infrastructure for Dangote refinery leaves China for Lagos http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/key-infrastructure-for-dangote-refinery-leaves-china-for-lagos China’s leading energy and chemical company on Monday (July 29) announced that a completed atmospheric tower it had built was sailing for the shores of Lagos in Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria. The facility, which it described as the world’s largest is set to be installed at the Dangote Refinery, a facility owned by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote. The wharf carrying the tower left in Ningbo and is set arrive in Nigeria in weeks. 'Peace here to stay' Mozambique president, opposition say on signing ceasefire http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/peace-here-to-stay-mozambique-president-opposition-say-on-signing-ceasefire Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi and the leader of the main opposition party Renamo on Thursday signed a permanent ceasefire agreement, designed to put an end to almost half a century of hostilities that killed over 1 million people at their peak. Renamo and Nyusi’s ruling party fought on opposing sides of a 16-year civil war before a ceasefire ended the bloodshed in 1992, however violence has flared up sporadically in the years since then. Four killed in renewed Sudan protests, opposition medics say http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/four-killed-in-renewed-sudan-protests-opposition-medics-say At least four protesters were killed and many injured by gunfire in the Sudanese city of Omdurman on Thursday, opposition medics said, as hundreds of thousands took to the streets to pile pressure on the country’s military rulers. Organisers had called for a million-person march in cities across Sudan in response to the killing of young protesters in El-Obeid, southwest of the capital Khartoum, earlier this week. 'People from abroad' had role in June twin attacks, says Ethiopia's PM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/people-from-abroad-had-role-in-june-twin-attacks-says-ethiopia-s-pm Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Thursday that attackers in a failed regional coup in June had been trained by people who had come from foreign countries, without giving details. A rogue militia tried to seize power on June 22 in the northern Amhara region, an attack which authorities blamed on Asamnew Tsige, who was killed in fighting on the outskirts of the regional capital Bahir Dar. Dried-up pastures push Kenya's Maasai to mix cattle with crops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dried-up-pastures-push-kenya-s-maasai-to-mix-cattle-with-crops James Shakita had raised cattle for more than 30 years when he decided the only way to save his livelihood was to break with generations of tradition and swap some of his cows for crops. The Maasai herder, 43, used to keep about 180 animals until a severe drought hit southern Kenya’s Kajiado County last year and decimated his herd, leaving him with fewer than 80. “I just gave up,” he sighed, directing his remaining cows into a field for grazing. Benin's ex-Prime Minister banned from politics for 5years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/benin-s-ex-prime-minister-banned-from-politics-for-5years Lionel Zinsou has been handed a sentence that bans him from politics for 5 years and 6 months community work. Kenya earns $12m from first crude oil export http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-earns-12m-from-first-crude-oil-export Kenya has joined the league of Africa oil exporters after its first consignment of 200,000 barrels fetched $12 million on Thursday afternoon. That means the sweet light crude sold at $60 per barrel, an uptick of nearly 40 per cent above the $43 per barrel that the government had set as the break-even point for the Early Oil Pilot Scheme. Zimbabwe Still in Foul Mood Over Her Cyclone Idai and Drought Saga http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-still-in-foul-mood-over-her-cyclone-idai-and-drought-saga The recent report from UN News shown that situation in Zimbabwe is moving from a crisis to an emergency at the instance of food because of El Nino-induced drought. Recall that Zimbabwe suffered sequently from two disasters of Tropical Cyclone Idai that swept and marred roads, crops and houses, thereby killing hundreds and rendering up to thousand of Zimbabweans homeless and the current drought that has devastated their crops, particularly corn that is being used to make the staple food sadza - a thick porridge that is served with relish. Tunisia's Ennahda VP Mourou to run in presidential elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisia-s-ennahda-vp-mourou-to-run-in-presidential-elections Tunisia’s biggest political party Ennahda named a candidate for presidential elections on Tuesday, the first time the moderate Islamist party has put up a nominee for the post since the country transitioned to democracy after the 2011 revolution. Party vice president Abdel Fattah Mourou, 71, a lawyer, will run in elections due to be held two months early on Sept. 15 following the death of president Beji Caid Essebsi last month. S.Africa's Ramaphosa wins court case against anti-graft watchdog http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-s-ramaphosa-wins-court-case-against-anti-graft-watchdog South African President Cyril Ramaphosa won a court case against the anti-corruption watchdog on Thursday over a matter concerning ally Pravin Gordhan, ahead of a fresh battle over findings against the president himself. A high court judge found that Ramaphosa had acted reasonably in not immediately disciplining Gordhan, the public enterprises minister, over a decision regarding the retirement of a tax official in 2010. U.S. not ready to remove Sudan from sponsors of terrorism list http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-not-ready-to-remove-sudan-from-sponsors-of-terrorism-list The United States still needs to resolve longstanding issues with Sudan before it can consider removing it from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, a senior State Department official said on Wednesday. AfDB approves $98m grant for Ethiopia road project to Djibouti http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/afdb-approves-98m-grant-for-ethiopia-road-project-to-djibouti The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $98 million financial package for Ethiopia for a road transport corridor project to neighbouring Djibouti, it said late on Tuesday. Malawi presidential election petition starts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-presidential-election-petition-starts Malawi’s Constitutional Court on Thursday (August 8) began hearing a presidential election petition challenging the re-election earlier this year of Peter Arthur Mutharika. Five judges were empaneled to listen to the case filed by two main opposition candidates: opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera of the Malawi Congress Party, MCP, and former vice-president Saulos Chilima, who came third in the vote. S.Africa puts initial universal healthcare cost at $17 bln http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-puts-initial-universal-healthcare-cost-at-17-bln South Africa published its draft National Health Insurance (NHI) bill on Thursday, with one senior official estimating universal healthcare for millions of poorer citizens would cost about 256 billion rand ($16.89 billion) to implement by 2022. Eritrea president receives commander of Saudi war in Yemen http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrea-president-receives-commander-of-saudi-war-in-yemen Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki earlier this week (August 6) met with the commander of Saudi Arabia’s military offensive in Yemen, Lt. General Prince Fahad bin Turki Abdulaziz. Eritrea’s Minister of Information said the two held talks as part of deepening bilateral relations between the two countries especially in the area of regional security. Sudanese army and civilians seal interim power-sharing deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-army-and-civilians-seal-interim-power-sharing-deal Sudan’s main opposition coalition and the ruling military council on Saturday signed a final power-sharing deal that paves the way for a transitional government, and eventually elections, following the overthrow of long-time leader Omar al-Bashir. Tens of thousands of people of all ages took to the streets of the capital Khartoum in celebration, with many heading towards the newly renamed Freedom Square, once the site of many of Bashir’s rallies. UK judge to allow firm to try to seize $9 bln in Nigerian assets in gas dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-judge-to-allow-firm-to-try-to-seize-9-bln-in-nigerian-assets-in-gas-dispute A judge in London said on Friday he would grant a firm called Process and Industrial Developments Ltd (PID) the right to seek to seize some $9 billion in assets from the Nigerian government over an aborted gas project. The company was awarded $6.6 billion in an arbitration decision over a failed project to build a gas processing plant in the southern Nigerian city of Calabar. With interest payments, the sum now tops $9 billion - some 20% of Nigeria’s foreign reserves. Zimbabwe opposition backs down from protest to avoid "blood in the streets" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-opposition-backs-down-from-protest-to-avoid-blood-in-the-streets Zimbabwe’s main opposition party called off planned anti-government demonstrations on Friday, saying it aimed to avert bloodshed after police rounded up its followers and dispersed them with batons and water cannon. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), which accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of repression and economic mismanagement, had called a demonstration for Friday as the start of a nationwide protest movement. Uganda's military gets boost from Canada and Japan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-military-gets-boost-from-canada-and-japan Uganda military is getting a boost of training and equipment from Canada and Japan according to local media reports. Egypt's National Cancer Institute re-opens after deadly bomb blast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-s-national-cancer-institute-re-opens-after-deadly-bomb-blast Egypt’s National Cancer Institute has re-opened to receiving patients at full capacity after recovering from the August fourth deadly bombing. Kenya police arrests Chinese brewing illegal local brew http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-police-arrests-chinese-brewing-illegal-local-brew Kenya police officers arrested two Chinese nationals during a raid that led to the discovery of thousands of litres of illegal local brew chang’aa in Nairobi. The mystery around Gabon President's health http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-mystery-around-gabon-president-s-health Gabonese are eagerly awaiting to judge for themselves whether their President can still lead the country as President Ali Bongo is expected to make a rare public appearance on Saturday’s military parade after ten months of speculations and mystery over the health of President Ali Bongo. At least 10 Burkina Faso soldiers killed in militant attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-10-burkina-faso-soldiers-killed-in-militant-attack Unidentified militants killed at least 10 soldiers and wounded many others in an attack on a military unit in northern Burkina Faso on Monday, the army said. Burkina Faso has been overrun by Islamist violence this year that armed forces have been unable to contain. Hundreds of civilians have died and more than 150,000 have fled as the influence of jihadist groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State spreads across the Sahel region. Zimbabwe police deploy hundreds in Gweru, MDC challenges another protest ban http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-police-deploy-hundreds-in-gweru-mdc-challenges-another-protest-ban Zimbabwe Police deployed in force in the city of Gweru on Tuesday, witnesses said, as authorities sought to keep a lid on dissent after banning the third anti-government protest that the main opposition party has sought to organise inside five days. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) planned rolling mass demonstrations in different cities starting last Friday. It accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of mishandling the economy, which is facing its worst crisis in a decade, and repression. Ex-Sudan president got millions from Saudis, court hears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-sudan-president-got-millions-from-saudis-court-hears Sudan’s ousted president Omar Hassan al-Bashir acknowledged receiving millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, a police detective told a court on Monday at the start of a corruption trial that many Sudanese thought they would never see. Bashir listened to the testimony without comment, sitting in a metal cage and wearing traditional white robes and a turban in his first appearance in a Khartoum courtroom. South Africa to consider new nuclear in affordable way http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-to-consider-new-nuclear-in-affordable-way South Africa will consider adding nuclear power capacity in an affordable way as part of its long-term plans, Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe said on Tuesday. Zimbabwe ex-veep declared fugitive over corruption http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-ex-veep-declared-fugitive-over-corruption A former Zimbabwean vice-president has been declared a fugitive by authorities in the country over issues of corruption. The state-run Herald newspaper said Phelekezela Mphoko had escaped from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) officials who were set to arrest him on Monday, August 19. Regional Somali airport refuses to allow Ethiopian plane to land http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/regional-somali-airport-refuses-to-allow-ethiopian-plane-to-land Kismayo airport in southern Somalia refused to allow an Ethiopian plane to land on Monday, a witness said, amid heightened tensions between the federal government and the regional leadership ahead of elections on Thursday. Chad declares state of emergency in 3 regions due to security problems http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-declares-state-of-emergency-in-3-regions-due-to-security-problems Chad’s Council of Ministers on Monday declared a state of emergency in three provinces amid fighting between rival ethnic groups, a government spokesman said in a statement. The state of emergency is in place in the western Tibesti region bordering Niger and the eastern Sila and Ouaddai regions bordering Sudan. It will run from Tuesday until Sept. 10, the statement said. Clashes between semi-nomadic cattle herders of President Idriss Deby’s Zaghawa ethnic group and settled farmers mostly from the Ouaddian community have left at least 50 people dead in the past two weeks. Cameroon secessionist leaders jailed for life by military court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-secessionist-leaders-jailed-for-life-by-military-court Ten Cameroonian separatists have been handed life sentences by a military court sitting in the capital, Yaounde. The convicts included the leader of the most known separatist group, the Southern Cameroon National Council, SCNC, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe. How government bias can fuel communal conflicts in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-government-bias-can-fuel-communal-conflicts-in-africa Each year, violent communal conflict between groups is witnessed in a number of African countries. It is often organised along identity lines. The fights are typically over local territory, natural resources or political power. Although they usually remain localised and aren’t directed against the central state, these conflicts are a major threat to human security and development. Why South Sudan’s peace process is stalled one year on http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-south-sudan-s-peace-process-is-stalled-one-year-on The prospect of peace in South Sudan has never been less certain. This is despite the fact that a peace agreement was signed less than year ago. The 2018 settlement revived a failed 2015 agreement between President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar. The 2015 agreement collapsed in less than a year. Two more years of fighting left one-third of the pre-war population forcibly displaced and more than half food insecure. Rwanda's Kagame rejects FT report on 'cooked poverty figures' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-s-kagame-rejects-ft-report-on-cooked-poverty-figures For the second time in a week, Rwandan president Paul Kagame has responded to a recent report by the Financial Times, FT, that poverty figures were manipulated in 2015. The president’s latest response was at a press briefing in Namibia where he is on an official state visit. Military, civilian members of Sudan's new ruling body sworn in http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/military-civilian-members-of-sudan-s-new-ruling-body-sworn-in Military and civilian members of Sudan’s new ruling body, the Sovereign Council, were sworn in on Wednesday at the presidential palace in Khartoum, state news agency SUNA said. Nigeria's Buhari assigns cabinet portfolios, appoints Timipre Silva oil minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-assigns-cabinet-portfolios-appoints-timipre-silva-oil-minister Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari swore members of his cabinet into office on Wednesday, assigning a new minister of state for petroleum in Africa’s top producer of crude oil in a cabinet of 43 ministers. South African court rules display of apartheid flag constitutes hate speech http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-court-rules-display-of-apartheid-flag-constitutes-hate-speech A South African court on Wednesday ruled that displaying the country’s apartheid-era flag in public constituted hate speech that discriminated against black people and violated equality laws. The case relates to a 2017 demonstration against attacks and killings of farmers where the so-called ‘Apartheid Flag” was displayed. The protest was led by predominantly white, Afrikaner nationalist groups. Museveni off to Angola to meet Kagame over tensions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/museveni-off-to-angola-to-meet-kagame-over-tensions Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday morning left for the Angolan capital Luanda for a quadripartite summit, whose top agenda is to normalise the frosty relations between Kampala and Kigali. “The summit is part of the continuation of the dialoguing process aimed at finding a lasting solution to the different regional issues, ” the Ugandan presidency tweeted. Sudan's Hamdok takes office as new prime minister, vows to tackle conflicts and economy http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-hamdok-takes-office-as-new-prime-minister-vows-to-tackle-conflicts-and-economy Sudan’s new prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, was sworn in on Wednesday as leader of a transitional government, and he vowed to make achieving peace and solving the country’s economic crisis a priority. The appointment of the renowned economist came as General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the outgoing head of the military council, was sworn in as leader of the new Sovereign Council that will run the country for three years until an election after decades of autocratic rule. Somalia's Jubbaland president wins new term amid rift with central govt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-s-jubbaland-president-wins-new-term-amid-rift-with-central-govt The president of Jubbaland, a Somali region critical to East Africa’s fight against al Shabaab militants, won a fresh term on Thursday, the parliamentary speaker said, amid a growing rift between the federal government and its semi-autonomous states. Ahmed Mohamed Madobe, a top security partner for neighbouring Kenya, which helps Somalia fight the militant group, won 56 of the 74 votes cast by lawmakers in the regional parliament, speaker Cabdi Maxamed Abdirahmaan said. West African oil hits sweet spot as shipping upgrades to cleaner fuel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-african-oil-hits-sweet-spot-as-shipping-upgrades-to-cleaner-fuel African states like Chad and Cameroon are shaping up to be big winners from new rules to cut sulphur emissions from ships, providing just the right type of oil to produce cleaner fuels. Only around 1% of the world’s crude oil exports are heavy and sweet varieties, ideal for refining into fuel with a maximum 0.5% sulphur content mandated by International Maritime Organization (IMO) rules coming into force worldwide on Jan. 1. Gabonese judge sitting on Bongo's 'medical eligibility' case suspended http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabonese-judge-sitting-on-bongo-s-medical-eligibility-case-suspended A top judge in Gabon who recently admitted a case challenging the eligibility of President Ali Bongo to continue in office has been suspended by the Ministry of Justice, local news portal Gabonactu has reported. The case in question surrounds the president’s health following months abroad for treatment and recuperation from a stroke. Ghana's head of public procurement suspended for 'selling contracts' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-s-head-of-public-procurement-suspended-for-selling-contracts The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana’s Public Procurement Authority, PPA, has been suspended by the president in the wake of an investigative report alleging improper conduct on his side. Mr. Agyenim Boateng Adjei has since been referred to relevant authorities for two separate probes. One on conflict of interest and the other over potential acts of corruption. DR Congo announces new govt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-announces-new-govt The Democratic Republic of Congo announced a coalition government Monday, seven months after the inauguration of new President Felix Tshisekedi. "The government is finally here. The president has signed the decree and we will begin work soon," Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga told reporters before the members of the new government were announced by the presidency's spokesman. How Security Council seat race is shaping EA and Horn politics http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-security-council-seat-race-is-shaping-ea-and-horn-politics Vested interests in the Horn of Africa could threaten the role of the African Union in deciding who represents the continent at the UN Security Council when a vote is held next June. Sudan's sovereign council declares state of emergency in Port Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-sovereign-council-declares-state-of-emergency-in-port-sudan Sudan’s newly-created sovereign council formally declared a state of emergency in the city of Port Sudan on Sunday, following tribal clashes that police say have killed at least 16 people. The acting governor and the head of the national security service for the eastern Red Sea state, of which Port Sudan is the capital, were both dismissed, said Brigadier Altahir Abuhaja, spokesman for the sovereign council. Pogba vows to fight racism for sake of next generation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/pogba-vows-to-fight-racism-for-sake-of-next-generation Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba said the racist abuse he has suffered will only make him stronger and the Frenchman vowed to fight the problem for the sake of the next generation. Pogba was the target of online abuse after missing a penalty in their 1-1 Premier League draw at Wolverhampton Wanderers last week, prompting Manchester to issue a strong statement condemning the views. Congo has given over 200,000 people Merck Ebola vaccine- gov't http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-has-given-over-200-000-people-merck-ebola-vaccine-gov-t Congolese authorities and health workers vaccinated more than 200,000 people against Ebola in August, the government said on Sunday, using a Merck vaccine they hope will help rein in the world’s second worst epidemic. Ethiopian parliament approves electoral, political parties bill http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-parliament-approves-electoral-political-parties-bill Ethiopia’s parliament has approved an electoral and political parties draft bill, the state broadcaster reported on Saturday, paving the way for national elections next year, the first to be held under reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. On August 9 Ethiopia’s ruling coalition said it will hold a national election in 2020, defying worries over security and displaced people within the country that had led some to speculate the election might be postponed. Namibia considers withdrawal from wildlife convention unless rhino trade eased http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-considers-withdrawal-from-wildlife-convention-unless-rhino-trade-eased Namibia is considering withdrawing from the rules that govern the global trade in endangered species, after countries voted last week to reject proposals to relax restrictions on hunting and exporting its white rhinos. Burundi to repatriate 200,000 refugees from Tanzania http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-to-repatriate-200-000-refugees-from-tanzania Burundi said on Tuesday it would start repatriating 200,000 of its refugees from neighbouring Tanzania in October, sparking fears of forced returns among those who have crossed the border to escape violence. Gambia's first post-independence president Jawara dies at 95 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-s-first-post-independence-president-jawara-dies-at-95 Dawda Kairaba Jawara, Gambia’s first post-independence president who led the tiny West African country for 24 years before being deposed in a 1994 coup, has died at the age of 95, the presidency said on Tuesday. Uganda rejects planned power plant at Murchison Falls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-rejects-planned-power-plant-at-murchison-falls Uganda said on Wednesday that due to the importance of its famed Murchison Falls as a lucrative tourism attraction it had rejected a hydropower project proposed by South Africa’s Bonang Power and Energy. The falls lend their name to a 3,900-square-km national park, one of Uganda’s biggest, where visitors can view lions, hippos, elephants, buffalos and giraffes. Over twenty African presidents attend 7th TICAD in Japan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/over-twenty-african-presidents-attend-7th-ticad-in-japan Over twenty African leaders are participating in seventh edition of the Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD) summit, which kicked off today (August 28) in Japan. Thousands flee deadly violence in Cameroon's separatist regions - sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-flee-deadly-violence-in-cameroon-s-separatist-regions-sources Thousands have fled a fresh flare-up of violence in Cameroon’s separatist English-speaking regions in the past few days, a local security source and a government source said on Tuesday. The army said separatists had attacked a police unit on Sunday in the northwestern town of Ndop, but did not mention any other incidents. Nigeria says it will not relinquish assets in $9 bln gas project dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-says-it-will-not-relinquish-assets-in-9-bln-gas-project-dispute Nigeria will not relinquish assets to a firm registered in the British Virgin Islands following a court ruling related to a $9 billion gas project dispute, the West African country’s information minister said on Tuesday. Earlier this month a judge in London granted Process and Industrial Developments Ltd (PID) the right to attempt to seize some $9 billion in assets from the Nigerian government over an aborted gas project. The $9 billion sum would be one of the largest financial penalties imposed on Nigeria, representing 20% of the currency reserves of Africa’s largest economy and top oil producer. How activists changed the course of an inner-city project in Ghana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-activists-changed-the-course-of-an-inner-city-project-in-ghana Ghana is one of the few countries in Africa where more than 50% of the population is permanently resident in cities. This urban population is located primarily in two cities; the capital Accra, and Kumasi. Both Accra, and Kumasi are home to 2 million people. In the face of rapid urbanisation, the existing infrastructure continues to be extensively overstretched. This includes markets, housing, water, sanitation, roads and power. To meet the growing demand for urban infrastructure and services, the central and city governments have implemented a number of urban regeneration projects. A new approach to criminalisation could end Cape Town’s drug wars http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-new-approach-to-criminalisation-could-end-cape-town-s-drug-wars It’s not known exactly how many gangs there are in South Africa’s Western Cape province, but gang membership has been estimated at more than 100 000. Almost all these gangs, most concentrated in Cape Town, make the bulk of their money from procuring and selling illegal leisure drugs such as tik (crystal methamphetimine), heroin, nyaope (a street drug that mixes several illicit drugs) and dagga (marijuana). Herein lies the conundrum: the criminalisation of possession and use of drugs creates conditions that are conducive for organised crime. This is why understanding the use, misuse and trade of illegal drugs is central to any intervention involving gangs and any policy relating to them. Nigeria closes part of border with Benin to check rice smuggling http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-closes-part-of-border-with-benin-to-check-rice-smuggling Nigeria has partially closed its western border with Benin to curb rice smuggling that is threatening the country’s attempt to boost local production, the government said on Wednesday. The government wants Nigeria to be self-sufficient in rice and has imposed import controls but these have kept prices high and led to smuggling from Benin into Nigeria. West Africa's historic slave sites bear witness to brutal trade http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-africa-s-historic-slave-sites-bear-witness-to-brutal-trade When Gambian boat captain Abdoulie Jabang ferries visitors to Kunta Kinteh island he tells them that the waves lapping the shores of the former slave site threaten to wash history away. Situated at the mouth of the Gambian river, the island is home to one of the many forts that dot the West African coast - crumbling reminders of the centuries-long transatlantic slave trade that tore millions of Africans from their homes. Skull find in Ethiopia yields new clues on how humans evolved http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/skull-find-in-ethiopia-yields-new-clues-on-how-humans-evolved A "remarkably complete" 3.8-million-year-old skull of an early human has been unearthed in Ethiopia, scientists announced Wednesday, a discovery that has the potential to alter our understanding of human evolution. The skull, known as "MRD", was discovered not far from the younger Lucy -- the ancient ancestor of modern humans -- and shows that the two species may have co-existed for about 100,000 years. Impounded Air Tanzania aircraft: Tanzania says it’s been betrayed by SA government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/impounded-air-tanzania-aircraft-tanzania-says-it-s-been-betrayed-by-sa-government Tanzanian government officials are working through diplomatic channels to resolve a standoff with South African authorities over an Air Tanzania aircraft impounded at OR International Airport in Johannesburg. Tensions between the two countries continued on Wednesday as Tanzanian riot police forcibly dispersed protesters outside the South African embassy in Dar es Salaam who demanded the return of the aircraft and accused Pretoria of betrayal, the East African reported. Japan PM warns Africa about debt as China grows presence http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/japan-pm-warns-africa-about-debt-as-china-grows-presence Japan's prime minister on Thursday warned African leaders against accumulating too much debt, in an apparent reference to Chinese infrastructure projects that some blame for damaging the finances of developing nations. Addressing leaders from several African nations at a development conference in Yokohama, Shinzo Abe stressed that Tokyo was promoting "quality" infrastructure exports and investments, supported by Japan's government-backed institutions. Farming in the digital age http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/farming-in-the-digital-age We need more young Africans to farm. Let’s give them the tools to do so, writes Michael Hailu, director of the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CTA). How new technologies can be a force for good in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-new-technologies-can-be-a-force-for-good-in-africa Sub-Saharan Africa is at a point where new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) could present both opportunities and threats to development. But civil society, governments and international organisations need to make sure that everyone benefits from these technologies – not just elites. Sudan's ex-president charged with corruption, holding illicit foreign currency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-s-ex-president-charged-with-corruption-holding-illicit-foreign-currency A Sudanese judge on Saturday formally indicted Omar al-Bashir for possessing illicit foreign currency and corruption, charges the ousted leader challenged as he was publicly questioned for the first time since his overthrow. Bashir said that he had received $25 million from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as well as funds from other sources, but that he had not received or used the money for his own benefit. Head of Congo's public finances watchdog questioned by authorities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/head-of-congo-s-public-finances-watchdog-questioned-by-authorities The head of Democratic Republic of Congo’s public finances watchdog was detained for questioning for several hours on Saturday, in what he said was retaliation for investigations by his office into spending by senior government officials. Sylvain Kasongo, the capital Kinshasa’s police chief, confirmed to Reuters that Inspector General of Finances Victor Batubenga and one of his colleagues had been detained for several hours before being released. Ruptured pipeline in Nigeria's Delta state spilled oil - NNPC chief http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ruptured-pipeline-in-nigeria-s-delta-state-spilled-oil-nnpc-chief A pipeline that ruptured on Friday in Nigeria’s Delta state spilled oil, but has been contained, the head of state oil company NNPC said on Saturday. NNPC initially said the pipeline was carrying gas, but NNPC managing director Mele Kyari said on Twitter Saturday afternoon that it was the Abura Crude Trunk line. Ethiopia slates November 13 for Sidama autonomy referendum http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-slates-november-13-for-sidama-autonomy-referendum Ethiopia on Thursday granted its ethnic Sidama community a referendum in November on self-determination, with a view to creating the country’s 10th autonomous region, Fana news agency reported. Tunisia unveils 26 candidates for Sept. 15 polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisia-unveils-26-candidates-for-sept-15-polls Tunisia’s electoral body has announced 26 candidates out of 96 who are eligible for the September 15 presidential election. Thus 70 candidates were disqualified from contesting in the polls. South Africa police struggling amid latest xenophobic attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-police-struggling-amid-latest-xenophobic-attacks Police in South Africa have been overwhelmed by looters in the latest round of xenophobic attacks by residents of Jappestown, an area close to commercial hub, Johannesburg. Multiple local media outlets said rampant looting of shops and torching of buildings had been registered in the riots. The portals add that looters have targeted businesses of foreigners. Elsewhere rioters have blocked roads and burnt tyres obstructing movement of persons and vehicles. The police has been caught in running battles with them across parts of Johannesburg. A police statement confirmed the situation and said forty-one people have been arrested following the incidents. Police also fired rubber bullets at looters in another Johannesburg suburb, Turffontein. According to police, the chaotic clashes followed the deaths of three people in a fire in an “old building”. “While we were still investigating with emergency services, people that were around started taking advantage of the situation and looted shops,” police spokesman Capt Mavela Masondo is quoted as saying. The News24 portal tweeted several short videos of the incidents of looting as people broke down gates of shops and entered to grab items of their choice. The Nigerian and Zambian governments have since issued statements condemning the incidents and cautioning their citizens. Nigeria’s foreign minister is on record as saying South Africa had failed to protect Nigerian businesses whiles Zambia has instructed bus companies and drivers to step down all travel to South Africa till further notice. We committed genocide in Namibia: German minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/we-committed-genocide-in-namibia-german-minister German’s development minister, Gerd Mueller said his country committed genocide in Namibia, referring to the slaughter of Herero and Nama tribespeople more than a century ago. Mueller joins a growing list of senior government members to use the genocide term, even as compensation claims are under discussion. Burkina Faso coup leaders given lengthy jail sentences http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burkina-faso-coup-leaders-given-lengthy-jail-sentences Two senior allies of Burkina Faso’s deposed former president Blaise Compaore were sentenced to 10 and 20 years in prison respectively on Monday for organising a 2015 coup attempt against a transitional government. Botswana to hold national and local elections on Oct. 23 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-to-hold-national-and-local-elections-on-oct-23 Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi has set Oct. 23 as the date for parliamentary and local elections, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said on Monday. Tunisian candidates start their presidential campaigns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisian-candidates-start-their-presidential-campaigns Tunisian presidential candidates began campaigning on Monday for the Sept. 15 election against a backdrop of economic troubles and a militant shooting that underlined the challenges facing the only democracy to emerge from the 2011 Arab uprisings. Among the 24 men and two women running for election are the prime minister, a media magnate detained last month on suspicion of tax fraud and money laundering, and a candidate from a moderate Islamist party that was banned before the revolution. Zimbabwe proposes designating health