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Namibia activist rejects Germany's genocide aid

  • 2021-05-30 05:59:06
  • News

A Namibian activist has told the BBC that Germany's offer of $1.34bn (£940m) in development aid as recompense for the genocide against the Herero and Nama people in early 20th Century was not enough.

"We're actually not accepting that offer because our people have lost lands, they have lost their culture and a lot of them have fled to Botswana, South Africa and some of them were taken to Togo and Cameroon," Laidlaw Peringanda, who is also the head of the Namibian Genocide Association, told BBC World Service.

Mr Peringanda, who is from the Herero community, insisted that Germany should buy back ancestral lands now in the hands of the German-speaking community, which reportedly makes up less than 1% of the population.

"People are getting impatient, especially the minority black people who [don't] have a piece of land," he said.

"And from what I'm hearing from some of the people, there will be a land revolution. People will grab the land by force. So we must actually try to avoid these things."

Mr Maas said the negotiations had aimed to find "a common path to genuine reconciliation in memory of the victims" with members of the Herero and Nama communities closely involved in talks.