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United African Organization

United African Organization is a dynamic coalition of African community-based organizations that promotes social and economic justice, civic participation, and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees in Illinois.

As the legitimate representative voice of the diverse African immigrant and refugee community, the United African Organization works to:

·         Enhance civic participation and empowerment of African immigrants and refugees;

·         Provide leadership and organizational capacity training for African community-based organizations through the Community Leadership Development Program;

·         Advocate on behalf of the African community through democratic and inclusive organizational structures, as well as partnership with other immigrant rights organizations;

·         Engage in activities that promote the cultural, educational and economic empowerment of African immigrants and refugees;

·         Strive to dispel uncomplimentary stereotypes and promote positive image of Africans through various educational seminars, workshops, conferences, and publications;

·         Address issues of discrimination encountered by constituents and seek to assist them in the areas of immigration, employment, social services, and economic development;

·         Serve as the African Community Resource Clearinghouse wherein constituents gather, share information and experience exchange views, and coordinate organizational and individual activities for satisfying common interest;

·         Facilitate access to community development resources and employment opportunities;

·         Endeavor to identify ways and means to provide assistance to needy constituents;

·         Promote the teaching of African history and culture and, in doing so, develop and preserve them by all possible means;

·         Instill among African immigrant and refugee children and youth a deep interest in education and the pursuit of knowledge useful in enriching the bounds of awareness of their origin, history, and culture;

·         Construct and promote an image worthy of the African community;

·         Network with other organizations and institutions for mutual benefit.