services as essential amid doctors' strike http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-proposes-designating-health-services-as-essential-amid-doctors-strike Zimbabwe’s cabinet is proposing designating health services as “essential” to be provided at all times to try to limit strikes by medical personnel as a work stoppage by public sector doctors over pay entered a second day on Wednesday. Bomb explodes under bus in Mali, at least 14 killed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/bomb-explodes-under-bus-in-mali-at-least-14-killed A makeshift bomb exploded under a passenger bus travelling in the violence-plagued central Mali region of Mopti on Tuesday, killing at least 14 people and wounding 24, the security minister said. Ramaphosa says South Africa must quell attacks on foreigners as summit starts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ramaphosa-says-south-africa-must-quell-attacks-on-foreigners-as-summit-starts South African President Cyril Ramaphosa told officials and business leaders on Wednesday that he was committed to quelling attacks on foreigners that have threatened to cast a cloud over an economic forum aimed at boosting intra-African trade. Police have arrested dozens of people and confirmed several deaths after riots in Johannesburg and the capital Pretoria in recent days, when roving groups attacked shops mainly owned by migrants from the rest of Africa. Tanzania replaces expelled opposition MP Tundu Lissu http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-replaces-expelled-opposition-mp-tundu-lissu Tanzania’s parliament on Tuesday officially replaced a fierce critic of president John Magufuli, who was expelled in June over absenteeism and ethical issues. Opposition lawmakers however boycotted the swearing in of the ruling party lawmaker replacing Tundu Lissu, who survived an assassination attempt in September 2017 when he was shot 16 times by unknown gunmen. Eritrea govt's latest seizures - schools run by religious bodies http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrea-govt-s-latest-seizures-schools-run-by-religious-bodies In June, Eritrean authorities seized health facilities that were previously run by the Catholic Church. The church slammed the move which it said impacted the less privileged most. Reports indicate that a latest round of seizures have taken place, this time education institutions are at the center of the seizures. A BBC report said seven secondary schools run by religious organisations had been captured by government. In Democratic Republic of Congo, Ebola At Its Brim http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-democratic-republic-of-congo-ebola-at-its-brim Ebola cases have been flooding in Democratic Republic of Congo, reigning since its outbreak. Government figures revealed that the numbers of people who have died from Ebola outbreak with just recent one, claimed over 2,000 lives, most especially in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many were alleged to have been burgled with the disease from affected persons- through their bodily fluids (broken skin, or the mouth and nose, with the blood, vomit, faeces or any other bodily fluids) and it progresses to vomiting, diarrhoea and both internal and external bleeding. Patients tend to die from dehydration and multiple organ failure. Ugandan pipeline plan suspended as Tullow-Total deal collapses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ugandan-pipeline-plan-suspended-as-tullow-total-deal-collapses Work on a pipeline to export Ugandan oil has been suspended, an industry official said on Wednesday, after Tullow Oil’s plan to sell a stake in the project to France’s Total and China’s CNOOC was called off last week. U.N. warns of Burundi atrocities as 'divine' ruler eyes 2020 election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-warns-of-burundi-atrocities-as-divine-ruler-eyes-2020-election The United Nations says all factors indicate that Burundi’s elections in 2020 will be problematic because of an unresolved political crisis and a president who is increasingly portrayed as a “divine” ruler. The report by the U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Burundi said there was a climate of fear and intimidation against anyone who did not show support for the ruling CNDD-FDD party. Nigeria to recall its top diplomat to South Africa -information minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-to-recall-its-top-diplomat-to-south-africa-information-minister Nigeria will recall its top diplomat to South Africa, where riots in recent days have targeted foreigners including many Nigerians, the West African country’s information minister said on Thursday. Air Tanzania suspends flights to Johannesburg due to ongoing violence - transport minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/air-tanzania-suspends-flights-to-johannesburg-due-to-ongoing-violence-transport-minister Tanzania’s national carrier suspended its flights from the commercial capital Dar es Salaam to Johannesburg on Thursday, citing ongoing violence that was a risk to its passengers. Nurture peace and make it last, Pope tells post-war Mozambique http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nurture-peace-and-make-it-last-pope-tells-post-war-mozambique Pope Francis urged the people of Mozambique on Thursday to nurture their hard-earned peace and strive to provide equal opportunities for all so as not to slip back into civil war. The saga continues between El-Zakzaaky and the Nigerian government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-saga-continues-between-el-zakzaaky-and-the-nigerian-government In the 1970s, universities in Nigeria witnessed many protests after the formation of a Muslim students’ union accused of aiming at the implementation of Islamic law. Among the young cadres of this union was a man named Ibrahim Yaqoub El-Zakzaky. Plane leaves Zimbabwe for Singapore to bring home Mugabe's body http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/plane-leaves-zimbabwe-for-singapore-to-bring-home-mugabe-s-body A plane has left Zimbabwe for Singapore carrying government officials and relatives to bring home the body of Robert Mugabe, but it was still not clear where the former leader would be buried, a family spokesman said on Monday. Twenty-nine killed in two attacks in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/twenty-nine-killed-in-two-attacks-in-burkina-faso At least 29 people were killed in Burkina Faso’s troubled north on Sunday after a food convoy and a transport truck were attacked, the government said. Sudanese tribes sign peace deal after deadly clashes in Port Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudanese-tribes-sign-peace-deal-after-deadly-clashes-in-port-sudan Representatives of the Beni Amer and Nuba tribes in Sudan’s Red Sea state signed a reconciliation deal on Sunday under pressure from the country’s most prominent military commander after clashes that triggered a state of emergency and left at least 16 dead last month. Nigeria's Buhari to visit South Africa after attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-buhari-to-visit-south-africa-after-attacks Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will visit South Africa next month to reinforce the bonds between the two countries after a wave of deadly riots and xenophobic attacks, the South African presidency said on Saturday. South Africa’s MTN Group and supermarket chain Shoprite have closed all stores and service centres in Nigeria after their premises were attacked. Riek Machar arrives in S. Sudan for peace talks with Salva Kiir http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/riek-machar-arrives-in-s-sudan-for-peace-talks-with-salva-kiir South Sudan’s opposition leader Dr Riek Machar landed in Juba Monday for face-to-face talks with President Salva Kiir in a bid to salvage the stalled peace agreement. This is the first time in almost a year that he has visited the capital. Mugabe's funeral itinerary announced, burial place unknown yet http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mugabe-s-funeral-itinerary-announced-burial-place-unknown-yet Former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe’s body will lie in state at two different stadiums in the capital city for three days, the information minister said Monday, but she did not announce where he would be buried on Sunday. Over 600 Nigerians to return home from South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/over-600-nigerians-to-return-home-from-south-africa Over 600 Nigerians will be voluntarily returning home according from South Africa according to head of the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri. The first news of repatriation was from a local airline, Air Peace which made the offer last week. Its plans were impacted by lack of documentation of beneficiaries. The embassy stepped in to provide necessary papers. Central Africa apex bank issues tough forex rules, industry players kick http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/central-africa-apex-bank-issues-tough-forex-rules-industry-players-kick Efforts by the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) to tackle money laundering and restock woefully thin foreign exchange reserves are causing dire currency shortages and delays to transactions across the six-nation currency union, businesses say. New BEAC rules introduced in June are aimed at bringing order to a monetary bloc awash with petrodollars which, owing to lax controls, often end up in offshore bank accounts after bypassing local economies completely. Zanzibar eyes hotel investors to boost local tourism http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zanzibar-eyes-hotel-investors-to-boost-local-tourism Zanzibar is courting international investors to the Island’s fast growing tourism industry as it seeks to raise the number of leisure and business visitors. Over the past two years, global chains have set up businesses on the island, making it among the leading hotel investment destinations in East Africa. Madinat El Bahr Hotel and RIU Hotels and Resorts for example, opened their businesses in mid this year, while Hotel Verde set up late last year. RIU Hotels and Resorts is a Spanish chain operating mostly in Europe and Latin America. Zanzibar is its first investment in East Africa. The $56 million RIU Palace Zanzibar on Nunwgi Beach has 149 rooms. Senegal to get $22m drought pay-out from ARC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-to-get-22m-drought-pay-out-from-arc Senegal will receive at least $22 million drought insurance compensation from continental firm, the African Risk Capacity Insurance Company (ARC). ARC, in a press release, said the pay-out will cover losses from crop failures caused by the severe rainfall deficits in the 2019 agricultural season. Is Kenya dropping China loans for private deals? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/is-kenya-dropping-china-loans-for-private-deals This past week’s visit to Nairobi by Yang Jiechi, the special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, appears to suggest a recalibration of relations between Nairobi and Beijing. Mr Yang, a member of the Political Bureau and director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China avoided any mention of additional loans to Kenya. South Sudan parties agree to form interim govt by Nov 12 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-parties-agree-to-form-interim-govt-by-nov-12 South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar have agreed to form a transitional government by the middle of November, the country’s information minister said on Wednesday. Nigerian tribunal rejects bid to overturn Buhari's election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-tribunal-rejects-bid-to-overturn-buhari-s-election A Nigerian election tribunal on Wednesday rejected a bid by the main opposition candidate to overturn the February presidential election. Mozambique to continue debt restructuring talks despite 'tuna bond' court ruling http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-to-continue-debt-restructuring-talks-despite-tuna-bond-court-ruling Mozambique will continue to negotiate debt restructuring with creditors, despite a court ruling that a government-guaranteed $850 million Eurobond issued by the state fishing company Ematum SA in 2013 was illegal, the finance minister said on Wednesday. Finance Minister Adriano Maleiane told a business conference in Maputo that the debt restructuring talks were not in violation of the June ruling by Mozambique’s top court. Chad extends state of emergency in 3 provinces by 4 months http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chad-extends-state-of-emergency-in-3-provinces-by-4-months Chad’s parliament voted on Tuesday to extend a state of emergency by four months in three provinces where fighting between rival ethnic groups have surged in recent weeks. Cameroon leader says govt will organise talks to solve separatist crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-leader-says-govt-will-organise-talks-to-solve-separatist-crisis Cameroon’s President Paul Biya announced in a rare public address on Tuesday the organisation of a national dialogue to solve a separatist crisis in the country’s English-speaking regions. Biya said the talks, lead by the prime minister and starting from the end of this month, would bring together a wide range of people to seek ways to end violence that has plagued the region in recent months. Liberia chiefs call for action over economic crimes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-chiefs-call-for-action-over-economic-crimes More than 300 chiefs representing Liberia’s rural and traditional bloc have called on the president to set up a war and economic crimes court as part of measures to fight impunity that has impeded the growth of Africa’s oldest independent republic. The representative chiefs are powerful Zimbabwe's opposition MDC suspends anniversary for Mugabe's funeral http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-opposition-mdc-suspends-anniversary-for-mugabe-s-funeral Zimbabwe’s founding president Roberty Mugabe will be buried on on Sunday, September 15, having passed on last week in Singapore, at the age of 95. Having ruled the Southern African nation for 37 years, until he was ousted by the army in November 2017, Mugabe’s legacy continues to divide opinions at home and abroad. Robert Mugabe detractors dance on his grave http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/robert-mugabe-detractors-dance-on-his-grave Robert Mugabe did not mind soiling his name for his beliefs. But his greatest sin was not knowing when to leave the stage when the applause was loudest. But today is a sad day. One of Africa’s greatest warriors is gone. Baffour Ankomah writes. The Smoke, Fire and Fluff of The Xenophobic Attacks on Foreigners http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-smoke-fire-and-fluff-of-the-xenophobic-attacks-on-foreigners The staidness of smoke of South Africa's Xenophobic attacks, apart from this current saga between the country, Nigeria and other African states, seem not to have waved with time as revealed by the Xenowatch, a non- platform and tool developed by the African Centre for Migration Society (AMCS) to monitor Xenophobic threats and violence across South Africa and to make publicly available statistic of any violence at the instance of Xenophobia. Xenowatch also shows that over the past decade, approximately 150,000 people have been killed, injured, or displaced in xenophobic incidents across the country. South Africa unlikely to meet its growth forecast of 1.5% - finance minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-unlikely-to-meet-its-growth-forecast-of-1-5-finance-minister South Africa’s economic growth is unlikely to reach the treasury’s target of 1.5% in 2019 because conditions have changed and the country is facing increasing headwinds, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni said on Friday. This week ratings agency Moody’s, the last of the top three credit firms to rate South Africa’s debt at investment level, said it had lowered its growth forecast to 0.7% from 1%. 7 million people vote in Tunisia's presidential polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/7-million-people-vote-in-tunisia-s-presidential-polls 13,000 polling stations opened for the second democratic presidential election in the history of Tunisia Sunday. Even before the polling stations opened at 8 GMT, dozens of voters queued up to choose the next president from among the 26 candidates in the running. West African leaders pledge $1 bln to fight Islamist threat http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/west-african-leaders-pledge-1-bln-to-fight-islamist-threat West African leaders have pledged $1 billion to combat the spiralling threat of Islamist militancy in the region, the head of the regional ECOWAS bloc said on Saturday. Groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State have strengthened their foothold across the arid Sahel region this year, making large swathes of territory ungovernable and stoking local ethnic violence, especially in Mali and Burkina Faso. Tears and tributes as leaders, supporters bid farewell to Zimbabwe's Mugabe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tears-and-tributes-as-leaders-supporters-bid-farewell-to-zimbabwe-s-mugabe Zimbabwe’s founder Robert Mugabe was honoured as an icon, principled leader and African intellectual giant at a state funeral on Saturday, after a week of disputes over his burial threatened to embarrass President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Two commanders allied to Libya's Haftar killed in strike near Tripoli http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-commanders-allied-to-libya-s-haftar-killed-in-strike-near-tripoli Two commanders of the eastern Libyan forces trying to take the capital Tripoli from the internationally-recognised government were killed late on Friday in a drone strike, officials said. The strike is a blow to Khalifa Haftar’s eastern-based Libya National Army (LNA), which in April launched a campaign to take Tripoli. So far that offensive has not breached the city’s southern defences. Egypt resumes Nile dam talks with Ethiopia, Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-resumes-nile-dam-talks-with-ethiopia-sudan Egypt’s foreign minister said Cairo had resumed talks with Sudan and Ethiopia over a $4 billion dam Addis Ababa is building on the Nile which had been suspended for over a year. The three countries’ irrigation ministers met in Cairo on Sunday to resume negotiations over filling and operating the dam, which Egypt sees as a threat to its water supplies. Tunisian establishment stunned as outsiders claim election win http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisian-establishment-stunned-as-outsiders-claim-election-win Tunisian voters appear to have up-ended their nation’s politics in Sunday’s presidential election, rejecting established leaders for two outsiders with 39% of votes counted. Kais Saied, a conservative law professor, and Nabil Karoui, a media magnate held in detention since last month, have an apparently solid lead over a moderate Islamist candidate and seem set to advance to a runoff vote next month. Zimbabwe doctors protest over union leader's disappearance http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-doctors-protest-over-union-leader-s-disappearance Hundreds of Zimbabwean doctors protested in central Harare on Monday over the disappearance of the leader of their union, but riot police blocked them from marching to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s office. Peter Magombeyi, president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), was one of the organisers of an ongoing strike to demand higher wages for state doctors because of soaring living costs, before he disappeared on Saturday night. Algeria to hold presidential election this year-interim president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-to-hold-presidential-election-this-year-interim-president Algeria will hold a presidential election on Dec. 12, interim President Abdelkader Bensalah said in a televised speech on Sunday. Be patient: Ethiopia PM tells tribes looking to break away http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/be-patient-ethiopia-pm-tells-tribes-looking-to-break-away On Sunday, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed asked ethnic groups pushing to form breakaway regions to be patient and join him in building “a great Ethiopia”. Abiy made the plea during a visit to leaders of the Kafficho ethnic group, that are seeking to create a new federal state heightening further destabilization in Ethiopia’s diverse southern region. Uganda, Rwanda committed to Luanda agreement – officials http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-rwanda-committed-to-luanda-agreement-officials Rwanda and Uganda are committed to implementing the agreement signed in August in Luanda to ease tension between them, government officials from both countries said Monday. Rwanda President Paul Kagame and his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Angola’s capital Luanda, witnessed by Presidents Joao Lourenco (Angola) and Felix Tshisekedi (DR Congo). Militiamen death toll rises to 38 in Central African Republic rival fighting http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militiamen-death-toll-rises-to-38-in-central-african-republic-rival-fighting The death toll of militiamen killed in rival group fighting in the Central African Republic at the weekend has risen to 38, according to an internal United Nations report seen by AFP on Monday. The UN Mission in Central Africa (Minusca) initially put the death toll at 23. The two armed groups had signed a peace deal in February. "Somaliland" sets tough rules on Somalia talks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somaliland-sets-tough-rules-on-somalia-talks The self-declared independent “Somaliland” has given tough conditions for future dialogue with Somalia on bilateral relations after the last talks collapsed in Turkey in 2015. They include demands that Mogadishu admit that Somaliland was an independent country, and that international intergovernmental organisations and institutions use the name, map, emblem and flag of "Somaliland" in their project documents. Africa’s smaller economies secure 13-year protection for their fragile sectors http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-s-smaller-economies-secure-13-year-protection-for-their-fragile-sectors Africa’s 32 Least Developed Countries (LDCs) have secured a 13-year reprieve to protect their sensitive economic sectors from duty-free imports under the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement, in a major concession aimed at securing their ratification of the deal. The matter of tariff concessions has been a sticky issue for the LDCs, which have expressed fears that implementation of the AfCFTA agreement beginning July 1 next year will lead to heavy revenue losses. Refinery set to turn Tanzania city into major gold hub http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/refinery-set-to-turn-tanzania-city-into-major-gold-hub Tanzania is set to earn more from its gold once the first refinery is completed in the country’s administrative capital Dodoma in the next six weeks. The gold refinery is currently more than 80 per cent complete, and the first trial is set for October 25. Ethiopian crash victims want 737 MAX documents from Boeing, FAA http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-crash-victims-want-737-max-documents-from-boeing-faa A lawyer for victims of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 said on Tuesday he wants Boeing Co and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to hand over documents about the decision to keep the Boeing 737 MAX in the air after a deadly Lion Air crash last October. Zimbabwe doctors say receiving death threats over strike http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-doctors-say-receiving-death-threats-over-strike Striking Zimbabwean doctors said on Wednesday they were being threatened with death and suspected state security agents were pressuring them after police blocked their second protest march over the disappearance of their union leader. Rwandan Hutu militia commander killed in eastern Congo - army http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwandan-hutu-militia-commander-killed-in-eastern-congo-army Democratic Republic of Congo’s army said on Wednesday it had killed Sylvestre Mudacumura, the commander of a Rwandan Hutu militia who is wanted by the International Criminal Court. Mudacumura had been a leader of the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) since its founding in 2000 by Hutu officials who fled Rwanda at the end of the 1994 genocide. Fire in Liberia Islamic school kills at least 27 children http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fire-in-liberia-islamic-school-kills-at-least-27-children A fire at an Islamic school in Liberia has killed at least 27 children, police said on Wednesday. “The kids were learning the Koran when the fire broke out,” police spokesman Moses Carter said. He added the blaze was caused by an electrical issue and that further investigations were ongoing. Africa already converted into IMF's gospel, Kenyan central banker says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-already-converted-into-imf-s-gospel-kenyan-central-banker-says Africa has embraced sound economic policies and even the political class has started to appreciate the importance of such policies, Kenya’s central bank governor said on Wednesday. Although some economies in the 54-nation continent have recorded some of the fastest economic growth rates in recent years, critics say some policies need to be changed to deepen the growth and make it inclusive. Tunisia confirms Saied and Karoui to contest presidential runoff vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisia-confirms-saied-and-karoui-to-contest-presidential-runoff-vote Tunisia’s electoral commission on Tuesday said law professor Kais Saied and detained media mogul Nabil Karoui won most votes in Sunday’s presidential election, beating major political leaders to advance to a second-round runoff. The commission’s announcement following a full count of votes confirmed exit polls released on Sunday evening and partial results issued throughout Monday. Mugabe is dead, but old men still run southern Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mugabe-is-dead-but-old-men-still-run-southern-africa The death of Robert Gabriel Mugabe (95) saw another of the first-generation leaders of newly independent southern African states leave the world stage. Southern Africa was the last region on the continent to obtain majority rule. The independence of Zimbabwe (1980), Namibia (1990) and democracy in South Africa (1994) ended white settler minority regimes. They were replaced in power by liberation movements. The Zimbabwe African National Union (Zanu, later Zanu-PF), the South West African People’s Organisation (Swapo) and the African National Congress (ANC) have been in government since then. Quality higher education means more than learning how to work http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/quality-higher-education-means-more-than-learning-how-to-work When people talk about quality education, they’re often referring to the kind of education that gives students the knowledge and skills they need for the job market. But there’s a view that quality education has wider benefits: it develops individuals in ways that help develop society more broadly. DR Congo to deploy second Ebola vaccine http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-to-deploy-second-ebola-vaccine Health authorities in Democratic Republic of Congo said on Saturday that they plan to introduce a second Ebola vaccine, manufactured by Johnson Johnson, to counter the second-worst outbreak of the virus in history. The team overseeing Congo’s Ebola response did not say when exactly the JJ vaccine would be introduced. It will complement another vaccine manufactured by Merck, which has been administered to more than 225,000 people since August 2018. South Africa slowly turning tide against rhino poaching, says minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-slowly-turning-tide-against-rhino-poaching-says-minister Bringing local communities into mainstream conservation was vital to South African efforts aimed at curbing rhino poaching that has steadily declined from a peak of 1,215 animals killed five years ago, the environmental minister said on Sunday. Ethiopia says detains suspected Islamist militants planning attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-says-detains-suspected-islamist-militants-planning-attacks Ethiopia said on Saturday it had arrested an unspecified number of Islamist militant members of the Somali group al Shabaab and Islamic State who were planning to carry out attacks in the country on various targets including hotels. Some of those arrested were carrying out intelligence work including photographing potential targets, the National Intelligence Security Services (NISS) said in a statement read out on state-affiliated broadcaster Fana. Tanzania accused of hiding Ebola cases by WHO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-accused-of-hiding-ebola-cases-by-who The World Health Organization has accused Tanzania of failing to provide information on suspected cases of Ebola in this East African country at the risk of hindering the fight against the spread of the virus, which has killed more than 2,000 people in the region. Thousands of protesters in Algiers despite heavy police deployment http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-of-protesters-in-algiers-despite-heavy-police-deployment Thousands of people demonstrated in Algiers for the 31st consecutive Friday of mobilization despite a large deployment of police and a few days after the announcement of a presidential election in December, a vote rejected by the protest movement. Xenophobia: South Africa calls out leaders of 'degraded' African countries http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/xenophobia-south-africa-calls-out-leaders-of-degraded-african-countries South Africa’s minister in charge of International Relations, Naledi Pandor on Friday called on leaders across the continent to take collective responsibility for the recent xenophobic attacks. Protesters demanding better services from Airtel arrested in DRC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protesters-demanding-better-services-from-airtel-arrested-in-drc Some 36 activists of the citizen group Lutte pour le changement (Lucha) were arrested in Goma, in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, after demonstrations against the telephone operator Airtel, the movement told AFP on Saturday. Benin-Nigeria boarder closure causing economic crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/benin-nigeria-boarder-closure-causing-economic-crisis Farmers and traders are distressed after Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari closed all neighbouring borders around the country with a plan to end Nigeria’s economic dependence on oil, by developing domestic agriculture and industry. The border closure means Nigeria is choked off from supplies until the next harvest by local farmers. Nigeria must address housing crisis and end forced evictions -U.N. rapporteur http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-must-address-housing-crisis-and-end-forced-evictions-u-n-rapporteur Nigeria is gripped by a crisis that has left Africa’s most populous country ill-equipped to properly house its inhabitants, said a United Nations rapporteur who also called for an end to the forced evictions of entire communities. The United Nations estimates that Nigeria’s population is set to double by 2050 to around 400 million people, which would make it the world’s third-largest nation, behind India and China. Madagascar farm produces luxurious caviar http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/madagascar-farm-produces-luxurious-caviar Madagascar’s cool fresh water and inexpensive labour has inspired the production of the luxurious caviar. Three French entrepreneurs set up the farm. Today, they produce Rova Caviar with 300 tonnes of fish from 6 different sturgeon species. Nigeria will do 'whatever it takes' to shield country from $9 bln claim http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-will-do-whatever-it-takes-to-shield-country-from-9-bln-claim Nigeria’s government will do “whatever it takes” to protect its economy from a more than $9 billion arbitration claim over a failed gas project, policy makers said, but the government will not rule out a settlement with a firm registered in the British Virgin Islands. In August, a judge in London granted Process and Industrial Developments Ltd (PID) the right to attempt to seize some $9 billion in assets from the Nigerian government over the gas project. The sum would be one of the largest financial penalties imposed on Nigeria, representing 20% of the currency reserves of Africa’s largest economy and top oil producer. Tanzania summons World Health Organization rep over Ebola complaint http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-summons-world-health-organization-rep-over-ebola-complaint Tanzania on Tuesday summoned the World Health Organization’s local representative over its assertion that the government refused to share information on suspected Ebola cases, signalling displeasure at the agency’s rare public rebuke. Transparency and speed are key to combating the deadly hemorrhagic fever because it can spread rapidly. Anyone deemed to have been in contact with potentially infected people must be quarantined and the public warned to step up precautions such as handwashing. Egypt's Sisi says time to end Libya's militia 'chaos', external interference http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-s-sisi-says-time-to-end-libya-s-militia-chaos-external-interference Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Tuesday that a concerted effort was needed to stop militias taking control of Libya and to prevent external actors from intervening there. Ghana arrests three people for plot against president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ghana-arrests-three-people-for-plot-against-president Ghana said police foiled a suspected coup on Friday when they arrested three people believed to have been amassing makeshift bombs, weapons and computer equipment in a plot targeting the presidency. The Information Ministry said the men were taken into custody after 15 months of surveillance during which they tried to obtain weapons from military personnel and secure funding “for the purpose of taking over the reins of government”. Algeria jails two ex-intelligence chiefs for 15 yrs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/algeria-jails-two-ex-intelligence-chiefs-for-15-yrs A military court in Algeria on Wednesday jailed for 15 years two former intelligence chiefs, the brother of a former president and the leader of a political party for “conspiring against the army”, private television channels said. Kenya, Somalia agree to normalise relations http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-somalia-agree-to-normalise-relations Somalia and Kenya have agreed to normalise ties, following months of tension over a maritime border dispute. In talks mediated by Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Kenyan and Somali heads of state agreed ‘to restore relations to previous status’ and ‘take diplomatic steps to build confidence between the two governments’. Zimbabwe's Mugabe buried in home village, ending an era http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-buried-in-home-village-ending-an-era Zimbabwe’s founding leader Robert Mugabe was buried on Saturday in his home village of Kutama, ending a dispute between his family and the government of his successor President Emmerson Mnangagwa over his final resting place. Twin attacks hit EU military convoy in Somali capital and U.S. base in Baledogle http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/twin-attacks-hit-eu-military-convoy-in-somali-capital-and-u-s-base-in-baledogle Separate attacks hit a U.S. military base in the Somali town of Baledogle and an Italian military convoy in the Somali capital on Monday, a Reuters witness and a security source said. A Reuters journalist saw a seriously damaged armoured vehicle bearing a small Italian flag sticker in the capital of Mogadishu. It was unclear if there were any casualties. Italy’s defence ministry said in a statement that an Italian military convoy had been hit by an explosion. No injuries had been reported so far, the defence ministry said. South Africa to finalise growth strategy "within next few weeks" - Ramaphosa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-to-finalise-growth-strategy-within-next-few-weeks-ramaphosa The South African government will finalise a clear economic growth strategy within the next few weeks, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday, as the country aims to boost confidence in an economy facing lower growth and job cuts. Investor confidence in Africa’s most industrialised economy is fragile, with the economic growth outlook clouded by a lack of clarity and progress on reforms. Nigeria's Sowore pleads not guilty to treason charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-sowore-pleads-not-guilty-to-treason-charges Nigerian activist and former presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore pleaded not guilty at a court in Abuja on Monday to charges of treason, money laundering and harassing the president. State Security Service agents arrested Sowore in early August after he called for a revolution after a February election which he said was not credible. He ran for president in that election, in which former military ruler President Muhammadu Buhari secured a second term in office. Senegal president pardons political rival Khalifa Sall http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-president-pardons-political-rival-khalifa-sall Senegal President Macky Sall has pardoned one of his chief political rivals, the charismatic former mayor of Dakar, Khalifa Sall, who was jailed in 2018 on corruption charges. Khalifa Sall, who is no relation to the president, was arrested in March 2017 on suspicion of embezzling 1.8 billion CFA francs ($3 million) in public funds. Last year, he was sentenced to five years in jail. Supercars seized from Equatorial Guinea vice president net $27 mln at auction http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/supercars-seized-from-equatorial-guinea-vice-president-net-27-mln-at-auction A collection of 25 supercars seized from Equatorial Guinea’s vice president as part of a Swiss money-laundering probe fetched nearly 27 million Swiss francs ($27 million) at an auction held by Bonhams on Sunday. A 2014 white Lamborghini Veneno Roadster sold for 8.28 million francs including commission, about 50% more than its pre-sale estimate, in heavy three-way bidding. Lessons from Rwanda on how trust can help repair a broken health system http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lessons-from-rwanda-on-how-trust-can-help-repair-a-broken-health-system Seven countries around the world – three of them in Africa – have made faster than expected progress over the past 15 years in reducing deaths among children younger than five. These seven countries, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Peru, Rwanda and Senegal, were selected because they have all performed unexpectedly well in improving childhood health relative to their economic growth. Zimbabwe opposition boycotts presidential address http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-opposition-boycotts-presidential-address Zimbabwe's main opposition party walked out of parliament as President Emmerson Mnangagwa began his state of the nation address. A spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) said the party does not recognise Mr Mnangagwa as a legitimate president, the ZimLive news site tweeted. Mass repatriation of Burundi refugees in Tanzania to start on Thursday - official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mass-repatriation-of-burundi-refugees-in-tanzania-to-start-on-thursday-official Burundi said on Tuesday that a first group of its refugees in Tanzania would return home on Thursday, as a mass repatriation planned by the two governments begins, a Burundian official told Reuters. Uganda's Bobi Wine denounces government ban of his 'red beret' symbol http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-bobi-wine-denounces-government-ban-of-his-red-beret-symbol Ugandan pop star and presidential hopeful Bobi Wine has denounced the government’s banning of civilian use of red berets, a symbol of his “People Power” movement that he hopes to use to oust longtime President Yoweri Museveni. The government this month gazetted the red beret and other pieces of military wear as “property of the state.” It warned people who wear or sell them that they would be prosecuted under military law, which can lead to a life sentence. Zimbabwe's president pleads for patience in bringing economy back from "dead" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-president-pleads-for-patience-in-bringing-economy-back-from-dead Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Tuesday pleaded for time and patience to bring the economy back from the “dead”, as his government faces blame for surging inflation evoking dark days under Robert Mugabe. Ethiopia dam official blames construction delays on conglomerate METEC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-dam-official-blames-construction-delays-on-conglomerate-metec Construction of a $4-billion dam at the heart of Ethiopia’s bid to become Africa’s biggest power exporter has been delayed five years as engineers had to replace shoddy work by a conglomerate pulled off the job last year, a project official said. Guinea at a crossroads: revising the constitution to stay in power? