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Mutual Embassies Between Mali and the Marinid State

Issue # 27. Summary of an article:

And its Impact on Relations Between the Two Countries

(591-875 AH / 1195-1470 AD)


Professor / Abdul Aziz bin Rashid Al-Obeidi[1]

This research deals with the study of mutual embassies between Marinid dynasty kings and the kings of Mali, as both ruled in the same era and had a distinguished relationship that had the greatest impact on the prosperity of the various aspects of mutual activity between the two regions, in particular the scientific, economic and social ones.

The rulers of the State of Mali were keen to send delegations to the Marinids - they were the initiators of this relation - when Mensa Moses sent a delegation and a gift to congratulate the opening of Tlemcen in the era of Abu Al-Hassan Al-Marini. The Marinids, on their behalf, were keen also to send embassies and gifts to the rulers of the State of Mali, which became a tradition that continued between the contemporary Kings until the demise of both states.

This research observed what was stated in the historical sources about the mutual embassies and the prominent figures that visited  from both sides, who were received by the Kings welcome and honor, and praised by historians, writers and poets, and have had the greatest impact on the prosperity of friendly relations between the two countries in the scientific, economic and social fields.

[1] Professor at the Department of History and Civilization - Faculty of Social Sciences - Imam Muhammad ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh – and the previous Dean of Admissions in the university.