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-at-a-crossroads-revising-the-constitution-to-stay-in-power Guinea’s 81-year old president, Alpha Condé, who was elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2015, wishes to rewrite the country’s constitution so that he can run for a constitutionally prohibited third presidential term in October 2020. Condé’s government has a history of cracking down on the opposition, delaying local and parliamentary elections, and trying to limit press freedom. More recently, the president has endeavored to subvert institutional barriers to a third term by manipulating Guinea’s political institutions, particularly the constitutional court and the electoral commission. Burundi, the Forgotten Crisis, Still Burns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-the-forgotten-crisis-still-burns Mass atrocities and crimes against humanity committed primarily by state agents and their allies continue to take place in Burundi, according to the September 2019 report of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Burundi. The Commission, moreover, found that President Pierre Nkurunziza and many in his inner circle are personally responsible for some of the most serious of these crimes. They include “summary executions, arbitrary arrests and detentions, acts of torture and other cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment, sexual violence, and forced disappearances.” Tunisians vote for new parliament at tough economic moment http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisians-vote-for-new-parliament-at-tough-economic-moment Tunisians began voting on Sunday for a parliament that must address chronic economic problems at a moment when political newcomers are mounting a challenge to the established parties. Egypt says talks over Ethiopia's Nile dam deadlocked, calls for mediation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-says-talks-over-ethiopia-s-nile-dam-deadlocked-calls-for-mediation Egypt said on Saturday that talks with Sudan and Ethiopia over the operation of a $4 billion hydropower dam that Ethiopia is constructing on the Nile have reached a deadlock, and it called for international mediation. Cameroon president orders main rival freed in bid to calm tensions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-president-orders-main-rival-freed-in-bid-to-calm-tensions Maurice Kamto, the main rival of Cameroon President Paul Biya, walked free from prison on Saturday after insurrection charges against him were dropped in what the government said was a gesture of national reconciliation. Boeing crash victims' lawyer to seek testimony from 737 MAX whistleblower http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boeing-crash-victims-lawyer-to-seek-testimony-from-737-max-whistleblower An attorney representing families of passengers killed in a Boeing Co 737 MAX crash in Ethiopia said on Friday he will seek sworn evidence from a Boeing engineer who claims the company rejected a proposed safety upgrade to the 737 MAX because it was too costly. The engineer, Curtis Ewbank, said the upgrade could have reduced risks that contributed to two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia that together killed 346 people, according to two people familiar with the complaint. Lack of proper Judiciary spells doom for Somalia, Farmaajo's critics say http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lack-of-proper-judiciary-spells-doom-for-somalia-farmaajo-s-critics-say Somalia’s rise from the ashes of civil war faces the threat of another collapse if it does not establish competent courts, critics of President Mohamed Farmaajo say. Politicians drawn from opposition groups say lack of a credible judicial system is one reason lawlessness thrives, with key decision makers still squabbling on how to create a new constitution. Hope for Turkana oil project as Kenya signs $3b financing deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hope-for-turkana-oil-project-as-kenya-signs-3b-financing-deal Kenya has signed an agreement with oil multinationals that is intended to attract up to Ksh308.4 billion ($3 billion) financing for development of its Turkana petroleum deposits, potentially placing the country ahead of Uganda in the race to the market. Kenyan petroleum ministry officials were this past week in London to finalise an information memorandum that will be marketed to global financiers who are keen on putting money in the Turkana oil project. Mauritius' prime minister dissolves parliament, calls general election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritius-prime-minister-dissolves-parliament-calls-general-election Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth dissolved parliament on Sunday and said the Indian Ocean island would hold a general election on November 7. Tunisian election gives few clues to shape of next government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisian-election-gives-few-clues-to-shape-of-next-government Tunisia faced political deadlock on Monday after Sunday’s election delivered a fragmented parliament and no obvious path to forming a government that must urgently address chronic economic and fiscal problems. Mozambique says US gas giant Exxon to finalise LNG investment next week http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-says-us-gas-giant-exxon-to-finalise-lng-investment-next-week U.S. energy giant Exxon Mobil will finalise its investment in Mozambique’s lucrative liquefied natural gas fields in a signing ceremony on Tuesday, the African country’s government said via state television. Exxon’s Rovuma LNG project, jointly operated with Italian firm Eni, will produce, liquefy and sell natural gas from three reservoirs located in the Area 4 block offshore Mozambique’s northern coast. Uganda central bank cuts main lending rate to 9.0% http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-central-bank-cuts-main-lending-rate-to-9-0 Uganda’s central bank cut its key lending rate by 100 basis points to 9.0% on Monday, saying the reduction would revive economic growth in the eastern African country, a prospective crude oil producer. It is the first time the Bank of Uganda has changed its main rate since October last year. U.N. peacekeeper killed, four wounded in Mali mine attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-peacekeeper-killed-four-wounded-in-mali-mine-attack A U.N. peacekeeper was killed and four others wounded on Sunday when their vehicle hit an explosive device in northern Mali, the U.N. mission (MINUSMA) said. The identity of the attackers was not immediately clear. U.N. peacekeeping and French forces are stationed in Mali to combat jihadist groups seen as threatening security across Africa’s Sahel region. "Everything was cool": Zuma's son denies fault at graft inquiry http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/everything-was-cool-zuma-s-son-denies-fault-at-graft-inquiry Ex-South African president Jacob Zuma’s son Duduzane denied wrongdoing at a graft inquiry on Monday, rejecting testimony by an official who said he was offered a bribe and a ministerial post at a meeting where Duduzane was present. World Bank cuts Sub-Saharan Africa's 2019, 2020 growth forecast http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-bank-cuts-sub-saharan-africa-s-2019-2020-growth-forecast The World Bank on Wednesday cut its economic growth forecast for sub-Saharan Africa for 2019 to 2021 by 0.2 percentage points from its earlier projection, citing a slowdown in fixed investment and policy uncertainty in the global economy. Ethiopia's peacemaking prime minister emerges as a Nobel favourite http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-peacemaking-prime-minister-emerges-as-a-nobel-favourite During a high-level meeting at Ethiopia’s foreign ministry in July, officials were shocked by social media reports that their prime minister was visiting Eritrea. Morocco reshuffles cabinet, keeps foreign and finance ministers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/morocco-reshuffles-cabinet-keeps-foreign-and-finance-ministers Morocco announced a cabinet reshuffle on Wednesday, reducing the number of jobs to 23 but keeping the foreign, finance and interior ministers in their posts. King Mohammed VI approved the list of new ministers submitted by Prime Minister Saad Dine El Otmani, state news agency MAP reported, after having asked him in the summer to arrange a reshuffle. Somalia auditor general slams government finances http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-auditor-general-slams-government-finances The Somali government is keeping some donor funds offshore and none of the ministries have completed last year’s accounts, the auditor general said in a report published on Wednesday. The critical audit comes as World Bank considers forgiving Somalia’s debt burden of $4.6 billion to help the government win greater access to international financing to tackle nearly three decades of lawlessness and violence. Tunisia's Ennahda to lead fractured new parliament http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tunisia-s-ennahda-to-lead-fractured-new-parliament The moderate Islamist Ennahda will be the largest party in Tunisia’s new parliament, preliminary official results showed on Wednesday, but with only 52 of 217 seats it may struggle to build a governing coalition. The results, along with those in the first round of a separate presidential election last month, appear to underscore dissatisfaction with the major parties. Egypt denounces Ethiopia for moving ahead with Nile dam http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-denounces-ethiopia-for-moving-ahead-with-nile-dam Egypt denounced Ethiopia on Wednesday for moving forward with building and operating a hydropower dam on the Nile, which Cairo worries will threaten already scarce water supplies. Ethiopia, the source of the Blue Nile which joins the White Nile in Khartoum and runs on to Egypt, says the dam will not disrupt the river’s flow and hopes the project will transform it into a power hub for the electricity-hungry region. A look back at the turbulent relationship between Nigeria and South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-look-back-at-the-turbulent-relationship-between-nigeria-and-south-africa Since the end of apartheid in South Africa in 1994, South Africa and Nigeria have never had an easy relationship. Over the years, as different presidents have come and gone, the two countries have often been at loggerheads for different reasons. But this was predated by Nigeria’s strong solidarity with black people when South Africa was still under apartheid rule. After obtaining independence from Britain on 1 October 1960, Nigeria mounted pressure on the apartheid regime to stop oppressing the black majority. The Nigerian government even went as far as imposing a special tax to raise funds for the liberation cause. A deep dive into what drives protests in Ghana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-deep-dive-into-what-drives-protests-in-ghana The history of protests in Ghana reveals three persisting themes. These may suggest what Ghana and some other countries could do to avoid protest action in future. East African economies to outpace growth of other regional blocs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-african-economies-to-outpace-growth-of-other-regional-blocs East African economies are tipped to outpace growth of other regional blocs this year, as the slump in oil and commodity prices hits North, Western and Southern countries. Outsider Professor Saied set for landslide in Tunisia presidency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/outsider-professor-saied-set-for-landslide-in-tunisia-presidency Thousands of supporters of presidential candidate Kais Saied thronged the grand boulevards of central Tunis in celebration late on Sunday after two exit polls said he was elected by a landslide. Official results will not be published until Monday and Saied’s opponent, the media mogul Nabil Karoui, has left the door open to an appeal. South Sudan govt, opposition must join hands to avert a return to war http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-govt-opposition-must-join-hands-to-avert-a-return-to-war The implications of South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir forming a transitional government without opposition leader, Dr Riek Machar are too dire to contemplate. While the two have a month to November 12 to form a transitional government, both President Kiir and Dr Machar have given strong indications that they still do not trust each other since the July 2016 war broke out in J1—the presidential residence—that forced Dr Machar to flee to the DR Congo on foot. A son and father reunited, like many under Nobel winner Abiy's Ethiopia-Eritrea peace deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/a-son-and-father-reunited-like-many-under-nobel-winner-abiy-s-ethiopia-eritrea-peace-deal For Samson Berhane, the news that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had won the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize was deeply personal. The 27-year old journalist credits Abiy’s peace deal with Eritrea last year for reuniting him with his father. Like thousands of other families they had been separated by two decades of hostility with Ethiopia’s longtime enemy. Eliud Kipchoge and the sport's moon landing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eliud-kipchoge-and-the-sport-s-moon-landing Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge made athletics history on Saturday when he became the first person to run a marathon in under two hours, stretching the limits of human endeavour and passing a milestone few thought could be reached for decades if at all. Guided by green laser beams shone onto the road and helped by 41 world class athletes choreographed into rotating teams of pacemakers, the Olympic champion and world record holder smashed the barrier by 20 seconds, finishing in one hour 59.40 minutes. Moroccan king urges more loans for graduates and entrepreneurs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/moroccan-king-urges-more-loans-for-graduates-and-entrepreneurs King Mohammed VI said on Friday Morocco’s banking and financial sector should make it easier for young entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises to access loans. Qatar banks on RwandAir deal to expand in Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/qatar-banks-on-rwandair-deal-to-expand-in-africa Rwanda is in the process of selling shares in the national carrier RwandAir to Qatar Airways, in a deal that is expected to shake up the country’s aviation industry and beyond. Aviation experts say the move by Qatar to buy shares in RwandAir could enable it to solidify its presence in the African market given its current woes with its Gulf neighbours. Mozambique hopes for stability despite threat from militant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-hopes-for-stability-despite-threat-from-militant Violence has set a tense background to the October 15 General Election in Mozambique, which was hoped to lead to lasting peace and economic recovery in the country. Stability has eluded the country since independence from Portugal in 1975, despite a semblance of steadiness in the Frelimo party that has been in power since. Nigeria says no 'time limit' on border closure for goods http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-says-no-time-limit-on-border-closure-for-goods Nigeria's customs chief on Monday said a ban on goods coming into the country across its land borders will last as long as it takes for neighbours to stem the flow of smuggled merchandise. "For now, all goods illegal or legal remain banned from being imported into Nigeria through the land borders," Hameed Ali, comptroller general of the Nigeria Customs Service, told journalists. Mozambique to vote in tense, high-stakes election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-to-vote-in-tense-high-stakes-election Mozambicans head to the polls on Tuesday (Oct 15) in an election widely expected to result in the ruling Frelimo party extending its decades-long rule over a nation that is set to become one of the world's leading gas exporters. The election in the Southern African nation could test a fragile peace deal signed two months ago between Frelimo and rival Renamo, a former civil war foe that has emerged as the main opposition party. World bank asks Sudan to pay $16bn debt arrears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/world-bank-asks-sudan-to-pay-16bn-debt-arrears Sudan faces a long road to integration in the global financial system after the World Bank said it will not consider the country for more lending or debt relief until it clears arrears of $16 billion owed to creditors. The World Bank's Country Director for Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan, Kari Turk, said it would be difficult for international financial institutions to provide any support to Khartoum at the moment. Mara in talks to sell its phones in Kenya, Angola, DR Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mara-in-talks-to-sell-its-phones-in-kenya-angola-dr-congo Rwanda has become the first in Africa to produce smartphones. The Mara Phone factory in Kigali commissioned last week on Tuesday by President Paul Kagame is expected to produce at least 1,200 smartphones daily for sale in Rwanda and abroad. Zimbabwe aims to more than triple diamond production by 2023 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-aims-to-more-than-triple-diamond-production-by-2023 Zimbabwe expects to increase diamond production to 11 million carats by 2023 from 3.2 million carats last year, the mines minister said on Monday, part of an ambitious plan to raise mining output and earn the country $12 billion a year. Sudan government and rebels meet for peace talks in Juba http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-government-and-rebels-meet-for-peace-talks-in-juba Sudan’s ruling council and rebel leaders started peace talks on Monday to end the country’s multiple conflicts, a key condition for the country’s removal from the United States’ sponsors of terrorism list. Several killed in Guinea protests against constitution change http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/several-killed-in-guinea-protests-against-constitution-change At least five people have been killed in Guinea during demonstrations called to oppose a possible change to the constitution that could allow President Alpha Conde to run for a third term. Police opened fire in clashes with demonstrators in the capital, Conakry as protests in the city of Mamou, an opposition stronghold east of the capital, also turned violent on Monday. South Africa's Zuma to appeal decision he must face graft charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-zuma-to-appeal-decision-he-must-face-graft-charges Former South African president Jacob Zuma will appeal a high court decision to deny him a permanent stay of prosecution on charges related to a $2 billion arms deal, his lawyers said on Tuesday. Nigerian president vows crackdown on abusive Islamic schools after second raid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-president-vows-crackdown-on-abusive-islamic-schools-after-second-raid Nigeria’s president on Tuesday ordered a crackdown on abuse at Islamic schools, after a second police raid in less than a month revealed men and boys subjected to beatings, abuse and squalid conditions. South Africa hit by power cuts, underlining Eskom challenge http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-hit-by-power-cuts-underlining-eskom-challenge South Africa was hit by power cuts on Wednesday after a number of Eskom generating units broke down, highlighting the challenge facing President Cyril Ramaphosa in rescuing the state power firm. Nigerian painting fetches 1.1m after Google search http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-painting-fetches-1-1m-after-google-search A painting by the Nigerian artist responsible for the "African Mona Lisa" sold at auction in London on Tuesday for £1.1m (1.3m euros, $1.4m) after the family who owned it googled the signature and realised its importance. "Christine", by 20th century master of African modernism Ben Enwonwu, had been in the sitter's family home ever since it was painted in Lagos in 1971. Mozambique counts votes amid sporadic protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-counts-votes-amid-sporadic-protests Vote counting continues Wednesday in Mozambique’s presidential and parliamentary elections, after isolated incidents of vandalism and violence tainted a generally peaceful night of tallying the ballots. One person was killed by police dispersing a crowd at a voting station after the polls had closed in the northern port city of Nacala, according to local reports. Ex-Mozambique Finance Minister Fights Extradition to US http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-mozambique-finance-minister-fights-extradition-to-us Former Mozambican finance minister Manuel Chang is challenging attempts to extradite him to the United States for a corruption trial. His extradition hearing is underway Wednesday in South Africa. Police free hundreds of males from Nigerian school in third raid this month http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/police-free-hundreds-of-males-from-nigerian-school-in-third-raid-this-month Police freed about 500 men and boys from an Islamic school in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, many of whom had been chained to walls, molested and beaten, police sources said. The raid in Katsina was the third such operation in less than a month, bringing the total of people freed from abusive conditions this month alone to about 1,000. Kenya's president rejects finance bill which kept rate caps http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-president-rejects-finance-bill-which-kept-rate-caps Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has rejected the 2019/20 budget demanding that lawmakers remove a cap on commercial lending rates, a senior lawmaker and a local daily said on Thursday. In 2016, the government limited rates banks can charge customers to four percentage points above the central bank’s benchmark - currently 9% - saying they were concerned about high rates. Eyeing economic growth, South Africa seeks to renegotiate old renewables projects http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eyeing-economic-growth-south-africa-seeks-to-renegotiate-old-renewables-projects South Africa has started discussions with power producers to try to get cheaper electricity from some older renewable energy projects and give the economy a boost, several participants in the talks say. Sudan hopes for return of foreign businesses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-hopes-for-return-of-foreign-businesses Khartoum is seeking to attract foreign businesses back to the country to help revive its ailing economy. On Wednesday, four U.S diplomats opened accounts at a Sudanese bank for the time in decades. Ellen Thorburn is Deputy Chief of mission at the US embassy in Khartoum. Sidama's self-determination referendum in Ethiopia set for Nov. 20 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sidama-s-self-determination-referendum-in-ethiopia-set-for-nov-20 Ethiopia’s Sidama community will wait one more week to determine their fate after a referendum on their self-determination was postponed. State-affiliated Fana news agency reported on Tuesday that the new date for the vote is Nov. 20 instead of Nov. 13. Who was Ben Enwonwu, the Nigerian painter behind 'Africa's Mona Lisa' ? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-was-ben-enwonwu-the-nigerian-painter-behind-africa-s-mona-lisa A painting by the late Nigerian master painter and sculptor Ben Enwonwu this week sold for £1.1m ($1.4m) at an auction in the British capital, London. The painting, simply titled "Christine", is of Christine Davis, an American hairstylist who moved to Lagos with her British husband and struck up a friendship with the painter. "Christine" was completed in 1971. Another work by Enwonwu, of an Ife princess Tutu, affectionately dubbed "Africa's Mona Lisa", was sold in 2018 for £1.2m. It is considered a national masterpiece. Senior U.S. lawmaker says Boeing must shake-up management after 737 MAX crashes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senior-u-s-lawmaker-says-boeing-must-shake-up-management-after-737-max-crashes The chairman of the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Friday said Boeing Co must shake-up its management team and Congress must reform how new airplanes are certified following the disclosure of internal messages about the 737 MAX involved in two deadly crashes. Putin steps up push for influence in Africa with broadside against West http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/putin-steps-up-push-for-influence-in-africa-with-broadside-against-west President Vladimir Putin stepped up Russia’s push for influence in Africa days before he hosts a summit with African leaders, saying on Monday that Moscow can offer help without political conditions unlike what he cast as the exploitative West. The Kremlin has said it expects 47 African leaders to converge on the Black Sea city of Sochi for the Oct. 23-24 event, Moscow’s first Russia-Africa summit and part of an ambitious push for influence and business in Africa. Tanzania gives Chinese firm conditions for Bagamoyo port http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-gives-chinese-firm-conditions-for-bagamoyo-port The government of Tanzania has issued an ultimatum to the Chinese investor in the $10 billion Bagamoyo port project to either accept and work with its terms and conditions of the contract or leave. Tanzania Ports Authority chief executive Deusdedit Kakoko said the government rejected and revised five stringent demands made by the investor—Beijing-based China Merchants Holdings International—because they were not beneficial to the country. East African banks rank among world’s top performers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-african-banks-rank-among-world-s-top-performers East Africa's top banks are ranked among the world’s 1,000 best lender2s. They weathered a tough operating environment in 2019 to post stronger growth while cushioning themselves against further shocks. The monthly London-based international financial affairs publication The banker owned by the Financial Times Ltd, shows that KCB, Equity, Diamond Trust Bank and Co-operative Bank, which are largely retail banks, remained resilient in a tough operating environment to maintain an upward growth in profitability. Rwanda bans all single-use plastics http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-bans-all-single-use-plastics Rwanda becomes the first regional country to issue a complete ban on all single-use plastics and retailers have three months to clear their stocks and find alternatives, while industrial users and producers of single-use plastics have a two-year deadline. The ban affects all plastic carry bags and other single-use plastic items such as wrappers, plastic containers, bottles, straws, plastic cutlery, folders, and balloons. Plastic duty-free bags are not authorised to be brought into the country. Uganda says its economy 11% larger after rebasing http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-says-its-economy-11-larger-after-rebasing Uganda said on Monday its economy was 11.6% larger than earlier thought after it rebased its calculations, a move economists said was to incorporate new sectors whose output had grown in recent years. The east African country’s gross domestic product (GDP) now stood at 122.7 trillion shillings at the end of the 2018/2019 fiscal year in June, Chris Mukiza, executive director of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) told Reuters. Herman Mashaba: Johannesburg's mayor resigns over DA race row http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/herman-mashaba-johannesburg-s-mayor-resigns-over-da-race-row One of the most senior politicians in South Africa's historically white main opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) has resigned his post and quit the party over how it handles race. Herman Mashaba was mayor of Johannesburg for three years. Opposition calls for Mozambicans to reject election count as Nyusi takes lead http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/opposition-calls-for-mozambicans-to-reject-election-count-as-nyusi-takes-lead Mozambique’s former guerrilla movement Renamo on Monday urged citizens to join it in rejecting preliminary results of last week’s general election, citing fraud as incumbent President Filipe Nyusi took a strong lead. South African Airways recalls some aircraft for compliance checks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-airways-recalls-some-aircraft-for-compliance-checks South Africa’s cash-strapped national airline SAA said on Tuesday it may operate an amended flight schedule following a decision to recall some of its planes to undertake compliance checks in line with regulatory requirements. Nigerian anti-graft office charges two Britons in connection with failed gas deal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-anti-graft-office-charges-two-britons-in-connection-with-failed-gas-deal Nigeria’s anti-fraud office on Monday charged two Britons in the capital, Abuja, for alleged money laundering in connection with an ill-fated gas deal that has left the government facing a disputed bill of more than $9 billion. James Richard Nolan and Adam Quinn pleaded not guilty in an Abuja court to 16 counts of money laundering put forward by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Tens of thousands rally against former ruling party in Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tens-of-thousands-rally-against-former-ruling-party-in-sudan Tens of thousands of Sudanese demonstrated in Khartoum and other cities on Monday to call for the former ruling party to be dissolved and for ex-officials to be put on trial. Thousands gathered in Freedom Square, where ousted president Omar al-Bashir held a large rally in his final months in power, to call for the dissolution of his National Congress Party and to put Bashir-era officials on trial for alleged corruption. South Africa’s main opposition party shows signs of serious strain http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-main-opposition-party-shows-signs-of-serious-strain South Africa’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, elected a new chairperson of its federal council this past weekend. Its choice – Helen Zille, former leader of the party, and former Premier of the Western Cape province – has sent shock waves through the party. The immediate fallout from her reelection to the top DA post was the resignation of Herman Mashaba, the DA mayor of South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. He decried Zille’s win as signalling a takeover of the party by rightwing elements. Why Cameroon must move beyond dialogue to solve its Anglophone crisis http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/why-cameroon-must-move-beyond-dialogue-to-solve-its-anglophone-crisis President Paul Biya convened a national dialogue last month to address the conflict between his government and the people in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions in the North West and South West. At the heart of the conflict in which 3000 have been killed are grievances over marginalisation and the imposition of French language and administration. The stated intention was to bring together government representatives and the Anglophone opposition including federalists, and representatives of the separatist movement. Abiy Ahmed: No force can stop Ethiopia from building dam http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/abiy-ahmed-no-force-can-stop-ethiopia-from-building-dam Ethiopian Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy Ahmed says "no force can stop Ethiopia" from building a dam on the River Nile despite objections from Egypt. Guinea protest leaders sentenced to jail for organising against president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-protest-leaders-sentenced-to-jail-for-organising-against-president Twelve opposition and civil society leaders in Guinea were convicted and sentenced to prison on Tuesday for organising protests against a possible change to the constitution that could let President Alpha Conde seek a third term. Botswana votes in first real challenge to ruling party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-votes-in-first-real-challenge-to-ruling-party Botswana polls opened on Wednesday for a general election that is expected to provide the first genuine challenge to the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in its five decades of dominance over southern Africa’s wealthiest and most stable nation. Russia's VTB, Mozambique president discuss debt restructure http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-s-vtb-mozambique-president-discuss-debt-restructure The head of Russia’s state bank VTB Andrei Kostin and Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi discussed plans to restructure Maputo’s debt, with the aim to conclude a deal by the year-end. Mozambique needs to restructure a $535 million state-backed loan to Mozambique Asset Management (MAM) arranged by VTB. The meeting between Kostin and Nyusi was held on Tuesday, a VTB spokeswoman told Reuters. Egypt accepts invitation to meet in U.S. over Ethiopia dam dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-accepts-invitation-to-meet-in-u-s-over-ethiopia-dam-dispute Egypt said on Tuesday it had accepted a U.S. invitation to a meeting of foreign ministers over a project for a giant hydropower dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile that is causing an escalating spat between the two African countries. Burundi’s first lady sings against infertility abuse http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-s-first-lady-sings-against-infertility-abuse Burundi’s First Lady Denise Nkurunziza has released a song to campaign against the abuse women face when they cannot get pregnant. The video clip opens with a scene of a wife welcoming her husband home and inviting him to eat dinner, only to be spat at and beaten up by him. Russia-Africa: Putin writes off $20 billion of African debt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-africa-putin-writes-off-20-billion-of-african-debt Close to 50 African leaders were expected to be in Russia’s Black Sea city of Sochi for the first ever Russia – Africa forum, the Kremlin announced weeks back. The forum expected to run between October 23 – 24 event is part of Moscow’s ambitious push for influence and business in Africa. NGOs file suit against Total over Uganda oil project http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ngos-file-suit-against-total-over-uganda-oil-project Six NGOs said Wednesday that they had filed a lawsuit against the French energy giant Total over an oil field project in Uganda, accusing it of failing to avert "disastrous impacts" for local residents and biodiversity. The groups hope the court in Nanterre, outside Paris, will force Total to conform with a 2017 law requiring it to elaborate a "vigilance plan" to prevent "serious infringements" of health and human rights as well as environmental damage. South Africa's opposition leader Maimane quits DA party, parliament http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-opposition-leader-maimane-quits-da-party-parliament South Africa’s opposition leader, Mmusi Maimane on Thursday quit the Democratic Alliance party and resigned his parliamentary seat, one day after he had stepped down as leader of the country’s biggest opposition party. Hundreds gather outside house of Ethiopian activist after deadly day of protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/hundreds-gather-outside-house-of-ethiopian-activist-after-deadly-day-of-protests Hundreds of supporters of prominent Ethiopian activist Jawar Mohammed set up camp around his house in Addis Ababa on Thursday one day after police fired gunshots and teargas to break up demonstrations against his treatment by the government. Mali: Armed groups call for a merge into a political movement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-armed-groups-call-for-a-merge-into-a-political-movement In Mali, one of the major parties of the 2015 peace agreement on Saturday called for other groups that share a common core to rally behind one umbrella to form a political movement to represent the Northern parts of the country. The call was made by the head of the High Council for Azawad Unity (HCUA), which defines itself as a multi-community “politico-military” movement, Alghabass Ag Intalla, at the opening of a “congress” of its movement in Kidal, in the northeast of the country, following prolonged jihadist fighting in Mali and it’s neighboring countries. African presidents resist term limits http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-presidents-resist-term-limits Guinea’s president Alpha Conde has become the latest African head of state to seek an extension his legal mandate, a move that fuelled protests in the country this week. If Conde tries to run for a third term in 2020, he would be copying from an established playbook in Africa, where incumbent presidents have sought, often successfully, to remain in power by massaging, bending or outright breaking laws often meant to ensure democratic handovers of power. President Filipe Nyusi wins 73% of vote in election - election commission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/president-filipe-nyusi-wins-73-of-vote-in-election-election-commission Mozambique’s incumbent President Filipe Nyusi has won 73% of the vote in a presidential election, the National Election Commission (CNE) said, securing a landslide victory. Violence during Ethiopian protests was ethnically tinged, say eyewitnesses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/violence-during-ethiopian-protests-was-ethnically-tinged-say-eyewitnesses Much of the fighting seen during protests in Ethiopia this week was ethnically tinged, eyewitnesses said on Saturday, describing attacks by young men from the Oromo ethnic group against people from other ethnic groups. U.S. imposes sanctions on Zimbabwe's state security minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-imposes-sanctions-on-zimbabwe-s-state-security-minister Four Burundian journalists arrested this week were charged on Saturday with undermining state security, an editor at their newspaper tweeted, as Burundi’s government clamps down on journalists and human rights groups ahead of elections in 2020. Botswana’s governing party wins tight election. But biggest tests are yet to come http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-s-governing-party-wins-tight-election-but-biggest-tests-are-yet-to-come The Botswana Democratic Party, which has governed the country since independence in 1966, has retained power in one of the most competitive elections in the country’s 53-year post-independence history. It retained its parliamentary majority, winning at least 29 of the 57 contestable seats in the National Assembly. Botswana has a first-past-the-post electoral system in which a simple majority is required to win government. The southern African nation has a population of 2,2 million, of whom 900 000 were registered to vote. The implications of Nigeria’s border closure for Africa’s economic integration http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-implications-of-nigeria-s-border-closure-for-africa-s-economic-integration Nigeria recently partially closed its border with Benin in an effort to stem the smuggling of rice. It then went on to close its land borders to the movement of all goods from Benin, Niger and Cameroon, effectively banning trade flows with its neighbours. Kenya banks on Lamu Port to gain regional shipping hub status http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-banks-on-lamu-port-to-gain-regional-shipping-hub-status Kenya is betting on the multi-billion shilling Lamu Port to upset the power balance along Eastern Africa’s coast, setting Nairobi up for battle with the Port of Djibouti and the planned Bagamoyo harbour in Tanzania. The first berth of the Ksh32 billion ($320 million ) Lamu Port is set for official opening next month, with Kenya hoping to make it the region’s transshipment hub. Kenya to scale back commercial borrowing, Treasury official says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-to-scale-back-commercial-borrowing-treasury-official-says Kenya will reduce its borrowing from capital markets in the next three years to make its repayments schedule more bearable, a senior Treasury official said on Monday. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government has been criticised for ramping up borrowing since coming to power in 2013. Total public debt stands at about 55% of GDP, up from 42% when he took over. Congo’s $14 Billion Dam Project Threatened by Disagreements http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-s-14-billion-dam-project-threatened-by-disagreements Serious disagreements between groups of Spanish and Chinese developers that want to build a 11,000-megawatt hydropower plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo may scuttle plans for the $14 billion project, according to a report. The Inga III dam would be the biggest hydroelectric power station on Africa’s second-longest river and provide much-needed electricity to Congo and other nations, including South Africa. After the Congolese government in 2017 asked two competing groups -- one Chinese, one Spanish -- to merge, the partners submitted a joint proposal in November last year. Uganda 'to fight crime using WhatsApp' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-to-fight-crime-using-whatsapp Police in Uganda plan to use WhatsApp groups to fight crime in the capital, Kampala, the force's Chief Political Commissar Asan Kasingye is quoted by the Monitor newspaper as saying. The move will do little to avert what independent watchdog Freedom House calls the "strong sense that surveillance has expanded in recent years" in Uganda. Earlier this year the government was forced to deny claims it hacked into opposition MP Bobi Wine's WhatsApp chat group. 'Don't panic' over water crisis, South Africans told http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/don-t-panic-over-water-crisis-south-africans-told South Africans are being urged only to use water for drinking purposes amid a water crisis that has seen dams, reservoirs and taps run dry. That warning comes from officials from the largest water utility in the country. They estimate the average person in the financial hub, Gauteng, consumes almost double the global average: 320 litres per person per day, versus the global average of roughly 170 litres. Air Zimbabwe resumes flights to South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/air-zimbabwe-resumes-flights-to-south-africa Air Zimbabwe's only serviceable plane has been given permission to fly to South Africa again, after settling debts that saw it impounded in Johannesburg last week. Tanzania's private sector policies faulted http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-s-private-sector-policies-faulted Protectionist tendencies and erratic policy-making are likely to deter the kind of private investment needed to help Tanzania achieve its industrialisation goal within the next five years, a leading UK think tank has predicted. In its latest country report for Tanzania published this month, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) also cautions that although President John Magufuli remains a firm favourite to gain re-election, the continued squeezing of political space within the country could fuel public discontent in the run-up to the 2020 general election. Humankind's ancestral 'homeland' pinpointed in Botswana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/humankind-s-ancestral-homeland-pinpointed-in-botswana A large ancient wetlands region spanning northern Botswana - once teeming with life but now dominated by desert and salt flats - may represent the ancestral homeland of all of the 7.7 billion people on Earth today, researchers said on Monday. Their study, guided by maternal DNA data from more than 1,200 people indigenous to southern Africa, proposed a central role for this region in the early history of humankind starting 200,000 years ago, nurturing our species for 70,000 years before climate changes paved the way for the first migrations. Kenyan team aim to stop fatal snake bites http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-team-aim-to-stop-fatal-snake-bites Kenyan mother Beth Mwende heard her sleeping three-year-old cry out, but did not worry further after the child quickly settled - until the next morning, when she found her daughter, Mercy, semi-conscious with two fang marks in the neck. Ethiopian journalist jailed 7 years over 2014 tax evasion case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-journalist-jailed-7-years-over-2014-tax-evasion-case A court in Ethiopia has sentenced a journalist to seven years imprisonment, a number of local media outlets reported on Tuesday (October 29). Fekadu Mahitemework who worked with the Enku Magazine, a local media outlet, was sentenced on charges of tax evasion. He was also handed a 7000 birr fine by the court. Guinea Bissau president dissolves cabinet threatening looming polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-president-dissolves-cabinet-threatening-looming-polls Guinea-Bissau President José Mario Vaz dissolved his council of ministers in a presidential decree announced on Monday. Vaz blamed an unspecified political crisis which he said had paralyzed state institutions and functioning of government. Zambia Faces an Electricity Crisis From Global Warming http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-faces-an-electricity-crisis-from-global-warming Zambian President Edgar Lungu mentioned climate change 44 times when he addressed the annual opening of parliament in September. That’s not surprising. Zambia, along with several of its African neighbors, ranks among the countries most exposed to climate-driven disruption. And the havoc has already arrived. South Africa Issues Eskom Rescue Plan With Debt Burden Unsolved http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-issues-eskom-rescue-plan-with-debt-burden-unsolved South Africa unveiled a long-awaited plan to save its debt-stricken power utility, including exposing it to greater competition, lowering fuel costs, increasing renewable-energy output and selling non-core assets. A policy paper released by Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan envisions Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd. relinquishing its almost century-old near-monopoly of the electricity industry. As a first step, its transmission business will be hived off next year while remaining under the control of a state holding company, a step that will ease the way for private generators to supply the national grid. WHO, Congo eye tighter rules for Ebola care over immunity concerns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-congo-eye-tighter-rules-for-ebola-care-over-immunity-concerns The World Health Organization and Congolese authorities are proposing changes to how some Ebola patients are cared for, new guidelines show, after a patient’s death challenged the accepted medical theory that survivors are immune to reinfection. Africa's MTN cancels $300 million stake sale in Mascom Wireless Botswana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-s-mtn-cancels-300-million-stake-sale-in-mascom-wireless-botswana South African telecoms major MTN Group Ltd has ditched a plan to sell its 53% stake in Mascom Wireless Botswana, which was supposed to net the company $300 million. South Sudan's Machar urges delay to unity government as peace efforts stall http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-machar-urges-delay-to-unity-government-as-peace-efforts-stall South Sudan’s main opposition accused the government on Wednesday of failing to push through a peace deal and called for a six-month delay in the formation of a unity administration, casting a shadow over efforts to end years of fighting. Nigeria lifts suspension of two aid groups in northeast -minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-lifts-suspension-of-two-aid-groups-in-northeast-minister Nigeria has temporarily lifted a suspension of the operations of two aid groups, Mercy Corps and Action Against Hunger, in the country’s northeast, the minister of humanitarian affairs said. The army forced both groups to close some of their offices in September, accusing Action Against Hunger of aiding terrorist groups and alleging that a large amount of money in a car found in northeastern Borno state belonged to Mercy Corps. Africa targeted by Russian-led disinformation campaign: Facebook http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-targeted-by-russian-led-disinformation-campaign-facebook Facebook said Wednesday it had taken down accounts linked to a Russian ally of President Vladimir Putin seeking to spread disinformation on the social network in eight African countries. The influence operations hiding behind fake identities were traced back to Yevgeny Prigozhin, who has been indicted in the United States in connection with a campaign targeting the 2016 US elections. Nigeria’s biggest lender enters EA market to grow African footprint http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-biggest-lender-enters-ea-market-to-grow-african-footprint Access Bank Plc, Nigeria’s largest retail lender, has acquired Kenya’s Transnational Bank, kick-starting its plans to open shop in all major Eastern Africa markets. The bank, which already has a presence in Rwanda, says it is seeking to expand in the region through acquisitions and setting up of greenfield operations, in a move that is set to deepen competition for customers with local rivals. Chinese firm dismisses Dar claims on stalled $10b port as not true http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/chinese-firm-dismisses-dar-claims-on-stalled-10b-port-as-not-true China’s largest port operator has accused the government of Tanzania of spreading “false information” and misguiding the public about the cause of stalled negotiations over the $10 billion Bagamoyo port development it is backing in the country. China Merchants Holdings International (CMHI) has been in negotiations with the Tanzanian government since 2013 about plans to build a harbour and special economic zone in Bagamoyo, 75km north of Dar es Salaam, but those negotiations hit an impasse in June. Kenya census 2019 data reveal population stands at 47.6m http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-census-2019-data-reveal-population-stands-at-47-6m Kenya's population has expanded by nine million in the last decade, official 2019 census data released on Monday show. There are 47,564,296 million people in the country compared to 38.6 million in 2010. Zimbabwe police give unions green light for public sector protest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-police-give-unions-green-light-for-public-sector-protest Zimbabwe police have given public sector workers permission to march for better pay on Wednesday in what is widely seen as a test of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s willingness to tolerate dissent. A notice received from police by the Apex Council of public sector unions said the protest could go ahead but also warned that police would stop the march if it turned violent. Egypt forces say they kill 83 militants in Sinai http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-forces-say-they-kill-83-militants-in-sinai Egyptian security forces have killed 83 suspected Islamist militants in operations in central and North Sinai over the past month, the military said on Monday. Mauritius' PM touts achievements to fend off challenge in Nov. 7 election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritius-pm-touts-achievements-to-fend-off-challenge-in-nov-7-election Mauritius’ leader Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is banking on accomplishments like a minimum wage law to win a general election on Thursday but could face a tough challenge from two opponents promising to end graft and higher retirement benefits. The Indian Ocean Island nation, which prides itself on a history of political stability in an often turbulent region, heavily relies on tourism and financial services for revenues. Benin authorities open investigation after 9 people abducted by pirates http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/benin-authorities-open-investigation-after-9-people-abducted-by-pirates Benin authorities have opened an investigation after pirates abducted nine people from a Norwegian-flagged boat off the coast of the West African nation, the port of Cotonou said. The pirates boarded the vessel, which is owned by Norwegian shipping firm J.J. Ugland, while it was at anchor on Saturday off the coast. All those on board were Filipinos, the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association said. Trump speaks with Egypt's Sisi, backs talks on disputed Ethiopia dam http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-speaks-with-egypt-s-sisi-backs-talks-on-disputed-ethiopia-dam U.S. President Donald Trump spoke with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday and voiced support for negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan over a giant hydroelectric dam on Ethiopia’s Blue Nile, the White House said. Again, Nigerian police free 259 people held at Islamic institution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/again-nigerian-police-free-259-people-held-at-islamic-institution Nigerian police have freed 259 people being held at an Islamic rehabilitation centre in the southwestern city of Ibadan, police said on Tuesday, adding that some complained of being beaten regularly by their captors. In Guinea, two more killed in clashes between police and protesters http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-guinea-two-more-killed-in-clashes-between-police-and-protesters Two people were killed in Guinea on Monday, authorities said, as protesters and police clashed during a funeral procession for those killed in earlier protests over a suspected effort by President Alpha Conde to extend his mandate. The West African country has been rocked by demonstrations organised by a coalition of politicians and activists opposed to a constitutional change that could let Conde seek a third term. Total to drill another offshore well in South Africa early 2020 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/total-to-drill-another-offshore-well-in-south-africa-early-2020 French oil and gas major Total said it will drill another exploration well in the 11B/12B block offshore South Africa in the first quarter of next year, a senior company official said on Tuesday. Horn of Africa buzzing with hope, optimism - Deputy UN chief tells UNSC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/horn-of-africa-buzzing-with-hope-optimism-deputy-un-chief-tells-unsc The Horn of Africa region is buzzing with a sense of hope and optimism, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General told the UN Security Council on Monday. Amina Mohammed last month embarked on a five-nation tour of the region. She was in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Sudan; where she held meetings with top government officials and women involved in social developments efforts – public and private. Liberia president celebrates Air France's 2020 return to Monrovia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-president-celebrates-air-france-s-2020-return-to-monrovia Liberian president George Weah on Monday (November 4) confirmed the imminent return of Air France flights to the West African country. “I am excited to announce the return of Air France to Liberia. This is a testament of the measures we have put in place to promote a conducive business climate – wherein we can attract more businesses and investments to Liberia,” the president said on Twitter. War crimes judges sentence Congolese warlord Ntaganda to 30 years in prison http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/war-crimes-judges-sentence-congolese-warlord-ntaganda-to-30-years-in-prison The International Criminal Court sentenced former Congolese military leader Bosco Ntaganda on Thursday to 30 years in prison for atrocities including murder, rape and conscripting child soldiers. Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to try to resolve dam dispute by Jan. 15 -U.S. Treasury Secretary http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-ethiopia-sudan-to-try-to-resolve-dam-dispute-by-jan-15-u-s-treasury-secretary The foreign ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan agreed on Wednesday to work toward resolving their dispute over the filling and operation of a massive dam project in Ethiopia by Jan. 15, 2020, the U.S. Treasury said. In a joint statement released after U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin hosted talks to work out differences over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the ministers said they would attend further meetings in Washington on Dec. 9 and Jan. 13 to assess progress in their negotiations. Thirty-seven killed in attack on Canadian miner Semafo convoy in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thirty-seven-killed-in-attack-on-canadian-miner-semafo-convoy-in-burkina-faso Thirty-seven civilians were killed and more than 60 wounded in an attack by an unidentified gunman on a convoy transporting workers of Canadian gold miner Semafo in eastern Burkina Faso, regional authorities said on Wednesday. "There are problems": Doubts in Darfur as new PM promises peace http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/there-are-problems-doubts-in-darfur-as-new-pm-promises-peace Saleha Nour sits selling nuts in the market in El Fasher, Darfur and dismisses her new prime minister’s promise of a brighter new future with a wave of her hand. She is talking on the eve of a visit by the premier - Abdalla Hamdok - who is coming to set out his plans to settle the near 17-year-old conflict in the west Sudanese region and repair the damage done by ousted president Omar al-Bashir. Researchers pilot drone spraying to combat malaria in Zanzibar http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/researchers-pilot-drone-spraying-to-combat-malaria-in-zanzibar For the first time drones are being tested to help fight malaria on the island of Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. The drones will spray a silicone-based liquid on rice paddies, where there are large expanses of stagnant water where malaria-carrying mosquitoes lay their eggs. The substance will spread across the water and prevent the eggs from hatching. It is hoped this will significantly reduce the numbers of the malaria-carrying anopheles mosquitoes in the area. Sub-Saharan Africa tops global 'offline population' - ITU report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sub-saharan-africa-tops-global-offline-population-itu-report A report by the International Telecommunications Union, ITU, has revealed that sub-Saharan Africa has the highest number of people offline out of the 3.6 billion without access to internet connection. According to a press release accompanying its latest report, ITU data showed that while the digital gender gap has been shrinking in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe, it is growing in the Arab States, Asia-Pacific and especially in the Africa region. Mauritius elects incumbent PM for five-year term http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritius-elects-incumbent-pm-for-five-year-term Mauritius’ ruling Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) has won more than half of the seats in parliament, securing incumbent Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth a five-year term, the final election results showed on Friday. Anger grows as families bury the dead after Burkina Faso attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anger-grows-as-families-bury-the-dead-after-burkina-faso-attack Relatives of people killed and survivors from an attack this week on a bus convoy of mine workers in Burkina Faso were increasingly angry on Saturday at what they said was a lack of support from authorities and the mining company. Hundreds of relatives, friends and colleagues of the victims waited for hours to recover their bodies from a morgue in the capital Ouagadougou, as a procession of vehicles made its way to cemeteries across the city. “I am unhappy because I lost my colleague and I am unhappy with the way the government is dealing with this,” said Mahamdi Mande, 32, as he waited for the body of his colleague, Moussa Ouattara. Zambia's president vows to contain debt within sustainable levels http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-s-president-vows-to-contain-debt-within-sustainable-levels Zambia is committed to ensuring that debt is contained within sustainable levels through continued austerity measures, President Edgar Lungu said on Friday. Guinea announces new parliamentary election date http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-announces-new-parliamentary-election-date The president of the electoral commission in Guinea announced on Saturday that the legislative elections, which have been delayed for months, will take place on 16 February 2020. The same chairman of the electoral commission had proposed in September the date of 28 December. The opposition and its representatives on the commission had denounced an unrealistic project and, according to them, it is a ploy to help President Alpha Condé to run for a third term in 2020. Kenya's president Uhuru Kenyatta rejects gay agenda in global population conference http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-president-uhuru-kenyatta-rejects-gay-agenda-in-global-population-conference Kenya’s president Uhuru Kenyatta rejected any gay agenda to be tabled in a global population conference to be held in Nairobi next week. Kenya will host the population conference “but will not accept practices that are at conflict with our cultures,” President Uhuru Kenyatta has said. Congo army kills leader of splinter Hutu militia group http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-army-kills-leader-of-splinter-hutu-militia-group Congolese forces have killed the leader of an offshoot of a Hutu militia in the restive east of the country, the army said on Sunday, two months after killing the leader of the main faction. Gambia files Rohingya genocide case against Myanmar at World Court - justice minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-files-rohingya-genocide-case-against-myanmar-at-world-court-justice-minister Gambia has filed a case at the United Nations’ top court accusing Myanmar of committing genocide against its Rohingya Muslim minority, Gambian Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou said on Monday. Illicit mining fight flounders in Kimberley http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/illicit-mining-fight-flounders-in-kimberley The first South African project to bring illegal miners into the formal fold has been plagued by violence in diamond capital Kimberley, dealing a major blow to national efforts to stem a booming illicit trade. The project was launched 18 months ago in Kimberley, the site of a 19th-century diamond rush that lured fortune-seekers from the world over. Mine owners granted more than 800 unlicensed, or informal, small-scale miners the right to legally mine around 1,500 acres of diamond-rich waste fields. Drought-hit Zimbabwe readies mass wildlife migration http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drought-hit-zimbabwe-readies-mass-wildlife-migration Zimbabwe is planning an enforced mass migration of wildlife away from a park in the country’s south, where thousands of animals are at risk of death due to drought-induced starvation. Reopening of Boungou mine in Burkina will depend on security - Semafo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/reopening-of-boungou-mine-in-burkina-will-depend-on-security-semafo Canadian gold miner Semafo will not resume operations at its Boungou mine in Burkina Faso until security in the area is assured following last week’s deadly ambush on a road to the site, the company said on Monday. DR Congo, Uganda to jointly build 1,200 km connecting roads http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-uganda-to-jointly-build-1-200-km-connecting-roads Congo’s President Felix Tshisekedi was in Uganda over the weekend to promote trade between the neighboring countries, after Rwanda closed its border with Uganda. Zambia president pardons high-profile prisoners on his 63rd birthday http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambia-president-pardons-high-profile-prisoners-on-his-63rd-birthday President Edgar Lungu has pardoned three high-profile prisoners on the occasion of his 63rd birthday which falls today. A statement from the presidency confirmed the release of five prisoners from various correctional facilities. Amongst them are a former minister, a journalists and an ex-air force commander. Ethiopia cabinet approves bill to combat fake news, hate speech http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-cabinet-approves-bill-to-combat-fake-news-hate-speech Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers over the weekend approved a bill drafted by the Attorney General to combat fake news and hate speech, the state-run Fana broadcasting corporate reports. The bill’s official name is the Computer Crime proclamation. Despite approval by the council, the bill will be sent to parliament, the House of Peoples’ Representatives (HoPR) for final approval. Kenya, Somalia agree to restore ties after spat over oil rights http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-somalia-agree-to-restore-ties-after-spat-over-oil-rights Kenya and Somalia agreed to restore ties on Thursday after a months-long spat over oil rights that led the neighbours to halt the issuance of visas on arrival for each other’s citizens. South Africa's SAA workers start strike that could cripple airline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-s-saa-workers-start-strike-that-could-cripple-airline South African Airways’ future is hanging in the balance after its workers went on strike on Friday to demand higher wages and protest planned job cuts, forcing the struggling state-owned carrier to cancel all flights. Congo president says Ebola outbreak should be over this year http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/congo-president-says-ebola-outbreak-should-be-over-this-year An outbreak of Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo should be eradicated by the end of 2019, Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi said on Friday. Renamo's appeal to have election result annulled dismissed - Mozambique's top court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/renamo-s-appeal-to-have-election-result-annulled-dismissed-mozambique-s-top-court Mozambique’s top court has dismissed opposition party Renamo’s application to have the results of its recent general election dismissed - a scenario Renamo has said could result in violence in the country just months after an historic peace deal. A written judgement posted on the Constitutional Council’s website and dated Nov. 11 said the council had dismissed the appeal to have the victory of President Filipe Nyusi and his party Frelimo in the Oct. 15 election annulled. Attack on Fulani village kills 20 in central Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/attack-on-fulani-village-kills-20-in-central-mali At least 20 people were found dead after an attack on a Fulani village in central Mali, where communal violence has surged in recent months, the government said on Friday. The attack on Wednesday follows a string of deadly clashes between herders and ethnic Dogon farmers who have long fought over land and resources. Ethiopia PM meets Oromo, Amhara political leadership amid insecurity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-meets-oromo-amhara-political-leadership-amid-insecurity Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Thursday met with leadership of political parties in the Oromia and Amhara regions. Somalia telco Hormuud denies Shabaab links http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-telco-hormuud-denies-shabaab-links Somalia’s largest telco is fighting back claims it aided militant groups to attack communication structures in Kenya in exchange for protection. Instead, Hormuud Telecom says it has equally been a victim of the terrorist group, losing staff and property it owns and has not aided the group. How Boko Haram has evolved over the past ten years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-boko-haram-has-evolved-over-the-past-ten-years Last month marked ten years since Mohammed Yusuf, founder of Boko Haram, died in police detention. His death led to the radicalisation of the sect and a declaration of Jihad against the Nigerian state. Botswana’s Okavango Delta is created by a delicate balance, but for how much longer? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-s-okavango-delta-is-created-by-a-delicate-balance-but-for-how-much-longer The Okavango Delta in northern Botswana is a mosaic of water paths, floodplains and arid islands. The delta sits in the Okavango river basin, which spans three African countries: Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Because it’s an oasis, in a semi-arid area, it hosts a rich array of plants and attracts a huge variety of wildlife. At least 15 civilians killed in eastern Congo by suspected Islamist militants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-15-civilians-killed-in-eastern-congo-by-suspected-islamist-militants Suspected Islamist militants killed at least 15 people overnight in eastern Congo, local officials said on Saturday, in the latest massacre since the army launched a major offensive against the rebels last month. Democratic Republic of Congo’s army initiated its latest campaign, with support from U.N. peacekeepers, on Oct. 30 to root out fighters from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) from the dense forests near the Ugandan border. Last remains of Ethiopian plane crash victims buried, families say little notice given http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/last-remains-of-ethiopian-plane-crash-victims-buried-families-say-little-notice-given The last remains of 157 people killed aboard an Ethiopian Airlines plane in March were interred at the crash site this week, farmers and families told Reuters, but some relatives were upset they had been unable to take part in the ceremony. U.S. may remove Sudan from list of state sponsors of terrorism, but it's a process - U.S. official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-may-remove-sudan-from-list-of-state-sponsors-of-terrorism-but-it-s-a-process-u-s-official The United States no longer has an adversarial relationship with the Sudanese government and is working with its counterparts on the possibility of removing it from a list of state sponsors of terrorism, a senior State Department official said on Friday. Uganda oil roads still moving despite running behind schedule http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-oil-roads-still-moving-despite-running-behind-schedule Uganda is sticking to its ambitious target of completing a large section of its “oil roads” in the Albertine Grabben region. The set target of 2021 is a year behind schedule, and officials are citing funding challenges. According to a 2016 Cabinet directive to the Uganda National Roads Authority (Unra), the 12 critical oil roads, about 700km in total, were supposed to be completed by 2020 to facilitate the production of oil in 2023. UN, AU welcomes Kenya-Somalia rapprochement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-au-welcomes-kenya-somalia-rapprochement The UN and other Somalia’s partners on Saturday said the recent decision by Kenya and Somalia to normalise their relations will help the region to concentrate on security challenges in the Horn of Africa. In a statement, the partners said the pronouncements by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo, to resume normalcy will benefit the people. Canada refuses visas to over a dozen African AI researchers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/canada-refuses-visas-to-over-a-dozen-african-ai-researchers For the second year in a row, Canada has refused visas to dozens of researchers - most of them from Africa - who were hoping to attend an artificial intelligence (AI) conference in Vancouver. The hassles have caused at least one other AI conference to choose a different country for their next event. Rwanda cancels Uganda meet amid frosty ties http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-cancels-uganda-meet-amid-frosty-ties After only one meeting to implement an agreement signed in Luanda, Angola and brokered by the presidents of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda are nowhere near normalising diplomatic relations. Nigeria's 2020 budget: the challenge of generating revenue budget sustainability http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-2020-budget-the-challenge-of-generating-revenue-budget-sustainability Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari on the 8th October 2019 presented the budget for the next 2020 fiscal year, before the joint sitting session of the ninth National Assembly. The budget, which was said to be aimed at sustaining growth and job creation is based on an estimated oil price benchmark of US$57 per barrel, with the daily oil production estimate of 2.18 million barrels per day (mbpd) and an exchange rate of N305 per US Dollar. This will determine the socio-economic direction of the government and has huge implications for the economic outcomes for the year 2020. Mali army says 24 soldiers, 17 militants killed in attack on northern patrol http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-army-says-24-soldiers-17-militants-killed-in-attack-on-northern-patrol Twenty-four Malian soldiers were killed and 29 wounded in an attack on an army patrol in northern Mali on Monday in which 17 militants were also killed, a spokesman for the army said. The West African country is still reeling from an attack on an army post that killed 54 in early November - one of the deadliest strikes against its military in recent memory, which underscored the increasing reach and sophistication of armed jihadist groups active in the wider region. UK lawmaker blames HSBC, Stanchart, Baroda in S.Africa corruption http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-lawmaker-blames-hsbc-stanchart-baroda-in-s-africa-corruption Corruption under South Africa’s former president Jacob Zuma was enabled by international banks, companies and governments which should now seek to recover the loot they helped to launder, British lawmaker Peter Hain told an inquiry on Monday. Jumia Technologies suspends e-commerce business in Cameroon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/jumia-technologies-suspends-e-commerce-business-in-cameroon Online retailer Jumia Technologies, often called “the Amazon of Africa”, suspended its e-commerce business in Cameroon on Monday, announcing in a statement that its transactional portal was “not suitable to the current context” in the country. Unions threaten to ground South Africa's aviation industry http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unions-threaten-to-ground-south-africa-s-aviation-industry Striking unions threatened to shut down South Africa’s entire aviation industry on Sunday by extending industrial action beyond state-run South African Airways. Ethiopian undecided whether to take more Boeing 737 MAX jets http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-undecided-whether-to-take-more-boeing-737-max-jets Ethiopian Airlines has not decided yet whether to take more deliveries of the 737 MAX, the jet grounded worldwide in the wake of crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia, the airline’s CEO said on Sunday, as Boeing completes revisions to the aircraft’s design. France returns historic 19th century sword of Senegalese scholar http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-returns-historic-19th-century-sword-of-senegalese-scholar French Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe was in Senegal over the weekend on an official visit. He held talks with President Macky Sall was the two countries signed seven bilateral accords. A major historic and cultural highlight of the visit was France’s restoration to Senegal of a sword belonging to a 19th Century Islamic scholar and ruler, Hajj Umar Saidou Tall, who led an anti-colonial struggle against the French. Niger's main opposition leader returns to jail with eye on presidential bid -lawyer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-s-main-opposition-leader-returns-to-jail-with-eye-on-presidential-bid-lawyer Niger’s main opposition leader Hama Amadou is back behind bars after returning home from three years exile in France with the intention of completing his sentence before running for president, his lawyer said. Amadou’s return could reignite tensions between the government and the opposition ahead of the presidential election in late 2020, which will select a successor to President Mahamadou Issoufou. ''My hands are clean'' - Guinea-Bissau president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/my-hands-are-clean-guinea-bissau-president The outgoing president of Guinea- Bissau Jose Mario Vaz says his hands are clean and that he doesn’t want to see more blood in the country. Mario Vaz was speaking at a rally in Bolama in the western part of the country as the November 24 draws to a close. Presidential election in chaotic Guinea-Bissau could resolve political impasse http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/presidential-election-in-chaotic-guinea-bissau-could-resolve-political-impasse After weeks of political turmoil including violent protests, an alleged coup attempt and the emergence of two competing prime ministers, Guinea-Bissau is holding a presidential election on Sunday that many hope will usher in a semblance of calm. Unfinished business in the birthplace of Sudan's revolution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/unfinished-business-in-the-birthplace-of-sudan-s-revolution Standing on the platform where he and other protesters packed a train to Khartoum in April to pressure Sudan’s military to share power with civilians, Abdelaziz Abdallah made clear the revolution driven by their city has much further to go. "Islamic State" claims responsibility for killing 30 Malian soldiers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/islamic-state-claims-responsibility-for-killing-30-malian-soldiers Islamic State’s West African affiliate claimed responsibility on Wednesday for an attack on an army patrol in northern Mali that killed 30 soldiers, according to a statement published by the SITE Intelligence Group. Dozens of other soldiers were wounded in the ambush on Monday in Tabankort, in Mali’s Gao region, the army said. ANC lawmaker arrested on corruption charge - S.Africa police http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/anc-lawmaker-arrested-on-corruption-charge-s-africa-police A senior lawmaker for South Africa’s governing African National Congress party was arrested on Thursday on a corruption charge and released on bail after a court appearance, police said. Nigeria: court annuls break-up of ancient Kano Emirates http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-court-annuls-break-up-of-ancient-kano-emirates A High Court in Nigeria’s north central Kano State has nullified the creation of four additional Emirates in the ancient city. The presiding judge, Justice Usman Na’abba, on Thursday ruled that due process was not followed in the creation of the Emirates. Kenya maps first 'Climate Atlas' to battle future food losses http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-maps-first-climate-atlas-to-battle-future-food-losses Kenya will launch its first localised weather modelling system early next year, providing key data on how climate change will impact crop production across the east African nation in the decades to come, the project's founder said on Tuesday. The plan to remove Zambian President Lungu, from within his own party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-plan-to-remove-zambian-president-lungu-from-within-his-own-party On 8 November, President Edgar Lungu, speaking in his first press conference for four years, brought up Zambia’s elections scheduled for 2021 before declaring: “I am game”. An interesting election in Namibia, at last http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/an-interesting-election-in-namibia-at-last Ever since Namibia’s first post-independence elections in 1994, it has never been difficult to predict the outcome. Even with a lack of opinion polling, it has always been clear that the ruling SWAPO party would win a comfortable two-thirds majority in the National Assembly and that its presidential candidate would perform at a similar level. Botswana opposition challenges election result in court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-opposition-challenges-election-result-in-court Botswana’s main opposition party is challenging in court the results of 16 parliamentary constituencies won by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) in last month’s election, party spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa told Reuters. The BDP was re-elected with 38 seats, but it faced a strong opposition challenge after former president Ian Khama fell out with President Mokgweetsi Masisi, his hand-picked successor, and backed The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) party. French troops pursuing Mali militants killed in helicopter collision http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-troops-pursuing-mali-militants-killed-in-helicopter-collision Thirteen French soldiers were killed in Mali when their helicopters collided at low altitude as they swooped in at nightfall to support ground forces engaged in combat with Islamist militants. South Africa at risk if economic reforms don't materialise fast - IMF http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-at-risk-if-economic-reforms-don-t-materialise-fast-imf South Africa faces a prolonged period of weak economic growth marked by rising unemployment, inequality and greater credit-rating risk if the government does not act fast to implement reforms, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on Monday. Ethiopia hosts Twitter's Jack Dorsey, Alibaba's Jack Ma http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-hosts-twitter-s-jack-dorsey-alibaba-s-jack-ma Ethiopia is this week playing host to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and former Alibaba chairman Jack Ma, as the East African nations strives to implement an ambitious digital transformation strategy. Namibia's presidential, national assembly polls: A look at the figures and candidates http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-s-presidential-national-assembly-polls-a-look-at-the-figures-and-candidates Namibians go to the polls on November 27, 2019; to vote in presidential and National Assembly elections. It will be the sixth election since independence from apartheid South Africa in 1990. Even though the presidential race is the most keenly watched, there are also 96 seats in the National Assembly to be contested. Incumbent President Hage Geingob is the country’s third president and is looking to secure a second term. Guinea-Bissau poll: ECOWAS has standby army to prevent a coup http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-poll-ecowas-has-standby-army-to-prevent-a-coup The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on Monday warned it had a standby military force poised to “re-establish order” in the event of a coup in Guinea Bissau. The warning came as the West African states rejected claims of ballot fraud in Sunday’s election despite claims by incumbent Jose Mario Vaz’s campaign team that his rivals bought votes and stuffed ballot boxes. Magufuli's party wins 99% of seats in Tanzania's local elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/magufuli-s-party-wins-99-of-seats-in-tanzania-s-local-elections Tanzania’s ruling party won more than 99 percent of seats in local elections boycotted by the opposition, according to official figures released on Monday. The vote on Sunday was for 16,000 seats for street and village leaders, positions that are highly influential in Tanzanian life. Zimbabwe president U-turns on scrapping grain subsidies - state media http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-president-u-turns-on-scrapping-grain-subsidies-state-media Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government will scrap its plan to remove grain subsidies next year, a move it says will protect impoverished citizens from rising food prices, state media reported on Thursday. Macron tells army: 'all options open' in Sahel after Mali deaths http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/macron-tells-army-all-options-open-in-sahel-after-mali-deaths President Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday he has ordered his military to assess its operations against Islamist militants in West Africa and all options are open, after 13 soldiers died during a combat mission this week. African migrants among 20 civilians killed in attacks on Yemen within a week - U.N http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-migrants-among-20-civilians-killed-in-attacks-on-yemen-within-a-week-u-n African migrants were among at least 20 civilians killed this week in two attacks on a market in northern Yemen where migrants are known to congregate as they make their way to wealthy Gulf states in search of a better life, the United Nations said. The U.N. statement, issued on Thursday, did not specify the type of attacks on Al-Raqw market in Saada province, near the Saudi border, or say who was responsible, but said many of those killed or wounded were Ethiopians. Uganda allows study of power project in Murchison Falls national park http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-allows-study-of-power-project-in-murchison-falls-national-park Uganda has lifted its objections to a South African firm conducting a study for a hydropower dam at a site on the River Nile where spectacular waterfalls and wild game have been a major tourist draw, the tourism minister said on Thursday. Two Guinea-Bissau ex-premiers through to presidential runoff http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/two-guinea-bissau-ex-premiers-through-to-presidential-runoff Two former Guinea-Bissau prime ministers advanced on Wednesday to a presidential run-off vote, the electoral commission said, with incumbent Jose Mario Vaz finishing a distant fourth after a tenure marked by infighting and corruption scandals. 250,000 people affected by Djibouti flash floods - UN, govt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/250-000-people-affected-by-djibouti-flash-floods-un-govt Flash flooding has hit the small but strategic East African nation of Djibouti, where the government and United Nations say the equivalent of two years’ rain fell in a single day. UK varsity to return looted statue of bronze cockerel to Nigeria - 122 years on http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-varsity-to-return-looted-statue-of-bronze-cockerel-to-nigeria-122-years-on A bronze statue that was looted from what is now Nigeria more than a century ago will be returned, Cambridge University in Britain says. The cockerel was taken in 1897 from the Court of Benin and given to the university several years later. The statue was removed from public view in 2016 after students protested, saying it represented a colonial narrative. Is the Democratic Republic of Congo ready for peacekeepers to leave by 2022? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/is-the-democratic-republic-of-congo-ready-for-peacekeepers-to-leave-by-2022 An independent United Nations (UN) strategic review has recommended that the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC) complete a phased withdrawal by 2022. Mats Berdal gives his insights into why this is happening and what the implications could be. French army helicopters that crashed in Mali were not under IS fire - general http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-army-helicopters-that-crashed-in-mali-were-not-under-is-fire-general The French army said on Friday that two of its helicopters that crashed in Mali this week had not been under fire from Islamic State jihadists, contradicting a statement from the militants. A day earlier, Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP) said the helicopters collided after one of them retreated under fire from its fighters, but it did not provide any evidence for its claim. AfDB approves $210 mln loan for Nigeria's power transmission project http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/afdb-approves-210-mln-loan-for-nigeria-s-power-transmission-project The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a $210 million loan to help Nigeria upgrade its dilapidated electricity transmission and distribution network. South Africa court rejects Zuma appeal to prevent corruption trial http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-court-rejects-zuma-appeal-to-prevent-corruption-trial A South African court on Friday rejected an appeal by former president Jacob Zuma that sought to prevent his prosecution on corruption charges over a $2 billion arms deal. The ruling paves the way for Zuma’s long-awaited trial to start in February 2020. Fired Zimbabwe state doctors reject offer to return to work http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fired-zimbabwe-state-doctors-reject-offer-to-return-to-work Zimbabwe state doctors who were fired for going on strike have rejected a government offer to return to work, their union said on Friday. Nigeria gives UK court $200 mln guarantee for stay on asset seizures in PID case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-gives-uk-court-200-mln-guarantee-for-stay-on-asset-seizures-in-p-id-case The Nigerian government on Thursday placed a bank guarantee of $200 million with a high court in London to secure a stay on asset seizures of up to $9 billion related to a failed gas project, a spokesman for its attorney general said. UN envoy in Beni as anti-MONUSCO sentiment, rebel attacks persist http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-envoy-in-beni-as-anti-monusco-sentiment-rebel-attacks-persist The UN’s chief of peace operations visited the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Saturday, where rebel attacks have killed dozens in recent days and anti-MONUSCO protests continue. Under-Secretary-General Jean-Pierre Lacroix was in Beni, where riots targeted peacekeepers on Monday. The protestors accuse the troops of failing to stop civilian massacres by militia fighters. Namibia re-elects incumbent president as opposition claims fraud http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-re-elects-incumbent-president-as-opposition-claims-fraud Incumbent Namibian President, Hage Geingob, was re-elected with 56.3% of the votes cast, a very sharp drop from the 86% he received five years ago. The leader of the South West African People’s Organisation (SWAPO), which has been in power since Namibia’s independence in 1990, was well ahead of Panduleni Itula, SWAPO’s dissident candidate, who won 30% of the vote, according to election commission figures released Saturday evening. South Africa regulator tells Vodacom, MTN to lower data prices http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-regulator-tells-vodacom-mtn-to-lower-data-prices South Africa’s Vodacom Group and MTN Group could face prosecution if they do not agree with the Competition Commission in the next two months to lower data prices, the watchdog said in findings from an inquiry published on Monday. The data services inquiry was launched in August 2017 in response to a request from the minister of economic Development and after complaints from consumers about high data costs. Suspected rebels kill 14 in eastern Congo - local authorities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/suspected-rebels-kill-14-in-eastern-congo-local-authorities Suspected Islamist fighters killed 14 people in eastern Congo on Friday, local authorities said, as a month-long spike in violence complicates efforts to contain a deadly Ebola outbreak. The attack in the village of Kukutama, 10 km (6 miles) southwest of Oicha in North Kivu, comes on top of a death toll of more than 100 since Oct. 30 when the army started an operation to root out the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a jihadist group operating in the dense forests bordering Uganda. African countries protest rogue diplomats http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-countries-protest-rogue-diplomats Diplomacy is a delicate business that is duly defined as the ‘art of dealing with people in a tactful way’, and comes in handy on occasions where different countries’ interests collide. African nations play host to several diplomats, who weigh in on the affairs of their hosts’ governments, and in the process take the risk of unsettling the relations between any two countries. Kenya woos oil importers in bid to reclaim business lost to Tanzania http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-woos-oil-importers-in-bid-to-reclaim-business-lost-to-tanzania Kenya hopes to regain its petroleum export market after cutting pipeline tariffs by 50 per cent, a development that sets up stiff competition with Tanzania. Nairobi, which had lost about 30 per cent of its petroleum export market to Dar es Salaam, is also stepping up its crackdown on fuel adulteration and smuggling, a growing menace costing the government $340 million annually in lost taxes. U.N. sends troops to halt bout of ethnic violence in South Sudan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-sends-troops-to-halt-bout-of-ethnic-violence-in-south-sudan The United Nations has sent a contingent of peacekeepers to an area of central South Sudan where about 80 people have been killed in a bout of fighting between two ethnic communities, the the U.N. and a local official said on Tuesday. The violence beween the Gak and Manuer communities broke out on Nov. 27 and it has lasted for days, said Benjamin Laat, information minister for Western Lakes state. Zimbabwe's Mugabe left behind $10 million, some properties -state media http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mugabe-left-behind-10-million-some-properties-state-media Zimbabwe’s former leader Robert Mugabe, who died in September, left $10 million and some properties in the capital, but no will naming his beneficiaries, details of his estate published by state-owned newspaper the Herald showed on Tuesday. Zimbabweans have speculated for years about the extent of Mugabe’s wealth, with many assuming that he and his family amassed a vast fortune during his 37 years in power. Egypt, Ethiopia close ranks in Nile dam talks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-ethiopia-close-ranks-in-nile-dam-talks Technical teams seeking to end the conflict over Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam along the river Nile appeared headed for a major breakthrough as the second round of talks progressed in Cairo, Egypt on Tuesday. Observers said Ethiopia and Egypt had ceded ground on their divergent demands and were now looking at how to effect the findings of the tripartite technical committee (Sudan is part of the talks) that led to a falling out in Khartoum in October. Amnesty reacts as Tanzania withdraws from African court http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amnesty-reacts-as-tanzania-withdraws-from-african-court International human rights group Amnesty International has raised the red flag over Tanzania’s move to block the right of individuals and NGOs to directly file cases against the country at the African Court on Human and People’s Rights (AfCHPR). Macron conditions troop presence in Sahel on West African clarifications http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/macron-conditions-troop-presence-in-sahel-on-west-african-clarifications President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday demanded West African leaders dismiss growing anti-French sentiment across the region if they wanted France’s military to continue its operations against Islamist militants. South African anti-apartheid campaigner Archbishop Tutu in hospital http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-anti-apartheid-campaigner-archbishop-tutu-in-hospital Nobel Peace Prize laureate and veteran of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle Desmond Tutu has been admitted to hospital for the treatment of an infection, his office said on Wednesday. I have never stolen and I am rich - Museveni http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/i-have-never-stolen-and-i-am-rich-museveni Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has warned government officials intent on plundering public resources. Speaking on Wednesday after a march against corruption in the capital Kampala, he called on government agencies to put integrity ahead of academic credentials when recruiting staff. Nigeria radio helps masses hold public officials to account http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-radio-helps-masses-hold-public-officials-to-account Early each morning, a crowd gathers outside Ahmad Isah's radio studio in Nigeria's capital Abuja hoping to share their problems over the airwaves. For those waiting - men and women, young and old - Isah's Brekete (very big in Pidgin English) Family show offers a rare chance try to hold officials to account in a country where rampant graft and abuses of the justice system often frustrate citizens. Governor of Kenya's capital arrested on corruption charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/governor-of-kenya-s-capital-arrested-on-corruption-charges Kenyan police arrested the Nairobi County governor, known for his chunky gold jewellery and impromptu raps, on Friday on corruption charges, a high profile move in the government’s much trumpeted anti-graft push. Chief public prosecutor Noordin Haji told a news conference the Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko and his associates were accused of conspiracy to commit corruption, failure to comply with laws related to procurement, unlawful acquisition of public property and laundering the proceeds of crime. Ethiopia PM 'shuns' media at upcoming Nobel Prize event, organizers worried http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-shuns-media-at-upcoming-nobel-prize-event-organizers-worried The director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute has called it “highly problematic” that the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize winner won’t attend any event next week where he could be asked questions publicly, while the spokeswoman for Ethiopia’s prime minister cited “pressing” domestic issues and the leader’s “humble disposition.” Organizers “had wished that Abiy Ahmed would have agreed to meet the Norwegian and international press,” Olav Njoelstad said, telling Norwegian broadcaster NRK on Wednesday that most Peace Prize winners have no problem putting aside three or four days for traditional Nobel events. Nigeria security rearrests bailed leader of 'Revolution Now' protest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-security-rearrests-bailed-leader-of-revolution-now-protest A Nigerian activist, publisher and politician who was released on bail on Thursday had to be smuggled out of the court when he reappeared for a hearing. Omoyele Sowore and another detainee were released after a High Court gave explicit orders to the state spy agency, the Department of State Services to execute a bail order. At least three killed after residential building collapses in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-three-killed-after-residential-building-collapses-in-kenya At least three people were killed and 27 injured on Friday when a residential building collapsed in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, police said, as rescue workers struggled to free a woman who was screaming from under the rubble. Nigeria files fraud allegations in bid to overturn $9bln PID award http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-files-fraud-allegations-in-bid-to-overturn-9bln-p-id-award Lawyers for the Nigerian government on Friday filed “new and substantive” allegations of fraud with a British court in its ongoing fight against an arbitration award now worth more than $9 billion, a spokesman for the attorney general said. Nigerian activist Sowore re-arrested hours after he was freed -lawyer http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerian-activist-sowore-re-arrested-hours-after-he-was-freed-lawyer A Nigerian activist and former presidential candidate whose detention has prompted protests by rights groups was re-arrested on Friday at a court hearing hours after he was freed on bail, his lawyer told Reuters. Omoyele Sowore, who ran against President Muhammadu Buhari in February’s election, was first arrested in August and has pleaded not guilty to charges of treason, money laundering and harassing the president. President of South African agricultural lobby group resigns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/president-of-south-african-agricultural-lobby-group-resigns South African agricultural lobby group, Agri SA, said on Friday its president would resign at the end of the month for health-related reasons, a day after the country moved a step closer to allowing land expropriation without payment. New E.U. chief visits Ethiopia, A.U. on first outside Europe http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-e-u-chief-visits-ethiopia-a-u-on-first-outside-europe New European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen arrived in Ethiopia on Saturday, her first trip outside Europe since assuming her post. She held a series of meetings that touched on the European Union (E.U.) relations with Ethiopia whiles overseeing the signing of bilateral agreements in support of Ethiopia’s political and economic road map. Gabon says Bongo's son 'competent' for top presidential post http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gabon-says-bongo-s-son-competent-for-top-presidential-post The Gabonese presidency has defended the recent appointment of the president’s son as a top presidential aide stressing that it was more for his competence and experience than any other reason. The 27-year-old Noureddin Bongo Valentin, was last Thursday appointed the general coordinator of Presidential Affairs, to “assist the President of the Republic in the conduct of all State affairs,” a government statement said. Tanzanian millionaire Ali Mufuruki dies in South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzanian-millionaire-ali-mufuruki-dies-in-south-africa Tanzanian millionaire and chairman for Infotech Investment Group, Ali Mufuruki, has died in Johannesburg, South Africa where he was undergoing treatment. Mr Mufuruki, who founded CEO Roundtable of Tanzania (CEOrt) and Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) East Africa, died on Saturday night, CEOrt chairman Sanjay Rughani confirmed on Sunday. Tanzania signs deal to link SGR to Burundi, DRC http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-signs-deal-to-link-sgr-to-burundi-drc Tanzania has signed an agreement to link its Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) to Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a deal that gives Dar es Salaam’s multi-billion-dollar project a major shot in the arm. Transport ministers of the three countries Isack Kamwelwe (Tanzania), Jean Bosco (Burundi) and Roger Biasu (DRC) signed the agreement this past week in the port town of Kigoma. South African Airways to restructure under 'business rescue' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-airways-to-restructure-under-business-rescue South African Airways (SAA) said on Friday it has applied to enter ‘business rescue’, a form of bankruptcy protection it hopes will save the cash-strapped state carrier from collapse. Kenya police officers among 10 killed in bus attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-police-officers-among-10-killed-in-bus-attack Kenyan police officers were among those killed when gunmen suspected to be from Islamist militant group al Shabaab attacked a bus on Friday near the border with Somalia, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office said on Saturday. The vehicle belonging to the Medina Bus Company was attacked on a lonely stretch of road in the Kotulo area as it travelled between the towns of Wajir and Mandera. 'Business rescue' was only viable option for South African Airways' surviva: Ramaphosa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/business-rescue-was-only-viable-option-for-south-african-airways-surviva-ramaphosa South African Airways (SAA) had to be placed on “business rescue” because there was no other viable and financially workable option to secure a credible future for the state-owned airline, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Monday. SAA has been posting losses since 2011 and is deeply in debt. It has received more than 20 billion rand ($1.4 billion) in government bailouts over the past three years, which has achieved little more than keeping it barely afloat. Kenyan police seal off court as Nairobi governor set to face graft charges http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-seal-off-court-as-nairobi-governor-set-to-face-graft-charges Police in the Kenyan capital sealed off a court building where the governor of Nairobi County was due to be charged with corruption and other economic crimes on Monday, guarding against threatened protests by his supporters. Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was arrested on Friday and is accused of conspiracy to commit corruption, failure to comply with laws related to procurement, unlawful acquisition of public property and laundering the proceeds of crime. Gambia probes 'national tragedy' as 60 nationals drown in Mauritania http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-probes-national-tragedy-as-60-nationals-drown-in-mauritania “To lose sixty young lives at sea is a national tragedy and a matter of grave concern to my government. A full police investigation has been launched to get to the bottom of this serious national disaster. The culprits will be prosecuted according to law,” the words of Gambian president Adama Barrow on Saturday. Floods, landslide in Uganda claims 26 lives - Red Cross http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/floods-landslide-in-uganda-claims-26-lives-red-cross At least 26 people have been killed in floods unleashed by heavy rains in different parts of Uganda, the Red Cross said on Monday as authorities urged people in affected areas to relocate. Seventeen flooding deaths have been confirmed in the western district of Bundibugyo. Another nine people have died in the mountainous districts of Sironko and Bududa in the east, where residents also face mudslides that can destroy entire enclaves, said Irene Nakasiita, a spokeswoman for the Uganda Red Cross. Kenya’s tax on digital trade and services: what’s known and not known http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-tax-on-digital-trade-and-services-what-s-known-and-not-known Kenya will start levying new tax on digital markets under a new law signed by the president early in November. The Finance Act seeks to broaden the Income Tax Act net to include income accruing through a digital market place. The law defines the digital marketplace as a platform that enables direct interactions between buyers and sellers of goods and services through electronic means Distorted narratives about Islamic schools deflect ugly truths about Nigerian society http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/distorted-narratives-about-islamic-schools-deflect-ugly-truths-about-nigerian-society Recent reports about the mistreatment of children in Nigeria included news reports of “torture houses” at Islamic schools in a number of states. The catchy news headlines came close to invoking mass hysteria by linking events at the schools to kidnapping, child begging, Boko Haram and Nigeria’s reported 10 million “out of school” children. Madagascar plans higher royalties on nickel, cobalt, at least 20% stake in mining production http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/madagascar-plans-higher-royalties-on-nickel-cobalt-at-least-20-stake-in-mining-production Madagascar plans to increase its royalties on nickel and cobalt to 4% from 2% at present, a draft mining law said on Tuesday. Nobel peace laureate Abiy says militants, global powers threaten Horn of Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nobel-peace-laureate-abiy-says-militants-global-powers-threaten-horn-of-africa Militant groups and global military powers both pose a threat to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Tuesday after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for forging a peace accord with Eritrea. As Suu Kyi looks on, Gambia details mass rapes, killings in Myanmar http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/as-suu-kyi-looks-on-gambia-details-mass-rapes-killings-in-myanmar Gambia’s legal team described mass rapes, the burning of families in their homes and killing of dozens of Muslim Rohingya children with knives as it set out its genocide case against Myanmar at the U.N.’s International Court of Justice on Tuesday. Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace laureate, looked on impassively as the alleged atrocities were detailed at the beginning of three days of hearings in The Hague instituted by Gambia against Buddhist-majority Myanmar in November. “All that The Gambia asks is that you tell Myanmar to stop these senseless killings,” Gambia’s Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou said in opening comments. “To stop these acts of barbarity and brutality that have shocked and continue to shock our collective conscience. To stop this genocide of its own people.” Suu Kyi is expected to repeat denials of genocide and argue that military operations launched in August 2017 were a legitimate counterterrorism response to attacks by Rohingya militants on security forces. Detailing events at the village of Min Gyi, lawyer Andrew Loewenstein drew on witness accounts recorded in a report by U.N. investigators, who estimated 750 people were killed there, including more than 100 children under the age of 6. “I entered the house with four of my neighbours and three of us had babies,” Loewenstein quoted from one survivor’s testimony to the U.N. fact-finding mission. “There were dead bodies on the floor: young boys from our village. As we entered the house, the soldiers locked the door. One soldier raped me. He stabbed me in the back of my neck and in my abdomen. I was trying to save my baby, who was only 28 days old, but they threw him on the ground and he died.” More than 730,000 Rohingya fled Myanmar after the military-led crackdown and were forced into squalid camps across the border in Bangladesh. The U.N.investigators concluded the military campaign was executed with “genocidal intent”. Myanmar has previously denied almost all allegations made by refugees against its troops, including of mass rape, killings and arson, and promised to punish any soldiers involved in what it says were isolated cases of wrongdoing. CALLS FOR JUSTICE Outside the court, dozens of Rohingya demonstrated to demand justice for victims. Hours earlier in Yangon, Myanmar’s commercial capital, thousands of people had rallied in support of Suu Kyi. “It’s like Mother Suu went to the frontlines for our country,” said 58-year-old Myint Myint Thwin. “Therefore to show our support and that we stand with her we joined this march.” Once feted in the West, Suu Kyi has faced mounting international criticism over the Rohingya crisis. But she has remained popular at home since coming to power 2016 as part of the transition to democracy after decades of military rule. A Suu Kyi supporter in The Hague, Moe Moe Hnin, said people abroad have been “misinformed” about events in Myanmar. “Yes, military dictators have been committing human rights violations in the whole Burma,” she said. “It is not Burma, it is not Burmese people or our religion. We are not racist.” This week’s proceedings, before a panel of 17 judges, will not deal with the core allegation of genocide, but Gambia has requested a court order for Myanmar to halt any activity that may aggravate the dispute. The tiny, mostly Muslim West African country is arguing that Myanmar’s forces carried out widespread and systematic atrocities that constituted genocide during what the army called “clearance operations” against militants. The tribunal has no enforcement powers, but its rulings are final and have significant legal weight. In the Bangladeshi refugee camps on Tuesday, hundreds gathered on a hilltop and chanted, “Gambia! Gambia!”, pumping their fists. Some offered special prayers at mosques in the camps and many others were fasting. “Our people were killed, our children were thrown into fire, our women were raped, our houses were burnt down. All we want is a fair trial,” said Nurul Amin, 30. Alphabet's Loon agrees airspace deal with Uganda for internet balloon service http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/alphabet-s-loon-agrees-airspace-deal-with-uganda-for-internet-balloon-service Loon, a unit of Google’s owner Alphabet Inc, which uses high-altitude balloons to provide mobile internet to remote areas, has signed a key access airspace agreement with Uganda. The deal grants Loon overflight rights crucial to its plans to provide floating balloon-enabled internet services in neighbouring Kenya, the company said on Tuesday. Tanzania's Magufuli pardons 5,000 prisoners http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-s-magufuli-pardons-5-000-prisoners Tanzanian President John Magufuli pardoned more than 5,000 prisoners on Monday as the country marked the 58th anniversary of independence of Tanganyika. He ordered that the 5,533 prisoners be released from Tuesday. ICC: Central African Republic suspects to face war crimes trial http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/icc-central-african-republic-suspects-to-face-war-crimes-trial The International Criminal Court said on Wednesday it has confirmed the charges brought by prosecutors against two men suspected of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Central African Republic. Somali security forces kill 5 al Shabaab fighters to end hotel siege http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-security-forces-kill-5-al-shabaab-fighters-to-end-hotel-siege Somali security forces shot dead five Al Shabaab gunmen, who had killed three civilians and two soldiers during an attack on a hotel near the presidential residence in Mogadishu on Tuesday night, police said early on Wednesday. S.Africa's Eskom aims to stabilise grid by end-March after blackouts: president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-africa-s-eskom-aims-to-stabilise-grid-by-end-march-after-blackouts-president South Africa’s state utility Eskom will work to stabilise the national power grid by the end of March in the wake of the country’s most severe blackouts in a decade, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Wednesday. Back to the 1980s General: Nigerian newspaper strips Buhari of 'president' title http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/back-to-the-1980s-general-nigerian-newspaper-strips-buhari-of-president-title A major newspaper outlet in Nigeria says Muhammadu Buhari did not deserve the title of president, they have thus reverted to referring to the him as General Muhammadu Buhari. The Punch group of newspapers said its decision was allied to recent disregard for human rights and attendant repression by the government. Zimbabwe vice president's wife arrested for suspected fraud, money laundering http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-vice-president-s-wife-arrested-for-suspected-fraud-money-laundering Zimbabwean authorities arrested the wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga on charges of money laundering, fraud and violating exchange control regulations, the country’s anti Corruption Commission (ZACC) said on Sunday. Botswana bans hunters after killing of research elephant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-bans-hunters-after-killing-of-research-elephant Botswana’s government has revoked the licences of two professional hunters who shot dead a research elephant and then destroyed its collar to try to hide the evidence. In a statement late on Saturday, the environment and tourism ministry said that professional hunters Michael Lee Potter and Kevin Sharp had surrendered their licences after shooting the elephant at the end of last month. Armed group claims killing 4 humanitarian hostages in Nigeria, aid organization says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/armed-group-claims-killing-4-humanitarian-hostages-in-nigeria-aid-organization-says An armed group that kidnapped humanitarian workers in northeastern Nigeria five months ago has claimed it killed four hostages, international aid agency Action Against Hunger said on Friday. Six people were abducted in July near the town of Damasak, in the state of Borno, where Islamist insurgents operate. Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa says no going back to dollarisation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-s-mnangagwa-says-no-going-back-to-dollarisation Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa vowed on Friday not to revert to using the U.S. dollar after a new local currency plunged against the greenback since its introduction this year, fuelling inflation and economic hardship. Visa on arrival for all Africans entering Nigeria, starting January 2020 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/visa-on-arrival-for-all-africans-entering-nigeria-starting-january-2020 Nigeria will issue visas on arrival for all African passport holders effective January 2020, president Muhammadu Buhari has announced. His tweet of the move this morning confirmed an earlier tweet on Wednesday by Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Minister. EU removes Gabon from Euro airspace blacklist after 11 years http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-removes-gabon-from-euro-airspace-blacklist-after-11-years Gabonese airlines have been removed from an European Union blacklist that meant that flights from the country could not access the European airspace. The EU Commission said it had “withdrawn them (Gabon) from the list following improvements in aviation safety in that country.” Militants kill 22 in eastern Congo despite claims of security progress http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/militants-kill-22-in-eastern-congo-despite-claims-of-security-progress Suspected Islamist militiamen killed at least 22 people overnight in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, authorities said on Sunday, as the rebels kept up attacks on civilians despite government claims to have them on the defensive. Madagascar mining chamber criticises plan to raise minerals taxes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/madagascar-mining-chamber-criticises-plan-to-raise-minerals-taxes Madagascar’s mining chamber on Monday sharply criticised a draft mining law that proposes greater government revenue from mining activities, saying the changes will halt new investment and endanger existing mining operations in the country. Jumia reviewing Africa operations as mounting losses, trust concerns bite http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/jumia-reviewing-africa-operations-as-mounting-losses-trust-concerns-bite Jumia Technologies AG, Africa’s largest online retailer, is facing a difficult time on the continent as it battles to shed off integrity issues related to allegations of cheating investors during its initial public offering in April. The Pan-African e-commerce operator, which has been operating on the continent for close to seven years, is now scaling down its operations in key markets amid mounting losses and concerns over its alleged breach of investor and customer “trust.” Amadou Toumani Touré, Exiled Mali president returns years after coup http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amadou-toumani-toure-exiled-mali-president-returns-years-after-coup Mali's former leader who was ousted in a coup in 2012 has returned to the country after living in exile in neighbouring Senegal. Liberia closes schools as civil servants' strike bites http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/liberia-closes-schools-as-civil-servants-strike-bites Liberia's ministry of education has announced the closure of all government-run schools, as teachers and other civil servants started a nationwide strike on Monday to demand salary arrears. The ministry's spokesperson J Maxime Bleetahn told the BBC that public schools will be reopened on 3 January. Uganda, People Power and the Bobi Wine Factor http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-people-power-and-the-bobi-wine-factor As yet, it is increasingly becoming clear that Bobi Wine has galvanised the opposition to unite behind him as the sole opposition candidate, in the 2021 Ugandan elections. This is unprecedented. Zimbabwe vice president's wife charged with his attempted murder http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-vice-president-s-wife-charged-with-his-attempted-murder The wife of Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga was charged with trying to kill her husband when she appeared in court on Monday. Prosecutors say Marry Mubaiwa tried to unplug Chiwenga’s life support tubes in a South African hospital in June. U.S. imposes sanctions on South Sudan officials for perpetuating conflict http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-imposes-sanctions-on-south-sudan-officials-for-perpetuating-conflict The United States imposed sanctions on two senior South Sudanese officials it accused of fomenting conflict, the U.S. Treasury Department announced on Monday in its latest move to pressure the country’s politicians to form a unity government. Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia Lomuro and Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs Kuol Manyang Juuk were blacklisted for their role in perpetuating the conflict by obstructing the peace process, Treasury said in a statement. Russia hopes to sign Congo oil pipeline deal soon -dep energy minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-hopes-to-sign-congo-oil-pipeline-deal-soon-dep-energy-minister Russia is hopeful of Russia’s TMK and the Republic of the Congo’s national oil company, SNPC, signing a deal soon to build an oil pipeline in the West African nation, Russian deputy energy minister Pavel Sorokin said on Tuesday. South Africa to push UAE on failure to ratify extradition treaty http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-to-push-uae-on-failure-to-ratify-extradition-treaty A South African delegation will meet officials in the United Arab Emirates to discuss why the country has not ratified an extradition treaty, South Africa said on Monday, as it tries to investigate a case of alleged influence-peddling. South Sudan's Kiir and Machar say they will form government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-s-kiir-and-machar-say-they-will-form-government South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir and former rebel leader Riek Machar have agreed to form a transitional unity government even if they fail to resolve all their differences before a new deadline, the two leaders said on Tuesday. Namibia's power supply squeezed as drought hits hydropower plant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-s-power-supply-squeezed-as-drought-hits-hydropower-plant Namibia’s electricity generation has dropped to below 40% of its capacity as the worst drought in almost a century has hit the country’s own hydropower plant and others in the region reliant on water from dams and rivers. Angola retrieves more than $5 bln in stolen assets amid crackdown on graft http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-retrieves-more-than-5-bln-in-stolen-assets-amid-crackdown-on-graft Angola has recovered more than $5 billion stolen from state coffers so far this year, both at home and from abroad, Justice Minister Francisco Queiroz said on Monday, amid a two-year crackdown on corruption. The money, including $3 billion stolen from the sovereign wealth fund, had been siphoned off by corruption and money-laundering, state news agency ANGOP quoted Queiroz as telling an international conference in Abu Dhabi. French army boss warns of IS takeover in Sahel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-army-boss-warns-of-is-takeover-in-sahel The head of the French army says the future of West Africa's Sahel region rests on what happens in the coming year. Chief of Staff François Lecointre said if chaos was allowed to take root, the Islamic State (IS) group would fill the void. Ethiopia's historic space satellite, ET-RSS1: All you need to know http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-historic-space-satellite-et-rss1-all-you-need-to-know Ethiopians are looking forward to Friday, December 20, as the country launches its first satellite, the ET-RSS1, into space. It is a 70kg MultiSpectral Remote Sensing Satellite, tested and set to be shot to space at 700km above earth’s surface. Runner-up in Namibia presidential race challenges poll outcome http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/runner-up-in-namibia-presidential-race-challenges-poll-outcome Namibian independent presidential candidate Panduleni Itula has lodged a legal challenge to his loss in last month’s elections. Itula has urged Namibia’s Supreme Court to order a re-run of the elections as soon as possible, charging that they were unfair. Cameroon MPs pass devolution bill for anglophone regions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-mps-pass-devolution-bill-for-anglophone-regions A bill granting special status to Cameroon's two anglophone regions was passed by lawmakers on Wednesday, national radio said, an attempt to ease two years of bloody violence. If the Senate approves the devolution law and it comes into force, the western areas where separatists are fighting government troops will be able to develop their own education and justice policies, it said. Nigeria’s revised petroleum industry bill may be passed June 2020 – Minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-revised-petroleum-industry-bill-may-be-passed-june-2020-minister More than 15 months after President Muhammadu Buhari withheld assent to the harmonised Petroleum Industry Governance Bill (PIGB), Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipreye Sylva, has given a glimmer of hope that the revised law may be passed by June 2020. Cameroon grants special status to Anglophone regions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-grants-special-status-to-anglophone-regions Cameroon’s parliament granted special status on Friday to two English-speaking regions to try to calm a separatist insurgency that has killed 2,000 people, but the separatists said only independence would satisfy them. The law, passed in a special session of parliament, says the Anglophone Northwest and Southwest regions “benefit from a special status founded on their linguistic particularity and historic heritage”. France kills 33 militants in Mali raid - president http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-kills-33-militants-in-mali-raid-president French forces killed 33 Islamist militants in Mali on Saturday using attack helicopters, ground troops and a drone, near the border with Mauritania where a group linked to al Qaeda operates, French authorities said. Five arrested in Ethiopia for arson attack on mosques - state government http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/five-arrested-in-ethiopia-for-arson-attack-on-mosques-state-government Five people suspected of burning down four mosques in Ethiopia’s Amhara region were arrested on Saturday, a regional spokesman said, as rising inter-communal and ethnic violence threatens political reforms initiated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. “Five people who are suspected of leading and organising the attacks have now been arrested,” Getnet Yirsaw, the Amhara state spokesman, said in a Facebook post. Former president, Bozize returns to Central African Republic http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/former-president-bozize-returns-to-central-african-republic Thousands of well-wishers turned out on Saturday to welcome former Central African Republic president Francois Bozize on his return from exile. Bozize, who was ousted in a 2013 coup, was making his first public appearance nearly a week after returning to the country following six years away. Somali militants claim responsibility for attack outside hotel: spokesman http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somali-militants-claim-responsibility-for-attack-outside-hotel-spokesman Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab has claimed responsibility for Saturday’s attack outside a hotel in the town of Galkayo, in the country’s Mudug region, which killed at least seven civilians, their spokesman told Reuters. Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan views come closer on giant Nile dam - Sudanese minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/egypt-ethiopia-sudan-views-come-closer-on-giant-nile-dam-sudanese-minister Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan have come closer to aligning their views on filling the reservoir of and operating the giant hydroelectric dam that Ethiopia is building on the Blue Nile, the Sudanese irrigation minister said on Sunday. Alarm over mass failure in Kenyan high school exam http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/alarm-over-mass-failure-in-kenyan-high-school-exam More than a third of candidates who sat this year’s Kenyan national examinations for secondary schools failed to attain grades that would allow them to pursue professional courses, including diplomas in teaching and nursing. This raises questions over the mass failure of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam candidates and the future of those who did not make the cut. EAC residents to pay more for EU visas http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eac-residents-to-pay-more-for-eu-visas All Schengen visa applicants will pay more for the travel document from February next year. Under the Updated Schengen Visa Code, adopted by the European Union Council in June this year, the fee goes up by more than 30 per cent — to $90 from $67. Cutting down the price of bandwidth in African countries http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cutting-down-the-price-of-bandwidth-in-african-countries All over the world, the internet has provided extraordinary socioeconomic opportunities to businesses, governments, and individuals. But less developed countries still face numerous obstacles to maximise its potential. The problems range from obsolete infrastructure, the nonavailability, non-accessibility, cost, power fluctuations, policies and regulation. Omoyele Sowore, the Nigerian Journalist charged with “treason” for staging a “revolution” campaign http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/omoyele-sowore-the-nigerian-journalist-charged-with-treason-for-staging-a-revolution-campaign The Nigerian secret police, also known as the DSS stormed a high court in Abuja on the 6 of December to re-arrest Nigerian journalist Omoyele Sowore, just hours after being freed on bail, in a case that has raised questions over free speech in the country. Guinea opposition vows to boycott, 'prevent' legislative polls http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-opposition-vows-to-boycott-prevent-legislative-polls The opposition in the West African state of Guinea vowed on Monday to boycott legislative elections set for February and prevent them from taking place, in a dispute focussed on the country's electoral roll. Stop Mourning About Zanu-PF Collapsing the Economy, Let's Learn From Our Past 'Foolishness' - Mnangagwa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/stop-mourning-about-zanu-pf-collapsing-the-economy-let-s-learn-from-our-past-foolishness-mnangagwa President Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged Zimbabweans to stop mourning over how past Zanu PF led governments have run down the country's economy and focus on finding solutions to the crisis. He was addressing leaders of the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) forum at his farm in Kwekwe Sunday. Mnangagwa also said he was not going to attempt to please every Zimbabwean, adding that this was impossible. ECOWAS Backs Adesina's Second Term Bid for AfDB Presidency http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ecowas-backs-adesina-s-second-term-bid-for-afdb-presidency The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has endorsed the candidacy of current African Development Bank (AfDB) President, Akinwumi Adesina, for a second term at the bank. A statement on Monday by Emeka Anuforo, Communication and External Relations Executive at AfDB, said the decision was announced at the end of the 56th ordinary session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS, held on Saturday in Abuja. Nigeria releases Sowore and Dasuki after AG orders bail http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-releases-sowore-and-dasuki-after-ag-orders-bail Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore and former national security adviser Sambo Dasuki left prison Tuesday evening after the attorney general ordered their release on bail, in recognition of court orders. Botswana court dismisses challenge to October election result http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/botswana-court-dismisses-challenge-to-october-election-result Botswana’s high court on Tuesday dismissed petitions filed by the main opposition parties against the election result that returned the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) to a parliamentary majority. The BDP of President Mokgweetsi Masisi won the election in October with 38 seats - automatically making their candidate president - while the opposition Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) got 15 seats, and two smaller parties got four between them. Thirty-five civilians killed in Burkina Faso after army repels militant attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thirty-five-civilians-killed-in-burkina-faso-after-army-repels-militant-attack Burkina Faso insurgents killed 35 mostly female civilians on Tuesday after attacking a military outpost in northern Soum Province, and about 87 militants and local security forces were killed in the clash, authorities said. President Roch Marc Kabore declared two days of national mourning in the west African country in response to the attack. Rhino poaching at record levels in Botswana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rhino-poaching-at-record-levels-in-botswana Rhino poaching in Botswana’s Okavango Delta has risen at an unprecedented rate with 23 white rhinoceros and eight black rhinoceros killed since October 2018, the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism said. “Between April and October 2019, nine rhinos were killed. The unfortunate incidents have increased with 13 more rhinos having been poached from October to date,” the ministry said in a statement seen by Reuters late on Monday. Sultan tackles CAN over U.S. report on religious persecution in Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sultan-tackles-can-over-u-s-report-on-religious-persecution-in-nigeria The Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar lll, has reacted to the recent U.S. classification of Nigeria as a nation that tolerates religious persecution. The monarch specifically dismissed claims made by the Christian Association on Nigeria, (CAN), who while reacting to the report, said Christians are being persecuted in Nigeria. 8 Kenyan fishermen rescued in Indian Ocean after 18 days http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/8-kenyan-fishermen-rescued-in-indian-ocean-after-18-days Police have rescued eight fishermen who miraculously survived 18 days in the Indian Ocean along the Kenyan coast. The eight were spotted and rescued by marine police on patrol on Christmas Day. Sudan, South Sudan extend oil deal up to 2022 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/sudan-south-sudan-extend-oil-deal-up-to-2022 South Sudan and Sudan have signed an agreement extending the oil deal up to March 2022, state news agency Suna has confirmed. The agreement, signed in Khartoum on Monday, stipulates that Juba pays $26 for each oil barrel passing through the Sudanese pipeline operator, Petrolines for Crude Oil Ltd and $24.1 for each oil barrel transported through Bashayer Pipeline Company. Eritrea president in Ethiopia on official visit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrea-president-in-ethiopia-on-official-visit Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki is in Ethiopia on an official visit. He was met at the Addis Ababa International airport by his host Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Eritrea’s Information Minister said in a tweet that: “The two leaders will discuss enhancement of important bilateral and regional matters.” Afwerki was accompanied by Eritrea’s Foreign Minister Osman Saleh and presidential advisor Yemane Ghebreab. Ivory Coast presidential candidate Soro rejects coup allegations http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-presidential-candidate-soro-rejects-coup-allegations Former Ivory Coast rebel leader Guillaume Soro dismissed an arrest warrant issued against him as baseless and said he would pursue his campaign as a presidential candidate from overseas, according to comments published in a French newspaper on Sunday. Ivory Coast’s public prosecutor issued the warrant for Soro on Dec. 23 as part of an investigation into an alleged coup plot, forcing him to call off a planned homecoming for the first time since May and ahead of the October 2020 election. Rwanda's Kagame, Tanzania's Magufuli, Burundi's Nkurunziza to quit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-s-kagame-tanzania-s-magufuli-burundi-s-nkurunziza-to-quit Rwanda’s president on Thursday reiterated his commitment to walk away from the presidency when the current term he is serving expires in 2024. Similar commitments by Burundi’s president Pierre Nkurunziza, Tanzania’s John Pombe Magufuli and Kenya’s Uhuru Kenyatta have ignited debate in the East African region on the politics of long-serving presidents. Zambian president cuts his wages as energy prices rise http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zambian-president-cuts-his-wages-as-energy-prices-rise Zambian President Edgar Lungu cut his salary and those of senior cabinet ministers on Friday, as higher electricity and fuel prices take effect, his office said. The price of petrol gained 10% to 17.62 kwacha ($1.27) per litre on Thursday, while that for diesel fuel rose by 9.6% to 15.59 kwacha. UN chief condemns deadly Mogadishu attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/un-chief-condemns-deadly-mogadishu-attack The United Nations has strongly condemned what it has described as a "horrendous" car bomb attack in the Somali capital, Mogadishu on Saturday that left at least 78 people dead, including many students. Africa’s genetic material is still being misused http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-s-genetic-material-is-still-being-misused Biodiversity – the variation in all living organisms – is one of Africa’s richest assets. As a result, its genetic material is coveted by scientists, biotechnology companies and research institutes globally. For decades, there has been a flow of data and biosamples from the African continent to the global north. This has often been in the absence of legitimate participant consent, community engagement or data or material transfer agreements. Guinea-Bissau presidential candidate Embalo claims victory, opponent says wait http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-presidential-candidate-embalo-claims-victory-opponent-says-wait Former army general and ex-Prime Minister Umaro Cissoko Embalo said on Monday he was on course to win Guinea Bissau’s presidential election and his opponent urged the nation to await official results. Al-Shabaab claims Mogadishu bombing as Somalia deals with aftermath http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-shabaab-claims-mogadishu-bombing-as-somalia-deals-with-aftermath Al-Qaeda affiliated insurgent group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the weekend attack that killed 80 people in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The group’s spokesperson, Ali Dhere, confirmed the news on their radio station, Radio Andalus, multiple media sources reported on Monday, two days after the incident. Mozambique opposition rejects accusation of role in attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-opposition-rejects-accusation-of-role-in-attacks Mozambique's main opposition on Monday dismissed government accusations that it was responsible for highway ambushes that have left at least 10 dead. Armed men have attacked buses and trucks travelling on the main north-to-south highway in central Mozambique, an opposition bastion. Burundi seeks 15-year jail term for journalists http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-seeks-15-year-jail-term-for-journalists Burundi prosecutors Monday sought 15-year jail terms for four reporters and their driver who were detained covering an incursion of rebels from Democratic Republic of Congo and charged with endangering state security. The journalists were working for Iwacu, one of Burundi's few independent media outlets when they were arrested on October 22. When successors rebel against their mentors: Mauritania, Angola, Botswana http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/when-successors-rebel-against-their-mentors-mauritania-angola-botswana Mauritania’s former president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz has become the latest leader on the African continent to fall out with his ‘anointed’ successor, over control of the ruling party. On the African continent, it is not uncommon to have leaders that rule their nations for decades, and when they eventually bow out, their prefered successor usually sails to power. Jawar Mohammed explains decision to join Ethiopia opposition party http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/jawar-mohammed-explains-decision-to-join-ethiopia-opposition-party Ethiopia’s prominent activist Jawar Mohammed explained that he joined the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress party (OFC) because of its strong stand on federalism. Jawar’s membership in OFC comes five months before general elections that will test the popularity of reformist Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the east African nation of more than 100 million people. “I have been working with the party as a supporter for a long time,” Jawar told The Associated Press on Tuesday. Guinea-Bissau: Former PM Embalo wins presidential election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-former-pm-embalo-wins-presidential-election Former Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Umaro Cissoko Embalo has been elected president after winning a run-off vote against another ex-prime minister. The 47-year-old beat rival Domingos Simoes Pereira by about 54% to 46%, the electoral commission announced. Kenya: Three killed in Lamu county bus attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-three-killed-in-lamu-county-bus-attack Three people have been killed after a bus was attacked in Kenya close to the Somali border, local officials say. Two others were injured and are being treated at local clinics. Magufuli pledges to reinforce war on looters of public funds in 2020 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/magufuli-pledges-to-reinforce-war-on-looters-of-public-funds-in-2020 Tanzanian President John Magufuli has pledged to continue his fight against looters of public funds in 2020 saying the nation has been robbed of its resources by a few greedy individuals, the presidency said on Wednesday. Fourteen killed in bomb attack on bus convoy in Burkina Faso http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fourteen-killed-in-bomb-attack-on-bus-convoy-in-burkina-faso Fourteen people were killed and 19 wounded when a bus carrying students ran over an improvised explosive device on Saturday in northern Burkina Faso, the government said. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the blast, which hit one bus in a convoy of three that was carrying 160 passengers in all, it said in a statement. Ethiopia amends controversial anti-terrorism law that banned protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-amends-controversial-anti-terrorism-law-that-banned-protests The Ethiopian parliament late last week approved amendments to the country’s controversial anti-terrorist legislation. The new version has more concise language as opposed to the old one whose wording was criticised as vague by activists and human rights organisations. Zimbabwe votes against U.N. resolution on Rohingya persecution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-votes-against-u-n-resolution-on-rohingya-persecution Zimbabwe was the only African country that voted against a United Nations General Assembly, UNGA, resolution on the Myanmar persecution of Rohingya Muslims. The resolution, “Situation of Rohingya Muslims and Other Minorities in Myanmar” was however passed overwhelmingly with 134 countries in favour as against nine in opposition and 28 abstentions. Al-Shabaab attacks base used by U.S.-Kenyan troops http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/al-shabaab-attacks-base-used-by-u-s-kenyan-troops The al-Shabab extremist group attacked a military base used by U.S. and Kenyan troops in coastal Kenya early Sunday, with U.S. aircraft and vehicles destroyed, Kenyan authorities said. Kenya’s military said the pre-dawn breach was repulsed and at least four attackers were killed. A plume of black smoke rose above the base near the Somali border. Residents said a car bomb had exploded. Kenyan police arrest three for trying to breach British army camp http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-police-arrest-three-for-trying-to-breach-british-army-camp Police arrested three men who tried to break into a British army camp in Laikipia in central Kenya, police said in a report seen by Reuters on Monday. Uganda police blocks Bobi Wine's 'political consultations' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-police-blocks-bobi-wine-s-political-consultations Police in Uganda have blocked a political consultation drive initiated by opposition lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine. Reports say the police insist that the chosen venue, Our Lady of Good Counsel in Gayaza, was an open grounds and all political events can only hold in closed spaces. Two coordinators of Wine’s team have also been arrested. Iran-U.S. tensions: SA outrage, Nigeria alert, Horn of Africa risk http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/iran-u-s-tensions-sa-outrage-nigeria-alert-horn-of-africa-risk Most international news outlets are reporting on developments around the ever growing tensions between the United States and Iran. America’s assassination last week of General Qassem Soleimani, Commander of Iranian Quds Force, has led to threats and counter threats by both sides. Iran threatens revenge whiles the U.S. dares them to do so. Three Americans killed in Al-Shabaab attack on US military base in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/three-americans-killed-in-al-shabaab-attack-on-us-military-base-in-kenya Al-Shabab extremists overran a key military base used by U.S. counterterror forces in Kenya before dawn Sunday, killing three American Department of Defense personnel and destroying several U.S. aircraft and vehicles before they were repelled, U.S. and Kenyan authorities said. The attack on the Manda Bay Airfield was the al-Qaida-linked group’s first attack against U.S. forces in the East African country, and the military called the security situation “fluid” several hours after the assault. South Africa steps up its game to end mother-to-child transmission of HIV http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-steps-up-its-game-to-end-mother-to-child-transmission-of-hiv South Africa’s prevention of mother-to-child transmission programme has achieved remarkable successes in recent years. It has improved the health and life expectancy for pregnant women living with HIV, and it has reduced the risk of transmission of the virus to their offspring. HIV can be transmitted during pregnancy, at the time of delivery, and through breastfeeding. The most critical intervention to prevent transmission is to ensure that the mother has undetectable HIV viral load levels in her bloodstream. This is done by providing her with effective antiretroviral treatment (ART). Ivorian president wants to amend constitution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivorian-president-wants-to-amend-constitution Ivory Coast’s president Alassane Ouattara on Monday said he would propose “modifications” to the country’s constitution, even as he rubbished claims by the opposition that he plans to sideline opponents from this year’s presidential elections. In ceremonies to mark the New Year, Ouattara said, “In the first quarter of the year, I will put to parliament proposals for modifications to the constitution.” Russia's VTB sues Mozambique over $2bln debt scandal http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/russia-s-vtb-sues-mozambique-over-2bln-debt-scandal Russia's VTB said on Tuesday it had filed a lawsuit in Britain against Mozambique after a state-owned company implicated in a multi-million-dollar bribery scandal defaulted on loan repayments. The bank wants to recover $535 million it lent to Mozambique Asset Management (MAM) to fund a shipyard project in 2013. MAM defaulted in 2017. Mali govt anti-US Twitter comments an 'unfortunate mistake' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-govt-anti-us-twitter-comments-an-unfortunate-mistake A former Malian government official claimed responsibility on Tuesday for embarrassing tweets from the president's account which labelled the US assassination of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani as a "fuck-up". Togo president confirms candidacy for fourth term http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/togo-president-confirms-candidacy-for-fourth-term Togo's president Faure Gnassingbe on Tuesday confirmed his candidacy for elections next month that look set to see him claim a fourth term and extend his family's decades-long rule. The incumbent has been in power for nearly 15 years since taking over after the death of his father Gnassingbe Eyadema, who led the small West African nation with an iron fist for 38 years. US sanctions South Sudan vice president over human rights http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/us-sanctions-south-sudan-vice-president-over-human-rights The US on Wednesday imposed sanctions on South Sudan’s First Vice-President Taban Deng Gai for his involvement in serious violations of human rights “including the disappearance and death of civilians.” The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) said it was penalising Mr Gai for his hand in silencing critics, including through death; making him the latest top official to face the wrath of Washington’s sanctions. Gai, as sanctioned is barred from entering US territory, own assets there or do business with Americans. Traditional crops puff hopes for climate resilience in Kenya http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/traditional-crops-puff-hopes-for-climate-resilience-in-kenya Two years ago, Michael Gichangi launched a business he hopes will help his rural community better cope with climate change stresses: making puffed cereal from climate-hardy traditional grains. Using a $1,000 machine he bought, he pops millet—a drought-tolerant grain, but one not as widely eaten as staple maize—and turns it into a popular snack. Air France probes death of stowaway on Abidjan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/air-france-probes-death-of-stowaway-on-abidjan Air France is probing circumstances under which an individual managed to stowaway on a flight between the Ivorian capital Abidjan and the French capital Paris. Again.. Uganda police thwart MP Bobi Wine's scheduled gathering http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/again-uganda-police-thwart-mp-bobi-wine-s-scheduled-gathering Ugandan police on Wednesday chased organizers of opposition “People Power Movement” as they undertook grounds preparation for political consultations by leader, Bobi Wine, real name Robert Kyagulanyi. The Daily Monitor reported that the coordinators went to venue of the meeting, the Grand Pacific Hotel in Lira town, but were chased away by police who had been deployed overnight to block the consultative exercise. Ethiopian PM Abiy expects parliamentary election in May or June http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-pm-abiy-expects-parliamentary-election-in-may-or-june Ethiopia will hold a parliamentary election in May or June despite security and logistic concerns, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Sunday. The election will be the first under Nobel Peace Laureate Abiy, who took office in April 2018 and launched political and economic reforms. Niger army base attack death toll rises to at least 89 -security sources http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/niger-army-base-attack-death-toll-rises-to-at-least-89-security-sources The death toll from Thursday’s attack by suspected jihadists on a Niger army base has risen to at least 89, four security sources said, surpassing a raid last month that killed 71 soldiers as the deadliest against Nigerien forces in years. The government said on Thursday that 25 soldiers were killed, according to a provisional death toll, while successfully repelling the attack in the western town of Chinagodrar by assailants aboard motorcycles and other vehicles. US-Iran hostility recipe for instability in Horn of Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/us-iran-hostility-recipe-for-instability-in-horn-of-africa A waning urge for direct interstate conflicts may have weakened the likelihood for a full-blown war, experts said of the tensions between the US and Iran. But experts warned the Horn of Africa and the wider continent could still be roped in along ideological differences between Iran and US allies. Amisom and US warn of resilient al Shabaab http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/amisom-and-us-warn-of-resilient-al-shabaab The African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) and US Africa Command (Africom) who are security partners in Somalia have warned that Al Shabaab have built sufficient resilience and weaponry to keep launching deadly attacks inside the country. On January 5, al Shabaab launched an attack at military base in Kenya that hosts US and Kenyan personnel, and killed one soldier and two Department of Defence contractors. Maxence Melo's Jamii Forums: Tanzania’s 'accidental journalist' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/maxence-melo-s-jamii-forums-tanzania-s-accidental-journalist Tanzania's Maxence Melo, the winner of last year's International Press Freedom Award, never set out to be a journalist. Sixteen years ago, he co-founded Jamii Forums, a website that exposed corruption and helped push for political accountability - as an alternative to the mainstream news outlets. It won him global acclaim, for representing the best of journalism. But in the last three years, he has been to court 137 times and has been detained overnight for his work. Angolan courts could take action to seize dos Santos' assets abroad 'if necessary' - prosecution http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angolan-courts-could-take-action-to-seize-dos-santos-assets-abroad-if-necessary-prosecution Angolan courts have not taken any action to have billionaire ex-first daughter Isabel Dos Santos’ assets seized abroad but “will not hesitate to resort to such mechanisms if necessary”, a prosecution spokesman told Reuters. Guinea-Bissau Supreme Court rejects challenge to presidential election result http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-supreme-court-rejects-challenge-to-presidential-election-result Guinea-Bissau’s Supreme Court on Sunday rejected a challenge against Umaro Cissoko Embalo’s victory in last month’s election run-off by the defeated candidate, who complained of fraud. Kenya police confirm death of 3 teachers in Garissa Al-Shabaab attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-police-confirm-death-of-3-teachers-in-garissa-al-shabaab-attack Kenyan police on Monday said at least three people were killed on Monday in an attack by Al-Shabab extremists in the eastern part of the country. The militants from neighboring Somalia attacked Kamuthe center in Garissa county, setting fire to a police post and attempting to destroy a telecommunication mast, police said in a report seen by The Associated Press. East African nations hit by swarm invasion http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-african-nations-hit-by-swarm-invasion Several East African nations including Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya are struggling to cope with a swarm invasion that has lasted over a month, causing panic in the agriculture, aviation and public sectors. The locusts, part of the grasshopper family, have led to what the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has termed the “worst situation in 25 years” in the Horn of Africa as the region is suffering its worst invasion for decades. Ethiopia PM advises Trump to complain to Nobel Prize Committee http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-pm-advises-trump-to-complain-to-nobel-prize-committee Ethiopia’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed has advised US president Donald Trump to direct his complaints about not winning the Nobel Peace Prize to the awards committee in Oslo. Abiy in December 2019 received the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the 2018 Ethiopia – Eritrea peace deal and reforms back home. How should Africa deal with Russia? http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-should-africa-deal-with-russia Russia has become increasingly active in Africa in recent years. Gyude Moore examines its activities and argues that they signal a need for Africa to adopt a common strategy for dealing with powerful external actors. The Upcoming Municipal and Legislative Elections in Cameroon http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-upcoming-municipal-and-legislative-elections-in-cameroon The 2020 Cameroonian legislative and municipal elections will take place on 09 February. This came after both elections were extended twice in line with Article 15 of the Constitution of Cameroon. The elections which had been originally scheduled to hold in 2018 were first postponed after President Paul Biya requested a delay until October 2019 from the Senate. The parliament of the country also voted on 2 July 2019 to extend the elections by twelve months, although reports online indicated that the president negotiated with the parliament to further delay the parliamentary elections to coincide with municipal elections in February 2020. Nigeria seeks to boost revenue, support small firms with new finance law http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-seeks-to-boost-revenue-support-small-firms-with-new-finance-law Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has signed into law a new bill that seeks to boost government revenue through a rise in the value-added tax rate while at the same time supporting small businesses in Africa’s biggest economy. France, five West African states to bolster military cooperation http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/france-five-west-african-states-to-bolster-military-cooperation France and five West African states agreed on Monday to combine their military forces under one command structure to fight a growing battle in the Sahel region, with Paris committing an extra 220 troops. Protester killed as Guineans resume anti-Conde protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/protester-killed-as-guineans-resume-anti-conde-protests One young protester in Guinea was shot dead and many others arrested Monday in the suburbs of the capital, Conakry, amid demonstrations against the president’s bid to seek another term in office, witnesses said. Guinean opposition parties called for the protests to be held in residential neighborhoods to avoid a mass gathering in the capital’s center after the government said such a march would be shut down. Young protesters burned tires in various suburbs, as most people stayed off the streets of Conakry to avoid any violence. Nigerians on social media divide over private use of presidential jet by Buhari's daughter http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigerians-on-social-media-divide-over-private-use-of-presidential-jet-by-buhari-s-daughter One young protester in Guinea was shot dead and many others arrested Monday in the suburbs of the capital, Conakry, amid demonstrations against the president’s bid to seek another term in office, witnesses said. Race to refine: the bid to clean up Africa’s gold rush http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/race-to-refine-the-bid-to-clean-up-africa-s-gold-rush In a refinery just outside Uganda’s main airport, workers slip bars of freshly refined gold into clear plastic bags sealed with a sticker of the national flag - black, yellow and red - and the label “Ugandan’s Treasure.” Ethiopia sets tentative August date for elections http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-sets-tentative-august-date-for-elections Ethiopia proposes to hold its national vote on Aug. 16, the electoral board said on Wednesday, the first poll under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who has eased political restrictions and taken steps to open the economy since taking office in 2018. Ethiopian Airlines to start building new $5 bln airport this year - CEO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-airlines-to-start-building-new-5-bln-airport-this-year-ceo Ethiopian Airlines will start constructing a new $5 billion airport later this year, its chief executive officer was quoted as saying on Wednesday, as the rapidly-expanding carrier outgrows capacity at its current base in Addis Ababa. Mozambique leader Nyusi sworn in despite opposition boycott http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mozambique-leader-nyusi-sworn-in-despite-opposition-boycott Mozambique’s President Filipe Nyusi was sworn in on Wednesday at a ceremony attended by cheering supporters and dignitaries, but boycotted by opposition politicians who dispute his October election win as fraudulent. Ethiopia's activist turned politician raises 'red flag' over proposed poll date http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-s-activist-turned-politician-raises-red-flag-over-proposed-poll-date Jawar Mohammed, an influential political activist turned politician is among many Ethiopians reacting to the announcement of a date for elections slated for this year. According to him, many people have long suspected that the ruling party is by the August date seeking to leverage on incumbency to “lock out” opposition parties especially from reaching rural areas. Nigeria and 5 other nations opposed to change of CFA franc to Eco http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-and-5-other-nations-opposed-to-change-of-cfa-franc-to-eco Six West African countries have criticised what the changes of the regional CFA Franc currency to Eco, saying its not in line with what was agreed for the adoption of a single regional currency. Members of the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) Convergence Council said they “noted with concern” the December 21 announcement “to unilaterally rename” the CFA franc, used by eight countries, as the Eco by 2020. Uganda-Kenya milk war boils over http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-kenya-milk-war-boils-over The escalating trade dispute between Kenya and Uganda over milk exports, is just one of many facing all EAC partner states and underlines critical gaps in the regional integration project that could potentially harm the economies. Djibouti rejects awarding port operations to Dubai firm http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/djibouti-rejects-awarding-port-operations-to-dubai-firm The Djibouti government has rejected an order of arbitration that awarded control of a key port terminal to an Emirati firm – DP World. In what could either settle or perpetuate the row over the lucrative facility, President Ismail Guelleh said on Thursday Djibouti will not honour the decision of the London Court of International Arbitration because it violates the country’s “high national interest.” Gambia names 1000-seater edifice after ex-president Jawara http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-names-1000-seater-edifice-after-ex-president-jawara The Gambian government has named a new conference facility after the country’s former president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. Jawara, Gambia’s first president died last year. President Adama Barrow was at the opening of the 1000-seater multi-purpose facility located in Bijilo, a suburb of the capital Banjul. It is located in the Bijilo National Park popularly referred to as “Monkey Park.” The ceremony took place on January 12, 2020. Africa criminalizes trafficking of fake drugs http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-criminalizes-trafficking-of-fake-drugs Africa has agreed to criminalize the trafficking of fake drugs on the continent. This was reached in Lome, Togo on Saturday where seven African leaders and their partners held a summit to tackle the menace. UK-Africa Summit: Britain seeks new trade deals as it exits European Union http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uk-africa-summit-britain-seeks-new-trade-deals-as-it-exits-european-union The United Kingdom is positioning itself to be the ‘investment partner of choice’ for Africa, holding a summit with leaders of 21 African countries on Monday, days before it leaves the European Union (EU). Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, who secured the country’s January 31st departure from the EU trading bloc is determined to enter into new agreements with other countries. No solution yet to South Sudan issue of the number of states http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/no-solution-yet-to-south-sudan-issue-of-the-number-of-states The controversial issue of the number of states in South Sudan is now in the hands of South Africa after the two principals failed to agree. On Wednesday, South Sudan President Salva Kiir and opposition leader Riek Machar handed over the issue to South African vice-president David Mabuza, after a two-day face-to-face meeting in Juba failed to produce results. Kenya's green bond listed on the London Stock Exchange http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-green-bond-listed-on-the-london-stock-exchange Kenya has floated a $40 million green bond on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The bond, by Nairobi-based property developer Acorn Holdings, started trading at the LSE on January 20, 2020 following its launch by Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. Document trove shows how Isabel dos Santos stole fortune with the help of Western advisers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/document-trove-shows-how-isabel-dos-santos-stole-fortune-with-the-help-of-western-advisers An award-winning investigative team published a trove of files Sunday allegedly showing how Africa's richest woman syphoned hundreds of millions of dollars of public money into offshore accounts. The New York-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) worked with newspapers such as Munich's Suddeutsche Zeitung to reveal the "Panama Papers" tax haven scandal in 2016. Somalia 'invited Turkey to explore oil in its seas' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-invited-turkey-to-explore-oil-in-its-seas Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said that Somalia invited Turkey to conduct oil exploration in its seas, news agency Reuters quotes private broadcaster NTV as saying. Yahya Jammeh faces arrest if he returns to Gambia - minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/yahya-jammeh-faces-arrest-if-he-returns-to-gambia-minister Former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh will be arrested if he attempts to return to the country, a minister has told the BBC. Justice Minister Aboubacarr Tambadou said he would like to prosecute Mr Jammeh himself over his "brutal" rule. Ethiopian Jawar Mohammed 'cries' over security idleness amid attacks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopian-jawar-mohammed-cries-over-security-idleness-amid-attacks Ethiopian politician and media owner Jawar Mohammed is accusing security forces of being passive during an attack on a building complex housing his media outfit, the Oromo Media Network, OMN. The activist turned politician shared photos of a damaged office complex he said was located in Harar, in eastern Ethiopia. He said aside OMN, offices of the party he belongs to, the Oromo Federalist Congress, OFC, were also attacked. Boko Haram cuts off Maiduguri from Nigeria's national power grid http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/boko-haram-cuts-off-maiduguri-from-nigeria-s-national-power-grid Maiduguri, capital of Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State is without electricity after Boko Haram insurgents cut off power supply from the national electricity grid. The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), confirmed in a statement on Monday, that the insurgents had damaged the electricity equipment serving the state capital and its environs. Preserving Yoruba language: the current status http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/preserving-yoruba-language-the-current-status Since the inauguration of the new Lagos Yoruba language policy officially proclaimed by the immediate former state governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, Yoruba language has assumed an unprecedented status of lingua franca in schools throughout the state. Both public and private schools have so far made indefatigable efforts to maintain the singing of the national anthem in Yoruba, as well as have Wednesdays as special days on which classes are held in Yoruba language. Portugal probes Angola leaks as Eurobic bank distances itself from dos Santos http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/portugal-probes-angola-leaks-as-eurobic-bank-distances-itself-from-dos-santos Portuguese authorities said on Monday they had started investigating media reports concerning Angolan billionaire Isabel dos Santos, while a small bank said it had decided to put an end to commercial relationships with entities she controls. Tanzania deregisters nine universities over failure to improve academic standards http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-deregisters-nine-universities-over-failure-to-improve-academic-standards The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) on Tuesday announced deregistration of nine universities for failing to take corrective measures aimed at improving the standard of education in their campuses. "The deregistered universities have failed to take remedial measures given to them in 2018 to improve the standards of education they offered," said Charles Kihampa, TCU Executive Secretary. Kenya steps up surveillance amid Coronavirus fears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-steps-up-surveillance-amid-coronavirus-fears Kenya has stepped up surveillance for coronavirus at all its ports of entry. The Ministry of Health has announced that passengers from China, where there is an outbreak, will be screened for the virus. Burundi president to get $530,000 golden parachute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-president-to-get-530-000-golden-parachute The parliament of Burundi has voted to pay one billion francs ($530,000; £400,00) to President Pierre Nkurunziza as he prepares to leave office. Mr Nkurunziza has promised not to run for another term in the general election due in May. Rwanda to waive visa fees for Africans, Commonwealth, OIF citizens http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/rwanda-to-waive-visa-fees-for-africans-commonwealth-oif-citizens Rwanda is considering waiving visa fees for a broad category of visitors entering the country, president Paul Kagame is reported to have said in London. The waiver if eventually passed will mean that all Africans, citizens of Commonwealth nations and the Francophonie will be admitted into Rwanda without having to pay visa fees. Trump's new travel ban 'targets' Eritrea, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trump-s-new-travel-ban-targets-eritrea-nigeria-sudan-tanzania Four African nations are targets of a new travel ban by United States president Donald Trump, multiple news sources have reported. An official announcement is expected by next week. Incidentally, only one of the quartet is a Muslim-majority nation i.e. Sudan. The others are Eritrea, Nigeria and Tanzania. Zimbabwe judge blasts soldiers for harassing Chiwenga's wife http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-judge-blasts-soldiers-for-harassing-chiwenga-s-wife Zimbabwe’s vice president Constantino Chiwenga and the military were on Friday criticised for abusing state resources, when soldiers were used in a divorce-related dispute. Coronavirus outbreak: Lagos, other African airports screening travelers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/coronavirus-outbreak-lagos-other-african-airports-screening-travelers Nigerian health authorities have begun conducting checks at Lagos airport amid a deadly coronavirus outbreak in China, where many Nigerian citizens work. Tanzanian home affairs minister fired over $453 mln contract http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzanian-home-affairs-minister-fired-over-453-mln-contract Tanzanian President John Magufuli fired his home affairs minister Kangi Lugola on Thursday, accusing him of mismanaging a 408 million euro ($453 million) fire department contract. Magufuli, who faces re-election for a second five-year term this year, has cultivated the image of a hard-nosed leader who swiftly fires ministers and officials who do not toe his line. NRM to endorse Museveni for another term http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nrm-to-endorse-museveni-for-another-term President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who has been in power for 34 years will on January 26 seek endorsement of the ruling National Resistance Movement to run for the presidency. President Museveni is set to walk into the Mandela National Stadium at Nambole where NRM delegates will announce him the sole presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections. Trade wars among EAC members cast doubts on summit http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/trade-wars-among-eac-members-cast-doubts-on-summit Trade wars among East African Community members have put in doubt the 21st Ordinary EAC Heads of State Summit slated for February. A cloud of uncertainty now hangs on the summit that was supposed to be held in November last year but was called off at the last minute in unclear circumstances. Ethiopians demand truth over abduction in Oromia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopians-demand-truth-over-abduction-in-oromia Ethiopians are expressing anger and frustration over several university students, most of them female, who remain missing after their kidnapping two months ago. A growing social media campaign echoes the #BringBackOurGirls activism in Nigeria over the mass kidnapping there of scores of schoolgirls in 2014. Ethiopians are pressuring the government for answers in the abduction in the Oromia region. Gambia govt bans protests, silences critical media http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gambia-govt-bans-protests-silences-critical-media Gambia’s government on Sunday banned the group that has been mobilising the populace to demand departure of President Adama Barrow. For weeks now, tension has been building in The Gambia, a tiny West African country surrounded by Senegal, over Barrow’s decision to stay in office for five years after initially pledging to step down after three. In East Africa, S. Sudan most corrupt, Rwanda least: report http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/in-east-africa-s-sudan-most-corrupt-rwanda-least-report South Sudan has been ranked the most corrupt country in East Africa followed by Burundi. Kenya and Uganda tie in third position, according to latest Corruption Perception Index 2019 report published by Transparency International. Angola: Portuguese hacker says he leaked dos Santos corruption files http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-portuguese-hacker-says-he-leaked-dos-santos-corruption-files A Portuguese hacker is claiming responsibility for leaking confidential documents implicating the billionaire daughter of a former prominent African leader in alleged murky international business deals. Lawyers for Rui Pinto, who is in a Lisbon jail awaiting trial in a separate case, said in a statement Monday he gave the information about Isabel dos Santos to the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa, an advocacy group based in Paris, in 2018. Coronavirus: Ethiopian isolates 4; Kenya, Ivory Coast test suspected cases http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/coronavirus-ethiopian-isolates-4-kenya-ivory-coast-test-suspected-cases The coronavirus was confirmed in the Chinese city on January 7, 2020. Cases have since been confirmed in several other Asian countries, Europe and the United States. The World Health Organisation’s Africa emergency response program manager Michel Yao advised health ministers in the region to activate standard flu screening at airports for passengers coming from mainland China. South African photographer of 'black lives' Santu Mofokeng dies aged 63 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-african-photographer-of-black-lives-santu-mofokeng-dies-aged-63 South African photographer Santu Mofokeng, known for his piercing black-and-white pictures of African life in Johannesburg townships during apartheid, died on Sunday aged 63, his family said. Born in Soweto just months before the 1956 “Treason Trial” of Nelson Mandela and more than 150 others, Mofokeng gained prominence for his photographic essays of everyday black life that favoured intimacy over sensationalism. Ivory Coast's Soro says he remains presidential candidate despite warrant http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ivory-coast-s-soro-says-he-remains-presidential-candidate-despite-warrant Former Ivory Coast rebel leader Guillaume Soro said on Tuesday he would not drop out of presidential elections set for the end of the year, despite an arrest warrant out against him. “I definitely remain a candidate in the election. Those who tried to stop me from going back to my homeland will not stop me from being a candidate,” he told Reuters in Paris. For Burundi gravedigger, bodies and memories resurface as mass grave exhumed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/for-burundi-gravedigger-bodies-and-memories-resurface-as-mass-grave-exhumed What seems like a lifetime ago, Barampama Maximilien shoveled dirt over rows of bodies at gunpoint, sweating in fear that he would be next. This week the skeletons—and his memories—emerged from Burundi’s red earth. Corruption in South Africa: echoes of leaders who plundered their countries http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/corruption-in-south-africa-echoes-of-leaders-who-plundered-their-countries One of the shameful achievements of the African National Congress (ANC) in its 25 years of governing post-apartheid South Africa is that it’s living up to the political stereotype of what is wrong with post-colonial Africa – unethical and corrupt African leaders who exercise power through patronage. The widespread corruption in post-apartheid South Africa is epitomised by what is now referred to as “state capture”. The effects of the entrenched corruption are exemplified by frequent power cuts devastating the economy. Another example is the government’s failure to keep the trains running. The changing face of Burkina Faso’s terrorist threat http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-changing-face-of-burkina-faso-s-terrorist-threat Burkina Faso has been experiencing regular attacks led by armed terrorist groups from neighbouring countries. Surrounded by six countries, it is the northern part bordering Mali and Niger – particularly the Soum province – that has been most affected. And the security situation is only getting worse. Zimbabwe public workers accept 140% pay hike, seek more http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-public-workers-accept-140-pay-hike-seek-more Zimbabwe’s public sector workers have accepted a 140% salary hike starting this month, a union official said on Wednesday, averting a potential strike against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Drone academy students help map out Africa's future http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/drone-academy-students-help-map-out-africa-s-future For Ethiopian aeronautical engineer Lydia Elias, building and piloting a drone to support humanitarian and development projects on the continent of her birth has been a lifelong dream. Kenya eyes new trade agreement with US next week http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-eyes-new-trade-agreement-with-us-next-week Kenya is expected to sign a new free trade deal with the US next week in a move that could make the country the only one in sub-Saharan Africa to have reached such a pact with Washington. The new trade deal, which the US has hinted will be used as a model for other African countries when the current trade pact under Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) ends in five years, is expected to boost trade with America. Mali to 'recruit 10,000 more soldiers' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-to-recruit-10-000-more-soldiers The prime minister of Mali has announced plans for a major military recruitment drive in order to address the growing threat from jihadist groups. Abacha's loot to be 'reinvested in Nigeria's roads' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/abacha-s-loot-to-be-reinvested-in-nigeria-s-roads Nigerian media report that vast assets looted by former military ruler Sani Abacha are to be repatriated to the country from the US and Jersey. Mass failure in the WASSCE English among Nigerian students: a way out http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mass-failure-in-the-wassce-english-among-nigerian-students-a-way-out In its article entitled, ‘Mass failure in WASSCE’ published on March 12, 2019, Daily Trust reports a general failure of Nigerian students in English language in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination both the January session since its commencement in 2018, and the other two sessions (May/June and October/November over the years. French defence ministry to send 600 more troops to Africa's Sahel http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/french-defence-ministry-to-send-600-more-troops-to-africa-s-sahel France will deploy 600 more soldiers in the fight against Islamists militants in Africa’s Sahel, south of the Sahara, French Defence Minister Florence Parly said on Sunday. Eritrea blasts U.S. visa ban, Nigeria creates committee to address issues http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrea-blasts-u-s-visa-ban-nigeria-creates-committee-to-address-issues Eritrea denounced a U.S. ban on immigrant visas for its citizens as “unacceptable” on Saturday, while Nigeria’s government said it had created a committee to address the issues that prompted U.S. President Donald Trump to add the country to the ban. Nigeria and Eritrea were among six countries, four of them in Africa, added to an expanded version of the U.S. visa ban announced on Friday in a presidential proclamation. Tanzania rush for sacred oil kills 20 worshippers http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/tanzania-rush-for-sacred-oil-kills-20-worshippers At least 20 people have been crushed to death and 16 others injured during an outdoor religious service in Tanzania. Worshippers were attending a Pentecostal service at a stadium in the northern town of Moshi on Saturday evening when the incident occurred. Somalia declares emergency over locust swarms http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/somalia-declares-emergency-over-locust-swarms Somalia has declared a national emergency as large swarms of locusts spread across east Africa. The country's Ministry of Agriculture said the insects, which consume large amounts of vegetation, posed "a major threat to Somalia's fragile food security situation". Israeli PM hopes Uganda will open embassy in Jerusalem in "near future" http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/israeli-pm-hopes-uganda-will-open-embassy-in-jerusalem-in-near-future Uganda is “studying” the possibility of opening an embassy in Jerusalem, President Yoweri Museveni said on Monday, during a visit from long-standing ally Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Such a move would be seen internationally as a statement of support for Israel’s claim for the city of Jerusalem to be its capital, a potential political win for Netanyahu less than a month before March 2 national elections. Locust swarms threaten more countries in eastern Africa - FAO http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/locust-swarms-threaten-more-countries-in-eastern-africa-fao Swarms of desert locusts could ravage more countries in eastern Africa and threaten the livelihood of many more people, the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) said on Monday. The swarms, first sighted in December, have already destroyed tens of thousands of hectares (acres) of farmland in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia, threatening food supplies in the worst locust invasion in 70 years. Portugal welcomes dos Santos' sales of stakes http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/portugal-welcomes-dos-santos-sales-of-stakes It’s good news that Angola’s Isabel dos Santos has decided to sell her investments in Portuguese companies, Portugal’s Economy Minister Pedro Siza Vieira told Reuters, saying that would avoid any potential damage to them as she battles fraud charges. The billionaire, whose father Jose Eduardo dos Santos was Angola’s president for 38 years until 2017, last month was named by the country as a suspect over alleged mismanagement and misappropriation of funds while she was chairwoman of state oil firm Sonangol. Eritrean president comes up with regional bloc idea http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eritrean-president-comes-up-with-regional-bloc-idea Eritrean president, Isaias Afwerki is not usually known for regional integration. Critics of the revolutionary who led his country to independence accuse him of dictatorship, a charge he denies. Malawians await ruling on presidential election petition http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawians-await-ruling-on-presidential-election-petition Security problems hit Burkina Faso's 2019 gold production - minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/security-problems-hit-burkina-faso-s-2019-gold-production-minister Burkina Faso’s gold production probably fell slightly last year due partly to security problems and attacks targeting industrial miners, the country’s mines minister said on Tuesday. Oumarou Idani told Reuters that he expected the West African country’s gold production to total 50 tonnes in 2019, down from 53 tonnes in 2018. S.African court issues arrest warrant for ex-president Zuma, stayed until May 6 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-court-issues-arrest-warrant-for-ex-president-zuma-stayed-until-may-6 A South African court issued an arrest warrant for former president Jacob Zuma on Tuesday, after he skipped court on grounds of needing medical treatment, but the judge stayed the warrant until his corruption trial resumes on May 6. Kenya's ex-president Daniel Arap Moi dies at 95 http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-ex-president-daniel-arap-moi-dies-at-95 Kenya’s former president Daniel Arap Moi has died aged 95, according to a statement from the current head of state Uhuru Kenyatta, announced on the state broadcaster on Tuesday morning. Moi, a former schoolteacher who ruled Kenya for 24 years, becoming the country’s longest-serving president had been in hospital for over a month. How Africa has been frozen out of Libya peace efforts http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-africa-has-been-frozen-out-of-libya-peace-efforts With the world's major powers increasingly meddling in Libya, the African Union (AU) has found itself sidelined from initiatives aimed at ending the almost decade-long conflict in the oil-rich state. Nigeria working to have U.S. travel ban lifted -foreign minister http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-working-to-have-u-s-travel-ban-lifted-foreign-minister Nigeria has begun working on the security and information sharing requirements for the lifting of a U.S. travel ban on prospective immigrants from the African nation, Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyeama said on Tuesday. Malawi presidency to challenge court ruling overturning vote result http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-presidency-to-challenge-court-ruling-overturning-vote-result Malawi’s presidency said on Wednesday it would appeal against a court ruling that overturned Peter Mutharika’s narrow election victory, calling the order “a great miscarriage of justice”. Wife of Lesotho prime minister charged with murder of his previous spouse http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/wife-of-lesotho-prime-minister-charged-with-murder-of-his-previous-spouse Lesotho police have charged Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s wife with the murder of his previous spouse, the South African Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday. Police last month issued a warrant of arrest for Thabane’s wife, Maesaiah, after she failed to turn up for questioning in connection with the murder of Thabane’s then-estranged wife Lipolelo on June 14, 2017. Qatar Airways in talks to buy 49% RwandAir stake http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/qatar-airways-in-talks-to-buy-49-rwandair-stake Qatar Airways is in talks to buy a 49% stake in Africa’s RwandAir, and is interested in doubling its holding in LATAM Airlines Group to 20%, its chief executive said on Wednesday. A stake in an African airline would widen its reach in one of the world’s fastest growing aviation regions, and potentially help it bypass restrictions imposed on it by some Arab states. Guinea referendum to hold on March 1 with legislative polls - Conde http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-referendum-to-hold-on-march-1-with-legislative-polls-conde Guinea’s president announced late Tuesday that he would go ahead with a contested plan to revise the West African country’s constitution next month, a move that threatened to further inflame political tensions after a series of deadly demonstrations. “This is a constitutional coup. I call on all Guineans to stand up to block the way to this treachery,” said opposition spokesperson Faya Millimono. Ex-Ivory Coast leader Gbagbo wants unconditional release http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ex-ivory-coast-leader-gbagbo-wants-unconditional-release Lawyers for Ivory Coast’s former president Laurent Gbagbo argued on Thursday that he should be released without conditions while awaiting the prosecution’s appeal against his acquittal at the International Criminal Court. Kenya seeks close ties with both U.S. and China, Kenyan president says http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-seeks-close-ties-with-both-u-s-and-china-kenyan-president-says Kenya sees no conflict in pursuing close ties with both the United States and China, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said on Wednesday, a day before he meets U.S. President Donald Trump to start talks on a potential free trade agreement Kenyatta gave no details, but said his country was keen to secure its economic future ahead of the expiry of the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which allows sub-Saharan African countries to export thousands of products to the United States without tariffs or quotas until 2025. South Africa plans new generating firm to boost power security http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-plans-new-generating-firm-to-boost-power-security South Africa is planning to create a new power generating company separate from struggling state-owned utility Eskom to boost energy security, senior officials said on Thursday. Economic relations to dominate Merkel's visit to South Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/economic-relations-to-dominate-merkel-s-visit-to-south-africa German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Pretoria, South Africa Thursday at the start of a tour of southern Africa that will also take her to Angola. Equatorial Guinea donates $2m to China to help combat coronavirus http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/equatorial-guinea-donates-2m-to-china-to-help-combat-coronavirus The government of Equatorial Guinea has announced a solidarity contribution of $2 million to China over the rampaging coronavirus outbreak. The decision was reached after a cabinet meeting this week. It was chaired by President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. The cabinet also expressed solidarity and support for the Chinese government. Nigeria: South-West Amotekun outfit and the arising issue http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-south-west-amotekun-outfit-and-the-arising-issue The establishment of a security outfit codenamed as ‘Amotekun’ (‘leopard’ in English) is the response of the South-western part of Nigeria to the arising issue of insecurity caused by the unceasing brutal attacks launched by herdsmen on the inhabitants of the region. This outfit, which was established by the governors of the six states in the region, namely Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, and Oyo, was publicly announced on 9th January, 2020 upon a regional security summit which took place in Ibadan in the last June via the Development Agenda for West Nigeria Commission (DAWN). South Sudan govt forces told to vacate civilian buildings http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-govt-forces-told-to-vacate-civilian-buildings With two weeks remaining before the 100-day deadline for the formation of the South Sudan transitional government, the African Union has appealed to government forces to vacate illegally-occupied civilian premises as per the security arrangements. This comes as the AU chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, threatened to impose sanctions on individuals standing in the way of peace. Eyes on AU over Kenya, Djibouti UN Security Council seat dispute http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eyes-on-au-over-kenya-djibouti-un-security-council-seat-dispute The African Union Heads of State and Government meeting in Addis Ababa this weekend may have to address the continual disagreements on the validity of Kenya’s endorsement to run for the United Nations Security Council seat. Ahead of the 33rd Ordinary Summit, Kenya had formally sought clarification from the African Union on why Djibouti is still campaigning for the non-permanent member Security Council seat, yet it lost the nomination to Nairobi last year in a vote. US worried over Guinea's referendum vote, questions fairness of process http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/us-worried-over-guinea-s-referendum-vote-questions-fairness-of-process The United States has officially reacted to plans by Guinean president Alpha Conde to revise the consitution in a move aimed at running for a third term in office. Condé announced in a statement this week that the country will hold a two-way vote on March 1 – for legislative elections and a controversial constitutional referendum. Cameroon votes under tension http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/cameroon-votes-under-tension Cameroon voted Sunday in polls overshadowed by a partial opposition boycott and separatist violence that has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. Elections for the central African country’s legislature and local councils are taking place for the first time in seven years, after two postponements. Zimbabwe to arrest traders transacting in US dollars http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/zimbabwe-to-arrest-traders-transacting-in-us-dollars Zimbabwe’s Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has warned that traders who continue to demand payment in US dollars will face prosecution. In June, the country abandoned the use of the US dollar for its official currency the Zimbabwe dollars; reintroducing a local currency that was scrapped 10 years ago. Swarms of locusts spread deeper into Uganda http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/swarms-of-locusts-spread-deeper-into-uganda Ugandan authorities say swarms of desert locusts that arrived in the country on Sunday have spread to at least two districts in the north east of the country. Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda chaired an emergency meeting of politicians and technocrats within hours of the first swarm of locusts being spotted. African leaders reject Trump's peace plan http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-leaders-reject-trump-s-peace-plan African leaders on Sunday condemned US President Donald Trump’s Mideast peace plan as illegitimate, taking advantage of an African Union summit to voice solidarity with “the Palestinian cause”. AU Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat told assembled heads of state that the plan unveiled in late January represented the “umpteenth violation of multiple United Nations and African Union resolutions”. Africa’s CEOs forecast low revenue growth http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/africa-s-ceos-forecast-low-revenue-growth Chief executives of firms operating in Africa are concerned about weaker than expected growth in revenues this year, largely due to policy uncertainty, over-regulation, exchange rate volatility and turbulence in the global financial markets. A global survey on chief executives released by consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers last week shows that over 50 per cent of top company executives in Africa see policy uncertainty and uncertain global economic growth as key threats to their continental operations, followed by geopolitical uncertainty, social instability and exchange rate volatility. New leader is changing Angola. But the end destination isn’t clear http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/new-leader-is-changing-angola-but-the-end-destination-isn-t-clear João Lourenço’s presidency has blown many previous truths about Angola out of the water. Take predictions about his ability to tackle the hold on power of the former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos who ran the country for 38 years. His children ran multiple businesses while also enjoying key appointments in the state. Despite numerous analyses claiming that he would continue to wield power (myself included), the fortunes of the family have in fact quickly fallen. The story of the pharma giant and the African yam http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-story-of-the-pharma-giant-and-the-african-yam It was a drug produced in Nottingham in the United Kingdom that led us on a journey to South Africa to visit muthi markets, archives, herbariums and nature reserves. 'Spoiler of Peace': South Sudan president wins 'nonsense' award http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/spoiler-of-peace-south-sudan-president-wins-nonsense-award South Sudan President Salva Kiir on Monday was named the top “spoiler of peace” in a new award that seeks to shame him and others into taking serious steps to end bloody conflict in the world’s youngest country. Kiir and rival leader Riek Machar are under growing pressure to form a coalition government this month, the significant next step in a fragile peace deal signed in 2018 to end a five-year civil war that killed nearly 400,000 people. 'Illegal' Chinese chef arrested in Kenya for whipping local employee http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/illegal-chinese-chef-arrested-in-kenya-for-whipping-local-employee A Kenyan TV station on Saturday broadcast a video that showed a Chinese man caning a Kenyan in an open compound. K24 Digital describing the footage as “disturbing” said it was an exclusive clip of the Chinese meting punishment to a late employee. The video was “showing a senior Chinese hotel officer whipping a Kenyan waiter over allegations of reporting late to work. The video was recorded at Chez Wou Restaurant in Kileleshwa, Nairobi last week,” the channel added. At least 30 killed, women, children abducted in Borno State, northeastern Nigeria http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/at-least-30-killed-women-children-abducted-in-borno-state-northeastern-nigeria Militants killed at least 30 civilians in the northeastern Nigeria restive Borno state, a regional government spokesman said Monday. On Sunday, insurgents attacked and burned vehicles near Maiduguri. Several women and children were also abducted. E. African countries overwhelmed as locust plague spreads, UN warns http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/e-african-countries-overwhelmed-as-locust-plague-spreads-un-warns The locust plague spreading throughout East Africa will cause further deprivation for 14 million people in the region already considered “severely food insecure,” United Nations specialists warned on Monday. The officials urged donors to quickly reach a target of $76 million needed to control the invasion. Only about $21 million has been contributed since the alert was issued more than two weeks ago. Portugal freezes Isabel's accounts at request of Angola govt http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/portugal-freezes-isabel-s-accounts-at-request-of-angola-govt The Angolan government’s request to freeze overseas accounts of Isabel dos Santos has been granted by the Portuguese authorities, a number of media outlets including the Expresso newspaper have reported. This is the latest leg in a resolve by Luanda to bring the billionaire daughter of ex president Jose Eduardo dos Santos to book for alleged corruption and pillaging of public funds. Malawi: Court refuses to suspend enforcement of fresh elections judgement http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-court-refuses-to-suspend-enforcement-of-fresh-elections-judgement The Constitution Court has refused to grant Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) and President Peter Mutharika any suspension of enforcement of the judgement nullifying last year’s presidential election. On MEC’s argument about the cost of conducting fresh elections peeged at K48 billion as basis for staying the Concourt ruling, the judges dismissed this, saying if there will be any costs to be incurred and losses made it will be squarely on Malawians. Mali president seeks dialogue with militants http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mali-president-seeks-dialogue-with-militants Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita on Monday said the authorities were now prepared to talk with militant groups in the hope of ending an insurgency that has made swathes of the country ungovernable and stoked ethnic violence. The army has suffered increasing losses in recent months at the hands of militants, who have also stepped up attacks on soldiers and civilians in neighbouring countries in the Sahel region, particularly Burkina Faso. AfDB gives Uganda $1m for Ebola response programme http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/afdb-gives-uganda-1m-for-ebola-response-programme The African Development Bank (AfDB) has released a $1 million to help Uganda in its efforts to prevent transmission of Ebola. Uganda last year asked the bank to support its National Ebola Viral Disease (EVD) Preparedness and Response Plan, following an outbreak of the disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo that spread to Uganda’s borders. Ethiopia passes law imposing jail terms for internet posts that stir unrest http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-passes-law-imposing-jail-terms-for-internet-posts-that-stir-unrest Ethiopia’s parliament passed a law on Thursday imposing jail terms for people whose internet posts stir unrest, a move the government says is needed to prevent violence ahead of elections but which the United Nations says will stifle free speech. Nigeria offers longer-term naira contracts to lure investors http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-offers-longer-term-naira-contracts-to-lure-investors Nigeria’s central bank has introduced longer-term contracts on the naira in a move to attract more foreign inflows, shore up its dwindling dollar reserves and prevent the currency from weakening, traders said on Thursday. The bank has kept the naira stable even as oil prices drop and foreign investors book profits on local bonds in response to falling yields. It operates a multiple exchange rate regime that it has used to manage pressure on the currency. Thousands of Cameroonians flee to Nigeria as violence flares http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/thousands-of-cameroonians-flee-to-nigeria-as-violence-flares Nearly 8,000 Cameroon refugees have fled to eastern and southern Nigeria in the past two weeks, the United Nations refugee agency said on Thursday, as violence flared between security forces and separatist insurgents. The spike in refugees, coming in the run-up to last weekend’s general elections, brings the total number of Cameroonians who have fled to Nigeria to almost 60,000, the U.N. agency said. Malawi poll commissioner admits grave anomalies in annulled vote http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-poll-commissioner-admits-grave-anomalies-in-annulled-vote A senior member of the Malawi Electoral Commission, MEC, has made damning disclosures over the conduct of the body in the annulled election results. According to commissioner Mary Nkosi, MEC “made a mistake” in declaring Peter Mutharika the winner of the election. According to her the elections had glaring irregularities and anomalies. Senegal president defends criminalisation of homosexuality http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/senegal-president-defends-criminalisation-of-homosexuality Senegal’s president Macky Sall on Wednesday defended the country’s criminalisation of homosexuality, telling visiting Canadian prime minister that ‘we’re comfortable with our laws’. Abiy wants trip to Hargeisa with Somali president - Somaliland top official http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/abiy-wants-trip-to-hargeisa-with-somali-president-somaliland-top-official A high-ranking official in Somaliland has confirmed a possible visit to Hargeisa by Ethiopian Prime Minister and the Somali president in the coming week. Hargeisa is capital of Somaliland, an autonomous region of Somalia. WHO office in Congo-Brazza ready to combat coronavirus http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/who-office-in-congo-brazza-ready-to-combat-coronavirus The World Health Organization’s office in The Republic of Congo capital Brazzaville has intensified efforts to stay combat ready against the deadly coronavirus, after Egypt recorded the first confirmed case in Africa last Friday. Although the deadly disease which has claimed hundreds of lives is yet to be recorded in central Africa, the organization has put in strategic mechanisms. Coronavirus cooperation: ECOWAS health ministers meet in Mali http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/coronavirus-cooperation-ecowas-health-ministers-meet-in-mali West African Health Ministers met in Bamako on Friday to discuss the threat of the coronavirus to their countries. They agreed to strengthen cooperation and to increase vigilance and surveillance at entry ports. South Sudan cuts number of states from 32 to 10, unlocking peace process http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-cuts-number-of-states-from-32-to-10-unlocking-peace-process South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir said on Saturday he was cutting the number of states from 32 to 10, unlocking a stalled peace deal and paving the way for the formation of a long- awaited unity government. “The compromise we have made today is a painful decision but a necessary one if that is what brings peace”, Kiir said in a statement. “I expect the opposition to be prepared to do the same.” East Africa: second wave of locust invasion to hit in two months http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-africa-second-wave-of-locust-invasion-to-hit-in-two-months East African countries should brace themselves for a second round of invasion by the desert locusts in the next one to two months, Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture has warned. The swarms of locusts, which have spread to seven East African countries, have been laying eggs along their migratory paths expected to hatch between March and April. South Africa lifts foot-and-mouth auction ban http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-africa-lifts-foot-and-mouth-auction-ban South Africa has lifted a two-month ban on livestock auctions that halted trade in cattle, sheep and other animals following an outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Limpopo late last year, the agriculture minister said on Monday. Burundi opposition picks presidential contender http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/burundi-opposition-picks-presidential-contender Burundi’s opposition CNL on Sunday picked the current chairman of the National Assembly as its candidate in the presidential election in May which the United Nations says is likely to be marred by violence. FW de Klerk now agrees apartheid was a crime against humanity http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/fw-de-klerk-now-agrees-apartheid-was-a-crime-against-humanity The FW de Klerk Foundation has officially withdrawn its contentious statement that apartheid was not a crime against humanity, and has apologised. It has also agreed that apartheid was indeed a crime against humanity, as defined by the International Criminal Court. Children among 22 killed in attack on Cameroon village http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/children-among-22-killed-in-attack-on-cameroon-village At least 22 people have been killed in an attack on a village in north-west Cameroon, the UN says. Over half those killed in Ntumbo were children, and local media report that several victims were burned alive. No-one has claimed responsibility for Friday's incident, but an opposition party blamed the army. Cameroon's government, which has been fighting separatists in the region for three years, denied involvement in the attack. How history explains election violence: Kenya and Zambia tell the story http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/how-history-explains-election-violence-kenya-and-zambia-tell-the-story Why do the first multiparty elections after authoritarian rule turn violent in some countries but not in others? That’s the question we set out to anwer in our research on electoral violence and the legacy of authoritarian rule in Kenya and Zambia. We compared Zambia’s founding elections in 1991, which were largely peaceful, and Kenya’s in 1992. During these polls there was large-scale state-instigated electoral violence along ethnic lines. U.S. to offer "financial support" for Ethiopia political reforms -PM http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-s-to-offer-financial-support-for-ethiopia-political-reforms-pm The United States will provide "financial assistance" to Ethiopia as it pursues political reforms, the office of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Tuesday during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Mauritania and Senegal sign deal amid fishing wars http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/mauritania-and-senegal-sign-deal-amid-fishing-wars Senegalese President Macky Sall's official visit to neighbouring Mauritania ended on Tuesday with the two countries signing a number of deals on matters of security, transport, energy, mining and fishing. EU adds Seychelles to tax haven blacklist http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/eu-adds-seychelles-to-tax-haven-blacklist European Union finance ministers added Panama, the Seychelles, the Cayman Islands and Palau to the bloc’s blacklist of tax havens, while giving more time to Turkey to avoid listing despite shortfalls, an EU document said on Tuesday. 'Great deal of work' ahead on Ethio-Egypt dam dispute-Pompeo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/great-deal-of-work-ahead-on-ethio-egypt-dam-dispute-pompeo The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has said a ‘‘great deal of work remains’‘ to resolve a dispute between Ethiopia and Egypt over a massive dam on the Nile River. Pompeo also pledged his country’s financial support to strengthen East African allies as he made a stopover in Addis Ababa on Tuesday. Lagos motorcycle/tricycle ban and residents’ reactions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lagos-motorcycle-tricycle-ban-and-residents-reactions Following the ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles in Lagos state, commuters in the length and breadth of the state have furiously articulated their dissatisfaction with the policy. With a small land mass, 40 percent of which is covered by water, Lagos state is densely populated by roughly 22 million residents. This megacity is ill-famed for its extremely heavy traffic congestion which reportedly adds up to four hours a day to the inhabitants' commute. Locust Swarms in East Africa: Causes and International Community reactions http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/locust-swarms-in-east-africa-causes-and-international-community-reactions East Africa is being ransacked currently by the oldest migratory pests - locusts and are already threatening agricultural sectors of East African countries which could mar food supplies of millions of people. This current invasion by locusts appears to be the worst outbreak in decades as sometime in January, locust swarms in billions forced an Ethiopian Airlines plane to chafe and divert. Pompeo takes veiled swipe at China on final leg of Africa trip http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/pompeo-takes-veiled-swipe-at-china-on-final-leg-of-africa-trip U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took a veiled swipe at China during a speech to Ethiopian business leaders on Wednesday, in an apparent amplification of U.S. criticism that Chinese lending for big infrastructure projects pushes poor countries into debt. Kenyan court suspends deportation of Chinese nationals http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenyan-court-suspends-deportation-of-chinese-nationals A Kenyan court has suspended the deportation of four Chinese nationals, who were detained after video footage circulated purportedly showing one of them caning a worker. South Sudan ministers endorse return to 10 states http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-ministers-endorse-return-to-10-states South Sudan’s Council of Ministers has endorsed the return to 10 states plus three special administrative areas, paving the way for a legal framework that will allow a transitional government of national unity (TGoNU) to be formed. Stolen 18th Century crown returns to Ethiopia http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/stolen-18th-century-crown-returns-to-ethiopia The Ethiopian government has received an 18th Century crown that had been stolen then hidden in a flat in the Netherlands for 21 years. South Sudan to form unity government by Saturday deadline http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-to-form-unity-government-by-saturday-deadline South Sudan’s former rebel leader Riek Machar said he has agreed to form a unity government with President Salva Kiir by Saturday’s deadline, following talks at state house on Thursday. Before the announcement, it had been unclear if the Feb. 22 deadline would be met as key benchmarks of the 2018 peace agreement had not been fulfilled. The deadline had elapsed several times without an agreement between the two sides. Lesotho PM faces charge of murdering first wife, says to step down http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lesotho-pm-faces-charge-of-murdering-first-wife-says-to-step-down Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane will be charged with the murder of his late wife, the deputy police commissioner said on Thursday, the latest twist in a love triangle murder case that has stunned the southern African highland kingdom. Togo's president, Faure Gnassingbe seeks re-election http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/togo-s-president-faure-gnassingbe-seeks-re-election Many people in Togo have only known just two presidents in their lifetime - Faure Gnassingbe, who is running for a fourth term in an election on Saturday, and his father Eyadema Gnassingbe - and some Togolese are sick of the long-running dynasty. Kenya to release cash for students in China http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-to-release-cash-for-students-in-china The Kenyan government will disburse Ksh1.3 million ($13,000) for the upkeep of Kenyan students in Wuhan, the Chinese city that is the epicentre of the Covid-19 virus epidemic. In addition, Ksh500,000 ($5,000) worth of provisions from the Chinese government is also being processed. Ethiopia plans to release interim jet crash report as probe continues http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-plans-to-release-interim-jet-crash-report-as-probe-continues Ethiopia plans to release an interim report into a deadly Boeing 737 MAX crash, which killed 157 passengers and crew, ahead of the first anniversary of the accident next month, according to an official speaking on Saturday. Vote counts underway in Togo, opposition denounces irregularities http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/vote-counts-underway-in-togo-opposition-denounces-irregularities Togolese main opposition candidate Agbéyomé Kodjo has denounced electoral irregularities on the evening of the first round of presidential elections. The former Prime Minister under Ngnassigbé Eyadema, whose house, according to AFP, was briefly surrounded by security forces, made the claim at a press conference. South Sudan forms coalition gov't http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/south-sudan-forms-coalition-gov-t It’s a new dawn in South Sudan as leaders form a coalition government. Riek Machar was sworn in as first vice president on Saturday, a day after President Salva Kiir dissolved the previous government. Namibia becomes first African country to export red meat to United States http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/namibia-becomes-first-african-country-to-export-red-meat-to-united-states Namibia has become the first African country to export red meat to the United States, following nearly two decades of negotiations. The state-owned meat firm Meatco sent a shipment of 25 tonnes of beef to Philadelphia on Wednesday, and the Southern African nation is set to export 860 tonnes of various beef cuts in 2020 to the United States, rising to 5,000 tonnes by 2025. African countries aren’t getting as much as they should from foreign direct investment http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/african-countries-aren-t-getting-as-much-as-they-should-from-foreign-direct-investment Economic growth is driven by a number of factors. These include foreign direct investment, national savings, household spending, fiscal and monetary policies. Since the late 1980s African governments have fully embraced foreign direct investment as a major driver of growth. One of the avenues through which countries have sought to attract more foreign direct investment has been investment summits. These are hosted jointly with developed countries. They include the Africa-China Investment Summit, Africa-UK Investment Summit and the Africa-US Investment Summit. Discrediting elections: why the opposition playbook carries risks http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/discrediting-elections-why-the-opposition-playbook-carries-risks Malawi recently held its breath as the Constitutional Court took ten hours to painstakingly read out its verdict on the highly controversial 2019 presidential elections. When it finally became clear that the judgment would nullify the election of President Peter Mutharika, jubilant opposition supporters took to the streets to celebrate. Lesotho PM appears in court to hear charges of murdering wife http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/lesotho-pm-appears-in-court-to-hear-charges-of-murdering-wife Lesotho’s Prime Minister Thomas Thabane appeared in court on Monday to hear charges of murdering his estranged wife, a Reuters witness saw. Thabane, 80, is suspected of involvement in the murder of his then wife Lipolelo, who was shot dead in June 2017, two days before he took office for a second stint as premier — and two months before he married his current wife Maesaiah. Nigeria post highest quarterly GDP growth in Q4 since recession http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-post-highest-quarterly-gdp-growth-in-q4-since-recession Nigeria’s economic growth rose to an annual rate of 2.55% in the three months to the end of December, its highest quarterly growth since a 2016 recession, the statistics office said on Monday. Gnassingbé re-elected with 72% of votes - Election Commission http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/gnassingbe-re-elected-with-72-of-votes-election-commission Togolese president Faure Gnassingbé has won a fourth term in office, according to provisional results declared by the national election commission. On Monday, the commission said he won 72 percent of the vote in the first round of presidential election. Age-limit case against Uganda’s president to proceed http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/age-limit-case-against-uganda-s-president-to-proceed The East African Court of Justice has declined to stop a case challenging the constitutionality of changes in Uganda’s presidential term and age limits. This is a fresh blow to President Yoweri Museveni’s bid to remain in power when the country goes to the polls in 2021. The case filed by a Kampala-based lawyer, Male Mabirizi Kiwanuka, will now be heard and determined in the Arusha-based court. In his application, Mr Mabirizi wants the East African Court of Justice (EACJ) to halt the implementation of the Uganda Electoral Commission Strategic Plan and Road Map for the 2020/2021 electoral period. Ethiopia: 29 injured in 'bomb attack' at pro-Abiy rally http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/ethiopia-29-injured-in-bomb-attack-at-pro-abiy-rally A "bomb attack" on a rally in support of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed injured nearly 30 people Sunday, a police official said, in the latest sign of instability ahead of elections in August. The incident occurred in the town of Ambo, located roughly 100 kilometres west of the capital, Addis Ababa. Arrest warrant issued for SA opposition leader Malema http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/arrest-warrant-issued-for-sa-opposition-leader-malema A bench warrant was issued Monday for the arrest of Julius Malema, a fiery leader of one of South Africa’s main opposition parties, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). The warrant was issued over Malema's failure to appear in court with a co-accused on charges related to the firing of a rifle in public. Togo president declares landslide election win, opponent slams 'masquerade' http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/togo-president-declares-landslide-election-win-opponent-slams-masquerade Togo President Faure Gnassingbe declared an electoral victory on Monday as official preliminary results showed him re-elected in a landslide, though an opposition candidate also claimed victory and called Monday’s result a “masquerade”. Glassingbe’s win, if confirmed, will give him a fourth five-year term and extend a family dynasty that began when his father took power in a 1967 coup. But some Togolese worry that a contested outcome could lead to political violence. Magistrate to rule whether constitutional court to hear Bobi Wine case http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/magistrate-to-rule-whether-constitutional-court-to-hear-bobi-wine-case Grade one Magistrate Olga Karungi will rule on March 24, whether a case against politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine will be referred to the Constitutional Court or not. Lawyers representing Bobi Wine on Monday requested the court in Kampala to refer their client’s case to the constitutional court for interpretation, when the case came up for hearing, with the state providing just one witness. Francophone countries question credibility of Guinea's electoral register http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/francophone-countries-question-credibility-of-guinea-s-electoral-register Guinea’s electoral authorities were on Monday warned by the international association of French-speaking countries which shared concerns over the credibility of the electoral register in the country’s upcoming polls. The warning from the International Organisation of La Francophonie (OIF) came six days before elections condemned by the opposition as a ploy by President Alpha Conde to stay in office. U.N. warns of 'major hunger threat' as locusts reach DR Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/u-n-warns-of-major-hunger-threat-as-locusts-reach-dr-congo The United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Agency on Tuesday warned of a “major hunger threat” in East Africa, as a small group of desert locusts entered the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is the first time the voracious insects have been seen in the Central African country since 1944. Uganda's Museveni advises Nile Basin countries to exploit River Congo http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-s-museveni-advises-nile-basin-countries-to-exploit-river-congo Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday advised African countries that share the River Nile to consider expanding their consumption to the River Congo, as a way of easing tensions. Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia are currently navigating a stalemate over a giant dam that the latter is building on the Nile. Malawi ruling party forms coalition ahead of May presidential poll re-run http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/malawi-ruling-party-forms-coalition-ahead-of-may-presidential-poll-re-run Malawian president Peter Mutharika’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on Tuesday entered into an alliance with United Democratic Front (UDF). The UDF governed Malawi between 1994 and 2004, and has 10 parliamentary seats. The DPP has 61 while the main opposition Malawi Congress Party has 55. Togo banks on solar power http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/togo-banks-on-solar-power Not so long ago in the village of Tababou, 600 kilometres off Lome, Togo’s capital, Ousmane Kantcho had to travel miles and miles outside the village in order to charge his mobile phone or watch a football match. The young Togolese and his family, without access to electricity, also had to sleep every night enduring darkness. S.African president orders repatriation of citizens in Wuhan over coronavirus http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/s-african-president-orders-repatriation-of-citizens-in-wuhan-over-coronavirus South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday ordered the repatriation of his nearly two hundred citizens from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, his office said in a statement. Kenya's high court orders suspension of flights from China over coronavirus http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-s-high-court-orders-suspension-of-flights-from-china-over-coronavirus Kenya’s High Court on Friday ordered flights from China to be temporarily suspended over the coronavirus outbreak, following a petition by the Law Society of Kenya. Guinea to vote on new constitution Sunday http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-to-vote-on-new-constitution-sunday Guineans will head to the polls to adopt a new constitution on Sunday March 1. This comes after months of protests ignited by charges seen as a move by President Alpha Conde to hung unto power. Kenya beefs up security as US warns of possible terror attack http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/kenya-beefs-up-security-as-us-warns-of-possible-terror-attack Kenya’s security agencies have beefed up deployment in cities, towns and the country’s borders, following the United States’ warning of a possible terror attack. “The NPS has increased border surveillance to ensure criminal elements are cut from entering the country,” Kenya’s Inspector-General of Police Hilary Mutyambai said on Thursday night. Coronavirus: Nigeria confirms first case in sub-Saharan Africa http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/coronavirus-nigeria-confirms-first-case-in-sub-saharan-africa The first case of the coronavirus in sub-Saharan Africa has been confirmed in Nigeria. The patient is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and flew into the commercial city of Lagos from Milan on 25 February. Angola's Sonangol to begin selling assets in April http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/angola-s-sonangol-to-begin-selling-assets-in-april Angolan state oil company Sonangol will begin in April to sell its stakes in several private firms, chair Sebastiao Gaspar Martins said, as part of a government bid to privatise key state assets including parts of Sonangol itself by 2022. Guinea's President Condé postpones controversial referendum http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-s-president-conde-postpones-controversial-referendum Guinea's president has delayed Sunday's controversial referendum on changing the constitution that if passed could allow him to seek a third term. Alpha Condé, 81, said the "slight postponement" was because the opposition say officials have tampered with the electoral register. DR Congo probes death of head of intelligence Delphin Kahimbi http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/dr-congo-probes-death-of-head-of-intelligence-delphin-kahimbi The army in the Democratic Republic of Congo is investigating the death of its head of intelligence. Delphin Kahimbi was found dead at his home in the capital, Kinshasa, on Friday, the day he was meant to appear before the country's security council. AU, ECOWAS endorse Togo presidential election despite protests http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/au-ecowas-endorse-togo-presidential-election-despite-protests Togo’s constitutional court is expected to verify the results of the country’s elections which gave the incumbent a fourth term, even as his opponents claim fraud. Faure Gnassingbe, son of long-term ruler Gnassingbe Eyadema who died in 2005, polled 72 per cent of the vote in results announced last Sunday. Observer missions from the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas) endorsed the elections, staying clear of fraud allegations, but praising the ‘’peaceful’’ conduct. The battle of Adwa (March 1, 1896) http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/the-battle-of-adwa-march-1-1896 On the first day of March 124 years ago, traditional warriors, farmers and pastoralists as well as women defeated a well-armed Italian army in the northern town of Adwa in Ethiopia. The outcome of this battle ensured Ethiopia’s independence, making it the only African country never to be colonised. Adwa turned Ethiopia into a symbol of freedom for black people globally. It also led to a change of government in Italy. Uganda isolates four foreigners over coronavirus fears http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/uganda-isolates-four-foreigners-over-coronavirus-fears Uganda has quarantined four foreign nationals at the Entebbe Hospital after presenting flu and cough symptoms, the Health ministry said on Monday. Without disclosing their nationalities, senior public relations officer at the ministry, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, said the foreigners were picked up from the Entebbe International Airport by the health surveillance teams. East Africa: imported clothes in the region to cost more after tax review http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/east-africa-imported-clothes-in-the-region-to-cost-more-after-tax-review East African citizens will pay more for imported clothes should governments go ahead with plans raise taxes on imported textiles by between 30 and 35 per cent. The move is in line with a plan to protect textile industries that have been identified as strategic to the region. Part of the regional tax reforms will also see iron and steel, agro-processing, and wood and wood products imported into the region attract similar duty. Nigeria's leader urges calm amid coronavirus panic http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/nigeria-s-leader-urges-calm-amid-coronavirus-panic Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari has broken his silence amid public panic prompted by the confirmation of the country's first case of coronavirus. The patient is an Italian citizen who works in Nigeria and flew into the commercial capital of Lagos from Milan last week. Authorities say he is clinically stable and is being treated at a hospital in the city. Guinea-Bissau president resigns after one day http://qiraatafrican.com/home/new/guinea-bissau-president-resigns-after-one-day One of the two men who had been declared president of Guinea Bissau resigned his office on Sunday - after just one full day in office. "I have no security... My life is in danger, the life of my family is in danger, the life of this people is in danger. I cannot accept